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On love and loneliness. by: Jiddu Krishnamurti. Publication date: print- disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. On Love by Krishnamurti. From the intro: "What is love? The word is so loaded and corrupted that I hardly like to use it. Everybody talks of love. In Krishnamurti said: "It is only when the mind is not escaping in any form that it is possible to be in direct communion with that thing we call lonlin.

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On Love And Loneliness By J.krishnamurti Pdf Download

On Love and Loneliness [Jiddu Krishnamurti] on terney.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Krishnamurti said: "It is only when the mind is not escaping in any Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Free Download On Love And Loneliness Jiddu Krishnamurti PDF File at our ebook Library. Filename: On Love And Loneliness Jiddu Krishnamurti. 1/3. On Love and Lonliness is a compelling investigation of our intimate relationships with ourselves, others, and society. Krishnamurti suggests that "true.

Family background and childhood[ edit ] Krishnamurti in The date of birth of Krishnamurti is a matter of dispute. Mary Lutyens determines it to be 12 May [3] but Christine Williams notes the unreliability of birth registrations in that period and that statements claiming dates ranging from 4 May to 25 May exist. She uses calculations based on a published horoscope to derive a date of 11 May but "retains a measure of scepticism" about it. He was born in a Telugu -speaking family. His father, Jiddu Narayaniah, was employed as an official of the British colonial administration.

Collections of Krishnamurti's talks have been translated into almost every living language, and they remain popular with students of philosophy and comparative religion today. Freedom from the Known is, in a sense, "the best of books", in that every page points, in one way or another, to the possibility of a completely different way of living, leading to what Krishnamurti sometimes referred to as "a life without pleasure or pain, but of almost constant joy".

This is foreshadowed toward the end of the first talk, as follows: "Freedom is entirely different from revolt. There is no such thing as doing right or wrong when there is freedom.

You are free and from that centre you act. And hence there is no fear, and a mind that has no fear is capable of great love. And when there is love it can do what it will.

What we are now going to do, therefore, is to learn about ourselves, not according to me or to some analyst or philosopher—because if we learn about ourselves according to someone else, we learn about them, not ourselves—we are going to learn what we actually are.

There are certainly many statements in it which offend my understanding of logic, and many others which seem to me to be internally inconsistent.

There are also some words in it which, though used fairly consistently within the context of the book itself, do not seem to mean quite what a dictionary would suggest they ought to mean. Worse still, many of the talks seem, to me at least, to go round in circles, rather than moving in any direction at all.

And yet, it is possibly my most-read book, and certainly one of my very favourite books of all time. How can I reconcile these two aspects of my own subjective response to the transcripts of these sixteen talks?

The nearest I can come to an explanation is to say that to read this book is to be "a miner for a heart of gold". The ore may at first seem to yield very little of the mineral in question. However, from time to time you will stumble upon a nugget, either mixed up with the often peripatetic background patter, or perhaps nestling quietly "between the lines". If even a little of what the author was trying to convey finds its way through the limitations of language in these ways, then I can almost guarantee that you will come back to the book again and again, as I do, and find one or more previously-missed philosophical gems every time.

But please, don't take my word for it. Find out for yourself! Freedom from the Known is available from many large bookstores. I was at Benaras. Throughout the whole of January and February I had no attack of vomiting and giddiness. I was free from fever. There was no bleeding of the ear. I was feeling really well.

In march , I went back to Bombay for getting different visas and foreign exchange. I learnt that Krishanji was in Bombay. I went to see him. I told him that but for the watery discharge through the ear every night, there was no trouble. Of course the hearing power of the ear had been damaged.

But I was not much worried about the deafness. Krishanji decided to give me three more sittings. Next morning we went through the first sitting.

I need not go into details. Suffice it to note - that except for deeper intensity- the experience was nearly the same as previous occasions. After the second sitting I realized that I could hear loud voices in the room.

It made me happy. I did not mention it, however, to anyone. Not even did I tell it to Krishnaji when we went through the third sitting next day. To my great joy, I discovered that I could hear any and every sound after the third sitting. On the fourth day I told Krishnaji that I had recovered my hearing. Are you imagining it? I am willing to go through auditory tests, sir. I may imagine things but the machine wont imagine it. I am glad Vimalaji.

It has worked! Do go to your surgeon the ear specialist and go through the necessary tests. Let me know the report. I am greatly interested in this phenomenon. Both of us were happy. On the 12th March I wrote him a short note. The hearing is normal.

I have no words to express my thankfulness to you. I have no words even to tell you how profoundly happy I am feeling. Experience of complete relaxation.

Relaxation of the body, the mind and reason. I wonder if it is freedom. Here are the notes of that interview. Any change regarding the pus? Why does the pus not stop?

You have no tension; no pressure; no suppression - sexual or any other? None that I know of. Not worried about what to do in life? No sir, Not in the least.

Have you made up your mind where to go for a holiday? I shall decide after I undergo the tests in the ear clinic and after I see my father. Have your friends to arrange it for you? My father happens to be my best friend? They never do. They are very kind. They understand things, you know. Do you like mountain-air? I like it. It suits me. Then I need not think about it. I can arrange if you want me to. I am not suggesting - do you understand? Yes, Perfectly.

Now, I am not a doctor. But I feel you should try ice pack around the neck and the ear. Do it gently. Experiment for a few minutes. If you feel better, just repeat it.

Do you think you could do it? Surely, I will try it this afternoon. Do you know any Asanas? I know. Any breathing exercise? Yes, quite a few. How many miles can you walk without feeling tired? Five miles at a stretch. What about those sounds in the ear? Seven of then have disappeared. One still persists. What is that? That of the flute. Are you translating the sound or just recognize it?

What is translating, Sir? Leave it.

On Love and Loneliness

If the seven have gone the remaining one will also find its way. Does it impair your hearing? Come tomorrow morning at 9 a. Have you made up your mind where to go? Not yet. Thank you ever so much Sir. But I think I can manage it. You do look better. You can hear well.

You are not imagining? I shall send you the report of the auditory test. It has worked. It is something which both of us have worked together. I really do not know what I have done. Do you understand? I think, I do. I experimented with the ice pack.

It proved very helpful. By the end of March I was feeling quite fit and fresh. I went to Benaras to discuss things with Jai Prakash Narayan and my father. I told them frankly that the trip abroad was not necessary on medical grounds at all.

They agreed that I was looking very well. But they insisted that I should go to London and get myself examined by a ear-specialist in London. I showed them the report of the auditory test. They were pleased to note that the ear had recovered hearing power.

And at the end of the week we decided that the visit abroad was necessary, for enabling me to take complete rest, if not for treatment. I left Bombay for London on the 7th April I arrived there on the 8th morning.

The morning was bright and cool. It was refreshing after the sticky and sultry weather of Bombay. Why Should Not I? I was told that the general condition needed a little toning - up. As regards the ear, there was a little watery discharge but it was not a serious matter. Persons living in the tropical countries suffer from such discharge after they undergo an operation on the middle-ear.

I was advised some injections and antibiotic powders for the ear. On the whole the doctors were convinced that there was nothing serious and that I did not need institutional treatment and that a few months in the dry and bracing climate of Switzerland would help me to recover completely.

He was giving talks at Wimbledon. I told him about the medical report and he seemed to be happy about it. I attended four talks. It was a different experience to listen to him while he was addressing a western audience. Though the content was the same, the approach was altogether different.

The overtones and undertones had a noticeable emphasis on science and psychology. He was, as it were, fully aware of the full impact of the industrial civilization on the minds of his audience. Indeed he seemed to feel the stress and strain under which their whole nervous system was being crushed. I went to Carlisle and thence to the Lake District to spend a fortnight with some friends. After returning from the north I went to see Krishnaji again.

I did not know any suitable place in Switzerland where I could go for rest and relaxation. He asked me whether would care to go to Saanen where he would be giving a series of discourses. He gave me all the necessary information and I wrote to the touring agent in Saanen asking him to make arrangements for my boarding and lodging.

Within a fortnight the agent had informed me that he had fixed me up in Hotel Metropol. By the end of July I found myself in the beautiful summer resort of Gstaad. But with all my efforts to understand, I failed to understand what it was. What was its nature? Had it any rationale? If you do, why should not I? Hence the need for your help. Next day I went to the Charlet Tannegg where he was staying. I learnt that Mr. Aldous Huxley would join us for luncheon.

It made me a little nervous. I sat next to him. We sat there silently for some time and then we went to his room.


Here are the notes of the conversation that took place between Krishnaji and myself on the 5th August I am not well. I had a very bad attack of flu when I came here. It was very cold when I arrived. There was snow on those hills. Besides my trip to California caused a great deal of strain. Why are you giving talks in such bad health? Have the doctors allowed you to But let us talk about your letter. Why do you want to know about the healing power? Do you want to have it?

Not in the least. Are you afraid that it might be Hypnotism or Mesmerism? Oh No sir. I would not associate those things with you. Moreover, I wonder if mesmerism or hypnotism would work at all in my case. Then why do you want to know? Because it has affected my body and mind both.

As far as the body is concerned, bleeding of the ear has stopped. Hearing has been restored. General health has improved. In every way I feel better. I feel happy. As far as mind is concerned, this healing business has played havoc. Everything has gone topsy- turvy. What do you mean? What has happened? Well, formerly I used to feel homesick when abroad. Since April last, I feel as if I have no home. I belong nowhere. It is fragmentary work.

It does not touch the core human personality. Likes and dislikes, prejudices and preferences have vanished. Something within has been let loose. I could go on trying to describe but I know the attempt is futile. Please go ahead. I am deeply interested. If I had arrived at this phase after reasoning it out with myself, it would not have baffled me. If the healing had affected only the body and stopped there, I would not have bothered you at all. Please, it is no botheration.

Since the first sitting, there has been something entirely new and strange, pulsating through every nerve. In the beginning I thought I was imagining things. So I kept quiet in Benaras and Bombay.

The experience, however, continued in April and May. I was obliged to ask you about it in London. Do the vibrations increase and decrease? Are they constant? They are constant and have the same intensity.

Well - You know I have had this healing power, or whatever it is, since my childhood. I rarely exercise it. But this time there was an urge to help. Of course, Love has played the major part in this healing. I think I do. But we must sit down quietly and talk about it. Can you stay on till the 15th? Yes, I can. When are you going back to India? I am not sure - either by the end of september or the middle of October. When are you going back? In October, to Madras. It will be hot in October. Must you go back in October?

Shrugging his shoulders Yes. I have to go through my circle - You know- Madras-Delhi- Benaras. After the conversation Krishnaji offered to give me a sitting.

I felt rather embarrassed because he looked ill and tired. We can do them in India. To be frank - you are not well and I feel rather I quite understand. But let me assure you it does not affect my health in any way. It is quite alright. Let us do them here. I went up 7, feet with the help of a ropeway and spent about four hours on a lonely peak. Meditation always enlightens. It threw a flood of light upon my fallacious thinking.

Returning in the evening I wrote a letter to Krishanji. While listening to you this morning I found out my folly. I think I was trying to understand the experience through which I have been passing.

For understanding it, I was trying, unawares, to analyze it in terms of previous experiences not only my own, but also those of my friends. That was wrong. Furthermore, I was trying to understand it in order to be able to communicate it to my friends; in order to be able to explain why and how everything with which I was associated had dropped away. I was assuming too much responsibility- unwarranted responsibility at that.

It is none of my concern to explain or to worry about their misunderstanding.

That is all. When I became conscious of my folly I felt very much ashamed of having troubled you. I hope to be forgiven. As regards the letter, he said: Thank you for your letter.

You need not apologize to me. You were right in asking the question. I am glad you have solved it for yourself. While I was waiting for him his hostess was kind enough to come and have a word with me. There is nothing difficult what he says is so simple. Here are the notes of our conversation. I am sharing with you my experience.

I have decided after great hesitation to tell you about the present state of my mind because it concerns you in a way You need not hesitate at all. You can say anything to me - for or against. I have told you about the invasion of a new awareness, irresistible and uncontrollable.

I have told you how it has swept away everything. Now - this has something to do with that healing. If it had come independently I would not have felt as I feel today.

If the mind had come by it, say, while listening to you, I would not have felt what I feel today. Today I feel that the two are related. And I feel deeply indebted to you for both. You talks have helped me and I am deeply thankful to you for the talks. But my love for you was never burdened with a sense of indebtedness before. Today it is. Wait a bit. Who told you that the two are related? No one.

I feel it. Your feeling may be wrong. Perhaps you are confusing the two. Do you understand it? The healing has happened. It has taken two persons - you and me - for it to happen. Why not let it remain at that? It is very simple. Are you sure that the two are not related?

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Quite sure. You have been listening to the talks. You have a serious mind.

The talks were sinking deep into your being. They are operating all the time. One day you realized the truth. What have I done to it? Look here- you were walking in a forest. You came across another person. You arrived. You thanked the person. It is as simple as that. Why should you feel you owe something to me?

Why make an issue of it? But I do feel obliged to you. All right why do you feel disturbed over it? Because my affection feels hurt by that. Obligation and indebtedness seem to have polluted love and friendship. Our very relationship seems to be changing.

Goodness me. Our relationship need not and should not change. It should be as free as it was before. I wonder if you are frightened Yes - Krishnaji. I feel a kind of awe, a kind of fear There is nothing to feel afraid of. I have not done anything to you. I know as much as you do. Shake this off. I shall be sorry if our relationship is affected by this. Vimalaji, the earth was ready to receive the rains. She has received with full abandon. No wonder there is new life. So be it Krishnaji.

Let me only confess that this sudden invasion does baffle me. It is not due to anything that I have done. As if it is not related to me as an effect is related to its cause. It 32 has descended with an irresistible force. The intensity and the depth of the force know neither increase nor decrease.

It happens. Why not watch it? I prepared to leave. Krishnamurti knew that I was leaving Gstaad for Zurich the same evening. Have a pleasant journey. He had come all the way to attend the talks. He was putting up in the same hotel and we had met several times during the fortnight. We had learnt that the unconscious is indestructible. It is neither incredible nor fantastic.

He is not presenting a theory or an idea which you could accept or reject. He communicates his experience. He is a challenge to your science of psychology. Why should not a group of you take it up for scientific investigation? Why not make a research into whether the conscious and the unconscious can be done away with?

On An Eternal Voyage, by Vimala Thakar

Krishnamurti is no fool. He knows what he says and he says what he means. Do you agree with Krishnamurti, that the unconscious can be destroyed completely? I am not a student of psychology. And there is nothing to agree with. I see that what he says is true. Excuse me for being personal. Have you destroyed it? It gets destroyed. One sees that it has dropped. I left Gastaad in the evening and by midnight I was in Zurich. Next day I wrote two letters.

One to my father and one to Krishnamurti. A tremendous tempest has swept away everything with one stroke. A journey wither I know not! Why, I know not! No excitement! No enthusiasm. But an intense flame of passion is consuming the whole being. I wish I could describe the strength of integrity which 33 makes me walk now fearlessly. I wish I could describe how I witnessed the ego being torn to pieces and being thrown to the winds.

I wish I could communicate what this denudation is! Or may one call it ex-centration? The center of thinking getting dissolved into nothingness. The words might sound familiar. Perhaps you would say Krishnamurti - type terms and phrases. But you are well aware that borrowed phrases cannot transmit life. Nor can they enable one to see the reality. They cannot give you the moral courage to knock down and pull down your house in which you have lived until now. Only truth liberates. Only truth transmits fresh life.

Truth breathes innocence into you. Destruction and creation mingle in that breath. I am trying to understand it in relation to total life. Is it simple to see the total mind being born anew? If one who has suddenly witnessed it happening, feels overwhelmed, would you call it an emotional disturbance? Life is neither yours nor mine. Life is life. This phenomenon comes as a challenge to the medical science and to psychology. Does it not? It is true that I have been listening to your talks for five years.

I knew that they were sinking deep into the very being. But surely, that could not cause this sudden explosion. Understanding does not explode; nor does love explode.

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