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Boston Burr Ridge, IL Dubuque, IA Madison, WI New York San Francisco St. Louis. Bangkok Bogotá Modern Analytical Chem. 4 | Remember Me ROB CONKIE Theatre and Drama, La Trobe University | [email protected] The Ghost of Hamlet's father famously demands of. Remember Me was commissioned by a consortium organized by. Frederick Speck of the University of Louisville. The members of the consortium are as follows.

Darren H. Tanke Remember Me: Dr. Oscar A. Erdman in his late twenties in left and later in life. By Darren H. Oscar Alvin Erdman passed away is mentioned in only a few palaeontological papers, suddenly in Calgary, Alberta on July field notes or popular works Finch, ; Spalding, 27, , after a long and productive ; Sternberg, , ; Tanke, , and life Anonymous, a, d. He was virtually no one in the current palaeontological com- Oscar played a small yet important role in Late munity has heard of him. Catherines, Ontario, that summer Tanke, in prep. Before we learn more about Erdman, the history of The Scabby Butte locality largely faded from mem- early discoveries of dinosaurs from his rediscovered ory as the original workers involved in its exploration site in southern Alberta needs to be related. As part of that work, the the Northwest Territories.

Mainly humans. There are only a handful of sketches, the rest are all painted in detail. In pages of art, this book could easily just be a series of splash pages that distract you with pretty pictures until the end, but instead works as fantastic companion piece to the game.

But if you like knowing as much as you can about the upcoming game, if you simply like sci-fi dystopias, or if you want inspiration on how to build your own world from scratch, check out The Art of Remember Me. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Contributions: Toronto, p. Bonebeds—genesis, analysis, and paleobiological significance. Leesment, H. Oscar Erdman—95 imelist aastat. Rogers, D. Eberth, and A. Univer- Erdman—95 wonderful years]. More than a century later the search lives on. The Pearson, S. Excellence Honorary Membership, Oscar A. Bul- Fiorillo, A. Preliminary notes on the letin of Canadian Petroleum Geology, 41 4 : Mammal teeth from the St.

Mary River forma- bonebed in northern Alaska. National ogy, 23 3 : 50A. Dinosaur hunting in western Canada. Life Sciences Zippi, P.

Sophie Kinsella REMEMBER ME?

Paleontology Contributions of the Royal Ontario Museum 1— In Dinosaur systematics—Approaches and perspec- ern Alaska: A multi-disciplinary study of a high-latitude tives. Edited by K. Carpenter and P. Cambridge ceratopsian bonebed. In New perspectives on horned dino- University Press: Cambridge, p. Ryan, M. The Scabby Butte. Ryan, B. Chinnery-Allgeier, and D. Wann Langston Jr.

Available from Frederickson, J. Student Research Symposium. University of Milwaukee, A new Pachyrhinosaurus-like ceratopsid from the up- Wisconsin. April 22 and 29, , p.


Craniofacial ontogeny in Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai: Alberta, Canada. In New perspectives on horned dinosaurs: Evidence for sexual dimorphism in an ornithischian dino- The Royal Tyrrell Museum ceratopsian symposium. Edited by saur. Selwyn, A. Summary reports of the operations of Heritage Community Foundation Doubleday Canada, Toronto.

The facial integument of Pachyrhinosaurus Ceratopsi- Sternberg, C. Field notes. Notes from members—Eastern Canada. Society of Issue: Unearthing the anatomy of dinosaurs , — Verterbrate Paleontology, News Bulletin, 4. Holmes, H. Regional news notes—Canada. Notes from members — Eastern Canada. Society of morphology, and paleoecology.

Sciences, — New dinosaur from southern Alberta representing a Johnson, E. Gust and Magda Erdman. In Wheat heart of new family of the Ceratopsia. Geological Society of America, the west: A history of Barons and district. Barons: Barons Bulletin, History Committee, p. Does the figure of Old Hamlet similarly extend? What is the extent of his metaphorical reach from the grave? He is something like Pemelwuy: The desire to forget is interrupted by unwanted spectres, the sightings of which produce anew the desire to forget.

Hamlet, Spear-shaker Hamlet to Horatio: He knows what is wrong and it is eating him from inside perhaps Antonio also knows. Hamlet in this reading is a present day Indigenous Australian.

He is about thirty years old, highly educated, self-aware, self-determined. He is distracted by student theatre, by travelling players, and, in particular, by Indigenous theatre. It nourishes him; it savages him: You know there has always been this grieving Grieving for our Land, our families Our cultures that have been denied us.

But we have been taught to cry quietly Where only our eyes betray us with tears. But now, we can no longer wait, I am scared my heart is hardening. I fear I can no longer grieve I am so full and know my capacity for grief.

Sophie Kinsella REMEMBER ME?

What can I do but… perform? These are my stories. They need to be told. She was always laughing, my old mum. Had a sense of humour. She used to say that when you walk on the sand, the wind can blow away your footsteps, like you had never made them, and the earth would become pure again. The sand could heal itself. The land where my people come from is covered in red sand and in the old days, the women, to try and stop the white men from raping them, would shove sand inside themselves.

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella | Books

My mother, she loved me, but she called me Sandy anyway. She sure had a sense of humour that one. In the early morning they came across a camp of some sixty or seventy natives. The detachment took up positions on both sides of the river. Rain, which had been threatening for some time, began to fall heavily. The party opened fire and more natives appeared from shelters. The men defended themselves with spears, while the women and children sought shelter in the river.

For one hour they were subjected to crossfire from twenty-four guns from both banks. The official estimate was fifteen to twenty dead, but only eight women and several children were finally rounded up. Imagine seeing that much death and grief that you lose your family, and you begin to wonder at your own sanity. What would you do?

Remember Me

Where would you put the memories? What would keep you sane? Who do you think could understand what you carry inside you? But I go through the motions, I find the hanging points in my house, start off in my bedroom and then work my way through the lounge into the backyard.

From this moment on Hamlet wears traditional dress and body markings and sometimes carries a spear. He has, of course, read Homi Bhabha on mimicry.

On his bedroom wall he scrawls: Hamlet is most interested, mimicry-interested, in the returned and dispossessed Bennelong. Sometimes he carries a bottle of VB in a paper bag. He swigs from it mid-conversation, staggers a bit and slurs his words. But the bottle is filled with water; if Hamlet is drunk it is when he is on his own.

These behaviours disorient Polonius, make Claudius nervous and torment Gertrude but the moment when Hamlet mimics to most menacing effect and affect , of course, is through the staging of the Murder of Gonzago. In the stage production of the Mousetrap within the stage production of Hamlet: Lucianus is doubled by the actor playing Laertes, but the production that I am planning has only nine actors; six men and three women and only one of these women, she who will play Gertrude, is black.

From this moment in the play Gertrude knows with certainty what Claudius has done and is harrowed by it.

Forgetting History Gertrude never forgets her history. In the reading proposed here she exceeds even this latter position. Her comments in support of him, such as the exhortations to Hamlet to forego his grief 1.

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