All I did was t a p into his m a c k within. The same game that I shared w i t h that Rolling Stone reporter is what I ' m going to share with you in this b o o k. A n d if . The Art of Mackin' was written by Tariq "King" Nasheed. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tariq "King" Nasheed is the author of The Art of Mackin'. The Mack Within - Kindle edition by Tariq Nasheed. Download it.

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You can Read The Mack Within or Read Online The Mack Within, Book The Mack Within, And The Mack Within. PDF. In electronic format take uphardly any. The Mack Within book. Read 14 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Art of Mackin' was the first book of rules for players-from ove. Art of Mackin/ The Mack Within is a little outdated. I read that shyt in '11 or so and there have been changes to the country and the game where.

May 04, Will Jeffries rated it it was amazing This book was definitely interesting to read. It is always helpful to gain new perspectives on life. A favorite quote of mine from this book is "In order to be a leader, you must be worthy of being followed. Another good analogy that Tariq Nasheed expounds upon in this book is the symbolism of the lion and the Egyptian culture: The Egyptians patterned their relationships after the patriarchal structure of the lion kingdom. The male lion has long been considered the king of the jungle. The male li This book was definitely interesting to read. The male lion is one of the most respected and feared animals in the wild. And what does the male lion do? He chills, for the most part. The male lion doesn't have to prove his dominance at all times. The male lion sleeps through most of the day, and yet he's the most respected animal in the jungle. The male lion also has a number of female lions that do his work for him. The female lion does all the hunting.

How do you know if YOU are in the driver's seat? Know the rules! The world is playing, and whether YOU want to or not, you are in the game just the same!

The Mack Within

Play, or be played. If you think you are "above this mentality", thank you for becoming an easy mark! My favorite flavor was Junior and above college students, preferably with a major in psychology.

Business, just the same as romance. Understand that the dynamics are psychological, and not just some random "HOOD" mentality, and you are already half way there.

download the book, change your life. Thanks Tariq. Play Hard Player! Kindle Edition Verified download. The book is good book for those who need a refresher on how to deal with woman. The book came off a little cheesy sometimes with its jokes, but the author got his point across.

The terms he used to describe a person on a certain situation are terms I would say in my head instead of saying it in front of a woman I dislike.

I definitely got alot out of this book that I can apply to future dates. It helps u truly understand what u need in order to be successful in the game. Some people don't even know there is the unwritten rules so to say and that's where people fall off and stuff.

Overall a good read with funny moments, serious and Nashid teaching what he teach. Another must read if you are a man. Clears up a lot of the "game" and makes a whole lot of sense. See all reviews.

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Back to top. Get to Know Us. On his show he covers a variety of informative topics for brothers, from whats going on in the news internationally to politics and the economy, as well as racism.

He doesn't just talk about "Mackin" women, as a lot of cliche' people assume at first glance. I highly recommend all of his books. This is the only one that I own, but my goal is to own and read all of them. This book refreshes your mind on a lot of things that some should already know.

You paid the cost to be the boss!

Now apply it!!! Play the game or watch the game play YOU. Dec 10, William O. Perez rated it really liked it The vocabulary is decidedly urban colloquial and that may turn away some readers but that would a mistake. This book gives meaning to "don't judge a book by it's cover". I agree with a lot of what Tariq says, though perhaps the way he expresses his message may turn away a more conservative reader.

I believe knowledge can be found in the most unusual of places and I found this book to be useful in the sense that it exposes the way some women operate w some men react.

The Mack Within

Keep your dignity intact. By refusing to go down on you, she's subconciously sending a message that she doesn't want to submit to you. She may be going down on another guy for all you know. Keep your standards high.

Instead of settling for a booty call with an uggo at 3 am, restrain your desire to bust a nut and sleep instead lol. Don't abide by the "Pvssy don't have no face" mentality. It's unattractive. Players don't wear open toes.

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