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Church, AKA Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Inc., registered with the precious. The blood of Jesus Christ is precious because of its REDEEMING power. The Bible. There is power in the precious blood of Jesus Christ. This minibook shares from God's Word what makes the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ so powerful and. The blood of Jesus speaks good things to God for us, washes our sins away, gives us Download . “Nothing but the Blood” Robert Lowry Oh! precious is the flow That makes me . The Believer's Authority by Kenneth Hagin.

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The Precious Blood Of Jesus By Kenneth Hagin Pdf Download

With His last breath, Jesus uttered, “It is finished.” His head slumped to His chest, and the penalty for sin was satisfied. Before Jesus' death on the cross, we. The Precious Blood Of Jesus By Kenneth E Hagin. Welcome to the best site that provide hundreds kinds of book collections. Below, we will. Kenneth Erwin Hagin (August 20, – September 19, ) was Click on The eBooks to download The Precious Blood of Jesus Download Bill Johnson Collection (21 books) (Epub, Mobi & PDF) [Direct Downloads].

By Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin There is authority in the Name of Jesus. The one who has the key is the authorized one. In the Name of Jesus! He authorized us. He gave us His Name as the authority. The power is in the Name. The authority is in the Name. He gave us the Name that is above every name.

You see, he remembers what happened when that blood was shed. The devil thought he had it made. He thought he had captured Jesus, the Son of God. But during those three days in hell, Jesus took back the keys of hell and death Rev. He disarmed the powers and principalities and made a public spectacle of them Col. And instead of being held captive by the forces of darkness, Jesus ascended into Heaven.

The blood of Jesus is the power that destroyed all the works of the enemy! To learn more about how your words activate the promises of God, click here. Or for audio teaching click here. The blood of Jesus accomplished what we could not accomplish for ourselves. We could not extract ourselves from bondage to sin. We could not reconcile ourselves to God. But because the blood of Jesus speaks, we have been reconciled to God.

That blood speaks of who we are and what we have. It speaks to us of righteousness. We cannot stand before God in self-righteousness. But we can stand before Him in the righteousness that Christ obtained for us at the Cross. Old things have passed away and everything has become new 2 Cor.

Again looking at an Old Testament example, when everybody had failed Moses, he turned his face to the wall. The children of Israel had turned away from God.

They were worshiping the golden calf. God would have destroyed the nation if Moses had not stood in the breach to turn away His 16 Turning Hopeless Situations Around wrath. Moses simply said, "Now, Lord, if You're going to blot their names out of Your book, just blot my name out along with theirs.

Moses wasn't seeing anything but God. He wasn't seeing the golden calf. He wasn't seeing the failure of the people. He wasn't even seeing how his brother Aaron had failed him. He was seeing nothing but God. The Lord said, "All right, I won't blot any of you out.

David's possessions were in ashes. His loved ones had been taken into captivity, and his followers, who were so noted for their loyalty, were ready to stone him. But thank God, David turned his face to the wall. He saw nothing but God. The result was a great victory for David. He got his loved ones back and a great spoil besides. History gives us even more examples, Dr. Yeomans points out. Augustine, the noted sixth century bishop, wrote about a high-ranking man of Carthage who was near death after a number of unsuccessful operations.

He was facing yet another operation; however, his physicians had no hope it would be successful. When Augustine arrived to pray for the nobleman, the man fell on the floor, prostrating himself before God. In fact, Augustine said it looked like he had been forcibly knocked down.

Perhaps the power of God fell on him! The man began to pray, Augustine said, with great earnestness, emotion, a flood of tears, and agitation of his whole body. Augustine meant that the man's whole body was shaking What Do You See? It reminds us of what is said in the fifth chapter of James: "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" v. This alone, inwardly and briefly, I said: 'Lord what prayers of thy children wilt Thou ever grant if Thou grant not these?

This Carthaginian nobleman had simply turned his face to the wall and had found there is a God with whom nothing is impossible.

The Blood of Jesus parts 1 - 4 (.pdf)

Yeomans relates how Martin Luther, too, knew what it was to turn his face to the wall "in utter despair of all human aid. He found him near death. Yeomans wrote, "Luther turned away from the awful scene to the window, and there called on God, urging upon Him all the promises he could repeat from the Scriptures, and adding, with incredible boldness that God must hear and answer now if He would ever have the petitioner trust Him again.

Luther said, "I called on God. I called on God with all the promises I could repeat from the Scripture. That wasn't some wild-eyed Pentecostal preacher praying; that was a Lutheran! Luther wrote friends, "Philip is very well I found him dead but by an evident miracle of God he lives. He refused to see anything else. At first glance, his friend seemed virtually dead—but Luther didn't look at that.

He turned and looked out the window.

He didn't see any houses. He didn't see any trees. He was looking at God. He was looking unto the God with whom all things are possible. Think about what he said, "I reminded Him of all the promises I could think of, and then I said, 'Lord, if you don't hear me, I won't ever be able to trust you any more.

Yeomans, M. Reprinted by permission. Finney said, "Argumentative prayers are the best kind of praying. Finney was very argumentative. Looking at the 43rd chapter of Isaiah, we see something God says: ISAIAH ,26 25 I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins. That's exactly what Luther did without even knowing it. He repeated all the promises of Scripture he could remember where God promised to answer prayer.

He reminded God of them. Verse 26 continues, "Declare thou, that thou mayest be justified Another translation reads, "Set forth your cause that you might be justified. I have seen your tears. And even while we're praying, instead of turning our face to the wall, we're still looking at the impossibility of the situation. We're still trying to figure out how God can do it. Don't you figure out how God can do it. Let Him do it. I went to the Lord. I turned my face to the wall. I turned away from everything else.

With great intensity, I began to call upon Him. That's a minimum. You said in your Word, 'I will satisfy you with long life. I said, "You promised us that 70 or 80 would be a minimum, and Momma's only If she doesn't get the minimum, I'll never be satisfied. The longest day I live on this earth, I'm going to remind You of it. I don't mean I'm going to turn my back on You, but I'll never feel good toward You about it. I'll do whatever you say about it. Just a few days after she passed her 80th birthday, she went home to be with the Lord.

I think sometimes we're too mealy-mouthed when it comes to seeking God. Jesus said something about this subject: "the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force" Matt. God's the same God now He was then.

He's the same God King Hezekiah prayed to. He's the same God Martin Luther prayed to. He hasn't changed. He's the God of the ages. He is the Ageless One. With Him there is no shadow of turning. Thank God for this hour in which you and I live.

Think about it: We can read the Word of God. We can read history. We Plead Your Case 21 can see what God is doing today in this charismatic move. How much stronger our faith should be. How much more should we be encouraged through faith to take authority over all the powers of hell and the devil.

We can turn our face to the wall, so to speak, pray to God, and believe God, because we are workers with Him. How do we know we are workers together? We know because the Word says so. God has made man's cooperation necessary in the Plan of Redemption.

We must cooperate with God in order to enjoy our rights in His redemptive plan. That's the reason He said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth" Mark The Bible tells us, "the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him" 2 Chron.

He sent His Word to tell us what His plan is. He sent His Word to tell us that the Lord Jesus came and consummated that plan, arose from the dead, and then sat down at the right hand of the Father. You don't sit down until the job is finished; that's why He sat down. He had finished the job God sent Him to do. The Plan of Redemption is finished. Now it's up to us to believe it; it's up to us to cooperate with Him.

That's the reason Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" Mark Go tell them the Good News that Jesus bore their sins. But that's not all the Gospel: "Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses" Matt.

Jesus wants us to go tell people that we are free from the bondage of Satan. That's what He said to the woman who was bent over, suffering from a spirit of infirmity: "Ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, 22 Turning Hopeless Situations Around lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day?

It was certain that Satan had bound her. Hallelujah, I'm not in bondage to Satan! I'm not in bondage to sin! I'm not in bondage to sickness! I'm not in bondage to bad habits!

I'm free! Jesus has set me free! It isn't all God, and it isn't all you. You can see that in Hezekiah's case. God had His part to play. He said, "Isaiah, go tell King Hezekiah to set his house in order, for under the present circumstances he shall die and not live.

Hezekiah had a part to play, too. Notice even Isaiah couldn't do it for him. Often we're looking for the prophet or the preacher to do it for us, but Isaiah did not change the situation. It was not Isaiah's prayer that changed the situation—it was Hezekiah's prayer! Hezekiah was the only one who could do something about his situation.

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It was Hezekiah who turned his face to the wall. It was Hezekiah who prayed to God. It was Hezekiah who "wept sore.

Now God could do something for him. Now God could answer his prayer. Isaiah hadn't gotten out of the courtyard before God told him, "Go back and tell Hezekiah, 'I've heard your prayers. I've seen your tears. And I'm going to add 15 years to your life.

What worked for him will work for you, because God is the same God.

Kenneth E Hagin - The Name of Jesus

People who haven't studied the Bible would read this story 23 24 Turning Hopeless Situations Around and say, "Look at the inconsistencies in the Bible. Here it says he's going to die and here it says he's going to live. So God lied, didn't He?

When you read this whole story, you understand what God is saying. It wasn't the will of God for Hezekiah to die. God wanted the king to have His blessings. It was Hezekiah who stood in the way of God's blessings. When he corrected that situation, God could bless him. Very often God will tell you what's going to happen under present circumstances—as He did Hezekiah—and you can change it. YOU can change it. Hezekiah did. Too often we're looking for somebody else to do it for us.

In teaching on faith, we bring out the fact that sometimes you can carry baby Christians on your faith. But you can only do that for a while. Usually people are going to have to receive help on their own, and no one will receive permanent help without developing his or her own faith and prayer life.

I've seen people healed, delivered, and even raised up from a deathbed through supernatural manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in my own or other people's ministries. But I've seen those same people one year, two years, or five years later, and the same disease, or something worse, had come back on them. And I've heard God say to me, "They're going to die.

Some of them didn't do a thing about it. They went ahead and died. That doesn't mean they didn't go to heaven if they were believers.

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But others, thank God, did something about it. Medical science said they were going to die. Yet they turned their faces to the wall. They prayed. I prayed for my mother. I could do this for her because she Correct Your Situation 25 was a baby Christian.

All she had ever heard preached is that Jesus saves. She had only heard me preach two or three times. Later on, she heard me quite a bit on the radio, her faith began to develop, and she began to get answers for herself. But at the time she was so ill, I knew she was a baby Christian and wouldn't be able to get healing for herself. That's the reason I jumped right in the middle of it and got results. If she had been more knowledgeable in God's Word, it would have been impossible for me to have done that for her.

I remember a dear Methodist woman whose husband was an educator in New York State. The doctors discovered she had a rare incurable disease. Only seven or eight people in the history of medicine had ever had it. Although the disease wouldn't kill her immediately, there was no cure, and the doctors said she would be dead within 10 years.

Somebody told this woman about the great meetings Kathryn Kuhlman was conducting, so she went to one. After Miss Kuhlman preached, she turned and looked right in this woman's direction. She did it by divine revelation. Miss Kuhlman said, "There's a woman over here in this section who has an incurable disease.

Doctors have told her only seven or eight people in the history of medical science have ever had it.

The woman said, "I knew that was me. I went down there, she laid hands on me, and I fell under the power. When I returned to my doctors in New York City for my three-month checkup, they couldn't find a trace of the disease. It had all disappeared. She was like those people waiting for the troubling of the waters at the pool of Bethesda in the fifth chapter of John's Gospel. When the angel troubled the water, the first person in got healed.

She went to Miss Kuhlman's service like that—just 26 Turning Hopeless Situations Around waiting for the intervention of divine sovereignty. And God works that way sometimes. Three years passed. She came to one of my meetings and said to my wife and me, "Brother and Sister Hagin, I haven't divulged this to my husband, but all the symptoms have come back on me. In fact, I am worse than I ever was before. Can you help me? Come to the day teaching services if you can. So she and some friends followed us from place to place.

I remember before the six weeks were up, she came and said, "Brother Hagin, I want you and Sister Hagin to know that all my symptoms have disappeared. And I got it this time on my own faith. I know how I got it, and I know how to keep it! That's the reason I'm teaching as I am. I want you to turn your face to the wall. I want you to call upon God.

He will hear you.

Praise God, He loves you. God doesn't love one person any more or any less than He loves another person, because He's no respecter of persons Acts Many times people think, God will hear Brother Hagin pray, but He won't hear me. But he will. He doesn't like me any better than He does you. Did you know that? He loves you just as much as He does me. He will hear your prayer just as quickly as He will mine. And He will answer your prayer just as quickly as He will mine.

Yes, He will. He's your God just as much as He's my God. God doesn't belong to me any more than He belongs to you. God doesn't have any favorites. People should not do it, but I've seen people who have favorite children or grandchildren.

A grandparent may give all his or her attention to this one child, excluding the others. This creates confusion and problems. It turns relatives away from one another. But I want you to know that God doesn't have any favorite children, hallelujah. Every one of us is His favorite!

I want you to know you're a favorite of His, glory to God, because of Jesus. Here's a confession for you to repeat out loud: I am a child of God. He is my Father. He is my very own Father. I am His very own child. We are all favorites with Him. He loves every one of us with the same love. He will hear every one of us pray. My Father loves me. My Father hears me when I pray. My Father answers. Oh, hallelujah, He is my Father. He is my God. Jesus is my Lord. I am accepted in Jesus.

We preach and teach the Word of God from different directions, showing different methods of receiving healing, because it's all in the Word. Sometimes I think we talk about laying on of hands so much that people think that's all there is in the Bible. But no, that's just part of the biblical teaching on healing. Nobody laid hands on Hezekiah. As far as I know, nobody even prayed for him!

However, I did not personally pray for people every day. Some days I would have our staff of healing instructors minister to the people. One day a couple drove down from Missouri to attend the service.

I was here and spoke, but I didn't lay hands on the sick that day. I asked the healing instructors to do it. The woman was so disappointed.

She went into a prayer room, and one of our instructors taught her that only the Lord does the healing. The woman, however, was crying. Her feelings were hurt because Brother Hagin hadn't laid hands on her and A Favorite of the Father 29 prayed for her healing.

And her husband was angry about it.

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