How to learn free mobile repairing course online in Hindi - Advance Android Mobile Repairing Course Book PDF (eBook). Table of. Mobile Phone Repairing PDF Book - Looking for book on mobile phone repairing . Download this PDF book for free to learn mobile phone repairing. sir main mobile repairing hindi main pdf file kahan se download karu agar. Mobile Repairing Book in Hindi PDF. likes. This book covers mobile repairing course including basic electronics, mobile software repairing, different.

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Mobile Repair Hindi Pdf

Mobile Repairing in Hindi - Mobile Phone Repairing App is a Step By Step Approach to explain concepts of mobile repairing. This apps help to. Mobile Repairing Course Hindi - Mobile Repairing apps provides to you about total mobile repairing process,latest mobile repairing tips in Hindi & English. Mobile-Phone-Repairing-PDF Best book of Mobile repairing book. Latest mobile repairing book. New good mobile repairing. Try to learn book.

Read Advance Mobile.. An entertaining and free e-book on physics. If you find yourself in need of some mobile repair,. Download, print and study at. Free Bonus 3. Top 10 Smartpone Repair Video Course..

Software Problems and Solutions.

Identification of Small Partsin a Mobile Phone. AC: Alternate Current. DC: Direct Current. IC: Integrated Circuit. RF: Radio Frequency.

TX: Transmit Transmitting Section. Soldering Iron Soldering Station www. Electronic ComponentsWhile Soldering. Soldering Ironwww. PCB Track. Fascia 2. Back Facia Facia Back Facia www. LED www. Charging Connector Data Cable Connectorwww. Battery Battery Connector www.

SIM Card SIM Card Connector www. Memory Card Memory Card Connector www. Camera Camera Connector www. Keypad Button Keypad Connector See below the changes in each version:.


Continue to Mobile Repairing Course Hindi. Mobile Course contains Mobile Repairing Tips for your informational purpose. Continue to app Rating: This apps help to you about total mobile repairing process , latest mobile repairing tips. The techniques covers in this app It includes Software repairing, Hardware repairing, Flashing. Click stars to rate this APP!

Mobile Repairing Course in Hindi Book PDF Free Download (eBook) eBook |

Memory Card Memory Card Connector www. Camera Camera Connector www. Keypad Button Keypad Connector Display Display Connector www. Antenna PCB www. Identification of PCB1. Antenna Point: The point where anteena is connected is called anteena point. Network Section: The section below anteena point and above power section is called network section. Anteena Switch: It is found in the network section. It is made from metal and non-metal. It has 16 points or legs. Identification of PCB4.

In some mobile phones, the anteena switch is merged with PFO. It is present beside the antenna switch. Network IC: It is below or beside the anteena switch and PFO. Nokia , , , etc. Identification of PCB8. Power Section: This section is below the Network Section.

Power IC: In some mobile phones there are 2 Power IC. In some sets there are 2 CPU. Flash IC: Identification of PCB Logic IC: Charging IC: Audio IC: Definition of Big Parts1.

Antenna Switch: It is found in the Network Section of a Mobile Phone and is made up of metal and non-metal. It searches network and passes forward after tuning.

If the Anteena Switch is faulty then there will be no network in the mobile phone. Definition of Big Parts2. It is also called P. It filters and amplifies network frequency and selects the home network.

Mobile Phone Repairing Tutorial, Tips, Free PDF Download

If the PFO is faulty then there will be no network in the mobile phone. If it gets short then the mobile phone will get dead.

Definition of Big Parts3. It is also called RF signal processor. It works as transmitter and receiver of audio and radio waves according to the instruction from the CPU. If the RF IC is faulty then there will be problem with network in the mobile phone. Sometimes mobile phone can even get dead.

Definition of Big Parts4. It is also called Network Crystal. It is made up of metal. It creates frequency during outgoing calls.

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