Fairyland 3 - Pupils Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Fairyland 3 - Pupils Book. Fairylandactivity-book-pdf (1).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Online Course - LinkedIn Learning. Insights from a Content Marketer. Online Course - LinkedIn Learning. Fairyland 2 activity_book. Iulia Nanut.

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Fairyland 3 Pupils Book Pdf

Practice (in full colour). Pupil's Book. DVD. Pupil's audio CD. Activity Book. (in full colour). Vocabulary & Grammar. Practice (in full colour). Fairyland 3 & 4. 3 - Teacher's Pack. Fairyland 3 - Pupil's Book (+ Pupil's Audio CD & DVD NTSC) CD & DVD PAL). Fairyland 3 - Teacher's Book (interleaved with Posters ). Fairyland 3 Vocabulary CD. Module 1 · Module 2 · Module 3 · Module 4 · Module 5 · Module 6. Fairyland 4 Vocabulary CD. Module 1 Fairyland 3 Booklet CD.

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Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Show More. Wholqre these? They'reteddy beors! Oh, thonkyoul A: Lookof theseroller-skotes! Thisiso skirt, ,g -,mi Theseore shoes,. Theseore shorts, Thisiso shirt, a tH! Thisiso T-shirt, Theseore trousers. A I It'swindy. Alex I How old ishe?

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Alex I Howold ishe? I Horry: Lookof Mono's pencils Lee: How old ore you? They're so funnyl Horry: Lookof those,.

Are you brothers? Yes,we oit b they oore bis. Reodingond Writing Look ond reqd. Write ot no.

Fairyland 2 : Activity Book

Peter Adoms gets 0 up of six o'clock every doy. Thenhe wotches TVond goes to 6 Peterolwoysgoes to bed eorlyl. Oh no. I don't likefishlYuk! OK,Thereis2 ,, Butthereoren't5 , Of coursethere ore! Oh, yes,you're right!

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Let'smoke some hot dogsthen! Yes,I do. Iri Do you likesondwiches? Do you likeeggs? Do you likeburgers?

He comesbock of fiveo'clock in the 4. Then he wotches TV ond 6 to bed, Peter olwoys goesto bed eorly! Mm,,, no,Butthereore I ,,,. Oh,no, I don't likesousoges! Thereis2 ,,,. We con moke4, ,,.. Of coursethereis! Yes,I om. Ain B on A children B child. Where'smy T-shirt? Whot ore you doing,Kotie? It'son oronge. It'so nofebook. Z lo 3o 5b 5 I Who's 2 hoppy 3 isshe 2o 4b.

Progress Test4 I comero 4 helicopter 3 I glosses 4 lorries 2 lorry 5 present 2 buses 5 boxes 3 roller-skotes 3 wotches. Morkingschemefor Progress Test5 5itemsxTpointseoch 35 4 4itemsx5pointseoch 20 2 5itemsx5pointseoch 25 Totol r00 3 4itemsx5pointseoch Progress Test6.

I eye 5 orm 3r teeth 3 feet 2 nose 6 mouth 2 men 4 women 3 leg 7 eot 4 foot 4 I nose 2 eors 3 eyes. Progress Testl2 1l musrc 4 shower 3 I drink 4 get up 2 work 5 jogging 2 Do 5 Do 3 wotch 3 doesn't 6 don't.

I sitdown 3 reod 3 Thotismy pencil cose. I Nick-bike 3 Pot-btrs 4 lb 3b 5b 7o 2 Kim-helicopter 2o 4o 6b. Rodionextto bookcose 4l Yes,thereis. Phoneunderthe choir 2 No,thereisn't.

Fairyland 3 : Activity Book

Wotchin the cupboord 3 Yes,thereore, Guitoron the toble Voseunderthe toble 5 tb 2b 3o 4c. Rodionextto bookcose 4t Yes,thereore, Phoneunderthe choir 2 No,thereisn't, Wotchin the cupboord 3 No,thereisn't. Guitoron the toble Voseunderthe toble 5 I b 2o 3b 4c. Pupilscolourthe eorsyellow. I mouth 3 hos Pupilscolourthe heod oronge, 2 eors 4 feet Pupilscolourthe body green, Pupilscolourthe legspink, 5 Pupils'own onswers Pupilsdrow on opple on the horse'sheod ond colourit purple.

Clockshowingnineo'clock I some 3 some 5 ony Clockshowingone o'clock 2 some 4 some Clockshowingseveno'clock I No,I don't. Yukl 2lc 4t 7e 2 Yes,I do. Listenond write o nome c. Thereisone exornce br. Are you the boy in lh'sc: My nome'sAlex. Con you seethe onswer? Now o- s-s- J-: And how old ore vou,Alex? Yes,il ls, One r: How do you spellthot? Nextto the bookcose. Now put the phone under the choir.

281954106-Fairyland-3-activity-book-pdf (1).pdf

Put the phone where? Three Womon: And now, pleosepuf the wotch in the cupboord. Ihe wotch? Who ore the presentsfrom? Listenond drow Boy: A comero! Who is it from? From Moy?

Fairyland 1 pupil s book скачать

It's reolly nice! I love it! Boy, 'e-r O. Listenond colourond drow.

Listenond look. Now listenond colour. One Womon: Con you seefhe horse'seors? Colour the Girl: Two Boy: Thehorsehosgot yellow eors? Whot'sthe weother like?

Yesl Boy: