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Welcome to the English Conversation Class sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ We teach Beginning English Conversat. Godfrey Selig - Secrets of the Psalms - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online. Secrets of the Psalms by GODFREY SELIG. Lecturer and Publisher. A fragment of the practical kabala, with e11tracts from other kabalistic writings, as translated .

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The Secret Of Psalms Pdf

View Godfrey Selig - Secrets of the from GEOG at Jackson State University. Secrets of the Psalms by GODFREY SELIG Lecturer and Publisher A. secret of finding that help that comes only from God. But while we implore the Almighty for help, we must be willing to do His bidding. As King George VI rallied. A few of the "secrets of the Psalms" are offered here are as part of a translation of Kabalistic teachings. The psalms referred to are the Psalms of David found in.

But such do not wander from pl ace to pl ace, offeri ng thei r art for sale, in order that they may accumul ate weal th, but they are sati sfied to remai n quietl y i n the pi l l ared pal ace of Sol omon, where they are constantl y employed i n gatheri ng di vi ne wi sdom, so that as they express i t , they may fi nal ly become worthy to recei ve the hi dden gi fts from above. I mysel f know such a man, who obtai ned exalted wi sdom from the Kabal a, and who, notwithstandi ng his extreme poverty, never undertakes a kabal i st i c process for money. When I once asked hi m why he refused to wri te a desi red amulet for a noble lord, he offered hi m a l arge sum for hi s services, he answered me wi th an adage from the wel l-known Pi rke Awoth Extract or Fragment from the Father : "Dei tschtammasch Betaggo Chalof," that is to say, "whosoever accepts the crown for hi s reward, wi l l peri sh suddenly. Not for al l the money in the world woul d I do such a thi ng. For my necessary support I do not feel any concern, for the Al mi ghty has methods to support me i f I trust in Hi m.

Psalm to receive grace, love and mercy Psalm to keep children alive Psalm to have high people receive you favorably.. Psalm for a law suit Psalm against all libel Psalm for anyone who drank too much Psalm if the law is taking measures to punish you..

Psalm to free yourself from evil spirits.. Psalm if enemies have made you lose money and have caused you to be mistrusted.. Psalm to become safe from enemies Psalm for making up between man and wife Psalm to make yourself be believed by your fellowmen.

Psalm to overcome fever in a member of your family. Psalm to receive good after committing a heavy sin Psalm to free yourself from slander. Psalm to revenge yourself from secret enemies Psalm to free yourself from the influence of passion Psalm to make yourself fortunate in any of your undertakings Psalm to prevent harm when a vicious dog attacks you Psalm to make yourself safe from being possessed with evil.

Psalm to make soldiers safe from injury.. Psalm to make your home lucky. Psalm to receive holy blessings Psalm to overcome trouble, and loss from business partners Psalm for those travelling at sea, to make themselves safe a"nd free from all accidents Psalm to become fortunate in all undertakings Psalm when possessed with an evil spirit Psalm for severe imprisonment and fever caused by evil influence.

Psalm to free yourself from the slavery of sensuousness and to conquer enemies Psalm to receive power liberating one from prison.. Psalm to make yourself forever safe from poverty But such do not wande r from pl ace to pl ace, offe ring the i r art for s a le, in order that they may accu m u l ate we a l th, but they are satisfie d to re m a i n q u ietly i n the p i l lared pal ace of Solomon, whe re they are constantly e m ployed in gathe ri n g divine w i sdom, so that as they express it , they may f i n a l ly be come worthy to re ce ive the h idde n gifts from above.

I myse l f k now s u c h a man, who obta i ne d ex alted w i sdom from the K aba la, and who, notwithsta n d i ng his extreme pove rty, neve r u nde rtakes a kabal i st ic proce ss for money.

W he n I once asked h i m why he ref u se d to write a de s i re d a m u le t for a noble lord, he offered h i m a large sum for his se rvices, he a nswered me with a n adage from the we l l-known P irke Awoth Ex tract or Fragment from the Fathe r: Not for a l l the money in the world wou ld I do such a thi ng.

For my nece ssary s upport I do not fee l any concern, for the A l m i ghty has methods to s u pport me if I trust in H im. Why, he even care s for the spa rrow. Le t this suffice for this one k i nd of me n.

He state s f u rther, that this same D r. I confi de ntly hope and trust, and I can assert without he sitation, that my l ittle book cannot have a te nde ncy to foste r s u pe rstition. Take it for granted that one of my re ade rs shou l d c hoose to e m p loy one of the methods de scribed i n the se pages in order to ad: Be fore con c l u d i n g m y p reface, i t i s necessary to give the re ader some i nstruction conce rn i ng the arrange me nt of this vol u me.

We f i nd in it, for i nstance, s i ngle words, name s, se nte n ce s, and i ndeed entire ex perime nts, 4 pri nted i n the He brew and Ch a l de a n l a nguage s. Th is fact sh ou ld not pre ve nt any one from downloading the book. Be cause a l l the word s pri nte d i n Hebre w and Ch aldaie , wh ich are i nte nded to be i m pre ssed u pon the m i nd, are also pri nted i n E ng li sh i n plain terms, and they have bee n care f u l l y tran s lated.

I have made th i s arrange ment in com p l i a nce wi th a re quest from a n u m ber of prom i ne nt persons, to make s ure th at the tran s lation is ge n u i ne and corre ct.

The chapter and verse s of Holy Scri pture, where a l l passages quote d may bf! J ou nd, are also correctly re corde d. F O R EW O R D Extract from the preface of the Kabalistic Publisher I t is u n iversal ly k nown and acknowledged, th at we are name d after the most holy name of the Ru ler of the World and th at we re ce ive the holy de calogue or the written law from hi m.

J osh ua h anded the m over to the e lders, the e lders gave the m to the j udges, and from the m to the me n of the gre at synagogue, and the se gave the m unto the wise me n , and so the Kabala was h anded down from one to the other- from m ou th to mouth- to the pre sent day: E veryth i n g th at I have here stated i s as c le ar as the sun and nee ds no f urther proof. There fore has G od e ndowe d the be st i n tere sts of the sou l and the body of her with ex a l te d tale nts, powers and vrrtues th at, with a rational use of her, man may prote ct h i m se l f from danger whe n no other he l p is at hand and save h i mse l f s imply by uttering the words o f the L i v i n g G od.

And Solomon says i n h i s Proverbs, vi 2 2: Our wise me n de c l are , " He who w i l l d a i ly l ive closer to God, who de serve s to u n i te hi s soul with H im, and who is w i l l i n g to l ive i n the c l osest com m u n ication with h i m, sh ould ofte n pray the Psalms, with fervor and devotion.

Yet, de ar re ader, you must n o t doubt. T h rough a p i o u s l ife and b y a rational use of the Psa l m s you may obta i n the grace of G od, the favor of prince s and magistrate s and the love of you r fel low-me n.

You w i l l be e n abled to promote your own welfare. That this i s aft true, the conte nts o f the prayer, with which we e n d each Psal m , a n d which we are i n duty bou nd to pray, will amply de monstrate. But the corre ctness of it i s also e stabl is he d by the te achi ngs of the Talmud and of the old wise me n, who assure us, that m a ny of our famous fore fathers avai led the m se lve s of apparently supe rnatural me a n s from time to time, to protect the i r be st i n te re sts. T he truth of this I can e stab l i s h by the most trustworthy witne sses; ye a, I cou ld e ve n me ntion some great me n, who by a proper u se of the Psalms, pe rformed great works.

S u c h example s are rare. He can pray, read and wri te everythi ng i n hi s mother tongue; onl y the holy name of God and the angel s that may occur i n the experi ment, must, under al l ci rcum stances, be written and retai ned in the mi nd i n the Hebrew tongue for they must in no case be uttered , because, on the contrary, a wrong di rection mi ght otherwise easi ly be given to the experi ment, and consequentl y i t woul d lose al l its hol i ness, work and effi ciency.

I n order, however, that the reader may read al l si mi l ar occurri ng names and words i n hi s mi nd and retai n them, I have wri tten al l the Hebrew words wi th Engl i sh letters together wi th thei r meani ng. The holy name is cal led Eel Chad, whi ch si gni fies, great, strong, onl y God, and i s taken from the four foll owi ng words: Aschre, verse 1; Lo, verse 4; J atzl i ach, verse 3;1Vederech, verse 6.

Sel ah! The words, the letters of whi ch consti tute thi s hol y name, are taken from Rageschu, verse 1; Nosseu, verse 2; and J oses, verse 9. The prayer i s as fol l ows: "Let it be, Oh, Schadei! Al mi ghty God! Thy holy wi l l , that the ragi ng of the storm and the roari ng of the waves may cease, and that the proud bi l lows may be the pl ace of our desti nati on in safety and in good ti me sti l led.

Lead us, Oh, al l merci ful Father, to heal th, for only wi th Thee is power and mi ght. Thou al one canst hel p, thus Thou wi l t surel y hel p to the honor and gl ory of Thy name. Thi s Psal m i s al so an effectual remedy agai nst a ragi ng headache.

The di recti on is as fol lows: Wri te the fi rst ei ght verses of thi s Psal m together wi th the hol y name and appropri ate prayer, upon pure parchment, and hang i t upon the neck of the patient; then pray over hi m the Psal m wi th the prayer arranged for it. Do thi s in humble devoti on, and the sufferer wi l l be rel ieved. Thi s wi l l afford i mmedi ate rel ief. The hol y name i s, Adon Lord , and is found in the words, Weatta, verse 3; Baadi , verse 3; Heki zoti , verse 5; and Haschei ni, verse 7.

The prayer is as fol lows: Adon Lord of the worl d may it pl ease thee to be my physi ci an and hel per. Heal me and rel ieve me from my severe headache and backache, because I can fi nd hel p onl y wi th Thee, ana onl y wi th Thee i s counsel and acti on to be found.

Proceed i n person to extricate your contempl ated undertaki ng, and al l thi ngs wi l l resul t to your entire sa t i sfacti on. The holy name i s cal l ed: J i heje, He i s and wi l l be , and i s composed of the four letters of the words. Teppi l l anti , verse 2; Sel ahfi , verse 5; Jehovah, verse 5; and Toschiweni , verse 9; the prayer i s as fol l ows: May i t pl ease Thee, oh J i heje, to prosper my ways, steps, and doi ngs.

Grant that my desi re may be amply ful fi l led, and l et my wi shes be sati sfi ed even thi s day, for the sake of Thy great, mi ghty and prai seworthy name. I f you wi sh to accompl i sh an undertak-g by or through another, pro ceed in al l thi ngs as al ready stated above, wi th thi s excepti on: you must change the prayer as fol lows: let me fi nd grace, favor and mercy i n the eyes of N.

Agai n, i f you have a cause to bri ng before hi gh magi strates or pri nces, you must pray thi s Psal m and the cl osi ng prayer arranged for it, seven ti mes in successi on before the ri si ng of the sun. Do thi s three ti mes over pure ol ive oil, whi l e at the same ti me you thi nk unceasi ngl y, upon the holy name of Chananj ah merci ful God , anoi nt your face, hands and feet with the oi l and say: Be merci ful unto me, for the sake of Thy great, adorabl e and holy name.

Chananj ah, turn the heart of my pri nce to me, and grant that he may regard me wi th grace. Sti l l another pecul i ari ty of thi s Psal m i s, when you fi nd notwithstandi ng the utmost i ndustry and case, your busi ness does not prosper, and you have reason to fear that an evi l star, spi ri t or desti ny i s opposi ng you, then pr ay thi s Psal m dai ly, even to the l ast verse wi th great devoutness, and you wi l l soon fi nd yoursel f in more favourabl e circumstances.

Read t he Psal m for three days successi vel y, and pray the prescri bed prayer seven t imes sl owl y i n a l ow tone, and wi th devot ion, and wi th thi s keep cont i nual ly i n your mi nd t he hol y name of J aschaj ah whi ch means hel p i s wi th t he Lord ; bel i eve wit hout a doubt t h at t he Lord can and wi l l hel p you.

Godfrey Selig – Secrets of the Psalms - PDF Drive

The prayer i s as fol l ows: J ehovah, my Father, may it pl ease Thee, for t he sake of t he great, mi ghty, hol y and adorabl e name, J eschaj ah Baal Hatschna, t hat is, Hel p is with t he Lord for he is t he Lord of hel p, he can hel p , whi ch name i s con tai ned in t hi s Psal m, heal me from my di seases, i nfi rmit ies, and from pai n of my eyes, for t hi ne is t he power and t he hel p, and t hou al one art mi ghty enough to hel p; of thi s I am certai n, and t herefore I t rust in t hee.

Hear me for t he sake of t hy great and most hol y name, for t hi ne is the power and t he hel p. The fi ve letters of t hi s hol y name contai n, accordi ng to t he prayer t he words; J ehovah al , verse 2; Schuba, verse 6; Oschescha, verse 8; Bewoshn and Vej i bbahal n, verse 1 1.

The prayer i s as fol l ows: Oh, Eel Sl i j on! Eel E l i j on, mi ne enemy, N. After thi s prayer, pour the water upon a spot at your enemy's resi dence, or at a pl ace where he must pass over it, and by doi ng thi s you wi l l overcome hi m. I f you have a case to deci de before t he court, and you have reasons to fear an unfavorabl e or part i al verdi ct, t hen pray thi s Psal m sl owl y before you appear in t he presence of t he J udge, t hi nki ng at t he same t i me of Eel E l i jon and of t he ri ghteousness of your cause, and as you approach t he j udge pray as fol l ows: Oh, Eel E l i j on!

Give unto my words power and strength and l et me f i nd favor. Pronounce at each ti me t he appropri ate prayer over a smal l quant ity of ol ive oi l , and anoi nt t he face as wel l as the hands and feet. The letters, composi ng t he hol y name are found i n the words: Addi r, verse 2; J areach, verse 4; Adam, verse 3, Mel ohi m, verse 6; Tani schi l enu, verse 7.

The prayer reads as fol l ows: May it pl ease t hee, Oh, Rechmi al Eel , to grant that may obtai n love, grace and favour i n t he eyes of men acc rdi ng to t hy hol y wi l l. Thi s Psal m shoul d al so be prayed agai nst the power and mal i gnity of enemi es. I n t he fi rst i n stance write thi s Psal m, wit h its hol y name, upon pure parchment, wit h a new pen, and hang it around t he pat ient's neck.

Manual Of The Secret Of Psalms -

Afterwards repeat the prayer wit h reverence, and t hi nk at t he same t i me of t he hol y name of E heje Ai schu E heje, t hat i s, I am he t hat wi l l be, and utter t he fol l owi ng prayer: Al l merci ful Fat her! Make hi m whol e i n soul , body and mi nd, and release hi m duri ng hi s l ife from al l pl agues, i nj ury and danger, and be t hou his hel per. I n the second case repeat t hi s Psal m and pray devout ly: May i t be agree abl e to t hy wi l l for thy sake of t he most hol y name E heje Ai sher E heje, to rel ease me from t he power of my enemi es and opposers, and to protect me from thei r persecut i ons, as t hou once di dst protect t he Psal mi st from t he enemi es who pursued hi m.

The letters of thi s hol y name are i n t he words: Ode, 2; Haojeff, verse 7 and verse 1 6; and in al phabet i cal order i n t he At Basch.

Godfrey Selig - Secrets of the Psalms

The holy name i s in t he words: Ofel, verse 2; Paal , verse 3; and Adam. The cl osi ng prayer may be as fol lows: Adorabl e, mi ghty and hol y God Pel e: wit h t hee i s advi ce, act i on and power, and onl y t hou canst work wonders. Turn away from me al l t hat i s evi l , aUprotect me from t he persecut i on of evi l men, for t he sake of t he Great name Pele.

Amen -Sel ah. The prayer i s as fol lows: Al mighty Father, my God Ai neel! Amen -Sel ah! The prayer i s as fol l ows: Protect me accordi ng to t hy good wi l l and pl easure from vi ol ent, sudden and unnatural death, and from al l ot her evi l accidents and severe bodi ly affl ict i ons, for t hou art my hel p and my God, and t hi ne i s t he power and t he gl ory. Accordi ng to t radit i on thi s Psal m is atso a good cure for dangerous and pai nful di seases of t he eyes.

The pat i ent must procure a pl ant t hat i s good for t he eyes, and wit h thi s must pray thi s Psal m wit h a suitabl e prayer, t rust i ng 1 4 f i rmly i n the certai n hel p of the mi ghty Essi e! The letters compos i ng this hol y name are contai ned i n the words: E zoth, verse 3; Mismor, verse 1; J arum, verse 3; Aneni , verse 4; Oj ewi , verse 5; and J agel, verse 6.

E ditor's Note: Eyebri ght herb is cons i dered very good for the eyes when washed wi th a weak tea made of it. The prayer is as fol l ows: "May it pl ease thee, Oh! Eel sum met, to grant me grace, love and favor wi th al l men whose hel p I need. Grant, that al l may bel ieve my words, and that no s l ander may be effective agai nst me to take away the confi dence of men. Thou canst do this, for thou turnest the hearts of men accordi ng to thy hol y wi l l , and l i ars and sl anderers are an abomi nati on to thee.

Hear me for the sake of thy name. The l etters composig this hol y name are found i n the words E l ohi m, verse 1; Maski el , verse 2; Echad, verse 3; Ammi , verse 4; and Azai , verse 6.

The prayer whi ch must be repeated duri ng the process of washi ng is as fol l ows: May it be thy wi l l , C God, to restore N, son of R. The three letters of this hol y name are found i n the words: J agur, verse 1 ; Ragal , verse 3, and J i mmont, verse 5. He who otherwise prays this Psal m wi th reverence wi l l be general l y received wi th great favor. As for example, 1st. I f any one has been robbed, he must proceed as fol l ows: Take mud or sl i me and sand out of a stream, mix them together, then wri te the names of al l suspected persons upon smal l sl i ps of paper and appl y the mixture on the reverse s i de of the sl i ps; afterwards lay them i n a l arge and clean basi n, f i l led for this purpose wi th fresh water from the stream -lay them i n the water one by one, and at the same ti me pray this Psal m over them ten ti mes wi th the prayer adapted to it keepi ng i n mi nd at 1 5 the same ti me the name of Caar, that i s, livi ng, whi ch name is to be found i n the words of si xth verse, as fol lows: Chabal i m, and Al ei , and i f the name of the real thief is written upon the sl i p, that upon whi ch hi s name is wri tten wi l l rise to the surface.

The prayer i s as fol lows: let i t be thy wi l l , Eel , Caar, the li vi ng Cod to make known the name of the thief, who stol e from me here name that whi ch was stolen. Cod grant that the name of the thilf. Whoever prays thi s Psal m dai l y wi th reverence, and i n chi l dl i ke trust upon the eternal l ove and goodness of Cod, di rected to ci rcumstances, wi l l have al l hi s sorrows changed i nto joy. Fi nal ly, itls said, that the dai ly prayi ng of this Psal m wi l l change ene mies i nto fri ends, and wi l l di sperse al l pai n and sorrow.

Rise earl y i n the morni ng, wi th vi gor, together with prayer as fol lows: May it be thy hol y wi l l, Oh J ah, J enora, to make my j ourney prosperous to lead me in pl easant paths, to protect me from al l evi l , and to bri ng me safely back to my loved ones, for thy mi ghty and adorabl e name' s sake.

The two letters of the hol y name J ah are taken from the words Shoddi ni , verse 9; and Mi rmal , verse 1. The letters necessary to make the hol y name of God are contai ned i n the words, Ai sher, verse 1 ; Shoal , verse 1; Tami n, verse 33, and Haol , verse The prayer i s the fol l owi ng: "Mi ghty, al l-merci ful and compassi onate God, Eel J ah!

Hear me for the sake of thy most hol y name, Eel J ah. Amen-Sel ah! The hol y name of thi s Psal m consists of two l etters from the most hol y name J ehovah. He, whi ch, accordi ng to the tradi ti on of the Kaba l i sts, are of great power, and whi ch embrace the socal led ten Sepi roth or reckoni ngs, and other deep mysteries. The prayer i s as fol lows: lord of heaven and earth! May i t pl ease thee graci ously to be wi th thi s parturient, N. Keep her and her chi l d i n perfect heal th and grant her l ife, for the sake of the holy name, He.

Fi nal ly, it i s cl ai med that thi s Psal m i s effectual i n drivi ng away evi l spi ri ts. I t i s necessary, however, to pray thi s Psal m, wi th the hol y name and an appropri ate prayer seven ti mes over the person possessed of the evi l spi ri t.

The letters of the name He are contai ned i n the words Hashamai j i m, verse 2 and Begoal i , verse 6. Are you summoned to appear before the j udge i n person, i n a j udicial tri al , you shoul d avai l yourself of the above means shortl y beforehand, and by so doi ng you wi l l surel y be j usti fied and depart wi thout restrai nt.

The prayer i n the l ast case i s as fol l ows: Lord and judge of al l the Worl d! Thou holdest the heart so f al l men in thy power and movest them accordi ng to thy holy wi l l ; grant that I may fi nd grace and favor i n the s ight of my j udges and those pl aced above me i n power, and di spose thei r hearts to my best i n terests. Grant that I may be favored wi th a reasonabl e and favorabl e verdi ct, that I may be j usti fi ed by it, and that I may freely go from hence.

Hear me, merci ful bel oved Father, and ful f i l l my desi re, for the sake of thy great and adorabl e name, J eho.

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