Conexión HHO del depósito de agua para el burbujeador Cuídate y disfruta de tu nueva hidrógeno bajo demanda Sistema Generador de combustible dual. Esta celda separa el hidrógeno del oxigeno aprovechando que el Hidrogeno es anión y oxigeno es catión y ayudada por una membrana. Pin Hho-generator-plans-pdf on Neutral Plates, Bar Chart, Wire .. Placa Acero Inoxidable l Dry Cell Hho Generador Hidrogeno - $ en Mercado Libre.

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Generador De Hho Pdf

Hho: Free Hho Generator Plans Pdf Hydrogen Generator, Solar Energy Placa Acero Inoxidable l Dry Cell Hho Generador Hidrogeno - $ en. PDF | On Aug 4, , Haifeng Liu and others published Production and Análisis de un generador de HHO de celda seca para su aplicación. PDF | On Nov 25, , Erick Chinchilla and others published a partir de un electrolizador tipo alcalino modificado denominado generador de HHO.

This set of plans also has 5 more dry cells complete with pictured detail sizes and description for building as well for whatever size engine you will be running. Do you want to get double or triple mileage gains? Build yourself a simple HHO Generator and start getting better fuel economy right now. If you are considering buying an HHO Cell or Dry Cell Hydrogen Generator then this purchase might save you hundreds of dollars by helping you build one yourself or to choose the correct one. These are step by step plans with pictures and easy to understand instructions. If you have basic tool knowlege then this will be easy for you to build. Also includes instructions on the set-up and installation in your vehicle and a guide to getting the fine tuning and tips for maximizing fuel economy. Get this set of plans and start your fuel savings right now!

Electricity generation system Dispensing equipment selection Safety equipment Auxiliar Energy consumption Cost and economic analysis Capital Costs Safety analysis Legislation and Normatives Safety measurments Seawater pumping system Desalination plant Solar energy — Photovoltaic Electrolysis Plant Safety Fuel Cell Risks Identification Project risks identification Risk Analysis Immediate risk mitigation Recomendation and Safety considerations Environmental Analysis Pisco weathers Renewable energy sources Marcador no definido.

Hybrid solar generators Environmental impact of the equipment Hydrogen generator Centrifugal Pump Hybrid solar generator Marketing Video Technical design 1. Problem statement Pisco is a small town located in Ica region about km south of Lima. Its population exceeds people.

One of its main economic activities is tourism because of their active beaches, Paracas national reserve, and fauna. Also, because Pisco is one of the principal harbors in Peru, fishing is very important for their economy.

On the other hand, Pisco is situated on a high risk seismic zone with frequent earthquakes, one of which was the 7.

There were hundreds of dead and thousands of injured people, but the city hospital did not respond to the demand because of the damage caused by the earthquake and the lack of a backup system that could supply this energy demand. This lack of support is a big problem because many lives could be lost if another earthquake of that magnitude shakes Pisco again and provokes a shutdown for few hou s o e e days.

This is to achieve clean and reliable energy that comes from renewable resource and easy access to the user, which is very important because of the existing centralization of Peruvian resources and lack of assistance from the State in case of emergency: they are always present in the capital Lima ; however, not usually in the province.

This leads to insecure population that cannot fully trust that, after a natural disaster, problems will be solved by the State collaboration. This is why that a non-capital hospital in a small town is in the capability to sustain energy for a considerable period of time.

It would greatly improve the quality of hundreds of lives: first, patients; and second, people living in the city that could eventually need medical attention. The clean energy to be used is produced through a hydrogen fuel cell, which is extracted the hydrogen element via an electrolysis process, from a previously desalinated sea. This choice due to the proximity of Pisco and the sea and, therefore, the available abundance of marine water.

Design solution 1. Hydrogen production In order to exploit the natural resources of the region such as marine water along the Pisco littoral, hydrogen will be produced by electrolysis. In addition, considering that the production schedule is based on electricity, incorporating on-site renewable energy, such as solar or wind, will be provided.

However, it is not possible to electrolyzed salt water directly because it has high concentrations of sodium chloride and can provoke side reactions in the electrolysis process.

Therefore, desalination will be embedded in the total production process. In this regard, the simplification of the number of equipment and, therefore, space, it was opting to utilize an Electrolyser Hydrogenics equipment including water treatment.

The HYLYZER 2 computer model is a versatile cubic shape that, due its relatively small size 1, 30 x 1, 00 x 1, 25m , it can be installed inside the hospital. Finally, the hydrogen produced has a purity of Image 1. Reactions that take place in the electrolyte process.

It pumps through a PVC pipe 3 "diameter over 5 km. When filling seawater in the tank where it is stored, the machine will desalinize - electrolyze through a small PVC tube.

This pipeline system has an estimated price of thousand suns. More specifically, there will be a 5 Km PVC pipe linking the coast of Pisco and the liters-industrial storage tank, which will be directly connected to the hydrogen generator. In that sense, to pump water it will be needed a surface centrifugal pump to draw the necessary water and will be stored in a tank of liters.

For this task, the company offers two electric pumps Xilem in its A-C Flygt series. The first is the WS , a powerful electric pump with 50 m3. In contrast, both pumps meet the specific needs. However, the height required is m meet on average to pump water to the hospital , therefore, the WS is ideal for the job.

Also, the energy is used to activate and use this pump is lower than with the SSVF. Finally, the use of the industrial storage tank of 25, liters is justified in that the hydrogen generator does not receive water continuously, but uses stored water from a tank. Therefore, in view of saving reactive power, the tank will be used to operate the engine only every 36 times after using the hydrogen generator.

Hydrogen storage system In order to save space in storage and increase the energy density of hydrogen gas, the hydrogen recovered from the electrolytic cell must be compressed. The addition of a storage tank provides an agile supply hydrogen for both destine to the fuel cell or refueling.

Plans To Build An Hho Hydrogen Generator Dry Cell-Dry Cell, Joe Cell, Browns Gas

The desalination- electrolysing equipment from Hydrogenics, HISTAT 10, incorporates a compressor which can reach above bar pressure. Thus, hydrogen will be stored in a tank at bar at room temperature in a tank of 25 m3. Electricity generation system As for the fuel cell that generates electricity backup, a HD30 HyPM produced by Hydrogenics, will be used. This is a cell proton exchange membrane PEM. Equipment dimensions are 3.

Dispensing equipment selection In Peru, the acquisition of fuel cell electric vehicles is highly unusual.

This is because the maintenance of the fuel cell in the domestic market is very expensive, this technology also is imported from industrialized countries. However, in the future, considering the trend of economic and technological development of the country, it is possible that the use of such vehicles become more widespread. Only in this context, in which the hydrogen demand would generate enough revenue to recover the investment, it could be implemented as part of the plant with a refueling station that provides pre-cooled hydrogen to preparations for this fuel vehicles.

Communications The internal and external communication system will have a cost of - Communication between the hospital and the fuel cell The fuel cell will have a discrete control that light up when receiving a signal from the hospital when no power supply network.

Similarly, to recover such supply, it will send a signal to the fuel cell is turned off. Similarly, hydrogen having a pressure lower limit, the sensor sends a signal to discrete control to return the machine to receive water to process. Gana dinero con nosotros. Learn More — opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.

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Maruti Eeco Average 24 KMPL with GIRIRAJ H2o Kit / hho car kit.wmv

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Generador de HHO, Radio en 3 ampera!! So with this in mind, the formula will work pretty well. Precio final del producto. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Ships from United States. Get the item you ordered or get your money back.

Special financing available Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. The organization has hundreds of registered engineers who are seeking grants; a host of other water fuel cell engineers have begun to join a distributed research initiative to deliver practical, public domain technologies to the world in an Open Source environment.

All are prepared to collaborate in a resource grant based environment, as can be by done in the non profit organizations proposed granted research and development center, where a whole host of other technologies can be produced, all of which are profiled on the web site.

Currently this water fuel cell technology needs further investigation to reach that level, and has allot of potential. Recently tests on the replication of the Meyers WTF cell also showed effects of cold current electricity.

HHO Research - Tag - pdf

What is cold current electricity; it was used by EVGRAY in his patented radiant energy motors, where he was able to light up light bulb underwater using cold current electricity. Dave Lawtons cold current electricity demo, all photos courtesy of Dave Thanks Dave! We at panacea feel that the granted research and development center is needed to create social reform, as the public will know why its there and what subject matter goes on there, the main stream faculties can also benefit from the organizations findings and research and development.

Mean time any experimenters can replicate the open sourced findings of this and other technologies which are made available on the panacea online university. To achieve Ravi's efficiency, a strict selection and preparation of stainless steel tubing is important. The following parameters need to be considered. Ravi's choice was to use L seamless pipes. These tubes were annealed for 3 hours in inert atmosphere of Argon to remove all residual magnetism and cold work stresses before they were assembled.

Even Nitrogen can be used as the inert atmosphere. The tubes are annealed to get rid of the crystal lattice imperfections induced due to cold work and any traces of residual magnetism. They have to be in bright finish only you don't want oxides of nickel chromium or iron on the surface more details in preparation below. You can use most of the series Nickel-Chromium Steels but L would be the most preferable and next would be L.

Never go for as this has the highest resistivity among the series. Avoid Inconel grade High Nickel Alloys pipes as well due to their high coefficient of resistance. Just between and L theres a lot of difference in resistivity of the material due to carbon presence. Seam welds have magnetized seam lines along the length of the tubes.

If considering L stainless, the slight increase in Molybdenum, Nickel and Chromium would increase the Electric Specific Resistance of the material ever so slightly, but the thicknesses can offset this problem.

Ravi Cell.pdf

One needs to find out if there is any Aluminium content in the grade. If the aluminum content is less than 0. The reason why you need to check for Aluminum content is that it is used as a deoxidizer during the melting and alloying process.

So there is a possibility of it remaining in trace amounts based on the amount of O2 available in the bath for it to turn to Alumina and float up in the slag. Aluminum is the main component in Fe-Cr-Al alloys which increases the electrical specific resistance.

Incase these manufacturers use Cerium mischmetal or some other Rare Earths for deoxidizing, we don't even need to consider Al. The L seamless tubes Ravi used were sourced from a retailer of Sandvik, Sweden. Using Stan claimed he was using T SS. However, expect there to be a good deal of brown gunk generated during the conditioning process, with the additional part coming from the material.

Some of the manufacturers use Cerium Mischmetal Rare earths during the melting and pouring operations and this is done in the more expensive alloys like to increase the hot life and the surface layer strength and in case of seamless tubes a little extra silicon is added for free flow in hot condition Hot Extrusion of seamless tubes. All these put together add up to different metallurgical properties of the material in our case.

When in hot condition the Rare Earths, Silicon, Molybdenum tends to migrate towards the surfaces of the metal and this helps in the formation of a strong protective surface layer The reason why I said annealing was important.

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