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Daʿāʾim al-Islām wa dhikr al-ḥalāl wa l-ḥarām wa l-qaḍāyā wa l-aḥkām ʿan Ahl Bayt Rasūl Allāh ʿalayh wa ʿalayhim afḍal al-salām. Subsequent Fatemid Imams and Ismaili Dais have relied on Daim-ul-Islam'. The 16th Fatimid Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah () ordered his Dai, Harun bin. clarification concerning the refutation of Ibn Qutayba / by al-Qāḍī al-Nuʻmān . The pillars of Islam: Daʻāʼim al-Islām of al-Qāḍī al-Nuʻmān ; translated by.

All praise and thanks be to Allah for those beautiful Names and sublime Attributes which are His. We praise him for the plenteous bounty and gifts which He has bestowed upon us; and we testify that none is worthy of worship except Allah, Most High Alone, without equals or partners and we also testify that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger, whom He sent with the most complete Law and i fie best of guidance — may the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him and upon his family and Companions and those who conform to his path and follow his guidance forever and for all time. As for what follows: Verily, one of the mightiest of the Blessings which Allah has bestowed upon His slaves is that He sent this noble Messenger with guidance and the Religion of truth in order that it may supersede all other religions and completed through him His I iavour upon us and chose for his people Islam as their Religion and he granted them succession in the earth and granted authority for them to practise their Religion and gave them in exchange safety after their fear and all of this was from the blessing brought about due to their affirming the Oneness of Allah and obeying Him and their strict adherence to the guidance of His Prophet A, which is the best guidance. And since it was the condition of his followers — may the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him — that they followed his path, the scholars of the Islamic community have attached great importance to it and written down what they knew or what they deduced from Isis guidance — Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him — for those who came after them regarding acts of worship, dealings and habits. And one of the most famous works written on this subject is the hook: Zad Al-Ma'ad Fee Hadi Khairil-Ibad which was compiled by the Scholar and researcher, the Imam, Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah — may Allah have mercy on him and bestow on him a blessed abode — for he has compiled and deduced that which would not have been easy for 10 Provisions for the Hereafter Abridged another and the book has been printed many times and widely distributed and many people have benefitted from it. And because he has discussed some of the topics in great detail and dwelt at great length on the differences of opinion and dealt with the evidences exhaustively, which might well be burdensome for one who is in a hurry, Allah has granted success to the Imam of this Najdi Da'wah, Shaikh Muhammad Ibn 'Abdul Wahhab — may Allah have mercy on him — in abbreviating it and he has been able to capture the essence of it and to sum it up in one small volume and to embody that which is important and that which was intended by the writing of the original work. And Allah has inspired the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad Ibn Sa'ild in Riyadh to take up the endeavour of keeping alive the heritage of the Shaikh — may Allah have mercy on him — by printing those of his works which have not previously been printed or renewing what has been lost of them in various fields of knowledge. It is more clearly and nicely written than the first and some correctors have added comments to it and has added and subtracted from it and appended many notes to it, most likely derived from Zad Al-Ma'ad and his intention in doing this was to complete the benefit of it and make the meaning clearer. There is also something missing from it, but it is less than the first. In such cases, we licive confirmed what is most fitting for the sentence and where we have found something missing from both copies, we have depended upon the second copy along with the original. A for the appendages and the additions which are in the margins of 1 1 ie second copy, we have removed them in most cases, especially at 1 he end of the book where they were numerous and we have confirmed them in some places in brackets in order to provide clarity. We did not see any benefit in pointing out every difference in the copies in the footnotes, unless there was some pressing need for it.

Although the people realized at that point that their idols were powerless, they didn't know how to respond, so out of shame and anger they cast Abraham peace be upon him into a huge fire. But Allah protected Abraham peace be upon him from the fire and confounded the plots of the polytheists.

Ishmael too accepted the command of Allah unquestioningly and allowed his father to lead him to a mountaintop to be sacrificed.

Part 1: Islamic Beliefs (the Pillars of Islam)

His only request was that his father place him face down so that his father would not see his expression as he was being killed. Abraham peace be upon him raised his blade, still ready to comply with the command of Allah. But just then came the revelation that this had only been a test, that God would not order Abraham peace be upon him to sacrifice his son, and that Abraham peace be upon him could sacrifice a sheep in his stead.

This event is commemorated every year on a holiday called the Feast of Sacrifice 'eid al-adhaa on which animals are killed and the meat distributed to the poor.

After passing these tests, Abraham peace be upon him became the leader of humankind as well as the father of the prophets of the three main monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Although Allah sent prophets to every group of people on the earth, the Qur'an only mentions the names of 25 of them.

The first of them was Adam peace be upon him , the father of humanity, and the last of them and the seal of the prophets was Prophet Muhammad S. The way of Allah is one, and because the final messenger, Prophet Muhammad S , has come, there should be no dispute as to what is the right way to follow.

However, throughout history, different messengers with slightly different messages were sent to different peoples because the religious needs of humanity were growing and developing just as the human race was itself growing and developing, and also because different civilizations needed different types of guidance.

Nevertheless, the source and basic message behind them was the same - namely, Allah the Exalted and Glorious. Allah sent Moses peace be upon him with the Torah as a light and guidance for the Children of Israel the Jews along with many other prophets such as David, Solomon, and so on peace be upon them. Finally, years after Jesus peace be upon him , Allah sent Prophet Muhammad S with the Qur'an to confirm all the messages before him and to complete the revelation of religion to mankind.

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Since all the Judeo-Christian-Islamic prophets were sent sequentially, the question arises as to why Judaism, Christianity, and Islam now exist as separate religions. The answer is that the followers of these religions, particularly Judaism and Christianity, corrupted the original teachings given to them and ended up making sects of their own rather than following the pure word of God.

But as the Qur'an says: For each of you, We have made a Law and a clear way. If Allah had willed, He would have made you one nation but that He may test you in what He has given you. So strive as a race in good deeds. Your return is to Allah; then He will inform you about that which you used to differ.

They lived in tribes, each with its own leader. Some were farmers, others traders, but many reared camels and raided other tribes for booty. His parents died and he was looked after first by his grandfather and then by his uncle. He worked for a wealthy older widow, Khadija, who, impressed with his honesty, asked him to marry her.

He was twenty-five, and they remained married until her death twenty-five years later. Prophet Muhammad S often used to go from the bustle of Makkah for periods of reflection in a cave outside the city. During one such time, when he was forty years old, he heard the voice of the angel Jibril giving him a command: Recite in the Name of your Lord who creates, Creates man from a clot. Your Lord is the Most Bountiful, Who taught the use of the pen, Taught humankind that which they knew not.

He rushed home and related his experience to his wife, who comforted and reassured him. Khadija and the Prophet's young cousin 'Ali peace be upon him were the first people to understand and accept that Allah had chosen 'the trustworthy one' to deliver his final guidance.

Prophet Muhammad S continued to receive revelations for over twenty years. As time passed, it became clear to ever-increasing numbers of people that Prophet Muhammad S was indeed a Messenger of Allah.

The least receptive were those powerful Makkans who trafficked in idols and slaves and benefited most from idol worship and the pilgrim trade. They treated Prophet Muhammad S with derision. Despite this, he continued to deliver the revelations of Allah's mercy and justice, which were welcomed by the poor and oppressed.

The Prophet S , his family, and followers were driven from Makkah. For three years they sheltered in a valley outside the city in conditions of hardship and hunger. The migration from Makkah to Madina, known as the Hijrah, became the starting point of the Muslim calendar.

Prophet Muhammad S was very well received in Madina where he became head of what was to become the first Islamic state.

At the Ka'bah, Prophet Muhammad S cleared the hundreds of idols from inside and proclaimed that truth had come and falsehood had vanished. He was 63 when he died, and by the time of his death the majority of people in Arabia had accepted Islam as their way of life.

The final verse of the Qur'an to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad S , a few days before his death, was this: "Today I [Allah] have perfected for you your religion, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. Succession to the Prophet Muhammad S Imama All of the prophets and messengers of God had successors, and just as Allah appointed His prophets and messengers for the guidance of mankind, He also appointed successors to the prophets and messengers as a matter of necessity.

The maker, despite not belonging to the cultural community, makes honest attempts to put herself into the shoes of the believers, and thus, brings out voices both pro and against the practice. Rather it highlights the practice of nicking the tip of the prepuce of the clitoris, prevalent among the Bohras.

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Most of these representations are located beyond the cultural purview and thus, lack empathy in their cultural portrayal. It is problematic to assume that the mothers always put their daughters through the practice intentionally being fully aware of its consequences. Fatma Naib, the presenter of The Cut: Exploring FGM, an Eritrean immigrant to Sweden, showcases details of the state of the practice in Somalia and Kenya with substantial subtlety so far as it highlights campaigners against the practice from within these cultures.

As a whole, it is not merely about the geographic positioning of the creative teams but about the outlook that they share while describing cultural specificities.

BEST oF EvErYtHiNg: Taleem -ul- Islam By Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Kifayatullah (r.a)

Nuances and variations of the practice are not adequately showcased in many of these films. For example, out of all the countries with reported cases of FGC, African countries especially, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Egypt are highlighted out of proportion. It is largely because of the rampant prevalence of the practice mainly in these countries. It is to note that only 10 percent of reported cases worldwide are the most severe and may fall into the category of infibulation- even in Africa.

Notwithstanding the need to highlight the regions with a higher percentage of the practice, these documentaries seem to make convenient choices so far as the cases are concerned. How can they be without gentleness or knowledge? Lord of Jibreel, Meeka'41 and Israfeel, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the unseen and the seen! You judge between Your slaves in the matters in which they used to differ; guide me by Your Leave to the truth in those matters in which there is differing, for verily You guide whomsoever You will to the Straight Path.

And from this the signs of the slave's happiness and wretchedness are known, for nothing suits the good person except that which is good and he does not accept anything except it, nor does he feel at ease except with it, nor is his heart at rest except with it. He speaks good words which are the only words that ascend to Allah and he is the most averse to obscene words, lying, backbiting, talebearing, slander, false testimony and every kind of evil speech.

Similarly, he does not like any deeds except the best of them — and they are those upon whose goodness sound natural instincts are agreed, along with the Prophetic Laws and which are attested to by rational minds, such as his worshipping Allah, Alone, without partners and preferring His Pleasure to his own whims and desires and draws closer to Allah due to his striving and he behaves towards His creation in the best way he can, treating them as he would like them to treat him.

His traits of character are the best, such as gentleness, dignity, patience, compassion, loyalty, honesty, a true heart, modesty and he protects his countenance from surrender or humility towards anyone besides Allah Likewise, he does not choose any but the best and purest of foods, which are those that are lawful and wholesome and nourish the body Provisions for the Hereafter Abridged 17 and the mind in the best way without causing any ill-effect to the body.

Nor does he select except the best of women as a wife, nor as friends and companions except those who are good. You have done well, so enter here to abide therein forever. Good statements are for good people or good women for good men and good people for good statements or good men for good women : such good people are innocent of every bad statement which they say; for them is forgiveness, and Rizqun Kanm generous provision, i.

It has also been explained as meaning that good women are for good men and vice versa and in fact, it includes this meaning and others. And Allah, Most Glorified has placed all manner of good in Paradise due to and all manner of evil in the Fire, so the former is an abode which was chosen for good, while the latter is an abode which was chosen for evil.

And there is an abode in which good and evil are mixed and that is this abode i.

So when the Appointed Day comes, Allah will distinguish between the evil and the good and then the matter will rest upon two abodes only. And what is meant is that Allah has made signs for the wretchedness and happiness by which they are known.

And there might be two components in a man i. The Wisdom of Him, Most High rejects that He should make the slave to be accompanied in his abode by his evil deeds and so He places him in the Fire in order to cleanse him of sins.

And the time for which he will remain in the Fire is dependent upon the rapidity or slowness with which the sins are removed. But since the polytheist is evil by nature, the Fire does not cleanse him, just as if a dog enters the sea it is not cleansed , while because the Believer is free from sins, the Fire is forbidden to him, since there is nothing in him which necessitates cleansing; so Glorified be He Whose Wisdom overwhelms the minds.

And what is your opinion regarding one whose guidance is concealed from you and whose message corrupts your heart in a moment? But only a living heart feels this, for a wound is not felt by a dead man.

E 11 And if happiness is dependent upon his guidance, then it is incumbent upon every person who loves salvation for himself to know his guidance and his life story Seerah and all his affairs in order to avoid the path of the ignorant. Whoever dwells in disgrace, gets used to it.

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