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free tool that allows you to download online fanfiction and serial fiction in Ebook format. EPUB Support; Embedded image support - All embedded images in. Fanfiction -> EPUB downloader Deals and Resources (No Self-Promotion or Affiliate Links). I currently use fanfiction downloader as it does PDF (that's the format .. I run the Ebook Library) I do convert the stories to LRF/Epub/and Mobi.

So I wrote one. This is the first installment of a series. I hope to post more soon. Carter, Lucy K. Sequel to "Journeys of Faith" Sequel to "Separate", set in early Season 7 December

There were no fans in the middle ages, and there were also no authors. If we see fanfic as "the reworking of another author's characters" then this form really only appears for the first time in history with the invention of legal authorship in the 18th century through copyright and intellectual property laws, after the invention of the printing press. After all, you can't have derivative works or copies if there are no regulations over what constitutes original works, or separates ownership from theft.

Predating this change, with the exception of educated men of letters and Christian scholars, the populace experienced stories only through the aural folklore tradition. Such tales were re-tellings and re-makings of the same stories over generations — this was a manuscript culture in which texts were open to intervention and were not fixed.

In England The Romance of the Rose was the paradigmatic example of the medieval form: one writer would begin the story and another would complete it.

Even Shakespeare, did not own the stories in his plays. A patron would commission him to retell a story and he was paid in royalties. All stories within the medieval period were re-workings of stories about the same characters, but we could not call them fanfic as copyright law and the printing press had not yet sectioned off the professional, paid, copyright owner of original texts, from the rest of the populace, creating a subclass of fans.

Jane Austen was less concerned with such matters, basing characters like Wickham in Pride and Prejudice upon "The Rake" from the lore tradition.

In the 20th century with developments in cheap printing techniques and distribution, Austen inspired fanzines.

A cult of dedicated literary fans called themselves the Janeites and the novel Old Friends and New Fancies — an Imaginary Sequel to the Novels of Jane Austen by Sybil Brinton, published in was the first published work of Austen fan fiction.

This is an example of continuation fic — the creation of storylines that use the same characters but elaborate on unresolved threads within the originals to create new episodes. A century later the Jane Austen Fanfiction Index now catalogues over two hundred thousand works of Austen fanfic, while Goodreads currently lists published books of fanfic derived from Austen.

A great number of Austen fanfic stories are pornographic.

They also produced the Baker Street Journal, a hybrid zine, halfway between scholarly research and pure fandom and at gatherings read their own versions of stories they'd written themselves. The most notable works are examples of self-insert fic — in which the writer meets their hero. Roosevelt in this case was not the then President, so this was also real person fic — in which a fan writes about politicians, sports celebrities, musicians, film stars etc, as if they are known to them — with self-insert.

When the self-insert character is the author thinly disguised this is called Mary Sue fic. Mary Sues are usually flawless characters who outshine the famous characters they are placed beside. In , one Paula Smith wrote an infamous fanzine short story: A Trekkies Tale in which the Starship Enterprise was visited by someone called Paula — a stunning woman who all the crew fell for.

Stranger Than Fanfiction

By the late s there had been a glut of Mary Sues fictionally beaming themselves up on to the Starship Enterprise, and true fans started to view the sub-genre plots as insidious. Interestingly, by outshining the heroes Mary Sues reveal a lurking contempt on behalf of their fan writers towards the original characters. The Enchanted Duplicator Original cover for The Enchanted Duplicator From the s to 50s fanfic existed almost exclusively within the sci-fi communities, in clubs such as the Futurians — A fascinating bunch, obsessed with communism and latterly fascism.

Many fans from such groups, such as, Isaac Asimov, went on to become published authors, blurring the distinction between amateur fan and professional writer. In , the world's first book of fanfic about fans appeared. It chronicles the adventures of hero Jophan in "the land of Mundane". All of the characters in the book are renamed versions of real fans from the London SF circle of the 50s and the book was created entirely for their pleasure. The Enchanted Duplicator of the title is a mimeograph — a precursor to the photocopier and the chosen distribution medium of the fan.

The book concludes with Jophan's discovery of "The Magic Mimeograph" which "… will produce the Perfect Fanzine … and now the song of the trumpets filled the air, ringing across Trufandom to the far mountains". This is fanfic squared and a way of life called "fandom".

Sci-fi fanfic then morphed and its subtexts became dominant. Slash fic is sub-genre in which buddies from classic TV become gay lovers. The first slash fic novel to be published was The Ring of Soshern, a pager by Jennifer Guttridge In it Spock and Kirk find themselves stranded on a remote, deserted planet. Spock goes into the state of "Pon Far": the violent "on heat" fever that comes to Vulcans, during which they must "have sex or die".

To save Spock's life Kirk allows Spock to penetrate him, the two then fall in love and "spend all their remaining days on the planet exploiting both the planet and each other's bodies". Over the decades slash has also come to stand for porn of any kind, including "Het". Other subgenres in slash include femslash in which formerly het characters have lesbian experiences Buffy is popular. HP femslash is Harry Potter lesbian porn; real person slash is where the writer makes love to a famous person; and, disturbingly, Chanslash is a Japanese sub-genre which involves coitus with famous characters who are underage.

These two merge in Justin Bieber fanfic. On one site alone there are 16, stories available as ebooks by 8, authors, which feature the child star at different ages and to degrees of eroticism.

The story 1st by Cassie Chassey is a Self-insert Mary Sue Het Slash romance which includes "emotional abuse, sexual abuse and sexual assault". James Potter and the prisoner of copyright James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing by G Norman Lippert While fanfic multiplied exponentially with the invention of the internet, authors were split over what to do about it.

Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire vigorously defended her copyright, claiming that fanfic, in particular AU fic diluted the integrity of her characters and stories. In a letter to her fans she stated: "I do not allow fan fiction.

The characters are copyrighted. It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters. It is absolutely essential that you respect my wishes. She also demanded that FanFic. Since then authors such as Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey and David Weber have also come to adopt a zero-tolerance stance. Contrary to this Douglas Adams claimed that fanfic expanded his understanding of the parallel universes he'd created in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and that they increased his sales.

JK Rowling also encourages fanfic. In she said she was "flattered people wanted to write their own stories" based on her characters.

She did however stipulate one condition — that they did not try to make money from their creations. Rowling threatened legal action for infringement, but after much adverse press from fans she relented and allowed the publication to go ahead. This an entirely futile request as slash HP Harry Potter has become one of the internet's most popular fanfic forms.

Fanfiction er download

These have also been "crossed-over" with characters from other films and books, some of which are paedophilic in nature. Such quantities of posts are nearly impossible to track and monitor.

Fan fiction. Of the fanfic I read, about half seems to come from there. Thanks for your work. Originally Posted by xianfox. Thanks for adding that. I'll give it a try. At last I can download stories from FictionPress! Some doesn't get downloaded properly, for example: Last edited by owl; at Originally Posted by owl Oh my GOSH!!! This is simply awesome! Thank you. I have gigabytes of fanfic that I've read hmm, and written that have a home on my PDA, but am now facing conversion to my ebook.

This is terrific. Mind if I share the link with a few hundred friends? Originally Posted by Pol. So, I've found one odd error. In attempting to use your option to collect the file as an html file I've encountered this. When the file is on my desktop Mac OS I get the following error: Unspecified error Location: Even saving the file with a new name opening in browser and saving again , doesn't work.

Just an FYI. Last edited by Pol; at Hello -- I'm wondering if this tool works with the new fanfiction. Other downloader tools have recently had to make minor changes based on this? I just got a nook so most interested in epub format. Last edited by FFreader; at Originally Posted by FFreader To IndecisiveMe: Works perfectly.

Thank you so much!! All times are GMT The time now is

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