A-PDF Scan Optimizer is an utiltiy to let you optimize the scanned image in Acrobat PDF documents directly. Otimization options include: De-skew, BlackWhite. Thank your for your downloading A- PDF Scan Optimizer. Instructions. A-PDF Scan Optimizer provides a quick way to batch optimize your scanned.

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A Pdf Scan Optimizer

Free online PDF optimizer tool. It allows you to loslessly optimize PDF to reduce file size by stripping unnecessary meta data and applying compression, without. Lantsoft PDF Scan Optimizer - help you to de-skew the scanned image with the PDF files, convert the scanned image to black, white or gray in PDF files and. A-PDF Scan Optimizer - A-PDF Scan Optimizer provides a quick way to correct the skew scanned image; downsample image; black/white.

With Easy PDF Scan Optimizer, you don't need to worry about those problem any more, it provides so much practical options to perfect your PDF document, for example, de-skew image with proper angle, convert image to monochrome. Powerful functions Correct skew images within PDF document with customized angle. Resample PDF to reduce the size of file. Auto detect and delete blank pages within PDF document. Supports optimize all pages or only specific page range. Supports work with hot directory to optimize automatically. Convenient Easy PDF Scan Optimizer is really a convenient tool for optimizing scanned PDF file, software provides multiple practical options for automatical operation, that means, you can easily optimize PDF document with mere a few steps, and its user-friendly interface helps to configure options intuitively.

Images This panel manages the output resolution and compression of raster images.

A-PDF Scan Optimizer

The best and most consistent results in terms of balancing image quality with file size are achieved through mastery of this panel. For file-size savings on scanned documents, check out the advanced compression options; JBIG2 for black-and-white scanned pages and JPEG for color graphics and photographs.

Suggestions: Use a minimum color and grayscale image resolution of dpi. At lower resolutions, print quality becomes seriously compromised. Lower the resolution to 72 dpi only if all other attempts at file-size reduction have failed. As long as your color images are mostly photographs, you should be ok.

About A-PDF Scan Optimizer

Avoid downsampling monochrome images to less than dpi. Use lossy JBIG2 compression instead; it's great for reducing the file size of black-and-white scans. This can be particularly relevant in smaller documents, where it's common to see a very high proportion of the file size sometimes 30 percent or more taken up by font information.

Subsetting is a great way to reduce the size of font data to the minimum required for accurate representation of the original document. Be aware, however, that text displayed in an unembedded or subsetted font cannot be modified in Acrobat.

A-PDF Scan Optimizer 2.9

Transparency Generally intended for print-production purposes, this panel doesn't offer much for business users of Acrobat. If you think your PDF file contains complex vector graphics that include transparency, go ahead and activate this panel. Select the "Medium Resolution" option, and with some PDF documents, you may see a file-size reduction. Discard objects Select these items with care!


There's very little by way of file size to be saved using the options on this panel, and it's possible to do considerable damage if these options are selected. The top three options are only useful when you KNOW you want to affirmatively perform these actions as part of some sort of archiving process, or if you don't care in the slightest about any live forms or JavaScript surviving the process.

Easy Scan Optimizer- PDF optimizer to optimize scanned PDF files!

The rest of the options can produce minor reductions in file size, but some settings should be used with great care. Discarding document tags, for example, might throw away hours and hours of someone's careful work to ensure accessibility. Bookmarks, when present, are usually present for a reason -- the author considered them important for navigating the document.

Even embedded page thumbnails, with a direct cost on file size, sometimes have a purpose, because thumbnails provide a way to quickly navigate specific types of content, and are sometimes embedded for that reason.

Follow us Newsletter. How does it work Sample: De-skew before after A-PDF Scan Optimizer opens a PDF file and automatically checks if images inside are skewed, then corrects the skewed images using a special algorithm.

Support Watch-Folder Mode The program monitor directories in a server, when some scanned PDF copying in, the file will be optimized and sent to output directories automatically. Easy to use The program is designed for ease of use: That's all.

Save Time Handles a batch of files at one time. Process is totally automatically. Uses optimized algorithms to speed the processing.

Let us do a special one for you. View Video Click to Enlarge Current version 2.

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