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Opportunities Upper-Intermediate TB - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book New Opportunities Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book - Russian Ed. New Opportunities Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Documents Similar To LONGMAN Opportunities Upper-Intermediate Teacher's. New Opportunities Pre-Intermediate Test Book. Uploaded by. JeremyvanDort.

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New Opportunities Upper Intermediate Teacher Book

New Opportunities Upper Intermediate Language Powerbook Answer Key - Download as New Opportunities Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book - Russian Ed. Opportunities: Opportunities Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book by AbeBooks may have this title (opens in new window). Opportunities is a five-level course for teenagers. Modules of topic-based units provide rich, contemporary content based on a wide variety of information themes .

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Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Cancel Save. Peterson,the door attendant, found the hat. At about four o'clock in the morning, he was coming back from a parry when he saw a tall rnan carrying a goosc. One pushed the rnan and thc orhcl thus rried to two take the goose.

Peterson went to protect the m: All lne attacKers clsappearecl so Peterson was IeIt with both the goose and the old hat. There was a card with the goose saying'For Mrs Henr: Peterson did not know what to do rvith either the hat or the goose so he broueht both to n1e o1r Christm: I kept the hat and Peterson l5 had the goose for his Christnras dinner.

The lining is made of recl silk and there is no elastic. There is some dr,rst on it and sevcralspots. Someonc has tried to cover all of the spots with ink. But I can't sec any c1ues. He used to be quite rich br-rtson'rctl-ringmusr have hrppcncd ro hinr, 1'robirbly problems r,vith drink.

His wife no longer loves hint. He is rniddle-aged rvith grey hair - rvhich he has had cut receutly. He doesn't do much exerciseand hc hasn't got gas in his house. How do you knorv all tlrat information? Reference Determiners tr paEe 6rsffintsrSurnrnurtrt, 14g. Worm-up 1 took at the photos A-D and quotes Which the funniest? Telt is Listenand identify Q 2 f-ootat the KeyWords. In a b c d telting joke? Belore stort you I Wtrlctr of the Key Words are related to thesethings?

He used to uork as a DJ; nou be ouns a record shop. But business is bad ancl ltis long-time partneli Laura, bas just walked out on bim. AII my life I've hated Sundays I get back to the flat at one; by two, things have got so bad that I decide to go home - bome home, Mum and Dad home.

It was 'waking up in the middle of the night and wondering where I belonged that did ir: I don't belong at home, and I don't want to belong at home, but at least home is a somewhere I know. My parents are OK, if you like that sort of thing, which I don't.

My dad is a bit dim but something of a know-all,which is a pretty fatal combination;you can tell from his silly, fussy beard that he's going to be the sort who doesn't talk much sense and won,t listen to any reason. My mum is iust a mum, which is an unforgivable thing to say in any circumstances except this one. I wish I wanted to see them more but I don't,and when I've got nothing else to feel bad about, I feel bad about that.

They'll be pleased to see me, although my heart sinks when I see that Geneuieue is onTV this 20 afternoon. I,ve come a million stops on the Metropolitan Line on a Sunday afternoon, I've waited eight years for a bus, Geneuieue is on the television and theyte not here. If I was at all prone to self-pity, which I am, I would feel bad about the terrible irony of finding your parenrs our when, finally,you need them.

But just as I'm abour to head back to the bus stop, my mum 30 opens the window of the house opposite and yells at me. Come in! Look at the photo of Rob. Howdo you think he's feeting? Checkyour guesses from Exercise2. Read the text to get the generaI idea. Findparts of the text that are relevantto the questions and readthem carefutly.

Be carefu[- the answermay not be stated expticitlyin the text. This afternoon it'sAustralian. W"e all chip in anda man comes and explains it all.

And your dad loves it. The room is full of people I don't recognise. I wasn't expecting this. I came for an afternoon of silent misery, not wild partying; the one thing I wanted from the afternoon wasincontrovertible proof that my life may be grim and empty, but not as grim and empty as life in Watford.

Wrong again! Life in Watford is grim, yes;but grim and full.! Ve're taping it. Ask you whether you'vebought any consumer durables? My dad comes back maybe an hour later. I approve of nice well-made films. British films. But get a move on. It starts in half an hour. I have exchanged hardly a word with either of them all afternoon. My treat. It's the time. I'm working tomorrow. You'll still be in bed by eleven. It'll do youSood. Buck you up.

Take your mind off things. Going to the pictures aged thirty-five withyour mum and dad and their insane friends does not take lour minO off things, I discover. Bul 6 Crozy True! Out to Grass rica Glendale at 2Oyears old, is one of the oldest cows in , Britain.

Erica has delivered , pints of milk in her 'She won prizes life and used to be a champion dairy cow. Erica has retired from competitions but last week, after he had finished work, Bob took Erica for a birthday treat to the Red Lion Inn for a slice 'If you work with an animal for 20 years, of cake and a drink.

Match the headtineswith these references a-c. Match the tenses and verb forms with their uses a-e. He took Ericafor a birthdaytreat. Peop[e were waving at her. Mrs Merrick, 70, had just come back from Bodmin, where she had been shopping, when she was attacked by Billy, a runaway bull. When Mrs Merrick bravely tried to defend herself, Billy lcrocked her over and started eating the contents of her shopping bag.

The pensioner was finally rescued by a man who had been working in a nearby garage. Someeventsmay have happened the same at time. MrsMerrick, hadjust come backfrom Bodmin, 70, where hSd h99! Does the underlinedverb form describe: L night. Johndecjdedtocomp[ainashisneighbours- have partieseveryday for two weeks. Looked l. Proctice 7 Use the cuesin brackets and the PastPerfect Continuous explain to the situations. Exampte Hisarmswere 1" sunburnt because hehadbeen sitting in the sun aLL day.

Example I Shehad beeneating too manysweets. Shehad droppedher keep-fitcLqsses. Stevewas feeting down. EmiLy and Tessa werevery excjted. Unfortunately, insteadof potting the bat[, he 9 pot his own fatseteeth! A[ice,shand gotstuckinthepocketandshe 4- cannot getit o u t a g a i n. Use the cues and the past tenses to write about a disastrousday trip. Use the Strategiesto choose the correct answersaccordingto the presenter: Haveyou heardthe one about.

Pronunciotion Z Listen to the sentences. Write down the words which are emphasisedto make the story more interesting. Then listen again and repeat the sentences. Add words e. You can add more information to make it more interesting. Listen to your partner'sjoke actively.

B Who? Discussthese questions. W h a t i s t h e differencebetween the meaning of just in numbers t 7 a n dt 2? Is it fair? Writing you Belore slarl 1 Readthe text and match the h e a d i n g s 1 - 8 w i t h t h e paragraphs A-D. There are two headingsfor each paragraph.

Reuieu 1 the fl witt itr the genre of the -, 2 a young person in storyline often search of his or her identity and place in the adult world. One of the best examples of this is the novel Billy Liar by Keith in Waterhouse. Having been first 3 , the book has been recently 4 This raises the question if a text written almost half a century ago still has today's reader. However, Billy lives much of his life through his imagination: Billy is engagedto two girls at the same time and wants to escape.

After meeting another girl, calted Liz, he decides to go to London with her and become a scriptwriter. However, having got on the London train, he changes his mind and gets off again. He slowly walks back home - he is happier in his dreams. Billy's adventures and mishaps are hilarious.

And although he rebels against the England of the late s, the reasons for his rebellion are relevant Billy lies and misleads people today. The book has a strong 9 -message: To a contemporary reader, this might be the book's 10 -, as nowadays many readers don't enjoy novels with such strong moral'lessons'.

I believe Billy Fisher gains aU in all, Bitly Liar is certainly still 11 I makes today's readers' sympathy and understanding, and the book's 12 it one of my favourite comic novels. Paragraph looking for, an understanding who you are t P a r a g r a p h: Paragraph definitely,gets D:. Use the structures to link these sentences. Stoge I Decide what book you are going to write about.

Here are some suggestions. Is it educational,entertaining, motivating? Is it sometimes slow or f difficutt to understand? An American Conedisn Listento a comedy sketchand answer questions. Choose mostinterestingone and the te[[the class. Workshops Communiculion Speoking you Before stort 1 Wort in pairsand tatk aboutthe photos. What do you know films?

The speaker betieves that comedy. SngeI Read Strategies. Look at the FunctionFiteand Chatroom sections from the modute for usefuIexpressions. Practise sayingusefuIexpressions o n y o u ro w n. Yevgeny Leonovis, -, a great comicactor. He is funtastic Ta Kill the Dragon. Stage 2 Decideon your favourite comedy actor or actress. Exampte RobinWitl. Prepare Decide how you'regoingto beginand end it. Tolkhack did Whichpresentation you find most Telt convincing? He had had problems at work and his wife had left him to go off with a lion tamer.

He had been feeling depressed for over a month, so he decided to go to the doctor. He had to wait for what seemed ages in the doctor's surgery. The man next to him was looking at his walch nervously, a woman was coughing badly and a baby was screaming. Finally, after he had been waiting for about half an hour, he was called in. The doctor was writing a note at her desk when he came in. Just a moment, I'm just finishing something. I'm afraid we've been very busy this morning.

You know,lots of problems,' replied "l-henranager lhe rnan. I'mworklng in the States three months. This time next week, I'll be arriving in for Ncw York. That would do you a lot of good. His name's. Identify the tenses. More practice, LanguagePowerbook,. Rowan was born in , the youngest of three sons. By the time he was thirteen, h" 4 win a scholarship to a privateschoo1.

Afterhe5- study thereforawhiie, he got involved in acting. By tire time he was seventeen, he u- aireadyact inap1ayattheEdinburghFestivai. His teachers predict a furure in acting, but despite this, Rowan still 8 not plan a career in entertainment. He eventually 9 - go to oxford ro do a science degree. But while he 72 study at oxford, he met a group of friends who are his partners to this day. A happy accident finally unlocked Rowan's talents while he 13 practise a scripr in John Lloyd, a BBC producer, says,'Ir was one of those things which happen very rarely in your life, when you r e a l i s ey o u a r e i n t h e p r e s e n c e f g e n i u r.

I 1 6 o convince he wouid be more famous than Chaplin. It was a LoveLy day. After leaving the ffice, I bought a newspaper.

Pronunriotion Thenclassify them 7 Saythe wordsbetowto yourself. I w a s newmotorbike ndI was a m o o d. Example vegetable Q titt"n and check your answers. Tronslulion into English. Exampte affectionate sense, setf, fun, nerve, affection,sympathy, ,.

Example My cousinis veryaffectionate- she's got a worm personality. Caxtonintroduces the printing press.

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Write down the dates. Try to identify their accents. Use the clues in the text to help you. Answerthese questions. Discussyour answerswith the class. KEYWORDS advertising bittboards, buskers, groups, drama fireworks, ctowns, g r a f f i t i , ' l i v e t a t u e s 'm u s i c i a n s , s , pavement concerts, open-air artjsts,scutptures, statues r! Nowadays, social behaviour, 'vandals'are artists,and someof them havemade treatedas respected reports.

Clarke Sue of and NewYorkers to see graffiti thewalls poorneighbourhoods used the on subwaytrainsas somethingmenacingand an exampleof urban decay. The the scrawlednames and sloganswere seen as unsightly and aggressive, work of vandalsseekingto express their identities even make a politicalpoint.

Up to or the Os,most New Yorkershated graffiti, consideringit as an eyesorethat was illegaland punishable fines. Nowadays,it has the statusof 'street art' and you get graffiti in placeswhere you wouldn't expect to - in advertisements, clothes,on toys, and even on the Wall StreetJournal'sofficial on website! In the early s, there was a real crazefor graffiti art and the The sophisticated Manhattan art world had displaysof street art in its galleries.

When it suddenlygot to the top of the of Americanmusiccharts,hip-hop culturewas spread,bringing graffitiwith it. Today,companiesare starting to realisethe appeal of graffiti in advertising. Kel Rodriguez,who used to spray New York subway trains, was the artist chosen websiteand it is obviouslydone in graffitito designthe Wall StreetJournal's style. Many of this new wave of artistsgive lectureson developmentsin their ad.

Indeed,the CroningerMuseum in Hollandis one of the few museums graffiti as an art form. This websitehas a 'merchandise capsto his own originaldesigns over the world - everythingfrom baseball all yoyos! LeonardMcCurr, a street artist for 25 years,went from painting subway clothesfor young people. Whichof thesethings do you. Europe the USA? Paragraph numbers in brackets. Thenmatchthe partsof the expressions their meanings undertined with a-h. Read each paragraph carefu[[y. Theyoften contain a word or a synonymof a word from the paragraph.

Usethe Strategiesto match the headings a-g with paragraphs Thereis one extra heading. Add your own examples. ExampleI madea lot of mistakes my Last in English essay.

Take turns to readout your sentences.

LONGMAN Opportunities Upper-Intermediate Teacher's

Matchthe KeyWords with these partsof the body. Example I night have my hair dyed one day. But I pierced. Which clause in italics, a or b, gives: Rrurrvr PRoNouNs people t h i n gs p[aces possessive. Pructire 7 Undertinethe relative clausesin these sentencesand decide if they are defining D or non-defining N-D.

Add commaswhere necessary. Barbara,who is a hairdresser, her own beautysaLon. Example L He put the ring, which was made of gold, through her nose. I read a [eaf[et. It said body piercingwas dangerous. I find it an attractivecolour. W h i c h participteclause in italics tetLsus: S coveredwith photosof cLients.

What verb form is used for a and b? Theportrait showsmy grandmother. Thecommitteeacceptedthe solution. Thesinger has alreadyrecordedsix CDs. Theshark had attacked two surfers. Then tett the ctass. Example Somemen would prefer to wear skirts,which is understondable especi lly i n summer.

Completethe Function Fite with these words. He's bit too 2 a maybe! Andhe's a bit on the 3 side. But he'sgot a rather4 And he'squite 5 6 George Ctooney? Hecomes across stightly8 as and serious first. He's totatty 74 -when it comes to remembering timesanddates. Alice is 1 quite nice. She's 2 rather fall and she's got 3 fairly long hair. She'sgot a 4 rather nice smile and she's 5 quite ftiendiy.

She's 6 pretty good at telling jokes and she's 7 quite witty. But she's 10 pretty scatty and absent-mindedl. In the description,which modifiers quite, rather,fairly, pretty could you replacewith very? Which of them make a comment: Think about these things: U s et h e Strategiesto decide if these statements are t r u e T o r f a l s e F.

Have a conversationabout the people you have met. Example A So what is she Like? B WelL, she'sveryoutgoingand I've Weget on reatlywett. Yes,he must be in his fifties. I think they'rereattyattractive. He'squite shy, reaL[y. Yes, they'reboth a bit scatty! Examp[e I'd liketo go out withJennifer Lopez! Sayyour sentences repLy them. Stoge 3 Useyour notesto write your composition. Tryto include: She work in a room whichshe caLIs office. Tqlkbock Work in groups. Readthe descriptions.

Apart from the place you described,which ptace woutd you tike to tive in? A Song Listening: A Descriptiono Place of Write a description of a place that would match your personatity and interests.

Followthe stages. Stage I Think of your personatityand interests. Write down adjectives that describe your characterand examplesof your b e h a v i o utrh a t s h o w i t. Musica t music. Whatwoutdhis placebe [ike? A big sitting room. What do the interview. Whatsort of person they do think livesthere? Does matchthe it description Pamela?

Whatare your "What does my home meanto me? Wet[,it's a refugefrom cotlege. I Liketo keepit clean and clutter free. Stage 3 Read Strategies. Try not to leave [ong pauses without sayinganything. Use hesitationwords,e. Use'vague'language, e. Usefixed expressions, Iet me thinkfor a second, e.

I know what you meon, that's very true. Work in pairs and discussyour ideas from Stage 2. Use the Strategies above. Dkcussing o Topic Discuss changing the attitudesto home suggested the prompts. Fottow by the stages. I Stage Lookat Photos page36 and B above A and quicklywrite downnounsand you adjectives coutduseto describe these two rooms. Whatmakes them different? Use the Key Wordsto describe them and discusstheir different uses.

R e m e m b e r o r d p a order andsentence atterns reoften differentin poems. It js on the top of the hjtt. Thetatt grasssings with sadnessSIttIlr The butterftjes move as if they are in an obstaclerace. Example The child turned andflew into her mother's arms. Discuss thesequestions. Who the most poets your[anguage? Arethere anysimitar idiomatic expressions in your [anguage the ones Exercise Like in 8? Write suitable images for these situations. W h a t is your reaction to these works of art?

The Revision: Possive the 4 Comptete tabtewith from of examptes passives the text. Present Simpl"e nuous Present Conti. Stephen lleasule proiectswas calledSurrounded ne of their most spectacular 5 aL by islands the coastnear Miamiwere surrounded on Eleven lslands. Many peoplethought that permission and some thought the project should never havebeen t0 wouldnt be given, in when the wrappingof the Reichstag silverfabric had allowed.

However, and acclaim, glowingbuildingreceivedinternational the finallybeen completed, most recent project was called'The Christo loved beingappreciated. Their Gates'. The gates nylon and were nearlyfive metres high. Thefabric is of be coveredby l0 lcilometres luminous, goingto be suspended abovethe river so that the work of art can be seen of? Thousands peoplewill be neededto complete to Christo manages do all this without beinggivenany this feat of engineering. When the Reichstag the world.

Why bother when it takes so long? Example L I hate being treated like a child. Prsclice 8 Rewritethe diatogue and the newspaperstory belowso that they sound naturat. Changethe passive into active in the dialogue and the active into passive in the newspaperstory.

The police arrested three men today. The police chased them for twenty minutes and the police caught them when a lorry hit their car. The police took the men to ScotlandYard for questioning. People lasr h;;ilili't ce. I and YT"II: Whichmusicdo you tike most? Whichof the KeyWords you useto describe music? W haunting, [ivel. Decide the opinionsare positiveor negative. As you listen, identify the 'topic' wordsand write down any opinion wordsyou hear. Payattention to the intonation used when a agreeing nd disagreeing.

CoLdpLay on exciting Someof the oLdrock bandsare not bad at al"[. Which expressions are used: Ptonunciof ion O A Listento the sounds, words, expressions the and intonation. Whichof thesedo they express? Then listen againand repeatthe expressions. Giving 0pinions: Persona[[y, I'm not that keen on that sort of music. It's not realty my thing. Me too. I [ike the faster stuff. Sodo I. But don't you tike the Rol.

I have to admit they'regood. Tetlyour partneraboutyourtastesin music. Agree disagree or with yourpartner. Exampte A I think U2 arereallygreot! B Doyou? If you askme,they're ancient. Like I rap groups. A I'm not keen rap music. A No,not really. O f O Workin groups. Listento somemusicalextracts.

After eachpieceof music,take turns to give your opinions aboutit. O 6 litt"n to the conversationagain and check your answers. Comptetethe gaps in the text with these words. Am6tie decides to 3findthe man ownsthe boxandgiveit backto him. Mostimportantly, it is a fitmabouthuman goodto otherpeople.

Example 1 The fiLm wasset in either the s or the s. A FilmReview 4 Writea film reviewabout one of your favourite films. Fottow stages. Before start you I took at the photo. Whatdo you think they,re tatking about? A Conversotion O 2 lirt"n and find out the subjectof the conversation. Who interruptsother peoplemost: Richard, or Kate? Sue S again. Answer questions writing R Richard , the by. Listen S Sue or K Kate in the boxes. Whoreluctantty accepts suggestion a foLk the of group?

Whose for the art exhibition accepted? Whocan'tstand fi[ms? I tisten to extracts from the conversationin the Listening Workshop. Ctassifythe way in which the peopte interrupt each other. Stage I Individuatly, decide what sort of events you would [ike to have. Choosefrom this list or think of others. No, they'rereatly corny. They're right up your street. Just a few bits and pieces. Stage 2 Workin pairs.

Discuss yourideas. Tryto use expressions from the Function in Lesson andthe Chatroom. File 15 Example A Don't you thinkweshould have B No,I don't. They're reallycorny! Stoge 3 Readthe Strategies. Taking turns in group discussions. Showinterestin what the othersare saying. Usewords [ike ' g i h t',' absoLute and' exa ly' ctly' and sounds Like, m'. If you reattyneedto interrupt, interrupt poLiteLyl Wait for the o t h e rp e r s o n o p a u s e i r s t.

Stage 4 Workin groups three or four. Decide events yourArts of the for Weekand finatty choose cetebrity openit.

Whatthings woutdyou like to dothere? At this time oI year, there is nowhere better than the unspoilt countrysideof South Shropshire. On the bordersof England and Wales, it is full of beauty, with high hills, wooded countryside and picturesque towns and villages, all of which means that it is an ideal place to visit. It is probably sensible to base yourselves in Ludklw, which is the biggest town in the district.

As the well-known iocal historian, David Lloyd, has said, 'there are few towns like ours in Britain with such fine architecture. Cross the medieval bridge over the River Teme and enter the town through a gate in the old town walis. You will find yourself in Broad Street with its impressive lSth cenlury houses. Architectr-rrally, this is one of the most famous streets in England. Other places worth a visit are the castle, which delcnded the town against the Welsh, and St Laurence's, a spectacular medieval church.

These arc just some of the things that make Ludlow a very special town. As well as seeing these sights, there are plenty ol others to visit in the area such as the historic towns ol Cleobury Mortimer and Bishops Castle. They are amongst the scores of castles in the area. Go canoeing on the river Tcme or hang gliding from Clee Hill.

South Shropshire is also a walkers' paradise, with Mortimer's Trail that goes from Ludlow through Monimer's F xest to thc Welsh border. There are plenty of good hotels and restaurants in Ludlow and their food has an excellent reputation.

In addition, Ludlow is only milcs lrom London, which makes it a great place lor a wcckcnd.

Opportunities: Opportunities Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book

Reference Pronouns page Grammsr Summary, 3 toot at the wordsin red and qnllellne the parts of the text that they refer to. Ludlow haso church tower that onecan see from mtLes ano mtLes awqy. More practice,LanguagePowerbook, page VlPs showl. Example L Street ortists,whoarerespected morein Europe, get thousands dollars theirpointings.

I t h a s a n enormous arket. Eeantq Vocobulory 6 Comptetethe text with the correct form of get, have or moke. Yesterday, 1 we a meetingand 2 3 a look at the figuresSaLly. Exampte 7 'Blade' designs T-shirts, usingspeciaL computer software. I 2 3 4 5 6 'Btade' designs T-shirts.

Completethe sentenceswith down,from, off, or up. You can't get away graffiti nowadays. Thismoving world 8 accompany musicandsounds. Asimilar exhibite 10 Computer graphics combine with project on thewalls images which11 3-D and take on a ceiling, theviewer12 and tourof whatseems another like dimension. Q O listen and check your answers. Repeatthe words. Tronslotion I 0 translatethe followingsentences into Engtish. Ilaaoe-ro MHec. Xealnr MeHl lla: Erl Haaoera ee crapoN4ollHarr flpr4qecKa, orra r.

Although the official language spoken across the territory is Russian, local langnrages are very important too. Lingnrists have named about i50 different Ianguages spoken in Russia. Each nation or ethnlc group observes its oum traditions and customs, and the five main religrons are Orthodoxy Catholiclsm, Islam, Judaism or Buddtsm.

Thrkic and Mongolian peoples inhabit huge territories Central Asia and Eastern Europe, Though the physical features of these neoples are verv dilferent, their Within tlus group, Tatars and Ianguages are a-Like. TheYakuts, who live the largest republic in the Federation, were converted to Orthodox Christiality in l Bth century but strong elements of their animist beliefs survived.

The Caucasian neooles who live rr the republics of Adygeya, hrgnrshetia, Chechnya, and Dagestan are Muslims, whereas most Ossetians are Orthodox. They speak about forty different languages and have their traditions and customs, which are sometimes very si Slightly fewer than one third of a million people live in North East and Far East, but they represent aroi: Matchthe speakers Z Listento five peopte with the pictures A-D. Thereis one extra speaker.

Talkabouttraditionswith your partner. Whatold traditions yourfumil. Doyou have yourownfamity Whatare traditions? In the summer ,a young man was sittingat homeaftera day'swork. Suddenly, While rocking one-year-old his baby,he thoughtsomething 'e whichwould cameto him! Hisground-breaking but of couldproduce unbelievable an amountof energy. For example, much heavier of we couldseepeoplemovingat the speed light,they would appear and larger and would seemto move in slow motion.

By the time the firstatom bombshad exploded during the Second World War, two young Russian scientists were developing application an idea based Einstein's of a stimulated on emission. Thissoonled to the invention the laser, of a in become key instrument many , which hassince industries. Lasers very valuable medical are in surgery because they stop the bleeding they cut. Many of us uselasers rolein when we playCDs. Masers playa very important still astronomyand spaceresearch find Anotherfar-reaching which changed world of the shepherd.

When he cameback,he wasjust aboutto throw the dish He awaywhen he noticed something of the ordinary. Althoughthey and theirteam did not a to to. First,readthe text to get the g e n e r aiId e a. Theyhad produced world'sfirst the Electronic computer. Eniac Numerical Integrator Computer and was huge, measuring feet long by over 1O 1OO feethighand weighing over 30 tons. It consumed muchenergythat when it was turnedon, the lights so in the localtown went dim. However, workedand it was the it f irstprogrammable computer.

The computerarrivedtoo late to help 6 in the next breakthrough. Fromthe mid s, biologists knew abouta molecule thai had an important rolein passing genetic on information all for livingthings. However, ihey did not know how it worked and the raceto find this out had begun. Then,two youngscientists Cambridge at University the results some saw of studies Rosalind by Franklin.

Why not? Work in pairs. Over the centuries,people have used the stars,cards, crystalballs and even tea-leaves look into the future. I stiil to read my horoscopeevery day: One day I mightl This weekend,however,we will get a surprisebecausehunclreds of futurologistsare meeting at NewcastleUniversity. The conferencestarts on Thursday and the expertswill be discussing the impact of technology on the future.

The future is now big business. I logged on to the websitesof some professional futurologistsand fbund thesepredictions: The technology alreadyexists,so very soon all of us are going to use our voicesto give instructions to computers. In the next few years,we will be communicating with our friends around the world using life-sizedvideo imageson large screensin our living rooms. By the year ,computers will alreadyhave become more efficient and powerful than the human brain, both in terms of intelligenceand the amount of information they can store.

By the year ,genetic engineeringand nanotechnology will enable us to live for at least years. Using nanotechnology, tiny, insect-like robots may be sent around our bodies to carry out repairs and keep us healthy. By the middle of the century,computers,millions of times smarter than us, will have been developed.

By this time, we r,r,ill be linking our brains with'ultra-stnart' computers. A new speciesmight have developed-'Homo Cyberneticus,. By the end of the century,we will have colonised our solar systemand will be looking for ways to colonise deep space. Much more interestingthan horoscopes,I am sure you will agreel I've decided I'm going to give up astrologyand take up futurology - I'll be there in Newcastlethis weekend.

At nine o'clock on Saturdaymorning, I'll be sitting in the front row ancllistening to the great Duke Willard talking about the future of my brain. If you can't beat the future, ioin itl. Future Future Perfect, Confinuous 5 In which of these sentencesdo we that the underlined activity emphasise m u s t b e f i n i s h e d b e f o r et h e o t h e r o n e happens?

FutureContinuous A t n i n eo ' c l o c ko n S a t u r d a y o r n i n g , m I'tt be sitting jn the front row and listeningto the great DukeWiltard. Findmore examplesof the tenses in the text. U Comptetethese predictions about the world in by putting the verbs in bracketseither in the Future Perfector the Future Continuous.

Write fu[[ sentencesusing the Future Perfect or t h e F u t u r eC o n t i n u o u s. At 7 't "-Y Friday of 4 - p. Prof Howard Green: Alternative Sources EnergyNew perspectives il ,. Reception ': Vehicles the Future of 2 - 3. Lunch Prof StellaSpacek: Explorationof Mars and Venus ' Dr D. Genetics Hope or Threat? Reception Proctice 7 Comptete sentences the usingthe Present Perfect. Make predictions about each other in ten years' time. Say what you think about your partner's predictions.

Example A I think that in ten yeors' time you'll be workingqs a vet. I I Ai'iicicrl fi you Before slorl 1 lool at the pictures. Work in pairs and discussthese questions. C t a r i f y i n g n d A s k i n gQ u e s t i o n s a And tonight she'sin the studio for an interview with us, we[t, 1 , she'shereon screen,of course. Iislening Q 2 Listento the interviewwith Ananova answer and the questions. Canshe reatlyta[k? How doesshe find newsstories? Do you think Ananovais intelligent?

Comptetethe Function Fite with these expressions. Example A lt's quitefast. Whatthqt meqnsis that it goesat about 40 kph. B What don't quite understqnd how it moves.

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