Digitally delivered goods are products that are delivered in an electronic format. Digital delivery is typically done through email or by downloading from the. Policy overview. We consider digitally delivered goods to be information or content that you can download from a website or receive by email. You can list most. Selling digital goods—information, software, templates, recordings, art, and the like—is an obvious business opportunity. But before you sell digital goods on site, there are a few important things to know. In order to sell digital goods on site, you must list digital items under.

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Ebay Digital Policy

When you sell physical products on site, downloaders need to pay for shipping and wait Review site's Digitally Delivered Goods policy (link in Resources) before . Secured & instant download delivery of files and codes for your site listings. Bear in mind current site policy on selling digitally delivered goods -- e.g. And yet, digital products are THE ideal product for site sellers. Although not clearly spelled out, the new policy does make reference to "multiple categories".

It looks like site is at last embracing the fact that many sellers want to offer digital products on site, and many downloaders are interested in downloading them. If you've been selling digital products on site, you will know that they haven't made it too easy for you. And yet, digital products are THE ideal product for site sellers. So many people are now selling digital products on site, that site. They have produced a whole new section on the selling forms for us to complete. If you're based in the UK, you too can list your digital products on site. You can take advantage of the new digital goods listings process and offer your products to the vast US site market. Simply go to www. Now you're ready to us the new selling forms. First, however, just what are digital or downloadable products? Here are some of the benefits of selling digital goods: No shipping cost for downloader or seller 2. Virtually NO competition 3. Swarms of customers if done right 4.

You need to do this step only once for each product you are selling on site. You will not need to repeat this when you re-list your product on site, as long as you retain the same auction title.

Digitally delivered goods policy | eBay

Important Notes: E-junkie is completely compatible with site collective payments, even if the payment includes any items which are not added in E-junkie admin. If you are listing your product on some other site that supports checkout with PayPal, E-junkie can handle that as well, as long as the downloader's PayPal payment includes the product's Item Name exactly as you have listed it in E-junkie.

Email Support Email Support at support e-junkie. Chat Support Chat with us in Messenger. Vora, however, decided to make a stand.


He emailed the downloader demanding the item, or his money back. She then reported him to the police for harassment.

In Vora issued legal proceedings after selling an iPhone4 to a downloader who claimed the box arrived empty. Despite proof from the Post Office that the parcel weight corresponded with a handset, site refunded the downloader. It eventually settled out of court.

Launched in , it refunds downloaders who raise a dispute if an item is not received, or not as described. The promise was to encourage downloader confidence in the online auction site, but it can be exploited by unscrupulous downloaders to obtain free goods.

Scores of sellers, both private and business, have contacted the Observer over the years to complain that the company has unquestioningly refunded downloaders who had failed to return the goods they bought or sent them back used, damaged or substituted. Anna Wabrobska is a business seller of car parts.

When a downloader returned a part, which he admitted had been damaged by his mechanic, site told her it would investigate but then refunded the downloader without her knowledge. The rules may seem strict, but they are in place for good reason. Existing, sizable digital goods retailers that already have a thriving business outside of site can apply for an exception to the rule for how digital goods must be listed. Sellers must apply for this status, and comply with site's requests for information and documentation.

But be warned: Unless you already do significant volume on your own web store in digital goods, you have little hope of being granted an exception to be allowed to sell digitally-delivered goods through most site categories or listing formats.

How to Sell Downloadable Products on eBay

There are some big don'ts associated with selling digital products on site. Be sure to keep these in mind so you don't end up frustrated with a suspension or listing removal. First and foremost, pornographic content is not allowed nor is software that could be used to damage someone's computer or infect it with spyware.

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