Moscow Canal. N. Yauza River. Yaroslavsky. Leningradsky (Oktyabrskaya Railway)! Moskva River. 8A. Altufyevo. Mi Timiryazevskaya. Sheremetyevo. SVO. Map of Moscow metro. Sheremetyevo International Airport. Bus # from Planernaya station and bus # from Rechnoy vokzal and AirExpress from Beloruss-. Map of Moscow metro. MONORAIL. Lotsentr. Timiryazevskaya Teletsentr. Vystavochny Ulitsa Sergeya. Tsentr Eizenshteina. Medvedkovo. Babushkinskaya .

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Moscow Metro Map Pdf

Moscow Canal. Stadion. Koptevo. Yauza River. Streshnevo. Y. Leningradsky. Yaroslavsky. Sheremetyevo. SVO. Mytishchi. Posyolok. Moscow Metro map in PDF. Overview Process I The electronic Moscow Metro map is free for use by individuals and companies. It can be printed on. Commissioned by the Moscow Department of Transportation, the studio produced the official Moscow Metro map. Metro car maps. There're six.

You can also use Troika Card. How to travel by the Moscow Metro I am going to explain in the simplest way possible explain how to travel via the Moscow Metro. If you are accustomed to travelling via the Metro in other cities, many of the issues that I go over here will seem obvious to you, others perhaps not as obvious. The entrance to the Metro On the street the Metro stations are identified with a large red M. Once you go in you will see that there is a large Metro map in the hall of each station, along with automatic machines that dispense tickets and a ticket booth. downloading tickets Once inside the Metro you can download tickets. You can get them in two basic ways: Automatic dispensing machines. They are in Russian and English and are not difficult to use. Ticket booth. Get in line if there is one and wait your turn. At the ticket booth you can download tickets with needing to know a Word of Russian. You just need to lift your hand and hold up the number of fingers for the number of tickets you need 1, 2, 20, After paying, the cashier will give you a card that will serve as your ticket. You can download a ticket for 20 trips and share it with other people.

How to use the Moscow Metro and what stations to visit

Moscow Metro Art and Design Every station has a unique design indicative of the era and political leader of the time. Lined with marble and decorated with chandeliers, intricate mosaic artworks, heroic statues and gilded trimmings, the Moscow Metro stations are not merely decorated; they are works of art. Here is a small sample of what you will expect to find in this underground art gallery. These are some of the best Moscow Metro Stations to visit.

Mayakovskaya Station Used as a bomb shelter during the war, a hospital and even a supreme command headquarters. In , Stalin celebrated the anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution at Mayakovskaya Station, complete with elegant catering for all the attending dignitaries while the Nazis bombed the city above.

The scene was later depicted in the mosaics in the centre of each dome. Historic moments like this captured in various stations shows how fascinating the Moscow Metro is.

Designed as a tribute to the arts, this pretty station is lined with fluted pylons and white marble salvaged from the demolished Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Easily one of the most impressive, it is lined with life-size bronze sculptures depicting the people of the Soviet Union; workers, peasants, soldiers, artists and children — 72 in total.

Tradition states it is good luck to rub the nose of the dog depicted in one sculpture and as if by reflex, we barely noticed anyone who failed to do so as they passed.

Elektrozavodskaya Metro Station A favourite, this station was named after the nearby electric light bulb factory. The concept was to make a ceiling covered with six rows of circular incandescent lamps- in total.

Another architect finished the works incorporating an additional theme, bas-reliefs installed on the walls to document the struggle of the war. Komsomolskaya Station By far the fanciest of all the stations, Komsomolskaya is more like a grand ballroom than a train station.

This ticket costs Roubles. Unlimited travel tickets are available for as short as 1 day and go up to ones which last for an entire year. The price ranges from Roubles for 1 day to 18, Roubles for an entire year.

Moscow Metro map

The transport card, Troika is suggested for those people who use public transportation regularly. The maximum amount of money one can put into the card is Roubles, while the card itself lasts for 5 years. The price for a single trip while paying using the Troika is just 32 Roubles. A kind of a monthly pass is also available which costs Roubles.

One ticket is arranged for the month, on all kinds of public transportation.

With regard to using the subway, a maximum number of 70 trips can be taken and not any more. A 90 minute card is available for 1,2 and 60 trips. The 2 trip ticket on the other hand costs Roubles but is valid for 5 days.

Moscow Metro map 3.0 in PDF

Finally, the 60 trips ticket is priced at Roubles and is valid for only 90 days. Children under the age of 7 get to use the metro service for free.

Even after that the luggage is confined to some terms and conditions. Some accessories likes skis, fishing rods, carriages etc. Using a non-working escalator without prior permission is considered to be an offence.