Kinesiology Taping: Your Guide To The Best Methods And Techniques - Kindle This book provided a great overview of the kinesiology taping techniques and. Clinical therapeutic applications of the Kinesio taping method, 3rd edition is a comprehensive book explaining the concepts, theories and the newest. Kinesiology Taping The Essential Step-By-Step Guide: Taping for Sports, Fitness and This book focuses on the use of taping as a treatment for reducing pain.

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Kinesiology Taping Book

Learn how to use kinesiology tape, how to use mobility balls, and how to use Use these convenient kinesiology taping guides as a quick reference on the go. KT could be taped around the muscle to achieve joint correction. ❖ Tape characteristics and use based on kinesiology. ❖ Based on idea that the body can heal. Illustrated guides to kinesio taping & sports tape application. Information & step- by-step guides on kinesio taping methods, taping of muscles & joints.

Kinesio Kinesio Scissors with Holster. Please Login for Price 1 Options Available. Add to Cart. Please Login for Price 6 Options Available. Please Login for Price. You Save: Sign in. Please Login for Price You Save: Add To List. Shipping Expected to ship in days. Up-to-date Applications Prior to the creation of the Kinesio Taping Method, traditional treatments for muscle and soft-tissue injuries were cumbersome and restricted movement of the injured body part.

With these resources, anyone can learn how to apply their own k-tape. For general information about preparing the skin and applying and removing your kinesiology tape, be sure to download our exclusive How to Apply Kinesiology Tape document.

Kinesiology taping books

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I am a reseller of health or fitness products and would like to apply for a wholesale account Create Account Login. Education Center Home. This large manual is a comprehensive guide to kinesiology taping for clinicians and allied health professionals.

Taping instructions are organized by body part and are preceded by a comprehensive introduction to Kinesio Taping principles and techniques. KinesioTaping in Pediatrics, Infant to Adolescent for health professionals. Written for pediatric therapists and physicians, this KinesioTaping Method manual focuses on conditions affecting infants, toddlers and adolescents, including birth injuries, postural issues and neurological damage or deficits.

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Clear, detailed instructions are accompanied by sequential color photographs, making the taping configurations easy to replicate. This manual focuses on issues related to the lymphatic system, including lymphedema, pitting edema, bruising and vascular conditions. Although the anatomical and medical terminology is advanced, the clearly written taping instructions accompanied by color photographs can be followed by most people with a moderate knowledge of medical terms and kinesiology taping skills.

However, when a physical therapist applies the tape in a strategic way that it is designed to follow muscle movement as you move through your day, then the tape can effectively improve healing and reduce pain. The best wrapping technique changes depending on the part of the body in need of attention.

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Physical therapists are trained in the best ways to tape different parts of the body. For example, certain injuries call for Y- or X-shaped applications, while smaller, more fragile areas heal better with an I-shaped wrapping. Attempting to apply the tape yourself, without any guidance, could result in further discomfort. It is important to receive guidance and training from a physical therapist when first applying kinesio tape.

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