ASVAB Extra Sample Test 1. Word Knowledge. 1. Collusion most nearly means: A. Amateur. B. Directive. C. Conspiracy. D. Odyssey. 2. Foible most nearly. Mechanical Comprehension. • Electrical. • Auto and Shop. OVER questions in total! Similar in type and difficulty to the ASVAB exam. Order PDF Download. Test your skills with practice problems for each of the test's nine subtests. • Take three full-length practice tests plus one AFQT. Learn to: ASVAB. 3rd Edition.

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A topic that is hotly debated among test taking circles is whether or not you should read the reading passages before you read the question. One theory is that. enlistment. • Be confident with your English and math knowledge. • Master critical sections of the exam. Learn to: ASVAB AFQT. Making Everything Easier! ™. Items The ASVAB is a multiple-aptitude test battery consisting of eight subtests on Candidates for enlistment taking the ASVAB at a Military Entrance.

Read the passage below and answer question 5. Researchers, however, have shown that your brain is constantly working to create the impression of a continuous, uninterrupted world. For instance, in the last 10 minutes, you have blinked your eyes around times. You have probably not been aware of any of these interruptions in your visual world. Something you probably have not seen in a long time without the aid of a mirror is your nose. It is always right there, down in the bottom corner of your vision, but your brain filters it out so that you are not aware of your nose unless you purposefully look at it. Nor are you aware of the artery that runs right down the middle of your retina. It creates a large blind spot in your visual field, but you never notice the hole it leaves. To see this blind spot, try the following: Cover your left eye with your hand. With your right eye, look at the O on the left. As you move your head closer to the O, the X will disappear as it enters the blind spot caused by your optical nerve. O Your brain works hard to make the world look continuous! What is the main purpose of this passage?

That is just seconds per question.

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Word Knowledge: Upping the game this segment requires you to answer 25 questions in 5 minutes flat. You will be provided with a capital word and be tasked to find an alternative word that is closet in meaning.

Math Knowledge — This section will evaluate your grasp of mathematical terms and principles related to the job you are applying for. Make sure to work quickly and methodically as you only have 22 minutes to answer a total of 25 questions. Reading Comprehension — The questions in this portion of the test are very specific to officer Professional Military Education.

The test will total 25 questions broken down by passages. All answer must be answered within a time limit of 38 minutes.

Instrument Comprehension: This exam only gives a grand total of 5 minutes to answer 25 question or just 12 second per question. The questions relate to measuring the an airplanes flight coordinates.

Make sure you understand the relationship between attitude indicator markings and the compass to successfully pass this stage of the test.

This AFQT score is represented as a percentile from which depicts how well you scored compared to other test takers. Armed Forces.

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The scores from the other tests are used to determine what type of specialty you might be best suited for. These "composite" scores also known as line scores, MOS scores, or aptitude area scores are calculated by adding together combinations of the different sub test standard scores. These composite scores are then used to determine which different military jobs aka Military Occupational Specialties or MOS may be the best fit for you. Each branch of the military will have their own approach to these composite scores.

The ASVAB test content is the same no matter where you take it, except that you will not have to take the Assembling Objects test if you take the test at your school as part of the Student Testing Program. These scores are used for assigning your military job.

Candidates do not have to pay for the test itself, however, if an MEP location is not located in your city or town, travel expenses may be required. Dates are pre-determined and provided by the MEP.

Students should check with the nearest MEP to determine when the test is offered. It is also important to be on time or early! If you are testing at a MEPS site you will take it on a computer.

The pencil and paper version is given at most MET sites.

2019 Air Force ASVAB Practice Test Online

The computer version of the test is given as a "computer adaptive test" CAT which means that the test will adapt based on the level of the individual test taker e. After a candidate has completed the ASVAB they must wait one calendar month before retaking the exam.

An additional calendar month must pass before retesting a second time. Six calendar months must pass before retaking the test a third time. The scores received from the ASVAB may be used for enlistment for up to two years from the initial test date. A recruiter will ask about marital status, health, education, drug use, and arrest record. It is important for the candidate to be upfront and truthful when answering questions.


Once the recruiter has determined the individual is qualified for additional processing, the ASVAB is scheduled. A physical examination may also be conducted at the time of the test.

If a person is 17 or older, they may process at the MEPs using the ASVAB score from the test they took in high school when they were at least 16 years of age. Because of the nature of the test, the ASVAB can also be used to give a candidate valuable information about both military and civilian career choices that they may be suited for.

Each of the military branches will have their own minimum required scores see below. In practice, however, each branch will be more selective in their recruiting.

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