DRAGONFLIGHT Volume I of The Dragonriders of Pern ®. Anne McCaffrey. A Del Rey Book BALLANTINE BOOKS NEW YORK. there is a Virginia who helped . (novel) Anne McCaffrey (ebook - LIT) - Pern 01 - Dragon Flight. Home · (novel) Anne McCaffrey (ebook - LIT) - Pern 01 - Dragon Flight. Dragon Harper / Anne McCaffrey & Todd McCaffrey. Dragonflight ANNE MCCAFFREY, the Hugo Award–winning author of the bestselling Dragonriders of .

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Only the gigantic, golden Queen could breed the new flights. And the Queen was fadingf-dc2^. PDF FILE Download 5 Books By Anne Mccaffrey: Dragon Flight, Dragonquest, the White Dragon, Dragonsinger & Nerilka's Story (The. DRAGONFLIGHT On a beautiful world called Pern, an anci How can I directly download the PDF of 'The Dragonriders of Pern: Dragonflight . of the White Dragon's name, Ruth, in Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern series? Is it long.

With a sudden golden movement Ramoth arched her great back. She sprang into the sky, wings wide. With unbelievable speed she was airborne. After her, in the blink of an eye, seven bronze shapes followed, their mighty wings churning buffets of sandladen air into the faces of the watching weyrfolk. Her heart in her mouth at the prodigious flight, Lessa felt her soul lifting with Ramoth. She, Ramoth-Lessa, was alive with limitless power, her wings beating effortlessly to the thin heights, elation surging through her frame, elation and — desire. She must not escape your control now

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. The golden queens are not only the largest dragons, they also hold a subtle control over their dragon communities Weyrs. The Queen sets out on a Mating Flight, pursued by several bronze males; the one who wins and mates with her assumes a leading position among the dragons, and his rider automatically becomes the leader of the human dragon riders. And the passion of the male dragon and queen mating up in the air can telepathically transfer itself to their male and female human partners, inducing them to a passionate human lovemaking at least, that is how it happens in the case described in the book.

Plot summary[ edit ] Dragonflight is the story of Lessa , the sole survivor of the noble ruling family of Ruatha Hold on the northern continent of Pern. When the rest of her family is killed by a cruel usurper, Fax , she survives by disguising herself as a drudge a menial servant , partly through simply adopting a slovenly appearance, but also by using her hereditary telepathic abilities to make others see her as far older and less attractive than she actually is.

Her only friend is a watch-wher, a somewhat telepathic animal related to dragons, that guards the Hold. Lessa psychically influences other Hold workers to do less than their best work, or to become clumsy or inefficient, in order to sabotage Ruatha as part of her strategy to make it economically unproductive, so that Fax will renounce it and she can retake her Hold. F'lar , wingleader at Benden Weyr , and rider of the bronze dragon Mnementh, finds Lessa while searching for candidates to impress a new queen dragon.

The current queen has a batch of eggs due to hatch shortly, including a crucial golden egg. After killing Fax in single combat, following the rules of the Pernese code duello , he realises that she manipulated him emotionally to kill Fax and engineered Fax's renouncement. F'lar recognizes that Lessa possesses both unusually strong psychic abilities and great strength of will. He recognizes her potential to be the strongest Weyrwoman in recent history, and the path to his own leadership at Benden Weyr.

Either in the Hall or just without it. And are they hungry. Have they not been fed? The Lady Gemma caught her breath again. F'lar saw that F'nor and the other dragonmen were surreptitiously searching every face in the Hall.

The aroma that reached him as the platter was placed on the serving table distracted him. The drudges reappeared with wooden trays of bread.

One of the Hall women? So far he bad seen only the sorry drudges and the aging females the Warder had as housekeepers. Simultaneously the dragons roared.

(novel) Anne McCaffrey (ebook - LIT) - Pern 01 - Dragon Flight

That surge had come from nearby. Silence fell. You call this food? The steaming dish of roots followed. The grating of Fax's boot heel was clearly audible as he swung slowly around to face the bronze rider. F'lar managed to assume a languid pose.. F'lar sighed. His voice boomed back from the bare vault of the ceiling. As he did so. She turned her face just enough so that she could see F'lar out of the comer of her eye. And it may only be false pangs. As F'lar was about to turn and serve Lady Tela.

The woman would have been a fine Weyrwoman.

PDF Book Dragonflight (Dragonriders of Pern) by Anne McCaffrey Full e…

F'lar touched Lady Gemma's arms with light fingers. For what end? To get Fax to renounce the Hold? But there could be only one possible reason for such a turn of events. Despite himself. F'lar poked through the legumes to find properly cooked portions to offer Lady Gemma. As F'lar conquered his own amazement and rapidly tried to predict what to do next to mend matters.

She was seized with the onslaught of labor contractions. Fax threw the goblet at him. An exultation as. His shock at such words issuing from his mouth was as great as that of everyone else in the Hall. In the name of the Egg. Unable to comprehend how he could have uttered such an arrant challenge. He realized then that she was not merely nauseated by the unappetizing food. You must renounce it. Pretending utter unconcern. The overlord was scowling blackly at the attempts of the Warder to find edible portions of meat to serve.

She managed a socially correct half-smile. She waved them aside. Ruatha cannot support the visit of its Lord. One furious wave of Fax's broad fist and the Warder had the plate. Abruptly F'lar realized what had happened. F'lar glanced in Fax's direction. He is always dangerous at Ruatha. As F'lar bent toward the Lady Gemma to assist her out of her chair. You must know who she is. With that movement.

Their eyes met. She pulled him closer. She scurried across the Hall and out the kitchen door. A duel would serve no purpose. He loves to kill. He stepped over it. F'lar sauntered down to the carcass and. Fax looked down at her. I am grateful to you. The Warder kicked at the drudge on the floor. F'lar dared not look toward her. They were on their feet in an instant.

It was obvious they were torn between their fear of their Lord and their desire to reach the laboring woman. Whatever your name is. He caught Lady Tela by the arm as she fluttered past him in their wake. He threw back his head. The contraction that rippled across the swollen belly was as obvious as the woman's pain.

Did she. The other women. They converged toward the Lady Gemma. A groan escaped Lady Gemma and broke the eye-locked stance of the two antagonists. Fax began to laugh. Fax's lady. He signaled instead for the Warder and peremptorily ordered him to send for the birthing-woman.. He beckoned to two of the Warder's men to carry her up into the Hold.

And a birthing-woman. Fax's soldiers. It was all he could do to maintain his pose of bored indifference. Fax sliced and speared meat. He gathered their intentions as well as their reluctance and.

Lady Gemma is before her time. When they reached the stairs. Lessa tugging away at her other arm.

10. Dragonflight.pdf

Just as they reached the massive inner door. Lessa drew her into the Court and pushed her. Lessa could see the birthing-woman gathering up her things in haste. They'd drive him to his death. And why. The bronze rider noticed their entrance and pointed urgently toward the inner Hold. At her hand on the birthing. The slant of the road toward the crafthold lent impetus to her flying feet.

Unconsciously she silenced him as she would have done the watch-wher. To her surprise. Was all honor dead in Pern. A birth at the Hold. The dragonmen in their wher-hide tunics. Lessa hurried the woman out. And the dragonman was strong and young. She banged on the closed door and heard the frightened exclamation of surprise within. She could hear him gibbering in his panic. The woman clutched at the inner door. So close! How could she come so close and yet fail? Fax should have challenged the dragonman.

Lessa tugged futilely at her arm. The birthingwoman seemed frozen to the spot. Fax would not leave Ruatha alive! Above her. She blurred it The Lady Gemma was indeed in hard labor. If her groan hadn't distracted Fax. Lessa noticed how sharply the dragonman was looking at them. He had not come out of his den at her passing. The Hold must be secured to its rightful Blood again.

He caught her by the shoulder and led her. He should not have temporized. Lord of the Hold. She knew the dragons had been at him. When Lessa tried to retire from the room.

Her voice reverberated down the rock halls. And the child comes too early. The twisting body gave a convulsive heave. Lessa laid the woman down on the bed. Lessa responded with such comfort as a strong grip would afford the woman. It remained to Lessa and the birthingwoman to remove Gemma's clothing. But the woman's agony was so intense that she could scarcely breathe. One of Fax's get? That had not been her intention She was so angry that she had lost all discretion. She lost her indecision as the requirements of her calling gave her temporary authority over those of rank.

The Lady Gemma's eyes widened. The heavy rings on her fingers bit into Lessa's hands as she clung to the girl. It will die. If it survives. She was perspiring heavily. If she does not cry out now. As Lessa tried to support her. Her eyes seemed to start from her head. The Lady Gemma grabbed blindly for Lessa's hands. The star? Did she mean the Red Star? Which old tales? The birthing-woman had both hands on Gemma's belly.

They were huddled at one side of the high bed. There was little left of beauty in the gravid woman's face. Survives to be Lord of Ruatha Hand those cloths over. She who had. Her breath was sharp and rasping. It was obvious that Fax's other ladies were of no use.

I have no quarrel with her. Blinking sweat from her eyes. She retreated into the shadows.. She collapsed into Lessa's arms and lay still. Find something warm for the babe..

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Pain from such an unexpected quarter roused Gemma from her brief respite between the shuddering contractions that seized her at shorter and shorter intervals. Even so. Fax cannot kill the dragonman. I had Ruatha almost within my grasp again when you uttered your false cry..

This woman had. She looked down at the contorted face. There are so few bronze riders. Lady Gemma opened her eyes wide. She all but crushed Gemma's hands in hers. And the old tales. The woman had not. If it is born alive. She flew..

Fury swept through Lessa. They are all needed. Not now. She was about to dash into the Hall itself when she realized she had permitted her anticipation of triumph to destroy her self-discipline.

A smile. She'd say it lived. He leaped across the intervening space. Before Lessa could dodge. Glowlight flickered off his circling blade as he advanced on Fax. F'lar could spare no glance at the crumpled form of the drudge. Fax whirled. The Lady Gemma was one. Even now he was ordering the hysterical woman to go tell his latest favorite to attend him. Lessa halted at the portal. He was glad the Lady Gemma had died. That was it. That it was male. She had forgotten in her single-mindedness that there might be others motivated by a hatred of Fax.

The child. She had no time for regret or contrition. She dropped her shoulders and stepped down.. So intent was she on achieving her purpose that she failed to notice the reactions of others in the hall. If that fall had killed her.

And she had the lever. The two antagonists were dimly aware of the scurry behind them. The dragonman would have to fight. He was momentarily taken aback by the speed with which the bronze rider's knife appeared in his hand.

The harbinger of death was sobbing in a heap at Fax's feet. She was swept off her feet. Yet Lessa had hated Gemma. He had felt it as she entered the room. The incredulity and rage that suffused Fax's face was wonderful to see. Not when. He advanced on Fax.

Parasites on Pern. Stand by your sworn and witnessed oath! By dragonmen? The Weyr power is over! Over for good. It is male. Lessa shook her head to dispel the aura of tragedy and self-revulsion that threatened to overwhelm her. Lessa gritted her teeth against redoubled hatred for the overlord.. He had heard and witnessed Fax's oath. The Warder's men stifled their inadvertent cheers. The dragons' roaring confirmed it.

Fax erupted into action. F'lar must use agility as a weapon. Instinct prompted F'lar to leap sideways as Fax's flashing blade came within inches of his abdomen. Motion was painful. Fax plowed in. F'lar darted in. There was no pleasure in killing the man. His own knife sliced down the outside of Fax's arm.

F'lar evaded the attack easily. His very position saved him. He stared down at the dead man. One held a closely swathed object in her arms. F'lar could not immediately grasp the significance of that tableau. Grimly the two circled. F'lar rolled frantically away from his charging adversary. F'lar brought his right hand over with as much strength as he could muster.

But F'lar had no time to follow up the momentary advantage. Fax's face was red with bloody anger. He gently turned her over. Fax feinted. The defeated Lord fell flat to the flagstones. The man was heavy-chested. F'lar countered. F'lar somehow got to his feet. F'lar looked up and saw. A thin wailing penetrated the haze of pain and relief. The dragonman ducked. Instantly the two pivoted to face each other again. Fax was lurching forward. F'lar made due note to avoid closing with the burly Lord.

The slash felt as if it had been scored by a brand. F'lar allowed him to close. But F'lar misjudged the man's condition and suffered a terrific kick in the side as he tried to dodge under the feinting knife. F'lar danced away. F'lar brought up his knee. F'lar was forced to sidestep quickly before Fax could close with him.

Again Fax pressed the attack. Doubled with pain. Fax had had much more actual hand-to-hand killing experience than had he whose duels had always ended at first blood on the practice floor. He ducked away as Fax gasped and buckled from the pain in his groin. He heard F'nor take command of the tumult in the Hall. The overlord caught at him. He wiped his forehead on his sleeve and forced himself erect.

He felt fabric tear under the tip of his knife and heard Fax's snarl. Fax overreached his mark and staggered off balance. The overlord was faster on his feet than his bulk suggested.

The two crouched. He told himself sternly that wasn't much advantage. He half-stumbled to the drudge. Suddenly Fax seized up a handful of fatty scraps from the meat tray and hurled them at F'lar. F'lar put the meat table between them. And yes. F'lar watched. There was no babe born. It was pure. He made no further move to touch her but settled against the great carved post of the bed.

The dragonman laid a hand. Relief was colored with disgust. To kill? When he is on Search? What should I care for a Search?

I have Ruatha as my Hold again. I merely wanted to be sure you challenged Fax.. And no born drab. He put the body on the high bed.

F'lar began to smile. For ten Turns I have worked and waited. F'lar reached out to tear the dress from the unconscious body and found himself constrained not to. The hands. Shall I challenge the babe. Gemma died. The girl had roused. Your name! F'lar carried the drudge to his own chamber. He raised her to his arms. It was there. I lied. And choke him with his swaddling clothes? I am of the Ruathan Blood. Then he threw back his head and laughed. A subtle change occurred in her face.

Her great.

His gorge rose at the thought of touching the filthy mat of hair. She slipped from the bed. One arm. He crossed his arms on his chest and then shifted suddenly to ease his sore arm.

Young enough for the Weyr. I claim Ruatha. The features were small. Why else force Fax to renounce the Hold? Delighted and fascinated by this unexpected luck. The skin was firm and unwrinkled. There was no telling under the filth how old this creature might be. Deliberately she slid back against the headboard so they faced each other across the length of the high bed.

A deep sigh escaped him. She was not young enough. One who had by some unknown agency escaped the massacre ten Turns ago and bided her time for revenge. This crumbling heap? Knowing F'nor would handle any trouble efficiently. F'lar stared at her a moment. What could your Search mean to me? One of the previous Lords' by-blows?

Carefully he set the girl on her feet and carefully he formed a cage around her with his huge talons. He saw the bronze dragon was gone from his Tower perch and called him. The bronze dragon settled awkwardly onto his hind legs.

She laughed at him and had scuttled to one side and was on her feet and out the door before he could realize what she was about and give chase. By the time we reached Ruatha Hold. He stared. Does she depose the babe. What babe? I was quite ready to challenge Fax given any reasonable cause. Where had she gone to? Slowly she turned toward him. He twisted her arm savagely. A strong babe. He saw Mnementh spiraling down into the Court.

Swearing to himself. Mnementh informed F'lar that he had seen her climbing from one of the high windows and hadsimply plucked her from the ledge.

She stood motionless within that circle. She was not afraid of dragons. For all her scheming.

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