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This book is dedicated to. Dr. David Yonggi Cho. A prayer warrior who transformed the world on his knees. &. To all of those who are seeking to be like. Jesus. David Yonggi Cho has 75 books on Goodreads with ratings. David Yonggi Cho's most popular book is The Fourth Dimension: Discovering a New World. This book is dedicated to the many people who are seeking, searching, and struggling to find and walk a consistent road of faith in their.

He graduated from middle school with honours. Subsequently, he enrolled in an inexpensive technical high school to learn a trade. He mastered English quickly, and became an interpreter for the commander of the army base, and also for the principal of his school. He graduated in March Cho has spent more than 44 years emphasizing the importance of cell group ministry, which he believes is the key to church growth, as well as team ministry. The latter would be given training and a choice of four occupations. He has also served as Chairman of the Good People charity organization since February The spirit is the fourth dimension. Every human being is a spiritual being as well as a physical being. They have the fourth dimension as well as the third dimension in their hearts.

Her response was immediate. Her face brightened into a glow, and she praised God. Shaking hands with me, she gave me her Bible. Search the Bible, she instructed.

If you read it faithfully you will find the words of life. That was the first time in my life I had ever held a Bible. Constantly struggling to gasp air into my lungs, I opened to the Book of Genesis.

Turning the pages to Matthew, she smiled: Sir, you are so sick that if you start from Genesis, I dont think you will last long enough to finish Revelation. If you start from the Book of Matthew, you will have enough time.

Expecting to find deep moral and philosophical religious teachings, I was shocked at what I read. I felt very foolish.

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I closed the Bible saying, Young lady, I wont read this Bible. This is only a story of one man begetting another. I would rather read a telephone directory. Sir, she replied. You dont recognize these names right now. But as you read on, these names will come to hold special meaning for you. Encouraged, I began reading the Bible again. The Living Lord As I read I did not find any systematized philosophies, any theories of medical science, or any religious rituals.

The imminence of my death had brought me to the realization that I needed something greater than a religion, greater than a philosophy, and even greater than sympathy for the trials of human existence.

I needed someone who could share my struggles and sufferings, someone who could give me victory. Through reading the Bible I discovered that someone to be the Lord Jesus Christ: The Person Jesus Christ was not bringing a religion, a code of ethics, nor a series of rituals.

In a profoundly practical way, Jesus was bringing salvation to humanity. Hating sin, Christ loved the sinner, accepting all who came to Him. Deeply aware of my sins, I knew I needed His forgiveness. Christ healed the sick. The ill and infirm came to Him, and He healed all He touched. This put faith in my heart. I became hopeful that He might heal me, too. Christ gave peace to the troubled. He urged, Have faith in God! Dont be troubled! There is no reason to fear!

Christ hated fear, showing man that he was born to live by faith. Christ gave confidence, faith and peace to those who came to receive help.

This tremendous message thrilled my heart. Christ raised the dead. I never found one incident in the Bible where Christ conducted a funeral service. He brought the dead to life, changing funeral services into magnificent resurrections. Most outstanding in my mind was Christs mercy to the demon possessed. During the Korean War many people lost their families and businesses.

Suffering from nervous breakdowns, many became completely possessed by the devil. Bereft of shelter, they wandered aimlessly around the streets. Christ was even ready to meet this challenge. He cast out demons and restored the possessed to a life of normalcy. Christs love was powerful, touching the lives and needs of all who came to Him.

Convinced that Jesus Christ was alive and moved by the vitality of His ministry, I knelt down. I asked Christ to come into my heart, to save, heal and deliver me from death. Instantly the joy of salvation and the peace of Christs forgiveness surged over me. I knew that I was saved. From that time on I read the Bible like a starving man eats bread.

The Bible supplied foundation for all the faith I needed. Despite the prognosis and old feelings of fear, I soon knew I was going to live. Instead of dying in three months, I was out of my deathbed in six. Since that time I had been preaching the dynamic Gospel of Jesus Christ. The girl whose name I never knew taught me the most precious name I will ever know. Through the years God has helped me to understand several important principles of faith.

These are the principles I share with you in the chapters that follow, in order that you can enter a deeper dimension and more abundant life. Christ is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Christ wants to bear your burdens. Jesus can forgive and heal you. He can cast out Satan, and give you confidence, faith and peace. Christ wants to give you life eternal and be a present part of your daily living.

While thieves come to kill and destroy, Jesus Christ comes to give you life, life full and free. Through the presence of the Holy Spirit, Jesus is with you right now. Christ desires to heal you, and to deliver you from death. He is your living Lord. Put your faith in Jesus Christ, and expect a miracle today.

Chapter 1 Incubation: A Law of Faith G od will never bring about any of His great works without coming through your own personal faith. It is taken for granted that you have faith, for the Bible says that God has dealt to each and every one of us a measure of faith.

You have faith whether you feel it or not. You may try to feel faith, but when you need faith, then faith is there. It is there for your use, like having two arms; when you need to use them, you just reach out your arms and move them.

I do not need to feel that my two arms are hanging on my shoulders to know that I have them. There are, however, certain ways your faith works, and links you to the Heavenly Father who dwells within you. The Bible says that faith is the substance of things hoped for, a substance which first has a stage of developmentof incubationbefore its usage can be full and effective.

You might now ask, What are the elements needed to make my faith usable? There are four basic steps to the process of incubation. First,to use your faith you must be able to envision a clear- cut objective. Faith is the substance of things, clear-cut things, hoped for.

If you have only a vague idea about your goal, then you are out of touch with the One who could answer your prayer. You must have a clear and defined faith goal. I learned this lesson in a very peculiar situation. I had been in the ministry for quite a few months, and was so poverty-stricken that, as far as material things are concerned, I had nothing. I was not married, and was living in one small room.

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I had no desk, no chair, and no bed and was eating on the floor, sleeping on the floor and studying on the floor, but walking miles and miles everyday to carry out soul winning. But one day while reading my Bible, I was tremendously impressed by Gods promises.

The Bible said that if I would just put my faith in Jesus, praying in His name, that I would receive everything. The Bible also taught me that I was the son of God, a child of the King of kings, and of the Lord of lords! So I said, Father! Why should a child of the King of kings, and of the Lord of lords, live without a desk, chair and bed, and walk mile after mile everyday? At least I should have a humble desk and chair to sit on, and a humble bicycle to ride on to do my home visitation.

I felt that according to Scripture I could ask for these kinds of things from the Lord. I knelt down and prayed, Father, now I am praying. Please send me a desk, chair and bicycle. I believed and praised God.

From that moment on I was waiting for the delivery of each thing I had prayed for. A month passed with no answer. Then two months, three, four, five, six, and still I was waiting; but nothing happened. Then one rainy day I was really depressed, and not having any food by that evening was so hungry, tired and depressed I started complaining, Lord, I asked you to supply me with a desk, a chair, and a bicycle several months ago, but you have not supplied me with any of those things.

Now you see me as I am here preaching the Gospel to the poverty stricken people of this slum area. How can I ask them to exercise faith when I cannot even practice it myself? How can I ask them to put their faith in the Lord, and truly live by the Word, and not by bread?

My Father!

I am very discouraged. I am not sure about this, but I do know I cannot deny the Word of God. The Word must stand, and I am sure that you are going to answer me, but this time Im just not sure when or how. If you are going to answer my prayer after my death, what kind of profit will that have for me? If you are ever going to answer my prayer, please speed it up. Then I sat down and began to cry. Suddenly I felt a serenity, and a feeling of tranquility come into my soul.

Whenever I have that kind of feeling, a sense of the presence of God, He always speaks;so I waited. Then that still, small voice welled up in my soul, and the Spirit said, My son, I heard your prayer a long time ago. Right away I blurted out, Then where are my desk, chair and bicycle?

The Spirit then said, Yes, that is the trouble with you, and with all my children.

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They beg me, demanding every kind of request, but they ask in such vague terms that I cant answer. Dont you know that there are dozens of kinds of desks, chairs and bicycles?

But youve simply asked me for a desk, chair and bicycle. You never ordered a specific desk, chair or bicycle. That was a turning point in my life. No professor in the Bible college ever taught me along these lines. I had made a mistake, and it was an eye opener for me. I then said, Lord, do you really want me to pray in definite terms? This time the Lord led me to turn to Hebrews, the eleventh chapter: Faith is the substance of things, clear-cut things, hoped for.

I knelt down again and said, Father, Im sorry.

I made a great mistake, and I misunderstood you. I cancel all my past prayers. Ill start all over again. So I gave the size of the desk, which was to be made of Philippine mahogany. I wanted the best kind of chair, one made with an iron frame, and with rollers on the tips, so that when I sat on it I could push myself around like a big shot.

Then I came to the bicycle, and I really gave much consideration to the matter, because there were so many kinds of bicycles: Korean, Japanese, Formosan, German. But in those days bicycles made in Korea or Japan were usually quite flimsy. I wanted to have a very strong, sturdy bicycle; and since any machine made in the U. I ordered these things in such articulate terms that God could not make a mistake in delivering them.

Then I felt faith flowing up and out of my heart, and I was rejoicing in the Lord; that night I slept like a baby. But when I awoke at the next morning to prepare for the early morning prayer meeting, I suddenly found that my heart was empty. The evening before, I had all the faith in the world, but while I slept faith took wing and left me.

I could not feel anything in my heart. I said, Father, this is terrible. It is one thing to have faith, but its entirely different to keep that faith till I receive your answer. This is a trouble common to all Christians. They have a special guest speaker, and are filled with faith when he ministers to them, but before they reach their homes they have lost it all. Their faith takes wing and flies away. On that morning while I was reading the Bible, and looking for a particular scripture to speak on, suddenly my eyes fell upon Romans , God raises the dead, and calls those things which be not as if they were.

My heart fastened to that scripture, and it began to boil in my heart. I said to myself, I might as well just call those things which are not as if they were, as if I already had them. I had received the answer to the problem of how to keep ones faith. I rushed out to our tent church where the people had already begun praying, and after a few songs I started preaching. I expounded that scripture, and then said, Folks, by the blessings of God I have a desk made of Philippine mahogany, a beautiful chair with an iron frame and rollers on the tips, and a bicycle made in the U.

Praise God! Ive received all these things. The people just gasped, because they knew that I was absolutely poverty stricken. I was bragging about these things, and they could not believe their ears. In faith I was really praising God, doing just as the Word of God told me to do. After the service, as I was walking out, three young fellows followed me and said, Pastor, we want to see those things.

I was taken aback and frightened, because I had not counted on having to show any of those things. These people were living in a slum area, and once they knew I had lied, it would be my last time to minister there. They would never come back. I was in a terrible situation, so I began to pray to the Lord, Lord, from the beginning this wasnt my idea. It was your idea for me to tell it like that.

I just obeyed you, and now Im in a terrible situation. I said it as if I had it, and now how can I explain this? Youve got to always help me. Then the Lord came and helped me, and an idea floated up from my heart. I said, You come over to my room and see. They all came, and they looked around to find the bicycle, chair and desk.

I said, Dont look around. Ill show you later. I pointed my finger at Mr. Park, who is now pastor of one of the largest Assemblies of God churches in Korea, and said, Ill ask you a few questions. If you can answer my questions, Ill show you all of those things. How long were you in your mothers womb before you were born into this world?

He scratched his head and said, Well, nine months. I then replied, What were you doing for nine months in your mothers womb? But, I said, no one saw you.

No one could see me because I was inside of my mother. Then I said, You were as much a baby inside your mothers womb as you were when you were born into the world. You gave me the right answer. Last evening I knelt down here and prayed to the Lord for that desk, chair and bicycle, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I conceived that desk, chair and bicycle.

It is as if theyre inside me, growing right now. Only only one of a few passages in the Old when the Spirit is poured upon them, Testament where the coming of the the awaited new era breaks in.

The sec- Spirit has an explicit implication for 27 Otto Kaiser, Isaiah A Commentary, 26 The construct singular form of hc[m has trans. Lind- 28 E. This also ranges from the prosperity gospel, is the seeming personal to communal. First of all, this passage pro- There is no doubt that biblical guide- vides an important and solid pneumato- lines have been expressed through var- logical ground for material prosperity ious avenues.

However, still lacking is and physical wholeness. In the the next Spirit tradition attempts to light of the heavy soteriological basis address. Often this area a balanced theological foundation. In has been marked for liberal Christian this way, his theology of blessing activists because Korean Evangelical becomes a legitimate part of Pente- and Pentecostal Christianity was prac- costal theology with a solid pneumatic tically indifferent to the political biblical basis.

Likewise, the healing tra- oppression of the military government dition in Pentecostal theology, tradi- in the s and 80s, often to support tionally rooted in the Christological its commitment to national security framework, can be expanded to the against the alleged communist threat pneumatological sphere, by applying and in its drive for economic develop- the restorative dimension of the cre- ment.

Ironically, this was the period ation Spirit tradition. It is also noted that this promise is Hendrickson, , These epitomize their powerless. However, given the poten- The passage, thus, calls for a strong tial of Korean Christianity and the ethical orientation and responsibility YFGC in particular, there seem to be in regard to the theology of blessing. First of Here is an example. They ence are also communal in context. As a result, ogy of blessing.

How- ence does not mean much, unless it is ever, soon after the election, the leader understood in the context of a commu- of the civic alliance was charged for his nity.

For this reason, it is encouraging moral failure. This made us wonder to see an increasing discussion on the why the powerful Korean Christianity Pentecostal notion of social service. What is more troubling is that shown its leadership in Christian ser- this did not challenge Christians to vice to society. Several among them assume their social role to uphold stand out: the establishment of the moral standards. Although less Christians to the north. Second, Christians them a better forum to influence the were in the forefront in upholding society, to exercise their unique contri- national security.

Bible school stu- butions. For this reason, even in a soci- dents of the Yongmoon Prayer Moun- ety where Christianity is an insignifi- tain attempted more than once to cant minority, Christians should march to the north across the heavily uphold the public nature of religions fortified demilitarized zone for national including Christianity. While the nation is preparing and restoration begins with nature: the for the eventual reunification, Pente- transformation of the land.

The par- costal churches including the YFGC, adise motive further enhances this should provide a holistic pneumatolog- point: the picture of an ideal commu- ical paradigm for national unity and the nity of peace is not a concrete jungle post-reunification period. If Pen- in Christian witness. Although attention from Pentecostal academia again failed by human ignorance, the and believers. Pentecostal movement, through the What has been laid out here is not Azusa Street mission, demonstrated an exhaustive list of potential areas this ecumenical potential to the world.

What is expand its scope of formulation. These significant in this passage is the nature areas can strengthen some weak areas of empowerment.

It is no longer physi- of the theology of blessing as it now cal and military, but internal and per- stands. Also, this discussion clearly haps ethical in nature.

The Servant is challenges this theology to explore to persevere in the face of difficulties several fruitful areas and expand the and adversaries and to persist to fulfil limits of the theology of blessing for its his mission.

A similar passage is found in Isaiah His rule is to establish jus- Spirit, several patterns emerge, with tice and righteousness by protecting one important feature being the the rights of the powerless, while judg- empowering effect.

Gideon was ing the oppression of the powerful. Spirit tradition are worth mentioning 14; Saul was enraged at the bar- in relation to the present discussion. The Spirit of God is upon him and a specific God-given task for the and this presence of the Spirit is leader commission. Luke This traditional Pentecostal motto understands that the charismatic passage has been perhaps the most empowerment of the Spirit is to enable recited verse in the whole Bible.

In this the disciples to go out in power and passage, which is often considered to perseverance. It was written that Paul be the master plan for the entire Book and Peter, the key figures in the Book of Acts, the immediate connection of Acts, ministered through the between the Holy Spirit and empower- empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

For our discussion, the The second features is the mission whole of Lukan literature and its pneu- focus of Lukan pneumatology.

The two matology will be within the scope of books of Luke were written not just to our investigation. Acts of the Christian faith. Old Testament, both charismatic Spirit Thus, the books were written with a traditions.

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These are two important missionary purpose. Then he theology. Here is a clear connec- the Book of Isaiah. Essays in Honor of Russell P. Spittler, eds. Won- 39 E. Menzies London: T. Clark, , Sheffield Academic Press, , esp.

Directly In other Gospels, the Holy Spirit and indirectly, he indicates that this and fire functions to cleanse people of spiritual experience is a watershed for sins. However, Luke, by placing the a host of new revolutionary experi- ences. This is a new contextual devel- missional function. The disciples through the empow- sion. This is easily understood in the erment of the Spirit became not only context of the strongly eschatological witnesses but also disciple-makers.

This almost no meaning in Luke. One can creative contextualization was a sensi- say that the Holy Spirit is indeed the tive attempt to make the Pentecostal missionary Spirit. These people sought out their own places of worship and founded hundreds of distinctly Pentecostal congregations. By many ministers and laymen alike began to realize just how far-reaching the spread of the revival and of Pentecostalism had become. Concerned leaders felt the desire to protect and preserve the results of the revival by uniting through cooperative fellowship.

In April , after splitting from the African American dominated Church of God in Christ , about white preachers and laymen were invited[ by whom? A remaining fellowship emerged from the meeting and was incorporated under the name General Council of the Assemblies of God in the United States of America.

In time, self-governing and self-supporting general councils broke off from the original fellowship or formed independently in several nations throughout the world, originating either from indigenous Pentecostal movements or as a direct result of the indigenous missions strategy of the General Council.

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