Some recipes contained herein may call for raw or undercooked eggs. Please consult .. Shooter: A straight shot of whiskey or other kind of spirit taken neat. For delicious cocktails, shooters, mixers & more get your recipes here. download all your liquor from our Blue Bottle Liquors & Liquor Express stores today!. BOSTON. More than 1, recipes, tools, and techniques. OFFICIAL B SHOOTERS FROZEN . completely new recipes reflecting the most popular spir-.

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Free download of 44 Great Shooters & Cocktails Recipes by. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more. one of the oldest mix drinks of the world, from the Southern States of. North America,served in a long drink glass, fresh, clear, green shimmering. Classic Drinks. APPLE PIE. Butter Ripple, Green Sour. Puss and a dash of cinnamon. BAZOOKA JOE. Blue Bols, Banana and Baileys. B Kahlua, Baileys and Grand. Marnier.

Print unlimited times. Various margaritas, martinis, shooter recipes, coffee drinks and other specialty drinks can be found on these laminated or printable drink recipes sheets. Our laminated sheets are shipped to you with a rugged yet flexible 3 mil laminate to protect against spills and general wear. Our downloadable sheets are designed for immediate access after purchase, and are downloaded to your computer as. The Download Deluxe contains a total of 32 different. For example, the Peach Schnapps Cheat Sheet contains approximately different cocktails with peach schnapps as one of the key ingredients. The Amaretto Cheat Sheet contains approximately Amaretto drink recipes on one sheet. The Orange Juice Cheat Sheet has cocktail mixed drink recipes with Orange Juice as one of the principle ingredients. Faster than a bartending book.

Another common method is to use proof rum which is very flammable. Bad things can happen! Float — when one alcohol sits on top of another alcohol in a shooter glass. Kahlua is heavier than Irish Cream which is heavier than GM so each one floats on the other. This can be done by pouring very carefully down the side of the glass or pouring the floated alcohol over an inverted bar spoon , allowing the alcohol to trickle off the spoon in many directions.

Free Pour — To make and mix drinks without using a measuring device like a jigger or measured pour spout. To pour free of a measuring device, usually straight from a bottle with a non-measured pour spout Frost — To frost a glass, dip it in water, let it drain and then put it in the freezer. This creates a layer of frost around the glass and works especially well for beer mugs. Garnish — A garnish is something added to a drink after the ingredients to enhance the presentation.

Common garnishes are lemon slices or lime wedges, cherries, olives etc. Some garnishes are purely for looks and some are to add to the flavour of the drink. Highball — Any liquor mixed with soda, served in a tall glass often called a highball.

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However, jiggers come in many different sizes. Layer — Layering a shot or drink is done the same way as floating. The heavier alcohol goes on the bottom and the next, lighter alcohol gets floated on top using a careful pour down the side of the glass or a pour over an inverted spoon.

Mixers can be water, soda, juice, energy drinks etc i. Muddle — To crush up ingredients with a special tool called a muddler. This is done for drinks such as the Mojito — where the muddling process extracts essential oils and flavours from the mint leaves in case of the Mojito. Neat — This ones important to know in bar terms. If someone asks for a whiskey neat, they are asking for a shot straight out of the bottle. Neat means no ice.

Of course that shot must be in a whiskey glass. Whiskey drinkers are picky! Pony — A pony or pony shot is equal to 1 ounce.

Premium — Premium refers to premium alcohol or top-shelf liquor E. Rocks On the — On the rocks simply refers to a drink with ice.

Scotch on the rocks. Roll aka Box — Not heard all to often in bar terms. To roll or box a drink, first build the drink then pour it once into and out of a shaker tin.

This gently mixes the drink. Sangria — A wine-based cocktail that contains wine, triple sec, orange juice and fruit.

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Many variations exist and some recipes may call for the addition of a different juice or may not contain triple sec but the basis of this drink is wine and juice.

Shaker Tin — A shaker tin is usually metal while the mixing glass is made from, well, glass. Used to mix cocktails, first ice and ingredients are added to the shaker tin, then the mixing glass placed on top creating a seal and shaken. Shake — Fill a glass with ice, build the ingredients, then pour everything into a shaker tin and shake.

Ingredients g white chocolate, broken into pieces ml fresh cream. Method Heat the cream in a microwave or on the stove until it reaches boiling point. Pour the hot cream over the white chocolate and combine with a spoon until the mixture is smooth and silky. Sc- Tourism. A career in destination marketing was calling but then my passion for food took over.

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Every time my dad knows I am coming for a visit, he stocks up. Everything else pales in comparison to Amarula! Your email address will not be published. Facebook Twitter instagram Search Search for: Follow us Facebook Twitter instagram.

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Ingredients 30ml peppermint liqueur 30 ml amarula cream liqueur Method Pour the peppermint liqueur into shot glass. Amarula Cherry Pop.

Ingredients 15 ml Amarula 7.