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O'Reilly Media, Inc. Programming WCF Services, Third Edition, the image of an .. Communication Foundation (WCF) framework at Microsoft. WCF and your manual recovery logic is almost certain to miss a few successful suboperations. by Michael Montgomery, Juval Lowy. Programming WCF Services is the authoritative, bestselling guide to Microsoft’s unified platform for developing modern, service-oriented applications on Windows. Hailed as the definitive treatment of WCF, this guide provides unique insight. The O'Reilly logo is a registered trademark of O'Reilly Media, Inc. Programming WCF Services, the cover image, and related trade dress are trademarks of.

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Programming Wcf Services Oreilly Pdf

O'Reilly Media, Inc. Programming WCF Services, the image of an angelfish, and related The scenarios involved could be very complex, and your manual. What Is WCF? WCF is a software development kit for developing and deploying services on Win‐ . aspired to provide the same programming model to the client regardless of whether the object was You can download this book at SECOND EDITION. Programming WCF Services. Juval Löwy. O'REILLY®. Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Köln • Sebastopol • Taipei • Tokyo.

It is designed using service-oriented architecture principles to support distributed computing where services have remote consumers. Clients can consume multiple services; services can be consumed by multiple clients. Services are loosely coupled to each other. With the release of. NET Framework 4. Each service exposes its contract via one or more endpoints. An endpoint has an address which is a URL specifying where the endpoint can be accessed and binding properties that specify how the data will be transferred. Binding specifies what communication protocols are used to access the service, whether security mechanisms are to be used, and the like. When a client wants to access the service via an endpoint, it not only needs to know the contract, but it also has to adhere to the binding specified by the endpoint. Thus, both client and server must have compatible endpoints. With the release of the. NET Framework 3. Behaviors allow the developer to create custom processing, transformation, or inspection that is applied to messages as they are sent or received. Some examples of uses for behaviors are: Controlling whether metadata is published with a service. Adding security features to a service, such as impersonation, authorization [4] , or managing tokens Recording information about messages, such as tracking, tracing, or logging Message or parameter validation Invoking all additional operations when messages are received—such as notifying users when certain messages arrive Behaviors implement the IServiceBehavior interface for service extensions, the IEndpointBehavior for endpoints, the IContractBehavior interface for service contracts, or the IOperationBehavior for operations.

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Programming WCF Services, 4th Edition [Book]

It makes the most of what. In addition, the book contains many useful utilities, tools, and helper classes I have written, collectively known as ServiceModelEx. My tools, helper classes, and attributes aim at increasing your productivity and the quality of your WCF services.

ServiceModelEx is literally a small framework that sits on top of WCF and compensates for some oversights in its design.

ServiceModelEx also simplifies and automates certain tasks. This book is as much about my tools, ideas, and techniques as it is about native xxii Preface Download from Library of Wow! Many readers have told me that aside from the explanations in this book, ServiceModelEx is the most valuable asset the book offers.

I have also kept to my guideline that, in principle, readers should not have to use all or any part of ServiceModelEx. You can also use each helper class, utility, or framework individually, as there are few, if any, interdependencies. I used these articles to seed the chapters in this book, and I am grateful to the magazine for allowing me to do so. Even if you have read the articles, you should still read the corresponding chapters here. The chapters are much more comprehensive, are wider in scope offering additional angles, techniques, and samples and up to date, and often tie their subjects into other chapters.

Each chapter addresses a single topic and discusses it in depth. However, the chapters often rely on those that precede them, so you should read the book in order. Here is a brief summary of the chapters and appendixes in this book: Chapter 1, WCF Essentials This first chapter starts by explaining what WCF is, then describes essential WCF concepts and building blocks such as addresses, contracts, bindings, endpoints, hosting, and clients and key concepts such as reliability and transport sessions.

Programming WCF Services (pdf)

The chapter includes a discussion of the WCF architecture, which is really the linchpin of all that follows in the subsequent chapters.

This chapter assumes that you understand the basic motivation and benefit of service orientation. If that is not the case, you should first read Appendix A. Even if you are already familiar with the basic concepts of WCF, I recommend that you give this chapter at least a cursory reading, not only to ensure that you have a solid foundation, but also because some of the helper classes and terms introduced here will be used and extended throughout the book.

Chapter 2, Service Contracts Chapter 2 is dedicated to the topic of designing and working with service contracts.

First, it covers some useful techniques for service contract overloading and inheritance, as well as some advanced techniques.

The chapter also discusses how to design and factor contracts that cater to reuse, maintainability, and extensibility. It ends by showing you how to interact programmatically with the metadata of the exposed contracts at runtime.

Programming WCF Services 2nd ed (pdf)

Juval Lowy Pages: O'Reilly Media Language: Synopsis book Programming WCF Services is the authoritative, bestselling guide to Microsoft's unified platform for developing modern service-oriented applications on Windows. Hailed as the definitive treatment of WCF, this book provides unique insight, rather than documentation, to help you learn the topics and skills you need for building WCF-based applications that are maintainable, extensible, and reusable. Author Juval Lwy -- one of the world's top.

NET experts -- revised this edition to include the newest productivity-enhancing features of.

Learn about WCF architecture and essential building blocks, including key concepts such as reliability and transport sessionsUse built-in features such as service hosting, instance and concurrency management, 4.

Simply Sign Up to one of our plans and start browsing. Select a trial membership to give us a try. Cancel anytime. Juval Lowyq Pages: O'Reilly Mediaq Language: Author Juval L? Learn about WCF architecture and essential building blocks, including key concepts such as reliability and transport sessionsUse built-in features such as service hosting, instance and concurrency management,.

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