Champak has a story for every child's interest and or listen to entertaining stories on friendship, family, adventure, crime and many more!. Champak presents three unique and different comics to make you laugh and think. Comic · Cheeku · Composing a song. Cheeku and Meeku were composing a song Champak, India's favourite children's magazine presents a story about Don.

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Champak Hindi is a free Comics Apps Games. Free Download Chacha Champak Lal Aur Khatarnak Mujrim Hindi Comics Pdf. Visit more. Searched Results For "free download champak comics in hindi". All; Relevance · Popularity · Recently Published · Price Low · Price High. Champak is India's popular children's magazine that is dedicated to the formative years of a child. The fascinating tales in it not only leave a deep imprint on the.

She had round brown eyes. She was a beautiful cat. But her mind worked mischievously. That is how she dominated over her friends. Luci, along with her gang, had occupied the garden of a house. There were very few persons in that house so the cats had a good time.

Mattu was enjoying his tour of the fort. The view from the top was incredible. The interesting thing about the fort was that despite being so high up on a mountain, all the trees made it virtually impossible to spot from the ground. The Expedition to RoboPlanet.

The animals of Champakvan are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on an exciting trip. Everybody was eager to find out more about it. But, Cheeku, the rabbit, felt that something fishy was going on.

One day, Sona and Mona watched a nature documentary on TV about the life of fish living in the ocean and in rivers. After watching the documentary, both Sona and Mona felt that their aquarium was too small. Dhanno was an angry young buffalo.

INDIANEBOOKS: Champak -- Oct(Second)09

Bholi was his best friend. She would always be calm and forgiving. Friends with Jimmy. Manny and his friends would always make fun of Jimmy, but Jimmy didn't really mind. He was determined to become their friend. Help Yourself. January First 7. She had round brown eyes. She was a beautiful cat. But her mind worked mischievously.

That is how she dominated over her friends. Luci, along with her gang, had occupied the garden of a house. There were very few persons in that house so the cats had a good time. Luci was their leader. The inhabitants of the house knew that the cats were around but did not know that they lived in their house itself.

On top of that they were smart enough to loot the people they were living with. People living in the house were less but food was abundant. The cats almost had a party everyday. They had fish and mutton dishes everyday and as a result they became fat. They were so fat and big that some mistook them as tigers and fled on seeing them. Most of the time they found their eatables outside the house itself but many times Luci entered the kitchen and had a good time for herself.

The residents of the house tried to catch them but could not. Luci had made some cats her bodyguard. Their Champak. One day, the residents of the house went outside on a vacation.

Seeing the house deserted, Luci realised that there was something wrong. It was good for a day but there was no food the next day. Now there was no food in their parties. By evening, Luci was in a bad shape. Her stomach started rumbling. She thought now she must switch on her mind. She started walking up and down, wagging her tail as if walking a ramp. Her friends were watching her carefully. They had confidence on her abilities. Then suddenly, Luci's tail stopped wagging and she stood silently.

She ordered, Follow me. All followed her. She climbed the stairs that went to the terrace through the lawn staircase. She halted near the window. Waving her tail, she gestured her gang to wait for a while. The window was open and so Luci's smart mind did not take much time to understand that it was the store-room. Then Luci jumped inside. She could not find any interesting thing to eat which could satiate her.

Suddenly, her eyes fell on a rat who was trying to hide behind a rice container. Luci found her prey. But he was not an ordinary rat. Chinchin was the leader of all the rats of the store. He quickly ran to all his friends and gave them the bad news.

He informed them that a fat cat has entered their room and their life is in danger. There was panic in the rats group. Nobody knew what to do. All started running helter-skelter. On the other hand, Luci was waiting to trap a rat. In 12 Champak. She quickly nabbed him and came out from the window. Now Luci forgot all her friends.

She would come everyday and fill her stomach. Chinchin became upset seeing this. Number of the rats was decreasing but he could not do anything. After all, what can a rat do in front of a cat? But Luci had got used to the storeroom. Now instead of going to the kitchen, she would visit the store-room.

She waited for a rat for hours and as she saw one, she nabbed him. One day, the servant heard some noises in the store-room. He opened the door and saw the cat. He tried catching her. Now Luci was running fast and servant was running behind her.

The servant thought of a plan. He threw the net on her. Luci was caught. He tied a rope to Luci's tail and tied her up to a pole near the store-room. Poor Luci, the tail she waved to call her friends was of no use now.

She could not help. On the other side, the rats were very happy to find themselves safe. But Chinchin was silent. He was feeling bad for Luci. He thought something and went up to her. All rats were in front of her. But today they were not afraid as Luci was herself a prey. Chinchin said, You are our enemy and make us your prey. But I feel pity on you.


I want to save you. He said something to his friends. All started biting the rope with which Lucy was tied. The rope was cut in no time. Chichin then cut the net in which Luci was trapped with his friends. Now Luci was free. But she had tears in her eyes. She thanked Chinchin. Chinchin and his friends looked at her in surprise. Today their worst enemy had become their best friend.

Find out the mistakes: Abraham, Karnataka. Neeraj Mahindar, Pune Maharashtra. Pulkit Bansal, Chandigarh. Parth R. Shah, Surat Gujarat. Pranshu, Dehradun Uttrakhand. Sonu, Delhi Cantt, Delhi. Sai Kalyan, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh. Rohan A. Asrar Ahmad, Siwan Bihar. Tanvi, Indore Madhya Pradesh. Abhilash, New Delhi. Ananya Bajpai, Kanpur U. Anekal Taluk, Sarjapur Karnataka.

Pranav Gupta, Shahdara Delhi. Suman Rawat, Cochi Kerala. She had 2 very young children.


Everyday, she flew out to get food for them and fed them one by one. The children started growing up gradually. After some days, the children too started going with the mother in search of food. They would As time passed, children grew up. Now they managed going out by themselves in search of food. One day, when they were out, they found a precious pearl.

Look, what is this? We should take it to mother. Maybe, it is of some use, one of them said to the other. Come on, forget it. What use is it for us? We cannot eat it. Throw it and look for some food. Why are you worried uselessly? No, I will take it to mother. I think, it is surely of some use. The first one flew from there. He brought the pearl to his mother. Mother, look, what I have found. My dear son, this is a very precious thing.

It will be very useful in times of need. And Bulbul took the pearl and kept it carefully in her nest. One day, a hunter came to the jungle. He scattered food all around the place and spread his net. Then he went and sat at a distance under a tree. Very soon, many birds were trapped in the net. The 2 children of 16 Champak. Bulbul too were trapped. Now, what can we do? Why can't we pray together to the hunter to spare us.

Our children are waiting for us in the nests. Maybe, he feels pity for us and leaves us, a maina said. No, the hunter will not leave us like that. Yes, if we give him some precious thing, he might free us, a pigeon suggested.

But do we have any thing valuable? We have one precious pearl. It is kept hidden with my mother. If we give that pearl to him, he may free us, Bulbul's child said. But we are badly in trouble. How can we get the pearl from there? One pigeon is still free. Look on that tree. If we tell him to get that pearl from Bulbuls nest, he might bring it, Cuckoo suggested. Some birds called the pigeon and explained him everything.

The pigeon promptly agreed. He went to Bulbul and told her all. Bulbul took the pearl and went along with the pigeon where the birds and their children were trapped. The hunter too came near them. Bulbul told the hunter. If you free all the birds, I will give you such a thing which can take care of you all your life. January First What is it? This expensive pearl, Bulbul showed it to the hunter. Hunters eyes were dazzled when he saw a real pearl. Yes, this is really an expensive pearl. You give it to me and I will free all of them.

But bulbul was not a fool. Even after taking the pearl the hunter can refuse taking it. If this happens, the birds will also be killed and the pearl will also be taken away.

Bulbul said, You leave the birds. As they will fly, I will throw the pearl down. The hunter knew that birds don't tell lies. He freed them. Bulbul handed over the pearl to him. All the birds flew away. On returning to the nest the other child of bulbul said to mother, Today I have come to know how valuable a small thing can be.

Truly, everything has its worth. Playing with letters Given below are 5 words. If you interchange the letters in a word, you will get another word. Then try and form a sentence using both the words.

For example: A film producer wants a cat to act in his film. Change these words and make a sentence. Their wonderful ideas, imaginations, wishes all these and more took concrete form in the 'On the Spot Story Writing and Painting Competition' held under the mega event of Champak. The contest is held every year. Children from all across the country are provided a platform where they can show their writing and drawing skills.

The contest provides a golden opportunity, specially for children who come from far off places to perform and demonstrate their talent. In the first round, 20, entries from more than 12, schools were received from all over India. Out of these, entries of stories and paintings were short-listed for the final round. In a 2 hours on-the-spot competition, children.

The little ones may look innocent but the truth is they are no way lesser than adults in their skill. The adults may not be worried about environments, health but children seemed to be greatly concerned about making the Mother Earth pollution-free for their safe future. Children wrote and drew on topics of Global Warming and its dangers.

They also refreshed their memories of Chacha Nehru as they went around the Nehru Museum and Memorial. Lauding Champak magazine, she said that in this age of computer and internet, Champak has retained childrens interest in reading.

She advised children to keep their surroundings clean and talked of preserving nature for the coming generations. In the evening, a magic show was shown to 22 Champak. By the end of the day children seemed restless to know about the winners. Out of the children who took part in the event, 19 were selected as winners.

Prizes of more than Rs 1 lakh were distributed. They received a cheque of Rs 5, each with a silver January First Ten children received consolation prizes.

All the participants were given bag of goodies. General Manager of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Vijay Choudhary gave a free gift voucher of 2 days and 3 nights stay at Pench Mawgli Resort to the first and second prize winners.

On this occasion, Editor of Delhi Press, Paresh Nath said that such events provided a platform for creativity with fun to children. He congratulated the guardians who encouraged their children to indulge in creativity.

Shri Dakshinmurti Gijubhai Kumar. Tiny yet important fellow, Has a massive pot belly. But loves to wear, Lots of dress. He is strong and dependable, Guards your house every time. Never cripps, At belly twist. Red and yellow is her colour, Always hot and must for all. Can only cool, When she drinks water. Two guards for twin caves Ever alert, in black or grey uniform. Are massive and your father's pride. How Much Do You Know? Where did massive inferno take place in large oil tanks?

What is INS Arihant? Nainital is in which state? Recently which was declared as National Marine Animal? Which animal has an external pouch attached with its belly? Answers Who Am I? As there was no other shop in the jungle, animals bought all grocery from his shop.

Some days later, Jacky Jackal opened a shop in front of Blacky's shop where he sold goods cheaper than Blacky's items. Animals started downloading more from his shop. Customers stopped coming to Blackys shop. Blacky was at the loss of customers. One day, sitting in his shop, Blacky was waiting for his customers when Gappu Wolf walked into his shop. Seeing Blacky disappointed Gappu said, You seem to be disturbed and upset for many days.

What is the matter? Blacky was flattered and offered seat to Gappu. He ordered the servant to bring tea for him. After having tea and snacks Gappu said, You have won my heart. I will solve all your problems. Blacky requested, Maharaj, you must free me from all troubles.

I will serve you all my life. Don't worry, I will surely help you. My master has given me such knowledge that I can make money rain on you. This will remove all your problems. But you will have to What will I have to do for that, Blacky asked.

You will have to arrange for some money. How much, Maharaj? Get that much money which you want to be doubled.

Blacky thought, But I do not have money right now. Give me some time to arrange. Does not matter, arrange as much money as you can by the evening and reach the Shiv Temple with that money. I will wait there, and Gappu left. After Gappu left, Blacky arranged for 50 thousand rupees by selling his wife's jewellery and reached Shiv Temple in the evening. Two jackals Chunky and Buntywere standing outside the temple. As Blacky reached near the temple, Chunky asked, Have you got the money?

Give the money, Chunky said. But where is Maharaj? Blacky asked. Gappu emerged from behind and seeing the bag of money, his eyes brightened. He gestured Chunky and Bunty to take the bag from Blacky and took him inside. Have you got only 50, rupees? How will such little money help? You should have got more.

You dont get such opportunity again and again. Blacky said, Maharaj, you are great. How did you know I had 50, rupees? I know everything. Nothing is hidden from me. I also know that you have got this money by selling your wife's ornaments. Do I tell you a secret? Tell me, Maharaj. I also know that your wife does not have faith in you. Excuse me sir, but she is a fool.


I am fed up with her foolishness, Blacky said Forgive her for her foolishness. I will help you. We will start the havan in a short time.

Money might start raining suddenly during the havan. But remember, no hurdles should take place while beginning and ending of the havan or it will be a blunder. The goddess will get annoyed and money will stop raining, Gappu said. He murmured some hymns and offer something in fire. Gradually, the room was filled with smoke and nothing was visible. A little later, Blacky felt that something was falling from the air.

He rubbed his eyes to see carefully. He could see money floating in the air. Then he suddenly saw a snake and screamed. Gappu got angry with Blacky's screams. Chunky and Bunty tried pacifying him. Falling at Gappu's feet Blacky said, Maharaj, 30 Champak. I could not help screaming in spite of your instructions. Gappu said, Well, let me try again. Frightened Blacky said, Maharaj, what has happened to my 50, rupees? Pointing out to the notes lying everywhere Gappu said, They have got burnt in the havans fire and instead other money has started raining.

All this money is yours. Take these notes with you. Blacky started collecting the scattered notes. They were only 5, rupees when he counted them.

He became sad. Gappu said, Bring more money next time. I will double them with my magic. Your troubles will vanish. Go home and bring more money. Hearing Gappu Blacky said, Maharaj, I don't have more money.

I need some time. Gappu said, Well, bring money in 2 days because we will go away from here after 2 days. Seeing his hung face, his wife understood that he had been fooled by the thugs. His wife Bholi said, Did you see the result of January First Money does not rain but you don't believe. The little jewellery we had is also gone.

You are not believing but I have seen money raining with my eyes. Take 5, rupees. Do you believe now? Only 5, rupees! You said that the money will double then how just 5, with 50,? Blacky told her everything. Bholi understood that the thugs had looted him. She tried convincing Blacky but he did not listen to his wife. Bholi became quiet and started pondering.

After 2 days Blacky mortgaged his house and shop and arranged 10 lakh rupees. Blacky and his friends were waiting for Gappu at Shiv Temple. Their faces brightened up at seeing Blacky. Gappu said, This is the last chance, so don't commit any mistake.

I can only make use of my knowledge twice. I will not be able to do anything in case of any mistake. On the other hand, Blacky thought that this time he would only move from his place when the rain stops. Blacky sat with his eyes closed as Gappu started his prayers. Seeing Blacky sitting silently Gappu said, It is a blunder. The goddess has got annoyed. All the money is reduced to ashes. Blacky was stunned. He said, But this time I was sitting quiet.

The goddess is angry with you that is why Gappu shouted. Blacky said, You have deceived me. On the pretext of doubling my money, you have stolen it. Return my money back or it will not be good. Gappu and his followers started beating Blacky.

Hearing Blacky's screams the police arrived. Seeing the police Gappu and his friends started to flee with their things. But the police caught them.

Blacky got all the money back. Inspector Gaindamal said, The police was in look out since long for these 3 thugs. They used to loot innocent animals by fooling them with new ideas and techniques.

When Bholi lodged a complaint in the police station I understood that the 3 are extracting money from Blacky with some trick. Your servant Ramu is also working with these thugs. He gives all information about your house to Gappu. All that was farce. Actually, whatever Gappu offered in fire created lot of smoke in the room.

Nothing was then visible. Then Chunky and Bunty threw money in the air. Did you notice that Gappu only threw 2 and 3 rupees notes in the air. They were more in number but less in counting. When the money in hand finished, they threw rubber snakes and scorpions with which you got scared, showing them to Blacky Gaindamal said.

Gaindamal said to Blacky, Good that your wife Bholi informed us, otherwise these 3 would have fled with all your money. All saints and hermits of the world would have been moneyed if it rained by prayers. Holding his ears, Blacky said, I will never be greedy from now.

Anyone who had it once, asked for it again and again. Chunnu Bear made jalebi only in the evening. But his customers sat waiting for him before his arrival in the place.

They would line up as soon as they saw his cart of jalebis coming. Chunnu was a very disciplined bear. The animal who was first in line was given jalebi first. But nobody felt bad about lining up as they all loved to have his jalebi. Rangeela Peacock ate jalebi by hooking them to his beak and Gillu Squirrel also ate the sweet with great taste. Motu Elephant would not be tired eating as many as he could.

He fell in line over and over again to take more, still he was not satisfied. Long-necked Lambu Giraffe loved the long stringy jalebi. Golu Rabbit too loved the long noodly jalebi. All animals except Dikky Donkey in Champakvan, loved Chunnu's jalebi. He watched the jalebi being made and animals eating them with great taste.

He hated circular and tangled things. Because the jalebis looked like that he was scared of eating them, thinking that the jalebi may get stuck in his throat. Jumpy Monkey loved Chunnu's jalebi but he was jealous of him. He was upset 36 Champak.

Many a times his sweets would get stale and rot away with time and he had to throw them. Jumpy was jealous, thinking that Chunnu's jalebis were doing brisk business even selling on a cart, whereas in spite of having a proper shop he could not sell his sweets well and had no earning.

Actually, Jumpy Monkey wanted to get Chunnu's Kiosk removed from his shop and so he would keep searching for some reason to fight with the bear. One day, Chunnu's jalebis fell down in front of Jumpy's shop due to somebody else's carelessness. Wasting no time, Jumpy went to Chunnu to fight over it. The more Chunnu wanted to avoid fight, the more Jumpy was desperate to pick up a quarrel.

Seeing them q u a r r e l l i n g desperately, soldiers of king of Champakvan caught them and brought them to the court. Both put up their points in front of the king.

On hearing January First He felt that the problem was something else. He ordered his clever general secretary, the jackal to investigate the matter. Jackal started his investigation. It was found that Chunnu's jalebis were made of pure ghee, good flour and sugar.

He did not add anything impure to it and, therefore, his jalebis are sold like hot cakes. Whereas Jumpy Monkey mixed something in his sweets. He also added cheap sugar to the sweets.

Jumpy did not take care of his sweets. The sweets kept lying in the open most of the time, with flies hovering over them. Some syrups had flies in them. No customer wanted to eat such sweets. General Secretary jackal prepared a report on this and producing it before the king he said, Your Majesty, Chunnu's jalebis have purity, honesty and freshness of the morning in them which one could not find in Jumpy's sweets. What do you mean? To put it plainly, Chunnu's sweets are pure and fresh, whereas Jumpy's sweets are stale and adulterated.

Chunnu does his work honestly and in disciplined manner and with good behaviour but Jumpy is dishonest and a fraud. The conclusion is that Jumpy's business will go on like that only.

Your Majesty, that is why Jumpy is jealous of Chunnu. He feels bad seeing Chunnu earning more. That is why Jumpy wants to get Chunnu's kiosk removed from there. So, that is the matter. He found the complaint true. Knowing that allegation was true, Jumpy was in a bad shape.

He fell at the king's feet and apologised. You should surely be punished. Your punishment is that you will have to throw all the stale and adulterated sweets lying in your shop immediately. In future, you will take care of the cleanliness and freshness of the sweets that you make. So, the health of Champakvan animals do not suffer instead become healthy. Next time, if a single sample of your shop fails to meet the test, your shop will be shut down.

No, Your Majesty, now I will not add anything to my sweets. Good Jumpy, do as you are told and Chunnu your punishment is that you will not make and sell jalebis on the cart. Hearing this Chunnu was a little upset. Then the king smiled and said, Don't be upset, Chunnu. You will be given a shop by the court for setting up a jalebi shop as a reward of your honesty. Long live the king, Chunnu said happily. Everyone praised the justice of the king. Since then Jumpy did not make bad sweets.

He also started doing good business because of his good quality. His profits increased. Now, Jumpy had no reason to be jealous of Chunnu Bear. So he made friends with Chunnu. Now, both were happy and lived lovingly and happily.

In this game, an Antelope has blocked the way for a Goat, you have to drive away the Antelope and bring the Goat to the safety. You can start the game when you get 1 on your dice. If you don't have a dice then, you can pick up your Champak magazine. Now with your eyes closed, open the magazine, count and move boxes as per the count of the last digit of the right hand side page number, such as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

Before starting the game each player has to select the colour of his choice. While following the rules of the game throughout the player who drives away the Antelope first, shall be the winner in the game.

Lalli too loved the children and valued them. She always spoke encouraging words to them and motivated them to do good things. Lalli taught them History of the jungle. Lalli's sweet voice filled joy in everyone's heart. One day, Lalli met with an accident while going home from school. Her leg broke and another one had a sprain. Jumbo Elephant advised her rest for a month. Lalli's friends, colleagues and students sent her giftsflowers, cards of messages of Get well soon, Be happy, Enjoy your time, Miss you in school.

Children of the class did not like Jenny but could not help. Then came the time of photo session. On this occasion, a class photograph, along with the Principal, was clicked and pasted with the report card at the end of the year which was then given to children. Champu Dog was the monitor of the class. As Lalli was to join school after a week, their photo session was to be with Jenny Jackal. Dabbu Elephant was sad. Tampu said, Lalli Madam is the best teacher we have had till now and we will not have her photo.

Seconding Tampu, Guffi said, Lalli Madam is. But what to do? The photo session was to happen this time only. I wish it was a little later. Suddenly, Vinki got an idea, How would it be if we tell Dinky Principal to conduct the photo session after Lalli Madam comes back? As they were talking, Champu Dog, who was the monitor, heard them. Friends, are you all too remembering Lalli Madam as I am? Everyone now started consulting Champu about how to postpone the photo session till Lalli Madam came back.

Maybe, she agreed. There was no harm in trying. Tampu quickly got paper and taking out her pen, Vinki wrote an application and then all the children of the class signed it. It was written in the application that they would like to see their Lalli Madam among them in the group photograph, so their photo session should be done only when Lalli Madam returned.

Dinky Principal read the application and was impressed by children's love for their teacher. After the school Dinky consulted all the other teachers showing them the application. Next day, Dinky Principal announced in front of January First These children love their teacher so much.

Therefore, their request is granted. Now the photo session of this class will take place only when Lalli returns, but rest of the classes will have them today. The whole class shouted with joy, listening to the announcement.

Champu Dog thanked Dinky on behalf of the class. When Lalli Goat heard this, she had tears in her eyes. This feeling of children for her was a loving and respectful gift for her. Now, she too waited to get well soon. Look carefully through all the pages and tell us on which page is this larger illustration published.

DPBAA You can SMS us your answers. Leave one space after that and then write the page number. Then SMS this on You may send as many SMS as you like. Any 5 correct respondents will be asked to send their complete address. They will be given a gift of Rs. You can also send your answers by Post Card. Your answers should reach us by 20 January, I have heard a lot about your skill and that is why I have come from so far to you, he further said. Manglu was a goldsmith in Bholasar village. Be assured, Sethji, I will make such jewellery January First Come and take it after 10 days, Manglu said.

Manglu became greedy to see so much gold. He first made the jewellery in gold. Then he made similar piece in brass and coated it with gold plate. The brass jewellery looked absolutely golden. After 10 days, when Sethji came to pick up his jewellery, Manglu handed him the same. Sethji could not believe that Manglu would deceive him. He happily returned to his village with the jewellery.