The Print and Play PDF consists of four face sheets, four backing sheets ( alternating) with the face sheets .. Aventurischer Bote # (PDF) herunterladen. Aventurischer Bote # (PDF) herunterladen. Der Aventurische Bote ist eine zweimonatig erscheinende Zeitung, die entweder über das Abo zusammen mit. pdf version. Publisher: Year: Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) . Aventurischer Bote (Issue - /Jun ). Update about the situation of.

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Im Boten wird also die Geschichte des Kontinents aus Sicht aventurischer Berichterstatter Der Aventurische Bote erscheint als PDF vollkommen kostenlos. 9. Aventurischer Bote # (PDF) herunterladen - Der Aventurische Bote ist eine zweimonatig erscheinende Zeitung, die entweder über das Abo. Juli Aventurischer Bote # (PDF) herunterladen - Der Aventurische Bote ist eine zweimonatig erscheinende Zeitung, die entweder über das Abo.

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It has an actionpoint based combat system. Character creation is point-bought with templates. Agents 1st ed by Steve Savage, L. Lee Cerny, Walter H. Mytczynskyj Stellar Games A humorous espionage RPG, in which an UNCLE-like espionage organisation has to fund itself by selling the rights to films, toys and comics describing its agents' exploits. Combat uses a "shot clock" with a transparent cover and a silhouette of the target, with location determined by a 1d20 roll with modifiers and a card draw.

The system also includes roll-over percentile skill tests, where skills start at and go down to 5 for mastery. From here mankind is guarded; from here history is changed; from here the Guardian one day will return to the world to settle all things and destroy the Enemy for ever. And then he will take mankind home to the stars Character creation is limited point-based, with a pool of attribute points and a pool of character points used for advantages, disadvantages, and skills.

Action Castle! The GM takes the role of the computer, responding to player requests such as "Look key" with computer-like responses. Bernstein Deep7 A universal diceless system. The basic diceless rules are published free, but the special edition is available 5.

Action resolution is based on spending Luck, Discipline, and Revelation points. Skills lower difficulty, while attributes add to the total. Character creation is limited point-based. This is the dominant RPG on the market and has hundreds of supplements and adventures. It uses a class-based system with minimal skills, most resolution being by case- or class-specific rules. Character creation is random-roll, with level-based advancement.

A short vehicle design and combat system was included by Russ Heller.

It includes basic stats on vehicles, weapons of old and new, and a short spell and psionic system. The rulebook is 48 pages with a plain tan cover, no cover art, and fannish interior art. It has a print run of copies. This is the third in the trilogy of games including Trinity and Aberrant. This forms a prequel to the other two, showing the roots of the Aeon Society which in the future will change the world.

It uses roughly the same variant of the "Storyteller" system as the others in the trilogy. It includes "Dramatic Editing" rules to represent the psychic luck of the PC's, which allows the player to change storyline continuity for a cost in inspiration points.

Reviewed in Shadis magazine 10 mini-review and A small-press fantasy-genre RPG intended as an introduction to role-playing for beginning players. The cover shows a row of young players with their fantasy selves floating above them -- with similar features but medieval wardrobe. The system is a variant of Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying. It is an intentionally generic system with a pedantic approach, which includes in the end a list of other RPGs and RPG companies of the time, along with brief reviews of nine "major" ones.

It uses a simple step-die system with an emphasis on description. Character creation includes selecting step dice d4 to d12 for attributes Courageous, Wise, Mysterious, Solitary, and Charming as well as a stereotype such as "Barbarian Warrior", "Dashing Rogue", or "Arcane Student" which adds or subtracts a Fit Die to the total when the stereotype applies to the action. The system is class-based: warrior or magic-user.

Social standing has a heavy influence on character creation. The first edition is pages and included three books: Book of Adventure, Book of Faery and Magic, and Book of Creatures and Treasure, along with charts and dice. Adventures in Oz 1st ed by F. Douglas Wall F. Frank Baum's Oz books, designed for young players. Basic resolution is by rolling two six-sided dice against a trait, with success if either is less than or equal to the trait.

There is a combat system, but no death in keeping with the background. It also includes a simple magic system. This is followed by buying extra points, a friends list, and Oz points. Oz points are gained in play by making friends, and spent to get a bonus to a roll or receive help from friends. Character creation includes selecting step dice d4 to d12 for attributes as well as a stereotype, which adds or subtracts a Fit Die to the total when the stereotype applies to the action.

The page rulebook concentrated on playing actual characters from the movies. The boxed set included paper miniatures. The titular hero is a man with the unique ability to jump between parallel universes. He is recruited by a telepath named Rose Wylde to become an agent of the parallel known as "zero-zero" - whose stable position in the multiverse has allowed the development of world peace.

They fight an organization called the Disruptors who are trying to destabilize the multiverse. The system is a percentile skill-based system similar to Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying. Resolution uses a universal table that converts skill, difficulty and a percentile roll into level of success from best A to least E.

Character creation is random-roll, with different rolls for the percentile stats. Some skills have a default, and some get a First Point bonus a bonus only if at least 1 point is spent on them. Character generation includes the option for the GM to designate one player character with a PSI ability, and for one player character to have a Warrior Option that significantly boosts points. One in twenty people is Aware of magic, and a few are Legends who fight evil.

It uses an original system, the "Ready 2 Run" system. This is a dice pool system with broad traits "Aptitudes" like Soldier or Scientist.

Character creation uses limited point allocation, with some random rolls. Notably, besides standard attributes it has "aptitudes" in skill categories: charismatic, combative, communicative, esthetic, mechanical, natural, and scientific.

Combat is quite complex, with a two-page flowchart explaining the combat sequence!! It uses basic to-hit, hit-location, and damage rolls with armor subtracted -- but with many special-case criticals. It uses a variant of the Palladium System, with limited point-bought character creation via "bio-energy". The Russians manage to invade the U. One unique feature is that "Ujoints" occurred where nuclear blasts met close together: creating gatewas to other dimensions.

It uses the system from Expendables by L. Lee Cerny and Walter H. Character classes are Mainstream, Military, and Fringe. Reviewed in White Wolf Field, Daniel M. There are four attributes -- Corpus, Spiritus, Mentus, Fidelis -- each rated from 1 to 7 as well as having a designated resolution die: d4, d6, or d8.

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There are 12 skills and 19 miracles, each with a base attribute. Agent S. It uses a version of the "1PG" system, which as its name implies fits on a single page. Resolution is rolling 1d6 and getting under attribute or skill, where 1 is always success and 6 is always failure. The system uses a custom deck of cards. Action resolution uses skill level minus difficulty to find the number of cards to draw from the deck.

Success is determined by the number of success cards. Character creation is by picking an agency template and adding point-bought skills. The rules include essays on spy slang and surveillance. The combat system involves cross referencing tables to determine the modifiers to attacks based upon what combination of attack and defense each combatant chooses.

It also has a jousting system simular to one in Chivalry and Sorcery. Age of Empire 1st ed by Gareth-Michael Skarka Epitaph Studios A fantasy RPG set in Victorian Europe with the addition of wizards, mad scientists, and monsters including demons, dragons, elementals, lycanthropes, and even Martians.

It uses a fairly simple system with 3 attributes Mind, Body, and Spirit , attribute specialties, and various skills. It uses a mix of random-roll and allocated character creation, and a pure skill-based system. The dominant weapon was called the Red Death, a plague which killed by mutating the DNA of the infected. If you survived, your children were mutants.

It uses a simple percentile attribute and skill-based system. Agon 1st ed by John Harper one. It uses a combat system where the player holds dice in their right hand to represent attacks, and in their left hand to represent defenses.

The PC's are "Inspirs" -- imbued with magical powers by the Muses to fight the evil Masque which threatens the world. The PC's may be humans as well as minotaurs, sprites, dwarves, ogres, and other fantasy races. It was announced in as the next project for DGP.

The game was set in a decayed future where Earth has been radically changed by nanotechnology, machine intelligence, and genetic engineering attempting science as magic. The characters would be explorers working for intelligent starships that have returned home to find it inexplicably changed. It is a hardscience starfaring setting, with the twist that the characters are anthropomorphic animals from 1 of species.

Various factions have arisen with conflicting beliefs in magic and technology. Character creation is limited-point based spending points on Attributes, Skills, and Advantages plus a selection of template. Aletheia 1st ed by Lee Foster, Monica Valentinelli, Werner Hager Abstract Nova Entertainment A modern-day occult RPG, where the player characters are members of the Seven Dogs Society, a detailed organization that investigates paranormal occurrences throughout the world with the belief that a single truth underlies everything.

It uses a simple dice pools system where you gain automatic successes equal to your level in a relevant occupation or extracurricular skill, then roll d6s equal to your relevant attribute where every 5 or 6 is an additional victory.

A will point may be spent to roll an additional 1d6. The nine powers are presque vu intuition , deja visite orientation , remote viewing, X-ray vision, postcognition, precognition, ghosting insubstantiality , teleportation, and time travel. Redwood, D.

Freegard, V. Piper, P. Scott, D. Character creation is open point-based, allowing spending on the 16 different broad Core Skills such as Athletics , the Aptitudes narrower skills such as Throw, Melee, Unarmed, and Acrobatics , and Focuses specializations.

Alienods 1st ed by Solo ditions de la Lune-Sang A French-language alien-invasion RPG, set in the modern world where horrific aliens have just invaded -with a rather tongue-in-cheek tone. It uses an simplified version of the combat rules in Phoenix Command, although it is still quite complex. It is partly live-action format, as the PCs are aliens in human guise similar to the players who are sitting around a room and discussing problems.

Character creation is based on random draw of six playing cards: one determines race, while five others define personality Quirks.

Players can trade cards back to the dealer to add some control. The core rules include descriptions of the four races mainly in terms of personalities and beliefs. Action is primarily discussion between the players. The rules include special powers and limited combat rules, all of which are diceless, spending certain tokens for effects.

All-Adventure Action Roleplay Game! The rulebook is 54 pages A4 size staple-bound, and includes a general bestiary, NPC archetypes, campaign ideas, and a simple weapons chart. Action resolution is a d20 roll modified by skill, attributes, etc. Character creation is cooperative rather than point-based or rolled -- the player and GM simply assign stats based on the role. Carella, Richard Oaken, M.

There are notes on creating different types of zombies. The core book presents eleven separate campaign concepts, each with distinct zombie stats, background info and adventure seeds. These range from modern-day Romero-inspired reanimation to alien invasion, WWII, medieval times, post-apocalyptic zombies, and a Biblical apocalypse. There are three basic character types: normal civilians, survival specialists, and the "inspired" who have magic-like abilities.

The player characters are King's musketeers, fighting the corrupt nobility and their diabolic creations, agents of Cardinal Richelieu, and other enemies of the throne. It uses a variant of the "Ubiquity system" also used by Hollow Earth Expedition. The cover by Erol Otus shows juvenile delinquents gathered at the front door of their high school, with drug-dealing and fornication in evidence. The inside cover is a map of Central High School.

The system is skill-based. Character creation is class-based with random-roll attributes. You then generate your social level based upon your class and a d10 roll, which in turn generates your starting money and allowance.

Your age from 13 to 17 and birthday are then generated. You get attribute increases when you turn 16, 17 and You then randomly generate problems, ranging from "Moderate Acne" to phobias and so forth, with increased problems for lower Appearance.

You have initial skills based on class, including high-school specific skills such as Cheating, Drinking, Studying, and Crudeness. The core book includes rules for activities ranging from drug use, animal reactions, and dealing with the contents of the chem lab to pregnancy. Players score points for Social Success for dating, partying, etc. The game includes an explicit victory condition that whoever has the most Success Points after four years of game time wins the campaign.

Alpha Omega 1st ed by David Carter, Earl Fischl Mind Storm Labs A post-apocalyptic science fantasy game, set on Earth in the year , after a series of natural disasters as well as biological and nuclear war have laid waste to the planet. Magic has been rediscovered, monsters roam the wastelands, and two alien races Nephilim and Grigori resembling angels and demons are beginning a perennial war. It uses an original system, that involves rolling six dice of types determined by attribute rank. Resolution is by adding the total from the dice pool and skill rank, compared to difficulty level.

Each combat turn is divided into six phases, and the six dice from the pool must be split among the phases a character is allowed to act in. Character creation is open point-based, spending points on attributes, skills, advantages, and disadvantages over a base species template. A Japanese-language fantasy RPG, set in a humorous fantasy world named Midgard inhabited by figures from Norse mythology like Odin or Thor , though most of the gods died in Ragnarok. It is a mixed fantasy world with guns, motorcycles, robots, androids, airships, tanks, or other mechanical gadgets.

The player characters are called Questers, and possess a crystal called Shard of ancient gods that grants divine powers. The Questers seek an ideal world Asgard. They are opposed by various evils, including a theocracy, the Wahres Reich German for the Authentic Empire , who worship a god of machinery known as "Deus Ex Machina". The name comes from a clan Alter-Egos of genetically engineered, telepathic twins who always operate together. Each pair also has an intelligent extraterrestrial companion animal a gernaute , resembling a gerbil.

Other clans include the argo nautes criminals , astro nautes pilots , cyber nautes cybernetic technicians , docto nautes NPC scientists , interco nautes soldiers , secto nautes missionaries , techno nautes trade union of miscellaneous professionals. It uses a simple percentile skill-based system, including brief rules for robots and starships.

Alternatives 2. It uses a skill-based system with restrictive professions similar to Rolemaster. Character creation is by limited point-buying, with 5 classes. Rather than fixed modifiers, the roll is modified by a second step-die which varies i. Experience is divided into levels, but experience can be divided freely among skills. It also covers aliens 5 types , starships, psionics, mutations, and equipment to varying degrees.

An electronically-published "retro-style" fantasy RPG set on an original fantasy world -- the continent Algerian on the planet of Azorath, inhabited by humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes. It uses the "InertiaX System" which emphasizes flexibility and speed of resolution for combat. Action resolution is a stepped dice pool 1d4, 2d4, and on up to 4d20, 5d Wounds are scaled in four steps. The full combat system includes a speed point systems as well as maneuvers such as charging, power attacks, critical hits, encumbrance, poison and disease, and fatigue.

It includes a magic system with four types Rune, Totem, Channeling, and Mental.

Rpg Encyclopedia

Character creation involves percentile attributes and percentile non-combat skills, as well as selecting an optional guild occupation including warrior, knight, wizard, paladin, rogue, assassin, and druid. The core rules also includes over monsters. Two sub-attributes are then specified for each attribute, and skills are bought.

Actions are resolved by rolling percentile dice under skill. Degree of success is shown by the "ones" digit of the roll: the lower, the better. The system makes action resolution entirely within GM discretion, with various guidelines given.

Character creation is via a point system with a unique auction where players compete with each other to have the highest of each of the 4 attributes. Detailed writeups are given for many characters from the series. Amoeba 1st ed by Risto J. The adventures can't be too difficult -- try to slide forward some inches and get some food, for example. It is set on Arturo, a planet orbitting the far Evenea , a dying red giant sun.

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Human beings have been there for millions of years, but only very ancient ruinous cities show that they once had advanced technology. The most advanced civilizations are barely above the medieval level.

It uses a narrative system, which allows gaming without a GM -- instead, each player the narrator by turns. It includes a magic system not based in spell lists. It is a universal system with two minimal settings: one in the 4th century, and one in a cyberpunk future. It includes a number of tongue-in-cheek tables such as random sexual orientation including "fish".

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