Enter OTHELLO, IAGO, and Attendants with torches. IAGO. Though in the . Enter BRABANTIO, OTHELLO, IAGO, RODERIGO, and Officers. DUKE OF VENICE. William Shakespeare. Otelo: el moro de Venecia. - Reservados todos los derechos. Permitido el uso sin fines comerciales. [back cover] Engraving of William Shakespeare from the First Folio, Othello: the Moor of Venice / by William Shakespeare ; with related.

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Othello William Shakespeare Three Watson Irvine, CA Website: terney.info Saddleback's Illustrated ClassicsTM. Three Watson Irvine, CA . dead of night, Iago comes to warn Othello that Brabantio but it makes the metre awkward, and I suspect that Shakespeare easy way with the. in this study guide come from the full-length text of Othello by William Shakespeare and may not be in the final Guthrie performance script. All rights reserved.

Roderigo is upset because he loves Desdemona and had asked her father, Brabantio, for her hand in marriage. Iago hates Othello for promoting a younger man named Cassio above him, whom Iago considers a less capable soldier than himself, and tells Roderigo that he plans to exploit Othello for his own advantage. Iago convinces Roderigo to wake Brabantio and tell him about his daughter's elopement. Meanwhile, Iago sneaks away to find Othello and warns him that Brabantio is coming for him. Brabantio, provoked by Roderigo, is enraged and will not rest until he has confronted Othello, but he finds Othello's residence full of the Duke of Venice's guards, who prevent violence. News has arrived in Venice that the Turks are going to attack Cyprus , and Othello is therefore summoned to advise the senators. Brabantio has no option but to accompany Othello to the Duke's residence, where he accuses Othello of seducing Desdemona by witchcraft. Othello defends himself before the Duke of Venice , Brabantio's kinsmen Lodovico and Gratiano, and various senators. Othello explains that Desdemona became enamoured of him for the sad and compelling stories he told of his life before Venice, not because of any witchcraft. Iago, still in the room, takes note of Brabantio's remark.

Overview Everyone deserves to read the best literature our language has to offer. Reading is one of the most important skills you will ever learn.

It provides the key to all kinds of information. By reading the Illustrated ClassicsTM, you will develop confidence and the self-satisfaction that comes from accomplishment—a solid foundation for any reader. Young William probably attended the Stratford grammar school, where he learned English, Greek, and a great deal of Latin.

In , Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. By the couple had a daughter, Susanna, and two years later the twins, Hamnet and Judith. Somewhere between and Shakespeare went to London, where he became first an actor and then a playwright.

In all, Shakespeare is believed to have written thirty-seven plays, several nondramatic poems, and a number of sonnets.

Othello: Entire Play

In when he left the active life of the theater, he returned to Stratford and became a country gentleman, living in the second-largest house in town. For five years he lived a quiet life. Many ordinary readers assume that there is a single text for the plays: what Shakespeare wrote. In some cases, the plays have come down to us in multiple published versions, represented by various Quartos Qq and by the great collection put together by his colleagues in , called the First Folio F.

Editors choose which version to use as their base text, and then amend that text with words, lines or speech prefixes from the other versions that, in their judgment, make for a better or more accurate text.

See The Tempest, 1.

All Shakespeare editors at the time took the speech away from her and gave it to her father, Prospero. At any point in the text, you can hover your cursor over a bracket for more information. Synopsis In Venice, at the start of Othello, the soldier Iago announces his hatred for his commander, Othello, a Moor.

Othello has promoted Cassio, not Iago, to be his lieutenant. The Senators wish to send Othello to Cyprus, which is under threat from Turkey. They bring Desdemona before them.