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Higher Secondary Plus Two Physics notes prepared by Saju K. John, Doctoral Research Fellow at NIT Calicut published. These study notes. The pdf form of Higher Secondary first and second year(Plus One/Plus Two) Physics Study Notes is given below. Click the link to download. Class 12 students can download study materials in Physics here. The materials are prepared by experts in the field and can be used for first.

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Plus Two Physics Notes Pdf

Class 12 students can download study materials in Physics here. You can download the lecture notes from Electromagnetic Waves here . pdf free | | free pdf download on Chapter wise solutions to H C Verma's Concepts of Physics Part 1. Free PDF download of Class 12 Physics revision notes and short key-notes to score more marks in exams, prepared by expert Physics teachers from the latest . Tag: Plus two Physics Notes. Physics – Important Question Bank for Kerala Board (+2) HSE (HSC) Board Exam HSC Board Exams are fast approaching.

Charge is the property of matter that causes it to produce and experience electrical and magnetic effects. The study of the electrical charges at rest is called electrostatics. When both electrical and magnetic effects are present, the interaction between charges is referred to as electromagnetic. There exist two types of charges in nature : positive and negative. Like charges repel, and unlike charges attract, each other. The type of charge on an electron is negative. The charge of a proton is the same as that of an electron but with a positive sign. In an atom, the number of electrons and the number of protons are equal. The atom is, therefore, electrically neutral. If one or more electrons are added to it, it becomes negatively charged and is designated as negative ion. However, if one or more electrons are removed from an atom, it becomes positively charged and is called a positive ion.

And if there is deficiency of electrons, the body becomes positively charged. Whenever addition or removal of electrons takes places, the body acquires a charge. The SI Unit of charge is coulomb C. In SI units, the current is a fundamental quantity, having a unit of ampere A. The unit of charge is defined in terms of the unit of current.

Thus, one coulomb is the charge transferred in one second across the section of a wire carrying a current of one ampere.

That is, charge is quantized. A charge q must be an integral multiple of this basic unit.

CBSE Class 12th Physics Notes: All Chapters

When we rub a glass rod with silk, some electrons are transferred from the rod to the silk. The rod becomes positively charged. The silk becomes negatively charged. The coulomb is a very large amount of charge.

A typical charge acquired by a rubbed body is 10 - 8 C. How many electrons have been added to or removed from it? Since the charge is positive, there is deficiency of electrons. The particles such as photon or neutrino have no rest mass. Hence, these particles can never have a charge.

The mass of a body slightly increases when it acquires a negative charge by gaining some electrons. On the other hand, when a body acquires a positive charge by losing some electrons , its mass slightly decreases. It also includes all the important points, I perceive.

CBSE Class 12th Physics Notes: All Chapters

Anyway, gj good job sir. Sir, can you add some sample questions and solution on notes This note is very useful for all hss students. Sir great.

Many teachers are making money on their free time by taking tuition. But you are sparing it for the students all over the world. You made physics simple for all range of students. You are an ideal teacher.

Sir,I have a suggestion. Students are really afraid of problems sir pls prepare a question bank for problems with their solutions. That will be a great support to get more marks in phy.

Class 12 Physics Revision Notes for Chapter 9 - Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

May the good god bless you and your family a lot. Thanks In case of numerical problems, the best method is to study the theory portions thoroughly and then try solving solved problems in NCERT text. After that you can go to exercises given at the back of every chapter.

A lot of materials are available in the internet in this regard. IN - Monday, October 29, - 68 Comments. First year study notes. Related Downloads. Post Tags: Social Links: SajumonThomas November 4, at 5: Unknown February 20, at Arun March 18, at 8: Unknown April 10, at 3: Divine Mathew November 14, at 6: Rishi April 21, at 7: Karthik KS July 26, at 7: Ashkar Ali August 11, at 8: Rahul Suresh September 4, at 9: Shab D shabz September 27, at 7: Nayan Jomi December 17, at 9: Unknown January 15, at 4: Abin John February 26, at 8: Tyler Breeze March 19, at 7: Unknown March 20, at 2: Rahul Surya July 12, at 6: Athul soman August 31, at 5: Vishnu Girishkumar October 11, at 9: Tech Junior December 27, at 5: Abhinav Abs January 7, at 9: Nattuvelicham Prathapan January 6, at

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