pages | x11 | pdf file: MB | "Logic Pro X - How it Works" is the book to start with, the foundation for every Logic user. With rich illustrations. Updated for Logic Pro X v February 6, Peachpit Press Exploring the Interface and Working with Real Instruments. Lesson 1. Make Music with. This book is also available as a pdf download for $15 from my website "Logic Pro X - How it Works" was not only the first manual.

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Logic Pro X How It Works Pdf

Despite being well in excess of pages and based on v of the program, Logic Pro X: How It Works doesn't purport to tell you everything you need to. This book is also available as a pdf download for $15 from my website "Logic Pro X - How it Works" was not only. I think this was the last pdf file published for Logic Pro X. It is for I will be downloading the how it works book as soon as I am done with it.

CSeye said: Edgar, For those of us who downloadd the original pdf version, aside from "adding" it to iBooks in Future option to download a format bundle per book except for or including the printed version? Wally Click to expand Unfortunately, I have only control over the pdf sales from my website where i can bundle various titles. THe iBookstore and the site store are separate entities and the author or publisher has no access to their customer data. I don't know who the customer is and cannot market to them. Cross-platform bundles or upgrades is therefor also not possible. Once I have a book ready, I release it right away as a pdf file on my website. For the printed book,the turnaround from the time I send the book content these are also pdf files to site's sister company CreateSpace to the time the book shows up on site is down from three weeks to now almost hours. That's why I can release the pdf and printed book at the same time. The books on Apple's iBookstore is a completely different story. I write all my books in Pages the original version, not the new toy-version and copy paste the content into iBooks Author.

Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New in Digital Music: On letter size, full-color pages, the author explains the app in great detail with additional background information that is often required to fully understand specific features.

Many of the information regarding the functionality of Logic Pro X is found neither in the official documentation nor anywhere else. Logic Pro X is a very deep and sometimes complex application that users beginners and pros alike often struggle with. This is where the unique approach of the Graphically Enhanced Manuals series comes in. No matter how complex or complicated the subject is, the author provides easy to understand graphics and diagrams that let the reader understand and master the material.

No need to read through of pages of dry text explanations.

Rich graphics and diagrams help you to get that "aha" effect and make it easy to comprehend difficult concepts. The Graphically Enhanced Manuals help you master a program much faster with a much deeper understanding of concepts, features, and workflows in a very intuitive way that is easy to understand.

Readers love this unique way of learning applications no matter how easy or complicated the app might be. Here are some responses from satisfied customers: I bought your other Logic GEM books and love em Then you can browse through the book and see for yourself if it is worth the money. Please, if you are interested, click on the site link from my website, earns me a couple cents to finance my "one-man publishing endeavor" Thanks.

The site website has activated the " Look Inside " feature on my book. Now you can browse through the book to find out how much information is packed in that manual and learn more about my unique style of Graphically Enhanced Manuals if you are not familiar with yet.

Logic Pro X: Share the completed score

Click on the site button on my website http: Pickled Beats Logician. I snagged a copy and opened it in iBooks, very nice, easy to read and informative, Thanks! Please click on the iBooks link on my website http: The approval process with Apple took a little longer and I used the time to correct more typos and some minor errors.

This new update should be posted hopefully soon and will update through the iBookstore Notification system. The new version will also include the more complete graphically enhanced Glossary with words hyperlinked throughout the book.

You can even learn Logic non-linear, going through the Glossary. Thanks for your interest and don't forget to rate the book Thanks. Edgar, For those of us who downloadd the original pdf version, aside from "adding" it to iBooks in Future option to download a format bundle per book except for or including the printed version?

PDF Logic Pro x How It Works de Edgar Rothermich Baixar Livros - Free Download PDF

PDF is backwards and cross platform compatible which is a plus for reading wherever I am. Since the iBook version will be more Thanks, Wally. CSeye said: Edgar, Thank you for your informative answer. I'll explore the iBook samples to see what's special about them.

Logic Pro X Support

In the meantime, the How It Works book is shedding light on all kinds of useful bits about Logic I must have glossed over or forgotten. Looking forward to the Details book.

Best, Wally. Does the iBook version contain any audio or video examples? LSchefman Logician. Edgar, thanks for creating the book.

I find it a great read. I was having some issues saving the pdf to my desk top. Use of the Safari File menu items Print, Save as were not working. However, the floating control panel Save and Print buttons worked. All set. Thank you for the update.

Here is a list of new features that I now explain in the manual: As with any eBook updates, customers will see a Notification in their iBooks app to download the new version for free when it's available. Printed book version site All my books on site are made available through the Print-on-Demand service by their sister company CreateSpace.

One advantage of that concept is that any books are also up-to-date at any time. Once I have a new pdf file ready, it will be available as a printed book within 24 hours. There are no warehouses with old, previously printed, books that have to be sold first.

My Logic book on site is the current one based on the brand new Logic v

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