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Clanbook: Ravnos - 1st Edition - PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (4 ratings) · Red List. Bundles Clanbook: Tzimisce - 1st Edition (WW). Clanbook Tzimisce (Revised) - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. VtM Clanbook Ravnos 1st Edition - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Clanbook Ravnos 1° edition.

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Gwendolyn Brand is finally caught after a career of stealing artifacts from digs, and finds out who — and what — her fence Johann really is. A history of the clan presented in a post- Week of Nightmares report by a young Ravnos who has travelled to India to search for the truth.

Clanbook: Ravnos (Vampire: The Masquerade)

The chapter includes a great deal of the Indian history of the clan, and includes a Ravnos-specific lexicon to explain terms introduced here for the first time. The report is commented on by the author's unnamed superiors, possibly high-ups in the Camarilla.

Details the realities of Ravnos, both "normally" and post-Week of Nightmares. Includes information on the jati or castes of the clan, the differences between Indian Ravnos and their Western brethren, their influence in the rest of the world, and a treatise on the true nature of their unique Beasts. As well as the usual section on the clan's attitude towards other clans and supernatural creatures, there is a detailed "Lupine Survival Guide", as the clan's propensity for travel means they are likely to encounter Garou sooner or later.

The chapter finishes with a look at the Path of Paradox and the alternatives sometimes followed by Ravnos, and a detailed look at the Disciplines they practice, especially Chimerstry. A collection of notable Ravnos, character templates, and a sample coterie , the Grave Robbers, which includes Gwendolyn and Johann from the opening fiction.

Kravit was left out of Clanbook: Tzimisce Revised ; an apologetic note reads: Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. See also: Ravnos First edition Credits Written by: There are several other groups within the Ravnos clan. The most noteworthy is the Wuzho who hunt and murder other Kindred. These Ravnos believe that they must destroy other vampires in order to protect their clan.

Essentially, these are the Assamites of the clan. The Wuzho would make for great NPCs and antagonists for a Camarilla Chronicle, but Storytellers should be careful about allowing players to use this group because the last thing a player needs is another excuse to PVP.

Another group within the clan is the Urmen who have a connection to the Fae of Changling the Dreaming. The Urmen enjoy getting high by drinking the blood of the Fae and exploring the wilderness.

They are the masters of tracking down Changelings and draining them of their blood. These would make a great addition to a mixed group game that involves Changeling and Vampires. A sidebar in Chapter 3 discusses how Changelings interact with Chimerstry effects.

Clanbook Ravnos also includes several new high level Disciplines and other mechanics that Storytellers could use in their Chronicles. Ravnos can make use of Samadji, or artifacts, that are passed down from Sire to childe. Some are beneficial and others are cursed. Samadji vary in power and usefulness, and unfortunately there are no good examples given on which players can base their own artifacts.

This does neither and would fit better with Presence. The Chimerstry powers are wonderful, if a player can ever get to a low enough generation to actually acquire them.

VtM Clanbook Ravnos 1st Edition

A couple of addenda are included for Fatuss Mastery and Psuedo Blindness that explain how Chimerstry works in relation to the Penumbra and Shadowlands.

His name is Sir Stabs-a-Lot.

Guess who he's stabbing next? These templates could easily be modified for use in Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, and the descriptions of each character is full of ideas for players looking to create their own Ravnos.

Of the templates, two stand out. The first is the Ace of Spades who is a sociopathic murderer. The Ace is a dangerous character concept because it, like the Wuzho, could inspire players to build sociopathic loners who kill first and may later ask questions.

Read The Damn Book: Late Review: Clanbook Ravnos

These types of characters have a tendency to be disruptive unless the Chronicle is focused on combat. The best character concept is the FX Artist who feels a compulsion to trick people. Using the illusion based powers of Chimerstry, this character brings to live the horror and scifi film monsters to terrify the real monster of the world. Rather than steeped in angst, this character concept embraces the fun of living forever and being able to play tricks on stuffy Camarilla Elders.

The other templates run the range from a Subway Conman to a Globetrotting Smuggler showing the variety of characters and adventures possible in the World of Darkness. Unfortunately, these NPCs are ciphers. They are written too broad and rather than have their own personalities, they are designed to be anyone. One of the NPCs, Ezmeralda may be a Kindred or may be the guise of a number of mortal women over the centuries.

Spider-Killer could be a Ravnos Neve or he could be a were-coyote. Only Ivan Krenyenko and Durga Syn have any personality of their own. Rather than including more fleshed out NPCs that could inspire a Storyteller to create adventures around these characters, these NPCs are nothing more than names with no goals.

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