These are called text to speech Android converters apps. eReader Prestigio is a cool eBook reader which supports many formats such as PDF, EPUB, HTML, TXT, MOBI and more. The NaturalReader Text to Speech app is a pdf to voice app for Android, which easily converts PDF text to voice. Have no time to go through lots of articles, books, notes, etc? Don't worry. Here're 5 useful Android PDF to speech converter apps for you. A lot of people do not know there is an Android text to speech is an awesome tool when you need a PDF app that supports Android TTS.

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Pdf To Speech Android

Listen to the app read aloud or read on screen web pages, news articles, long emails, TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice documens, EPUB, MOBI, PRC, . eReader Prestigio: Book Reader is a multi lingual, multi format text and audio books reading app. Intuitive interface in over 25 languages and an in app store. Text to speech can't be easier, just share anything and make it read.. Features: Is there any app that will read PDF files like Google Talkback for Android?.

Twitter Advertisement Every Android user should keep a text-to-speech app handy. But which Android text-to-speech apps are the best? Keep reading to find out. Read More. The feature has fewer customizable settings than some of its competitors. To use it, select text in any app and choose Speak from the popup menu. Voice Aloud Reader Voice Aloud Reader is easy to use and supports a few different ways of reading text. If the app from which you want to read text has a share feature, just send the content to Voice Aloud Reader using the native Android Share menu. This also works for on-screen items that have their own share buttons, like tweets and Facebook posts. Similarly, if the text you want to read is selectable, you can use the Share button in the popup context menu. The app also works with URLs. Download: Voice Reading Free 3. The usual features are here: it can read text from apps, the web, messages, and other sources.

Before anything else, you will need to enable Android text-to-speech capabilities from the Android Setting menu.

Top 5 Android PDF to Speech Converter Apps

Here is how you can activate Android Text to Speech on your device:. Android Kindle text-to-speech does not feature this application programming interface. However, there are other third-party e-book and reading apps that works well with Google text-to-speech voices such as Google Play Books. Just turn the Google text reader on and your device will start reading to you with the right tone and inflections based on the punctuations on the book.

This feature works really great with most e-books — especially those that are text heavy and properly formatted cookbooks. With the rise of K-Pop, my sister have been keen on learning Korean — with this technology, she has been able to practice the right pronunciations.

This technology also comes in handy when you go travelling to where your language is not used. It will definitely minimise any miscommunications between you and the locals. This is particularly handy when you need to follow cooking instructions or when you need both hands on deck.

How to Use Google Text-To-Speech on Android

With this technology, Android read text messages to you as well. This is because the technology is meant to be used by visually impaired people. If others find it annoying, you can mute the feature by keeping the volume toggled all the way down. Other than having an Android text reader, your device is capable of typing SMSes, text and emails by voice dictation.

Just tap on the microphone icon located on the keyboard.

8 Best Text-to-Speech Apps for Android | TechWiser

You can then speak into your phone and it will utilise Google talk-to-text feature to insert words to your messages. Do remember that Google Voice text-to-speech cannot detect intonation, so you will need to dictate commands that will insert certain components of speech:.

Now that you know how to use Android speak-to-text technology, you would probably use it more often. Play around with different things so that you know which apps that is up your alley. Root your Android devices by yourself at home to customize your device and enjoy more. Transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music, video, and more between your Android devices and computers. Mar 14, Part 1: What is the use of Google text to speech?

Part 2: How do I use Google text-to-speech? Part 3: Read it aloud Part 4: Learn a new language Part 5: Get Android to talk to you Part 6: Android speech-to-text. Here is how you can activate Android Text to Speech on your device: Go to the Language and input panel and tap on Text-to-speech options at the bottom of the screen.

Click on your Preferred Text to Speech engine.

You will be able to find Google text-to-speech engine, as well as one from your device manufacturer if any. On the same window, you are able to customise the Speech rate, Default language status and Listen to an example.

Advantages: It has an easy-to-use user interface.

It provides an eBooks library of 50, books Disadvantages: Privacy issue-it needs to scan all your files to convert them to Speech.

Larger PDF files may take a long time to finish converting. The app now supports English, Chinese, Italian and Polish. It has many natural-sounding voices to choose from and it allows for the ability to sync documents in a cloud account and CC mode. The app's home screen displays all the files you have imported. The icon with a plus at the upper right hand corner allows you to add text manually, or by selecting a file from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

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The button with the symbol of a person lets you log in to your NaturalReader cloud account. Tapping on a file you have imported moves you to a page where you can view the document.

Top 5 Android PDF to Speech Converter Apps

The document can be read aloud by clicking on the green play button at the bottom of the screen. The gear icon which can be accessed at the top of that page lets you choose your preferred voice, speed and font. Advantages: The design is visually pleasing and simple. It is straightforward and easy to use.

The voices sound natural, especially the ones that are available online. This app has no advertisements. Disadvantages: There is a lack of offline support for converting the text to audio. The app's main screen lists the files you have loaded for conversion. Tapping the upper left corner will show you different reading lists where you can categorize your files.

Files can be added by tapping on the plus button at the bottom of the screen. Selecting an item from the list allows you to view the contents of that file.

At the bottom of the page, you can see the different audio controls such as play, next, and stop. Using the slider below you can set the speed, pitch and volume.

Plus, there is a button to change the voice or language.