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View PDF CBSE Class 9 OTBA Physics Sample Question Paper. Open Text Based Assessment Last Updated: January 28, by myCBSEguide. CBSE. CBSE Class 9 Hindi OTBA Study Material Dec 14, Download Open Text Based Assessment material in PDF format for CBSE class 9 Hindi. If you ally craving such a referred otba question paper for class 9 book that will File type: PDF. Class 9. CBSE SA II Paper with OTBA 1 File Question.

What are the issues about Solid Waste Management now a days? Answer 2: a The issues are as follows: b Less awareness about reducing waste at source. Answer 3: Solid Waste Management SWM has been an issue of serious concern in a densely populated country like India and this concern is in terms of both health and environment. This issue arise due to lack of awareness, open dumping, burning of waste, etc. Question 4: What are the reason for outbreak of recent vector borne diseases? Answer 4: Recent outbreak of vector borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria and typhoid were due to profuse and unhygienic method of dumping waste in the open.

As per Plastic waste Management and handling , Rules, , a State Level Advisory committee has to be constituted to oversee the handling, use and disposing of plastic waste. The rules have introduced the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility EPR for the first time with respect to plastic waste. Question 2: What can one do for an effective SWM?

Answer 2: As an individual, a person can generate awareness amongst people for solid waste management. Following ideas can be shared to reduce solid waste — a Segregation at source i. Answer 3: The Hazardous and Other Wastes Management and Trans-boundary Movement Rules, notified by the Ministry of Environment distinguish hazardous waste from others such as waste tyres, paper waste, metal scrap and used electronic items.

Question 4: How can we save Yamuna? Answer 4: Sometimes producers of products or services accept a degree of responsibility for the wastes that result from the products they market, by reducing materials used in production, making recyclable goods, and reducing packaging.

Yamuna is polluted due to dumping of solid wastes and creating problems to treat the water. If the segregation of the waste is performed at the source level than the additional cost of water treatment can be saved and water can be purified easily.

Since Yamuna mainly has industrial pollution, so the industries should, as producers, take responsibility to reduce the discharge of effluents into the river. Question 5: Why is state of the art technology along with planning required for scientific disposal of waste, in future?

Answer 5: Our country needs policy and guidelines to enable the municipal corporations to run the waste services efficiently. In our country, practices and methodologies used for SWM are still following the unscientific and inefficient methods and are mainly dependent on the informal sector. Besides, owing to the population explosion, enormous amount of waste is generated leading to the overflowing landfills.

These overburdened landfills pose serious implications including environmental, health, air, water and soil pollution and even global warming. Adding to the woes is the large scale dependence on the informal sector for waste segregation, disposal and recycling working on outdated technology. Question 6: What is role of Rag Picker in waste management? Describe the health risk in such people.

Answer 6: Rag Picker segregate mixed waste into paper, plastic and bottles. They get income which is just enough to survive. Waste pickers work for about six days per week and around hours per day without protective gear. This puts them at a risk of frequent injuries like cuts and bruises.

The disposal of plastic also carries severe health risks as it contains heavy metals like lead, copper, cobalt, selenium, cadmium, and chromium, which are highly toxic. Question 7: State the main reasons and issues regarding solid waste management. Answer 7: SWM is a serious concern as ours is a densely populated country and it affects both the health and the environment. The chief issues regarding SWM are i Less awareness about reducing waste at source.

Question 1: What would happen if human beings live in unhygienic conditions with poor sanitation? Answer 1: Unhygienic conditions are major cause of diarrhoea and leads to other major diseases such as cholera, schistosomiasis, and trachoma. Question 2: What are social aspects of environment which influence health? Repetitive strain injury in the office place. Stress related illness in the customer care industries. Labour jobs such as coal miners are at high risk of breathing problems.

Family relationships, friends, and peers in the school or work place. These relationships can produce negative peer pressure and potential bullying. Question 3: Why are plastic bottles harmful for human beings? Which is harmful to humans as it interferes with their hormone levels and possibility of human reproductive disorders is increased. Question 4: How does mercury from waste or sewage enter into our nervous system?

Question 5: What are the effect of tobacco on human being? Answer 5: Tobacco smoke has been identified as a major airborne chemical risk to health. It causes a number of diseases like lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Smoking adversely affects the immune system, thereby making smokers more prone to the respiratory infections.

Question 6: What is the role of EPA in protecting environment? Answer 7: People were seen suffering from common ailments of the poor, such as tuberculosis and anaemia. High incidence of lung, eye disease, morbidity, cancer, mental problems and birth defects were also found in the victims.

Question 8: Why should one think twice before using cosmetics? Answer 8: Various cosmetic products contain different kind of chemicals. Phthalates in nail polish and perfumes is linked to birth defects. While shampoos containing selenium sulphide, used against dandruff is carcinogenic.

Question 9: Global warming due to excess greenhouse gases has shown consequences that are affecting human health.

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What are the ill effects? Wind Occasionally.

On Mars. This varies from day to day and depends on the temperature: This is more than times Mars' average of 0. Air Pressure A barometer is used to measure air pressure.

OTBA Social Science Theme in Hindi for Class 9

The average air pressure on Earth is Remove and observe. The instrument used to measure humidity is called a psychrometer. In the midlatitudes.

In Mars' northern mid-latitudes. The greater the difference between the two temperatures. When there is a lot of evaporation. At any given location on Earth. Air pressure is not the same everywhere on Earth. You may try to connect the information given above to what you have learnt in the Unit IV: Our Environment. With fewer molecules in the same amount of space.

CBSE Class 11 Geography: OTBA Study Material

Cold air molecules are packed closer and exert more pressure on the Earth. On each square inch of our bodies. Air has weight and exerts pressure on us as a result of its weight. Just as ocean animals are not crushed by the weight of water above them. Mars' atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and therefore behaves differently than Earth's mostly nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere.

On the entire human body surface. We live on the bottom of an ocean of air. One reason is because temperature varies from place to place. When air heats up. Picture of Earth captured by Mangalyan on its Mission 7. Changing air pressure is experienced as ears pop going up and down mountains or when flying in airplanes.

Suggest an experiment to check the presence of atmosphere on Mars. From the information given above. Explain the role of atmosphere in the climate of a planet. Table 1: Mars Earth Atmosphere composition Carbon dioxide Role of atmosphere in temperature. How will the concerns of our environment be addressed from the inputs of Mars Orbiter Mission?

Any one experiment to prove the presence of atmosphere e.

Comparison of environment between mars and earth which may include. Objective of MoM. To be assessed as a whole as per total weightage of marks.

Reference 1. The content given here focuses on some selected case studies which help the learner to assimilate the importance of sanitation. Mahatma Gandhi secured freedom for Mother India. I will devote hours per year that is two hours per week to voluntary work for cleanliness.

I will initiate the quest for cleanliness with myself. I will encourage other persons to take this pledge which I am taking today. Pledge Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of an India which was not only free but also clean and developed.

There are many case studies available which show the involvement of committed individuals and organizations who have done exceptionally good work in the area of sanitation. Now it is our duty to serve Mother India by keeping the country neat and clean. Theme — Clean India. Sanitation — Need of the hour: It is also expected that the learner find solutions to day to day environmental issues based on the inputs given in the text.

I take this pledge that I will remain committed towards cleanliness and devote time for this. I will neither litter nor let others litter. I am confident that every step I take towards cleanliness will help in making my country clean. I will endeavour to make them devote their hours for cleanliness.

With this firm belief. I will propagate the message of Swachh Bharat Mission in villages and towns. We mean it!

Abstract Recent launch of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' has inspired many of us to take up the task related to sanitation in and around us. BP Angadi. In case of schools situated in market places. The plant has been operating successfully till date. With around students on the rolls.

The Tirur BP. Slurry is used as manure for the school garden. The waste from the school kitchen and food remains thrown away by the children used to make the surroundings dirty and a perfect breeding ground for diseases. Dhedhuki area is composed of sand stone. Glimpses of Waste Management Activities Tirur Block in Malappuram district of Kerala has adopted an innovative approach to convert waste in the schools into wealth — through establishing a bio-gas plant in the school.

Waste management is a major problem in the schools: To sensitise the younger generation of this fact. Case Study This unit is meant to be a display unit to show children how waste can be managed scientifically and turned into a useful resource.

Under the supervision of the PTA. This in turn meets part of the fuel needs for cooking the mid-day meal. There are individuals in our country who have been doing a lot of work in the area of sanitation. Read the three case studies and correlate that to what you have learnt in the unit: Our Environment Case Study Waste to Wealth: An experiment in Schools Fig. Somani talao and the Bhimnath talao which is on the road to Dhandhalpur. As result of deepening. In addition. The artificial recharging carried out at the two ponds will help in improving both the quantity and quality of water in the bore wells of the RWSS.

CBSE Class 11 Geography OTBA Study Material 2017

Mizoram has a population of 8. Thus the water that overflows from the Bhimnath talao as well as the run-off from the village borders is diverted through the recharge channel. It was noticed that the result has been very encouraging and a huge quantity of pond water penetrated into deep aquifers through the bore wells.

Under these circumstances. As per the Census. A Community Sanitary Complex A hilly state. In each talao a recharge bore has also been developed so that water easily percolates into the aquifer. Of these nine are functional and the water is pumped from a depth of about meters. The Pani Samiti of Dhedhuki participated in the work with complete enthusiasm.

Emphasis has been laid on information. Mizoram is situated in the Northeast corner of India. In Mizoram. Both these ponds were deepened by excavating The public land is donated by the village council free of cost in the interest of cleanliness in the village.

The shop is rented generally for one year through local advertisements as per terms and conditions set for the purpose. It is meant for public places. This concept can certainly be replicated in the north-eastern reason for ensuring clean surroundings in public places and market areas. The programme has made a highly positive impact. The programme is being implemented with focus on community-led and people-centred initiatives.

Explain how sanitation can be linked to water resource management. Suggest measures to maintain the quality of water collected through rain harvesting. The location of a CSC is decided after taking into consideration where people congregate every day.

Mizoram has implemented innovative ideas for the operation and maintenance of such complexes.

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