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Special Thanks to John Maniha, for compiling the Freedom City timeline, and to all contributors of Mutants & Masterminds, who have helped to turn Freedom. The Freedom City campaign setting for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition gives you the world's most renowned city of heroes to rescue from the forces of evil!. INTRODUCTION. The Fight for Freedom City is a convention-style adventure for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero RPG, originally written for the.

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Mutants And Masterminds Freedom City Pdf

Freedom City Map PDF. November 27, /in Freedom City /by Evan Sass. A print-quality map of Freedom City!» Freedom City Map PDF. We have uploaded a new, updated version of the Freedom City, Second Edition PDF. If you bought Freedom City, Second Edition on. While developing Freedom City Second Edition, Steve Kenson created an Freedom City Encyclopedia [99KB PDF] Freedom City Map PDF.

The extra-dimensional tyrant known as Omega launched an invasion of the city, resulting in vast destruction and the deaths of several superheroes; including Centurion. The largest alliance of heroes ever seen united to repel the invaders. A grateful city welcomes their return with open arms. But Freedom City and the world mourn the loss of their greatest hero. For Freedom to survive, she needs heroes The second became known as Star-Khan 's Reign of the entire planet Earth!! It started just eleven years later on January 1st, And then… The first ships appeared over every major city of the planet. There was no prelude and no demands. The aliens just attacked. They were an amphibious protean, shape-shifting species from the dark planet Grue Prime that combined the nastiest aspects of sharks and crocodiles with an aggression matched by neither. They were the stuff of nightmares to most.

Lightly patrolled. The black market is rumored here. Sports Franchises also call this home. Downtown Wading Way : Industrial hub and trendy industry shops. Westpoint City Center : Walled off areas holding the Alien's bases. The Aquarium is exchanged for the Boardwalk. Beachhead Known for the highrises and skyscrapers.

The large park is here as well as the city's main college. Uptown Freedom Hall : former home of the Freedom League, now the remains of the husk of the headquarters lies as a trophy to the Star-Khan. Midtown : Industrial hub and trendy industry shops. Westpoint Known for the highrises and skyscrapers.

Uptown the Goodman Building : former home to the Atom Family. The North End : Known for the highrises and skyscrapers. Uptown Parkside : Upper middle class, many human traitors call this home. Northpoint The Theater District : Dark stone and gothic architecture. Downtown The Fens : The lowest points of the city, a hive of wreched thugs and drugs.

Southpoint Lantern Hill : Humans connection to the outside world.

Tempest Greenbank : Humans connection to the outside world. Eastpoint Kingston : Upper middle class, many human traitors call this home.

Northpoint North Bay : Rich and famous mansions, country clubs. This is the home of many well established Aliens and traitors. Prospect Point the Boardwalk : Walled off areas holding the Alien's bases. Although it was common knowledge in Freedom City that the Scarab had a secret lair from which he pursued his tireless crusade against evil.

Neophyte hero Brainstorm sacrificed himself to hold off the mind-controlled League and. Hidden Control Room This room contains the systems and machinery to control the teleportals in Area 4.

Freedom City (PDF)

The teleportal grid also creates a phase-differential. Unexcavated Area The blocked corridor extended off Area 11 is a decision left up to the Gamemaster. Transport Hall 8. Transport Control Room This hall has alcoves with concealed teleportal platforms 4.

M&M - Freedom City Atlas 02 - The Scarab's Lair (GRR9026e).pdf

Hidden Transport Stations 9. Central Core Special hidden transport stations in this chamber are used as backups for the main stations in the Transport Hall. The only means of entering or leaving is via keyed teleportal. Side View 3. Holding Cells The two holding cells. The central core accesses all levels of the Lair.

Sarcophagus The secondary control room hidden alongside the secondary transport stations is used in times when the security of the Lair is threatened. It was once decorated with indoor palms and tropical plants.

Holding Cells.

If you introduce a new Scarab in your series. The only people to use the quarters were the Scarab and his rare and occasional guests some of whom were blindfolded or rendered unconscious entering and leaving the Lair to safeguard its location.

The chamber is also a test of sorts: Audience Chamber Lined with lotus-style pillars. Fire Prevention System. Mechanical Chamber Another area containing support machinery and equipment for the Lair.

M&M - Freedom City Atlas 02 - The Scarab's Lair (GRRe).pdf | License | Derivative Work

The Lair may also become the headquarters of the new Scarab. Secret Passage This secret passage makes its way to a hidden underground entrance to the Lair. Living Space.

Living Quarters The Lair has spacious and comfortable living quarters. If it there is truly more of the Lair beyond the blockedoff corridor. It is actually lined with advanced technology. Antechamber The walls of this chamber are covered with Egyptian style hieroglyphs showing the conflict between Prince Heru-Ra and the sorcerer Tan-Aktor that led them both to reincarnate over and over to continue their struggle. Medical Facility Although it looks like an Egyptian temple. Emergency Command Center This smaller.

Storage This chamber is used for storage. In truth. Burial Chamber This appears to be a burial chamber in the ancient Egyptian style. Command Center This is the brain of the Lair. The Scarab was known to assist the sick and injured with the aid of volunteers. Observation Room This room overlooks both the central core and the lower levels of the Lair.

The door beyond leads into the Audience Chamber Area Security System DC 30 Cost: Power System. It was rarely used to enter and exit. Power Teleport. Telekinesis Simian and Dr. Sophia Cruz might be in on the scheme or simply a dupe.

Telepathy 10 Note: Super-Senses 1 mental awareness. Cruz might come up with the idea herself. A player-run Scarab might offer the Lair as a headquarters and living space for fellow heroes. Speaking which. Give the place a slightly more Grecian style and it would also suit Taurus or Talos from Freedom City.

Jack-of-All-Trades past-life memories Powers: Flight 3 50 MPH. If that happens. In either case. Things happening in and around the Lair might draw heroes to it as well.

This means years when the Scarab is effectively out of play while the new incarnation matures and eventually awakens to full awareness of past lives and psychic potential.

Possibilities from the World of Freedom include Overshadow himself. Perhaps a villain finds the Lair first. The Scarab Template 49 points Feats: The Lair makes a perfect hiding place for a villain. A new incarnation of the Scarab will possess these traits. Perhaps Eldrich dispatches them to the Lair to find it. Sophia Cruz claims she is taking care of the place. There is valuable technology.

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