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I am working in an excel workbook with the Adobe add in (Acrobat tab). I wish to script terney.infoPrinter = GetFullNetworkPrinterName("Adobe PDF"). I'm trying to use a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro to output reports to PDF files. As you probably terney.infoPrinter = "Adobe PDF on Ne". I have an Excel VBA application that creates Excel reports. These need to be PrintOut copies:=1, ActivePrinter:="Adobe PDF" 24 Application.

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Application.activeprinter Adobe Pdf

Private Sub cmdMakePDF_Click() Dim Msg As String On Error GoTo MakePDFError: terney.infoPrinter = "Adobe PDF on Ne". The reason is that Acrobat is not run via VBA, so it can't be PrintOut Copies:=1, preview:=False, ActivePrinter:="Adobe PDF", Application. I have Adobe XI Pro installed. I am able to manually print to a PDF without issue. ActivePrinter = "Adobe PDF". terney.infout _.

TbyrdAuthor Commented: I looked at the question you referenced that uses a public function called PrintSheetsToPDF however, I seem to locate in the answer the actual code for that function. The fonts checkbox on my box actually says, "rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts" uncheck this see image. However, when I run the macro I still do not get a pdf file. No PDF file produced. Can you print to pdf from any other application? Also, yes I don't have any problem printing the worksheet to pdf manually. I tried the code from the previous question you referenced and now I'm getting an Error saying I need to uncheck the 'Do not send fonts to "Adobe PDF"" I've already unchecked the corresonding box and restarted excel. Also, the same problem still exists when I run the original code even with the box unchecked. Requires ' Adobe Acrobat 7. Returns True if the ' print was successful, False otherwise. The sheets included are ' sorted in that order and then printed in one print job.

The bold is not correct, I was confusing this with another macro. The macro that is giving me the "Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE operation" is not opening up other files at all.

Использование PrintOut для Adobe PDF с предопределенным именем пути и файла - vba | Qaru

Usually when I get the bolded error message it's because there is some hidden pop up asking me to either confirm that I would like to enable macros or asking me if I would like to refresh the links to external forces. If this started happening after you upgraded to office 10 then I'm guessing you never updated your default security settings for macros.

I updated my trust settings to consider anything on the shared drive a "trusted source", but no luck. I have Googled the heck out of this error and still not found a solution. Sheets Index.

Sheets SheetsToPrint Index. Clear ThisWorkbook.

Worksheets SheetsToPrint. Before the changes will take effect Excel must be quit and restarted. Count If ThisWorkbook.

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Sheets OriginalOrderNames Index. Shaune is looking for a way for his macro to use the PDF writer temporarily, without resetting the default printer.

The bad news, Shaune, is that you cannot get around resetting the printer. When you reset the ActivePrinter property, then Word assumes that the printer you specify remains the active default printer until you specifically reset it. The good news is that you can also read the ActivePrinter property, which means your macro can save whatever printer the person had selected before the macro was run, and then reset the ActivePrinter property prior to exiting.

PrintOut to PDF, but PDF corrupt

The result is that the user never notices that the default printer was changed, because your macro sensed the settings and then changed it back.

ActivePrinter Application.

PrintOut Application. As noted, you'll need to initialize sPDFwriter so it contains a valid printer name. After the printing is done, then the active printer is set back to what you previously stored in the sCurrentPrinter variable.

Note: If you would like to know how to use the macros described on this page or on any other page on the WordTips sites , I've prepared a special page that includes helpful information.

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