Introduction to E-commerce discusses the foundations and key aspects of E- commerce while focusing on the latest developments in the. However, doing e-commerce is complex and requires understanding a vast array of topics. This book provides coverage of essential topics in E-commerce i.e. Introduction to E-Commerce, 2/e, by Rayport and Jaworksi, can be used as the principles book for e-commerce. Much like there is a "Principles.

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Introduction To E-commerce Book

"Introduction to E-Commerce, 2/e", by Rayport and Jaworksi, can be used as the principles book for e-commerce. Much like there is a "Principles of Marketing". Introduction to E-Commerce [Efraim Turban, David King] on *FREE * Offering both real-world and theoretical perspectives, this book features. About this book. Introduction to E-commerce discusses the foundations and key aspects of E-commerce while focusing on the latest developments in the.

Much like there is a "Principles of Marketing" that is intended to be the first course in marketing, The text covers the entire landscape of e-commerce. The key message is that faculty who want to teach an introductory class on e-commerce and focus on the "strategy" parts of e-commerce first and technology second, should adopt this book. Faculty who teach marketing, management, strategy and entrepreneurship as the "core" discipline prefer this book over "technology-oriented" e-commerce books. Introduction to e-Commerce gives present and future practitioners of e-Commerce a solid foundation in all aspects of conducting business in the networked economy. The text focus is on what a manager needs to know about Internet infrastructure, strategy formulation and implementation, technology concepts, public policy issues, and capital infrastructure in order to make effective business decisions. This is presented in a framework for the study and practice of e-Commerce with business strategy at the core surrounded by four infrastructures; the technology infrastructure that underlies the Internet, the media infrastructure that provides the content for businesses, public policy regulations that provide both opportunities and constraints, and the capital infrastructure that provides the money and capital to run the businesses. Within this framework, the authors provide a deep exploration of core concepts of online strategy and associated enablers enriched by a wide variety of examples, case studies, and explanations culled directly from practice.

Due to increasing competition and the maturity of offerings, customers are increasingly fickle about performance.

They expect response times to be instant. Availability and performance are becoming increasingly difficult to provide as traffic has become more prone to rapid spikes due to an increasing reliance on promotions and marketing-driven events. Social media-based marketing can lead to campaigns going viral.

While eCommerce has been maturing over the past two decades, the deployment architecture looks largely as it did in in the beginning—mostly static environments fronted by web servers deployed out of a single data center.

Introduction to E-commerce

Many simply guess at what their peaks will be and then multiply that number by five for safety. Hardware is statically deployed, idle most of the year. For a while, eCommerce deployments were small enough that the hardware cost was negligible.

The current approach to eCommerce deployment architecture is not scalable. The rise in traffic has ballooned environments from dozens to hundreds or even thousands of servers. Most important, and central to this book, is that cloud computing has matured to the point where it can be used for eCommerce.

What Is Cloud? Cloud is one of those ineffable terms that has been redefined to encompass everything, yet means nothing. For the purposes of this book, cloud is best characterized by three adjectives: elastic, on demand, and metered.

E-Commerce: An Introduction - Amir Manzoor - Google книги

Elastic To be considered cloud, you must be able to increase or decrease a given resource either automatically or on demand using self-service user interfaces or APIs. A resource can include anything you have in your data center today—from commoditized hardware running Linux Infrastructure-as-a-Service , to application servers Platform-as-a-Service , up to applications Software-as-a-Service.

Metered You should pay only for what you use. This has enormous implications as the costs directly reflect usage and can therefore be substantially lower.

When the term cloud is used in this book, it generally refers to public Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Unlike the other sales-driven company memoirs, Hsieh emphasizes how important it is to not only take care of customers, but of employees as well. Hsieh provides specific examples to creating a more satisfying work environment, something Zappos has become famous for. During a time where she was trying to make ends meet, Amoruso scrounged through secondhand shops to find vintage pieces to sell on her site store.

Introduction to E-Commerce

Within three years, Nasty Gal moved to its own website and acquired its own warehouse space in Berkeley, California. She promotes the simple philosophy to just believe in yourself and use your individuality to your advantage.

While most people make designations between their work persona and their home persona, Amoruso believes in the power of combining your true self with your professional life. Dyer, Hal B. Gregersen, Clayton M.

The book is more suited for beginners with a business mindset as it offers useful advice and suggestions on how to invent and improve creativity. The book is a result of eight years of extensive research conducted by three leading authorities in innovation. The book also offers successful innovation stories to show how a certain product or service was created.

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