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Reading people's body language, at first can seem a daunting task and hard to achieve. However, you can become astute quite fast on reading the facial. 1)The Definitive Book of Body Language,BY ALLAN AND BARBARA PEASE If you are curious about what the body is saying I would definitely. The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Hidden Meaning Behind People's Gestures and Expressions (): Barbara Pease.

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Book About Body Language

"What are the best books about Body Language?" We looked at 55 of the top Body Language books, aggregating and ranking them so we could answer that. Books shelved as bodylanguage: The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan Pease, What Every Body is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to. The Definitive Book of Body Language book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Available for the first time in the United St.

The book has been written by the best in the business, and is presented in a very entertaining manner. It is common knowledge and scientifically proven that non-verbal gestures play a much more important role in social interaction that verbal ones do. But very few people actually know how to interpret these non-verbal signs. Through their book, the authors seek to help readers use their knowledge of body language to confidently hold their own in any situation. The authors state that very often, what people say is quite different from what they think or what they feel. This makes conversations frequently confusing to decipher. To counter these disparities in thoughts and words and understand what is really being said, the secrets of body language revealed in this book can prove to be extremely useful. It provides techniques to learn how to read between the lines and interpret non-verbal cues correctly. The book stresses on the fact that human behavior must be observed in clusters, i. Through the techniques outlined in this book, readers can also learn to recognize power plays, love signs, and deception. Interesting concepts like micro expressions, mirroring, arm positioning, and eye signals are also discussed. The book was first published in , as a revision of the book, Body Language. This particular edition of the book was published in

This book is an excellent source of inspiration and learning the body language. It presents to you what others tell non-verbally, describing which behaviors indicate positive traits like confidence and openness and negative ones like discomfort and avoidance. Do you want to know how body language can help or hurt how you lead others and your life? Then, this book is for you.

As you know, body language speaks volumes about you. This book is enjoyable to read, entertaining and enlightening. The authors of this book have a lot of experience in deciphering body language. This book provides you the telltale signs of deception, how to make a difference between personal tics and twitches and signs of lying because a closed posture not always means that you are lied to, but maybe the person in front of you is scared or cold.

The information provided in this book has a lot of applications in the real world, and you can be assured the info is tested considering that the authors developed and used it in the CIA.

In this book, Paul Ekman gives you information and insights on how your emotions determine your actions and what is your body saying to others.

Each chapter provides you information on different communication methods for all sorts of situations. The book is filled with stories, examples, and many techniques you can use so that people respond to you more positively. However, the book explains very well facial expressions, gestures, and body postures which compensate for the limited number of pictures.

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How to read body language - Business Insider

By Carmen Jacob January 2, Books. Our society is more prosperous and richer by the day. Body Language - Allan Pease. download on site. The tone of this book is relaxed and friendly. The Secret Language of Your Body: Siegel M.

Body Language: You can use and apply this book to so many areas of your life. The Silent Language of Leaders: Magnetic Resonance Imaging brain scans MRI clearly show why women have far greater capacity for communicating with and evaluating people than men do.

Women have between fourteen and sixteen areas of the brain to evaluate others' behavior versus a man's four to six areas. This explains how a woman can attend a dinner party and rapidly work out the state of the relationships of other couples at the party-who's had an argument, who likes who, and so on.

‘The Definitive Book of Body Language’

It also explains why, from a woman's standpoint, men don't seem to talk much and, from a man's standpoint, women never seem to shut up. Advertisement Continue reading the main story As we showed in Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps Orion , the female brain is organized for multitracking-the average woman can juggle between two and four unrelated topics at the same time. She can watch a television program while talking on the telephone plus listen to a second conversation behind her, while drinking a cup of coffee.

She can talk about several unrelated topics in the one conversation and use five vocal tones to change the subject or emphasize points. Unfortunately, most men can only identify three of these tones. As a result, men often lose the plot when women are trying to communicate with them. Studies show that a person who relies on hard visual evidence face-to-face about the behavior of another person is more likely to make more accurate judgments about that person than someone who relies solely on their gut feeling.

The evidence is in the person's body language and, while women can do it subconsciously, anyone can teach themselves consciously to read the signals. That's what this book is about. How Fortune-Tellers Know So Much If you've ever visited a fortune-teller you probably came away amazed at the things they knew about you-things no one else could possibly have known-so it must be ESP, right?

Research into the fortune-telling business shows that operators use a technique known as "cold reading," which can produce an accuracy of around 80 percent when "reading" a person you've never met.

While it can appear to be magical to naive and vulnerable people, it is simply a process based on the careful observation of body-language signals plus an understanding of human nature and a knowledge of probability statistics.

10 Recommended Books on Body Language

It's a technique practiced by psychics, tarot-card readers, astrologists, and palm readers to gather information about a "client. This all adds to a convincing performance, bolstered by the fact that people who regularly visit "psychics" go with positive expectations of the outcome. Throw in a set of tarot cards, a crystal ball or two, and a bit of theater, and the stage is perfectly set for a body-language-reading session that can convince even the most hardened skeptic that strange, magical forces must be at work.

It all boils down to the reader's ability to decode a person's reactions to statements made and to questions asked, and by information gathered from simple observation about a person's appearance.

Most "psychics" are female because, as women, as discussed previously, they have the extra brain wiring to allow them to read the body signals of babies and to read others' emotional condition.

The fortune-teller gazed into her crystal ball and then started laughing uncontrollably. So John punched her on the nose.

The Definitive Book of Body Language

It was the first time he'd ever struck a happy medium. To demonstrate the point, here now is a psychic reading for you personally. Imagine you've come to a dimly lit, smoke-filled room where a jewel-encrusted psychic wearing a turban is seated at a low, moon-shaped table with a crystal ball: I'm glad you've come to this session and I can see you have things that are troubling you because I am receiving strong signals from you.

I sense that the things you really want out of life sometimes seem unrealistic and you often wonder whether you can achieve them. I also sense that at times you are friendly, social, and outgoing to others, but that at other times you are withdrawn, reserved, and cautious. You take pride in being an independent thinker, but also know not to accept what you see and hear from others without proof.

You like change and variety, but become restless if controlled by restrictions and routine. You want to share your innermost feelings with those closest to you, but have found it unwise to be too open and revealing. A man in your life with the initial "S" is exerting a strong influence over you right now and a woman who is born in November will contact you in the next month with an exciting offer.

While you appear disciplined and controlled on the outside, you tend to be concerned and worried on the inside, and at times you wonder whether or not you have made the right choice or decision.

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