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Quran Sharif Hindi Book

Topics Hindi Book-Quran. Collectionopensource. Hindi Book-Quran. Identifier HindiBook-quran. Identifier-arkark://t02z2dz3s. OcrABBYY FineReader Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page बनी कुरआन के हिन्‍दी अनुवाद की पहली pdf फाइल Hindi translation of the Quran with Arabic e-book by: Umar Kairanvi, Nadeem and Zia-ul-Islam.

Acharya Vinoba Bhave has studied the Quran for the last twenty-five years and it was during the last year and a half that the present volume took final shape and form. The selections have been made from the original Arabic. Mohammad Marmaduke Pickthall. References to the respective number of Suras and the Ayats verses are shown in the tables included in the end of the book. Vinobaji has grouped these verses under appropriate captions to highlight the Message of the Quran. Originally, he gave these headings in Marathi, his mother-tongue, which have subsequently been translated into English by some of our esteemed friends. But the entire responsibility for the translations is, of course, ours. Pickthall, for permitting us to use it for the purpose of these selections.

Multiple Arabic Fonts. Reading Mode. Hafizi Quran with Horizontal and Vertical View. Verse by Verse Audio Play. Following topics are not Features. So don't read below topics..

History of the compilation of Quran

Reading mode. Hafizi Kuran with horizontal and vertical view. Worse B verse audio play. Folloving Topics Hey not features.

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So two N'ti Reed Below Topics.. Tags so: Deobnd offline, Attkk Keys: Reviews Review Policy. Once, Mahatmaji asked Vinoba to recite from the Quran in his presence.

The Maulana was an Arabic scholar and had made a deep study of the Quran; as such Vinoba earnestly desired that the Maulana completed his unfinished work of translation of the Holy Book. But it ever remained an unrealized wish, for Maulana could not get the necessary peace of mind and time for such a work, preoccupied as he was with other activities.

History of the compilation of Quran

It remained unfinished till the end of his life. Vinoba is so well versed in Quran that he can reply to any question or clear any doubt, or elucidate any important topic or subject dealt within the Holy Book. He has simply to turn a page here or there. For years this selective study remained almost a passion with him except for a brief period during the Bhoodan Movement. But the broken thread was taken up again when he had come to Ajmer to attend the annual Sarvodaya Conference.

His determination this time was to make a compilation of selected portions from it. As a matter of fact, an attempt at this had been going on for the last 25 years, and when one looks at the analytical study that he has done during the various periods, one wonders at the depth of imagination that is his.

Maulana Masoodi, the erudite leader of Kashmir aptly remarked once that even if a committee of experts were formed to do this sort of work on the Quran that Vinoba has done, it would take them years. The arrangement of the book Vinoba has selected verses under 90 chapters, 30 sections and 9 parts. These constitute one sixth of the whole Quran, which contains verses in all. It is noteworthy how he marked the verses and arranged them subject-wise under different heads. But there were difficulties.

Who will read the original in Arabic and the edited notes in Marathi? Who will translate it from Arabic to Marathi? Vinoba could do it, but he had hardly any time to spare. Pickthall be considered authoritative in that language and the rendering in English of the original matter in Marathi by Vinoba be undertaken by experts in English and Marathi.

Rendering in Urdu was also done in the same way and all of these have now become the basis for translations into other languages.

But how could that be possible when persons competent to do it were not allowed to stay longer with him and were allotted some work or other by him. Mushaf Thus, all the verses of the Quran that describe the creation of the universe and people, judgment day, exemplary stories of the people who lived before and the beliefs, worship, morals and legal bases that believers should obey were collected together into a single-volume book.

Each of the verses was taught by the archangel Gabriel and declared by Prophet Muhammad.

The verse is the name given to each sentence of the Quran and the surah is the name given to each part of the holy book. There are 6, verses, surahs and about , letters in the Quran. Saeed ibn al-Aas, who was renowned for the beauty of his handwriting, wrote them down on gazelle skin. The writing used was the Arabic script of the time, which was already old and used commonly at that time in Hejaz. The companions reached a consensus that this writing, which was used by Prophet Ismail in Hejaz, is the writing of Muslims.

The copy of the Quran was recited to the companions at a general meeting. There was no objection. So, a book called "mushaf" emerged, which means written verses. A total of 33, companions agreed that every letter of the Quran was in the right place. Then this mushaf was sent to Umar ibn al-Khattab. After his death, this book passed on to Hazrat Hafsah, the daughter of Umar and a wife of Prophet Muhammad.

Dialect of Quraysh A difference was observed in the recitation of the Quran in the Armenia battles between Muslims from Damascus and Iraq during the period of the third caliph, Uthman.


Hudhaifah, one of the companions, went before the caliph on his way back from an expedition and asked him to prevent this. On the 25th year of the hijra , Uthman gathered a delegation attended by Abdullah ibn al-Zubair, Saeed ibn al-Aas and Abd al-Rahman ibn Harith under the leadership of Zaid ibn Thabit.

All of them, except for Zaid, were from Quraysh. Uthman said that the dialect of Quraysh should be preferred if they were to fall into conflict with Zaid regarding the dialect, since Muhammad was from the Quraysh tribe.

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