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Chris Sixty· February 7, How upset would you be? You've known this girl for a year. Met her parents. Know some of her deepest secrets. Logged countless . 60 years of challenge is one of these guys. The self proclaimed “old guy” in the game, his Format: PDF. Please make sure you have installed. 60 Years of Challenge is the nom de plume of a pick-up artist (or, in more principles and techniques, and CH was given a PDF copy to review.

January 29, by CH. He wrote an ebook detailing his game principles and techniques, and CH was given a PDF copy to review. The ebook is a couple years old, and 60 now has new material on his website , warning: Consequently, most of his approaches are basically direct, but without being sexually overt. I deliver this with a seductive but very serious voice. Very humble. The more scared you are the more genuine you should be. Beat fear with love. I put out my hand to introduce myself, she takes it and we start talking. Time stops. Even still I move really close to her quickly. Escalation is a recurring problem for most betas. Sexual tension masturbation STM is when you think you have something going with a girl with your eye contact, vibe and all your little visualizations and other fantasy bullshit. It was all in your head. You guys know who you are.

In fact, I do much more listening than talking. And we are not saying be creepy physically - for example groping her. In fact, we only need to make one overt physical move. The only time there is a slight risk of being considered creepy is with your vibe. It is worth the risk. You may not be able to create attraction in every set but you can create tension in every set.

That's because tension creates the same physical symptoms as being attracted to someone. For example, her heart is beating fast, slightly nervous, fidgety, blushing. You can't always create attraction - but you can usually create some tension Women Will Let You Touch Them You want to create attraction with your vibe and then make it official with your touch.

You have it backwards. You are trying to create sexual tension and attraction using words and touch. Touching her a lot doesn't create sexual tension. Instead it reduces all of the tension you created with your vibe. Remember since you have said nothing verbally and done nothing physically to reveal your intentions - your vibe creates sexual tension. The problem with making overt physical moves that don't lead to anything mutual ie.

Remember, the goal is to make the attraction official and mutual. It's obviously not official if she is ignoring it. However, she can't pretend mutual hand caressing isn't happening if she is participating in it.

If a woman is not participating in the seduction it's because she doesn't want to. Making the attraction mutual is a skill and is the real goal of escalation.

Guys who can make the attraction official and mutual in a tactful way ie. She will assume you are highly skilled with women. If you try to skip the "mutual touching" and go straight into "arousal touching" it will work if she is actually attracted to you, but if not she will stop you.

The worst part is you will be deluded into thinking her resistance is just asd when in reality she is just wasting your time. If during the attraction phase she isn't participating in the touching you can just imagine how hard it will be for you in the arousal phase when the seduction still isn't mutual. You will be the one touching her - trying to turn her on - and she will play the resister constantly telling you to stop with her hands. This is a bad frame to say the least.

Mar 5, Bad News for Time Wasters Time wasters used to have a lot more time to get attention from you. The only way to find out if a woman was wasting your time was going for the kiss. The good news for women who love attention was that it's pretty hard to go for a kiss in front of her friends. There also needs to be other elements in place like having your faces close and a moment of silence.

Since there is rarely a good time for the kiss guys just assume that because she is flirting she is interested. With hand caressing you can check her interest level right away - even in front of other people. You don't need to worry about isolation. Even when you are on a date you don't need to wait until the end of the night to see if she is interested.

Forget the awkward kiss attempt at her doorstep and simply grab her hand at the table before you order. Think that might save you some time and money? It's not that time wasters are bad people. In fact, they actually do like you. That is why they are trying to keep you around as long as possible before revealing that they can't hookup with you.

They think you are really cool but they have a boyfriend or some other issue. You should thank the girls that reject you right away because they don't want to waste your time. Nice girls who like you as a person, but aren't going to hookup with you, are so afraid of hurting your feelings that they end up taking up a good part of your night. Another huge benefit of escalating quickly is you save time. Let's face it, rejection hurts. But it's twice as bad when you get rejected and also realize you wasted a lot of time.

The time thing hurts you as well. You also cringe when you think about all of the things you told her about yourself. How you tried to be all cool. It all means nothing now. You wasted your time and you revealed things about yourself you wish you didn't.

Nice meeting you! Apr 2, Love or Attention My friend Aaron Sleazy tuned me in to the fact that you can make it much easier to start conversations by being more observant.

One way he advocates being more observant is to see if a girl is paying more attention to her "environment" than her "friends". For example instead of talking to her friends she is looking around the room, talking loud so you will overhear or dancing seductively to the music.

Contrast that with two girls deep in conversation and focused solely on each other. This doesn't mean she wants YOU specifically to talk to her - but she definitely wants somebody to. She is most likely looking to hookup tonight, so somebody should take advantage of the opportunity. This makes sense because this is how a lot of guys look when they go out to a bar. They aren't talking to their guy friends - they are scanning their environment for hot women instead.

The sub-communication is I am looking to meet someone. I am open to talk. So if you see a girl or group of girls acting like guys - you will now know what to do. However one thing I noticed is if a woman is paying too much attention to her environment - for example dancing very erotic and being extremely loud and dramatic she is most likely just looking for attention.

Upon further inspection most of these wild women seem to have boyfriends or other issues that block the seduction. Once they draw a guy in with their antics they love to reject them. For example a girl will dance very proactively and then a guy will come up to her and she will give him the "ew creepy" face while her girlfriends laugh. You will notice that the girls who are truly looking to meeting someone are open but usually a bit more subtle about it.

Apr 3, What is an Average Frustrated Chump In my opinion you can say or do basically anything - even if it's boring, as long as you escalate. And you could be the most interesting guy in the world with awesome magic tricks and witty teases - but if you don't escalate you won't get the girl. To me being an average chump means only one thing - not escalating when a girl likes you.

Especially when she stays talking to you. Being an average frustrated chump has nothing to do with listening, having rapport, or asking basic questions. However guys say that if you want to be a pick up artist and not an average guy you need to break rapport, talk a lot and be really interesting. This advice can mess you up. Instead people should be honest and say - look, your problem is not that you are average, the problem is you are a pussy.

Fearless Relentless Escalation - PDF Free Download

You don't escalate. You want to be a nice guy - no problem. You want to be a good listener - go for it. The only thing is you need to do is escalate. If you can't do that it doesn't really matter what you do. Apr 6, The Foundations For Failure Most of the tactics the community teaches are things you would only do if you assumed a woman was not attracted to you. In fact, needing to say or do anything special by definition means you believe you need to do extra things to make women attracted to you.

For example, no matter how cool your stories are, you are still qualifying yourself. Plus, if you really were confident that she liked you - wouldn't you want to make that attraction official and mutual as soon as possible. Many guys claim they always assume attraction yet they waste their time acting disinterested and only use incidental touching. Foundations for Failure Basically the whole verbal repertoire of the community was built on a foundation of our insecurities.

It was created for guys who were unsuccessful with women and uncomfortable with sexual tension. Every tease and witty joke was a way to diffuse a tense sexual moment.

Every story and routine a way to guarantee there would never be an uncomfortable silence. Just the topic of sex is unsettling for most people.

You can imagine how uncomfortable sexual tension made us feel. It can be very awkward. In contrast, women have more experience with sexual tension having been hit on many times throughout their lives.

Thus, women are rarely going to feel attraction for a man who can handle less sexual tension than she can. A New Day As we move into the future of seduction many more guys are realizing there is already an attractive man inside them. The truth is each of us already has the power to tap into sexual tension. That's because sexual tension is an energy not a physical attribute. You don't have to be tall, muscular, or have chiseled facial features. You have just as much right to bask in the pleasure of sexual tension as anyone else.

When you assume attraction, you assume that women would enjoy basking in that moment of sexual tension with you. You Don't Want to Know They say women get turned on slowly like heating up an oven. While that may be true for arousal I don't agree when it comes to attraction. Arousal may happen slowly, but attraction happens fast. If a woman isn't attracted to you - she probably isn't going to give you the time it takes to arouse her.

You need attraction first. That is the problem with kino. Touching doesn't create attraction, it reveals it. However touching can create arousal in women who are open to the idea of you arousing them. Attraction happens fast. Women make their decision almost instantly. And you don't really want to know the answer to the question - is she attracted to me. You know her decision has been made and you fear the verdict.

So of course you But you won't grab her hand and go for mutual caressing. You can't go for overt and mutual - because you are scared of the truth. You don't want to know. And she knows you don't want to know - which is the foundation for the orbiter relationship. She knows you would rather not know the truth. So you delude yourself that you are working on "attracting her". Anything to not have to realize the harsh truth - that this is not mutual. And mutual is the foundation for seduction.

None of these things make attraction mutual and official exchanging numbers giving her your business card agreements to meet up, dates talking to her for a long time indicators of interest incidental Kino, accepting your touch aggressive non-mutual escalation overt touching not returned one-sided makeouts grinding Make Attraction Official You can't leave it up to the girl to make attraction mutual - that is your job.

The feeling of attraction has been created way more times than it has ever become official. Creating attraction is easy while making it overt and mutual is harder. Things are different and will always be different after you make attraction mutual IOM.

Just like how things are different after you have had sex with a girl. In reality, a penis just went inside a vagina. But now for the rest of her life YOU are someone she had sex with. She will always view and treat you differently.

That is the whole point of making attraction official and mutual. Sure there are many girls you could have hooked up with or who really liked you - but it never became official. It doesn't count. It's like it never happened. Apr 19, Make Yourself Jealous It's funny how we are biologically wired to want purity. This way we ensure that the baby we are raising is ours. However at the same time a girlfriend who is potentially cheating really turns us on.

In other words, jealousy makes us really horny. The reason we get so horny and want to have sex with her immediately is because our body is now preparing for a war against the rivals sperm. I know many instances of guys finding out their girlfriend cheated - being so pissed off and hating her guts - but then still having the best sex of his life with her. Of course it can be hard to deal with those emotions - you want her purity - but it turns you on so much that she is slutty.

The irony is quite comical tragic? When you hit on some guys girlfriend and he gets all pissed off - you are actually doing them a huge favor. Believe me he will go home and give her a good pounding.

You can even use this truth for your own benefit. For example, instead of hiding your girl away like all the insecure losers, take her out and show her off.

Let her get some male attention. In the end it all means better sex for both of you. Always let her pull her hand away first. In other words, hold on for at least as long as she does. You already do this right? Think again. Maybe you just want to be polite or after a few seconds you start to get nervous. You want her to be a little nervous.

Holding on to her hand a little longer than she expects creates tension and gets her heart beating. Which is a really good thing if she likes you. For example who is going to be the one to talk first, break eye contact first or pull their hand away first. Most women have already decided if they like you based on your looks and presence. This bold move just confirms it right away. May 1, Deadpan Everything Deadpan Sexy There is another misconception about escalating the vibe.

That somehow you have to try look all sexy which usually comes off as trying too hard. Instead what you want to be deadpan sexy. You can look sexy and still look like you are screening her at the same time. Hard to explain with words but this is mostly done with your eyes squinting and lips. You balance the escalation looking at her with a challenge screening her. When most guys check out a girl they always give her that look like "aw yeah girl I will fuck the shit out of you" as they stare at her tits and ass.

That is NOT what deadpan sexy is. It's a mix of sexy and screening. Deadpan Rapport In this method we don't worry about creating rapport. In fact, our main focus is on not letting women bait us into breaking rapport. And believe me, if you come across as a sexual threat women will bait you at least a few times. Especially before you make attraction overt and mutual.

Not letting her bait you to break rapport builds sexual comfort which is the most important ingredient for getting sexual quickly. This style is neutral rapport. Meaning we don't kiss her ass verbally that's so funny or with supplicating facial expressions like the I'm so happy to be here smile. We keep the vibe deadpan and we don't try to force the connection or fish for commonalities.

I think women respect that. Of course there is basic rapport. You listen well and you don't interrupt her. But you are not kissing her ass. You can also build rapport physically with mutual hand caressing or verbally with the "we are on the same team" frame. Deadpan Everything When in doubt, go deadpan. If you get a test and you don't know how to respond the answer is always deadpan.

And if you don't know what to do you go deadpan. If she says "you are touching my leg" - deadpan. Whether it be putting out a seductive vibe, escalating quickly, using sex talk or being physically aggressive - there is always one key ingredient present that makes it all work.

And that is for the most part these methods are selling sex first and you second When you use seductive eye contact and get close quickly you are basically selling pleasure. When you talk freely and openly about your sexual desires you are offering pleasure. When you grab her hand, spin her around and pull her very close to you all in the first ten seconds you are giving her an opportunity to get pleasure.

In contrast, when your main focus is on trying to be interesting and funny , saying the right words and bringing the value you are trying to sell you.

Now, I know you are a cool guy - but you are definitely not more interesting than pleasure. In other situations you will have lots of time to sell her on you, but to pull a girl you just met quickly I would you argue that the most effective way is to sell her on the idea pleasure. It's also harder not take resistance personally when you use verbal methods that focus around trying to sell you. Here you are trying to convey the best of your personality and revealing intimate details about yourself to her and she is basically saying - not interested.

You can forget about being persistent. Are you going out at night trying to convince women of the idea of You and possibly sex or is your game centered around selling her the idea of Sex possibly with you. The truth is You are not that important. Sex is a very pleasurable experience on it's own. You are replaceable. Not convinced - just take a look at the transfer of buying temperature. You get a girl all worked up and in the mood for sex and then some other guy swoops in and reaps the benefits.

Think about it. How much of what happens is because of what you said or did and how much is just that sex feels good and women like it. Is it you or the experience itself? Let's be fair and say it's a mix of both. I know, I know.

We would all love to think it was only due to our good looks and awesome game. It can be hard to put your ego aside and admit that your best quality is that you can offer her pleasure.

If you are talking to a group of girls, even if you are trying to be polite, why do you still automatically ignore the unattractive one. Because she can't offer you pleasure. It's not fair but that's life. Women are the same way - if you are not offering pleasure you will be ignored. One thing to keep in mind is that sex is probably the most pleasurable experience we can have. We all love to feel pleasure and obviously women are no different.

It can take a guy a long time before he finally internalizes the mindset "women love sex" but it seems to click instantly when you simply tell him women love pleasure. I mean it's not like you are out at the bars trying to convince women to watch a four hour football game with you.

Just imagine if to get a girl home you had to convince her to run a marathon with you first. Now that would be really hard. When you consider it, selling the idea of pleasure is easy. Especially when in all likelihood she will get more pleasure out of the deal than you will.

Keep in mind we are selling a product that women want to buy. That's why it's such a joke when you see a guy buying the excuses women give for still not getting physical after several dates.

Would a drug user turn down a line of coke. Well sex is a drug it releases powerful pleasure chemicals into the body and best of all it's free. In other words, if there is some "mutual" interest - engaging in an activity as pleasurable as sex is really doesn't take that much convincing. Most times sex sells itself. I talk about how the decision to have sex is mostly mood based.

60 Years of Challenge - Complete Game Revision System [Compact Edition]

Meaning after a seduction becomes overt and mutual it's really not about you anymore. The question becomes can you get her in the mood for sex arouse her. I mean you've already shown her how cool you are - she likes you. You don't need to create more attraction aka selling yourself. It's time to sell the pleasure. Guys know the best product in their arsenal is pleasure. They spend less time selling themselves and more time selling the sex.

Of course the fact that you are confident and comfortable with your sexuality says really good things about you.

It's attractive no doubt. But don't lose sight of the fact that it's because you are offering her a good opportunity for pleasure that makes you so appealing. A seductive vibe keeps the focus on where it should be - on the sex pleasure not you. You are cool, but sorry pleasure is better than you. Sex talk is selling the pleasure not you.

You will never again take resistance or rejection personally - you ares selling her pleasure, not you. The game is not about you. It's about her. Girls hookup with guys they don't like that much all the time. What can you sell if you are physically not her type.

She doesn't like you for a boyfriend. Hey I get it - you aren't crazy about me. But it doesn't matter, I know you will still take the pleasure. In most methods you have to do two things. I know you do You know you have a really good product pleasure. You don't need to qualify yourself or convince women.

But you are still out there offering it - lovingly, humbly. When you view game through a lens of YOU being good enough for her of course you are going to talk everything personally and not be persistent. Women become vehicles to confirm YOUR self worth.

But if you view yourself first as a provider of pleasure despite her feelings about you - she will want the good feelings of you can provide them. Focus on Her, Not You I was doing this for all the wrong reasons. I was looking for validation through female affection. Most guys are selfish when they interact with women.

Not selfish for sex they are focused more on getting validation constantly assessing her reactions to see if she likes you versus focusing on her pleasure. It's not about you, it's about her. The frame of "I am going to provide this girl pleasure and she is going to love it" will get you through the rough times resistance, testing and flakiness.

Her pleasure is the whole point - you already know you are cool, you don't need another woman to validate that. One of the most fascinating things I learned was a woman doesn't have to like you to sleep with you. I never fully understood why that was until recently - pleasure. Especially after it's mutually on. Why would you continue to sell you. She already likes YOU - there is nothing more to sell. You now sell the pleasure. May 18, The Attraction Code The real challenge in my opinion is before the kiss.

Getting attraction. This is just one persons method for making attraction overt, official and mutual. The million dollar question is always how does someone create attraction. We are all so different that there will probably never be a full proof way for one person to convey it to another. And that is what this whole community is based on - the selling of attraction. The promise that we can teach you a formula or secret code for creating attraction. It doesn't exist because the human beings trying to teach it to you are all so different and the women you are using their material on are all unique.

We are dealing with flesh and blood human beings not computer programs. However, I do believe we can do a good job of teaching you the other phases of the game that have less variables. For example, introducing yourself is pretty straightforward , making the attraction that you created mutual kissing, mutual hand caressing and closing the deal after it's mutually on arousal, sexual mindsets.

If you can get these 3 things down you might not be a super cool pick-up-artist, but will have a good life with women. You will now be capitalizing on your opportunities instead of screwing them up.

And by blowing opportunities I mean not meeting the women who want to meet you the ones who give you eye contact and hover around you or are just helpful when you go talk to them , not making attraction official when a girl is obviously into you ie.

But back to that elusive attraction question. You have all these products on attraction attraction is a million dollar business. And there have been no shortage of new launches lately all promising to teach you the same thing You can even break most forum posts down into 4 categories: 1 Question about opening and starting a conversation 2 How can I create attraction - why wasn't she attracted to me?

But when it comes to 2 the debate could go on forever. The seduction community is actual pretty helpful if you take out the whole "what creates attraction part" and implement the other tips on things like starting more conversations per night, making attraction mutual, and how to get sexual with a woman who already likes you. Good stuff - but once you start the "attraction debate" it's not long before we get deep into mental masturbation and are left more confused than when we started.

Before you worry about attracting every single girl you meet you need to know what to do when a woman IS attracted to you. This is really step one. It may sound easy, but even guys who are good with women constantly screw this up.

But introducing yourself, making the attraction you created mutual and closing the deal is definitely a skill that you can learn. For me, making the attraction that is already there mutual - in other words, manifesting the attraction I just created into something physical - is the first goal of escalation.

It builds compliance and makes things much easier. The 2nd goal is arousal. But posts like these are helpful because there are many guys who can create attraction in women - but never seem to be able to make the attraction they created mutual.

They are either too scared or don't know how to escalate properly. This is a huge problem for many, many guys. Fortunately, unlike attraction, these issues can be fixed rather quickly. Now my move for making attraction mutual may be different than yours - but we all have our reasons for using different techniques. In the end though, all of our ideas on things like starting conversations, making attraction mutual and closing are pretty similar in the community.

In contrast, trying to copy and implement another guys method for creating attraction will for the most part remain elusive. There are NO shortcuts to being an attractive person and there is no magic pill for creating attraction. But that doesn't stop people from trying to sell it. It's a lot like the weight loss industry. We know in most cases that over time eating healthy and exercise will help you lose some weight. But some people don't want to do the hard work. People don't want to wait.

They want the magic pill, the shortcut. As such, we will probably never stop trying to crack that elusive attraction code. The funny part is, all of the time spent trying to find this "shortcut" to creating attraction ends up taking much longer than if we just did all the simple little things that would help make us a more attractive person right from the beginning.

There will always be a variety in the number and quality of women each different guy can get. But I truly believe if he gets the core fundamentals outside of attraction down introduction, make attraction mutual and reveal sexual interest he will be successful with women. We can all have a piece of the pie.

Plus, you can learn these things rather quickly letting you move on to other more important areas of your life outside of picking up women. However, If you stick around until we all agree on the never ending "what creates attraction" debate, you will probably be here forever. Asking vs.

Pulling There is a difference between pulling women home versus asking women home. A lot of guys talk about the pull - but in reality few guys try to physically pull women home. Instead most guys try to "ask" women home. For instance, the say things like Should we get out of here?

Do you have any food at your house?

These are examples of trying to ask a woman home. Nothing wrong with trying that as your first option. Of course, asking is a more passive approach. Plus, she has to verbally agree to your sex offer. It's easier for a woman to agree and comply non-verbally than to have to actually say Yes.

An attempt to pull a woman home would be grabbing her hand and simply leading her out of the bar. Of course, if she lets go of your hand or doesn't want to leave yet that's fine.

You don't even have to respond. Just smile and go back to what you guys were doing. But make no mistake, at least you officially tried to pull her. After attraction is official and the seduction is mutual what is the next step. Most guys think it's arousal and that is true to some extent. But before you worry about arousing shouldn't you first test to see if she would leave with you now. Sometimes arousal isn't even necessary.

Going for the pull saves time and let's you know where you stand. If she doesn't want to go with you only then should you try to change her mood using arousal. I was watching Seinfeld last night and it was the episode where George falls in love with Jerry's girlfriend solely because she doesn't like him. A woman that hates me this much Anyway, the point is these people have parents who love them unconditionally, good friends that are always there for them and a really sweet and cute girlfriend who treats them right.

But instead of being satisfied and enjoying the affection they do have - they constantly look for validation and acceptance among complete strangers. The party girls, the drug guys and the so called cool kids down at the trendy clubs.

The irony is they are trying to get affection form people who don't even like themselves, thus they can never like them either. If you like yourself you will be content enjoying the affection you already have.

But if you don't like who you are you will always be seeking affection and acceptance among strangers that don't like themselves either. May 22, How to be Interesting There is a big difference between a shy quiet guy who women ignore like he was invisible and a guy that doesn't say or do much but escalates the vibe. Who's bright idea was it to have guys who are already shy try and talk a lot. Just listen and escalate. You may think escalating the vibe non-verbally can be creepy but it's a lot less creepy than being creepy verbally or physically.

When escalating vibe there is not much you need to do on the verbal level. You don't need to be "interesting" because your vibe is interesting. You could both be talking about the most boring topics in the world - but they vibe will still be sexual.

That is why seduction has little to do with verbal game. You also don't need to tease her to create tension because the vibe is already creating sexual tension. The best part is you won't be breaking rapport with your verbal game which is usually her excuse to reject you. However, when you escalate the vibe women will usually bait you to break rapport. You can easily handle these tests by simply staring at her with a deadpan expression. Women Get Bored Easily They say women get bored easily.

This is especially true down at the bars and clubs. You see it all the time. Some poor guy starts panicking as he begins to lose the groups attention. As a result, guys start talking too fast and try to be even more interesting and funny. It doesn't really matter if what you talk about is interesting as long as your vibe is interesting. You could even say very little and listen if you wanted. If your vibe is seductive it will keep a woman's attention without having to do or say anything special.

Women won't usually talk to you a stranger for too long unless you are interesting and entertaining. Unfortunately, too much talking and entertaining has a low probability of leading to sex because there is no tension.

So the other way to be interesting to women is to put out a sexual vibe and escalate. Women never get bored talking about themselves. Put out a seductive vibe while you listen to and you will always have her attention. May 23, The Problem with Disinterest The problem with teaching disinterest as a tactic is that it plays right into the hands of guys who are already really scared to escalate.

Instead of having to face their fear of making a move they can now think they are making progress attracting women by "acting disinterested". There is a very fine line between a guy who is a challenge and one who is just scared to make a move.

Women know the difference so you can't fool them. The irony is many women start out liking you because you are scared to escalate. They think you are being a challenge and start chasing you. But it doesn't take long for women to realize Wait a second, this guy isn't a challenge.

He's just a pussy. Instantly, all of her attraction for you disappears. You're out. May 26, More Fear Than How Fear and How I think one area where we went wrong is we brought mental masturbation to all 4 phases of the game. It's excusable to bring mental masturbation into the attraction phase because it an be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is creating the attraction. Every person is so different and every girl is unique in her own way.

However, there was no need to bring the rampant over-analysis to the opening, escalation and getting sexual phases as well. So it was pretty genius to keep guys occupied learning the HOWs.

This gives guys an excuse to put off getting over their fears until they learn all of the hows. And I mean ALL of the hows. Learning the hows never ends. There is never a shortage of new products offering the hows.

The worst part is, the more complicated you make the hows the greater a guys fears will be.

You would think it would be the opposite. But no You reduce fear by making opening, escalating and pulling girls easy - not complicated. Look, you can study the hows forever or you can go out and get over YOUR fears. The HOW for opening, escalating and getting sexual are very simple: Opening: one word, Hi Escalation: one move, put your hand out Sex: one offer, let's get out of here Here is a great example: A guy thinks he has a fear of escalating so he studies "game".

But it's not actually a fear of escalating - in reality he just has a fear of making an overt, physical move that will reveal if her attraction for him is mutual. Finding out if a woman's attraction for you is mutual or one-sided is very scary for guys. But instead of tackling that core FEAR making an overt, physical, mutual move he spends years learning a bunch of other HOWS that have absolutely nothing to do with getting over the fear of finding out if a woman's attraction for him is mutual.

And he is still absolutely terrified to find out if a woman's attraction for him is mutual. In fact, judging by the stuff he is doing When it comes to game The problem was - although some of my kisses were planned acts of aggressiveness I just lunged in a lot of them happened magically. I still have no clue how it all went down. We were just talking and boom! In other words, the first kiss can be a very hard thing to plan. Sure, you can think I am going to slow down, gaze in her eyes, move closer and then the kiss will just happen.

But that is not usually the case. And that is probably why the percentage of attracted sets to it's on moments is so low. In contrast, you CAN plan hand caressing. It doesn't take some magical moment of silence, closeness and seductive eye contact to grab her hand. Of course after the mutual caressing now is definitely a good time for that first kiss.

It will just flow naturally. And unfortunately an aggressive kiss does not always make attraction mutual. It's attractive yes, but not always mutual.

Make Opening Official Introducing yourself makes opening official No matter how smooth your opening line was. All of the pre-eye contact and situational banter means zip unless you exchange names and go for that extended handshake.

These are missed opportunities. Just like mutual caressing makes attraction official, an introduction makes opening official. Making a sex offer makes the non-verbal sexual connection that is brewing official. There can be no confusion - this is about SEX. May 28, Of Love and Baggage This is one that older guys will relate to and can also serve as a warning for younger guys. No matter how old you are right now, keep in mind depending on your circumstances you will probably be falling in and out of love for the rest of your life.

And while the feelings you get when you "fall in love" will stay the same - the baggage that comes with enjoying that "emotional high" increases as you get older. Wonder Years When you're in 10th grade and start dating a girl in your class, neither of you have much baggage. In fact, you are probably her first boyfriend and vice versa.

Although you are young, the emotional high you experience is just as powerful. Whether the relationship ends well doesn't matter - you will never be the same.

You will now be chasing this high for the rest of your life. However, the price for getting your fix of the "love drug"increases as you age. For example, when you're a 52 year-old father of two and fall head over heels for that sexy woman in your office - there are going to be many logistical problems. Your kids, her kids, the courts, payouts, awkward social gatherings, jealousy and anger.

The being in love part feels great - it's a familiar pleasure, but it can also be a huge mess. The Wheeler Pulls Up Sometimes you are not just taking on another person - you are taking on their kids, debt, emotional and health problems as well.

This is true for both men and women. Sometimes these issues are not even a symptom of them being a bad person. They are just the realities of getting older. The reason why it's so important to get this whole "success with women" thing handled right now is the steaks will get higher and higher as you get older. Each failed romantic relationship leaves more than just hurt feelings in its wake.

It can lead to emotional and financial ruin. Men and women are never going to give up on falling in love - even as they glide into their 80's. Unfortunately, the older you get the more baggage yours and theirs comes with that feeling. Jun 6, Women Love Sex, Really When you look at a video of a woman giving a blow job who do you think is the lucky one.

The man or the woman? I get bored of hearing people giving speeches and saying "women love sex". Yeah, no shit - but that saying still doesn't help guys get laid more - and I think I know why. Simply saying "women love sex" conjures up images of a man and woman doing it in the missionary position. When you think of it this way, sure - you can eventually believe that women like sex.

The problem is guys still don't believe women like and will enjoy the things that THEY really want to do to them. There is a huge difference between vanilla sex and what you want to do.

Those dirty things that you really want to do - that you think are weird and perverted and that women won't enjoy them. You have to get comfortable and believe women will enjoy them. You think yeah sure, women like sex but they don't like the perverted things I want to do to them.

You can think you are the man but if you believe women don't like to do this stuff, it's all for nothing. Jun 11, Genuine Introduction The interesting thing about the genuine introduction is that it's the most effective opener but it's also the scariest.

The other openers are less effective situational, break rapport and opinion but you don't have to put yourself on the line. I know this really good looking guy. His only issue is will he get the nerve to approach.

If he can summon the courage it usually goes well. Funny how even with all the good reactions he still has that fear. For other guys it's different. Not only do they have to get the courage to approach they have to do it knowing the first reaction they get is usually not great. That takes some courage. All approaches are not created equal. We make it out to seem like you have to learn to approach any woman in any situation.

There is a big difference between learning to say hello to a cute girl who is standing beside you at the bar and walking over and opening a model surrounded by three huge bodyguards. Not every guy needs or wants to learn how to do that. This is what 0 refer to as seductive listening. The best part is by escalating the vibe she has nothing verbal to re"ect or physical to resist. There is no risk of re"ection.

ThatDs great news all you guys who are afraid to reveal your interest verbally and escalate physically. You can create all the se!

You can calibrate much better with small escalations. And there is less verbal re"ection and physical resistance when you micro2escalate. The only thing you have to do is calibrate to how she reacts to things like your seductive eye contact. After escalating the vibe if she chooses to stay talking to a man with such an obvious Gmasculine presenceG 60yearsofchallenge. The ne! Again in this system both the attraction and the escalation are happening at the e!

As such proper calibration to her reactions is key. There is no waiting. You escalate right away non2verbally. You move closer. You are still in the game.

60 years of challenge pdf

You can try again in a few minutes without looking needy. A4 :TA Broup5 alt. There are many things that can create attraction.

The seduction community has provided us with an endless supply of tools to choose from. All these things get can get me in the door and give me an opportunity to seduce her. A lot of guys ask me how can escalation create attraction.

To some people it makes no sense. Yes, you can escalate the vibe and still be a challenge. You really only need one tool when out seducing women. Buys who put too much stock in what a woman says are usually too sensitive anyway. The only way to find out the truth about her interest level is to micro2escalate non2verbally and calibrate her reaction.

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