takes Scalextric racing to another level with new sets, new cars, but most thrillingly a This catalogue shows items planned for introduction in We ship via USPS, UPS and FedEx depending on parcel contents. w Free US shipping On all orders over $ Scalextric Catalogue Jan - June z Hover to. Hornby Hobbies - A Model History. M £ b Add to Basket. Community. The Scalextric Forum · Blog - Test Track · Scalextric Club Members Area.

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Scalextric Catalogue Pdf

The very best in Scalextric cars from the s through to the present day. Index of Scalextric catalogues. The power is real, the scale is real, the thrills are real as you battle the banked bends, surge through the Goodwood chicane to take the chequered flag as you. British Scalextric Catalogues (PDF). Scalextric,UK 41st edition. Scalextric, UK 41st / 2nd edition. Scalextric,UK 40th edition. Scalextric Service.

Not very common second hand. Great for sliding round but need to drive carefully otherwise you will come off this is the tightest curve. If you enter the corner too slowly when running on the inner lane, your rear wheel can drop off the inside of the bend Dad decided he did not like slot cars because he always became stuck at a hairpin built in a circuit at the family home over Christmas. I have found borders for the outside of this bend which are a bit narrow but have not found any evidence of the existence of inner borders. Standard Curve These are marked 5 each because they are rare. The ones I have were made by Scalextric. My first cars were actually the trucks which fall off a banked corner. The catalogue also states that most new cars cannot handle it because they do not have the required clearance and axle movement. I have never seen an Inner or Outer Banked Curve so they are harder to realistically add to a 4 or 6 lane circuit. I have already sold some of these at work and I have some more which will probably go the same way. They will not appear in my Circuit.

Model motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles that use the guide-slot system are also generally included under the loose classification of "slot car.

Power pack converts AC to low-voltage DC. Handheld controller with resistor. Powered strips. Electrical contacts pickups.

The diagram at right shows the wiring of a typical or slot car setup. Power for the car's motor is carried by metal strips next to the slot, and is picked up by contacts alongside the guide flag a swiveling blade under the front of the slot car.

Scalextric Catalogue Jan - June 2018

The voltage is varied by a resistor in the hand controller. This is a basic circuit, and optional features such as braking elements or electronic control devices are not shown.

Likewise, the car's frame or chassis has been omitted for clarity. HO slot cars work on a similar principle, but the current is carried by thin metal rails that project barely above the track surface and are set farther out from the slot.

The car's electrical contacts, called "pickup shoes", are generally fixed directly to the chassis, and a round guide pin is often used instead of a swiveling flag.

Today, in all scales, traction magnets are sometimes used to provide downforce to help hold the car to the track at higher speeds, though some enthusiasts believe magnet-free racing provides greater challenge and enjoyment and allows the back of the car to slide or "drift" outward for visual realism.

The s-era HO model has been widened to accept the mechanism.

There are three common slotcar scales sizes : scale , scale , and so-called HO size to scale. Usual pronunciation is "one twenty-fourth", "one thirty-second", and so on, but sometimes "one to twenty-four", "one to thirty-two".

Thus, a model of a Jaguar XK-E inches or 4. This scale is the most popular in Europe, and is equivalent to the old 1 gauge or "standard size" of toy trains. A Jaguar XK-E would be about 5.

HO-sized cars vary in scale. Because they were marketed as model railroad accessories, the original small slot cars of the early s roughly approximated either American and European HO scale or British OO gauge As racing in this size evolved, the cars were enlarged to take more powerful motors, and today they are closer to in scale; but they still run on track of approximately the same width, and are generically referred to as HO slot cars.

They are not always accurate scale models, since the proportions of the tiny bodies must often be stretched to accommodate a standard motor and mechanism. The E-Jaguar scales out to 2. Although there is HO racing on commercial and shop-tracks, probably most HO racing occurs on home racetracks. In addition to the major scales, slot cars have been commercially produced in scale and scale , corresponding to O gauge model trains.

So far, there is little organized competition in , but the scale is gaining some acceptance among adult hobbyists for its affordability and moderate space requirements. The E-Jaguar would be 4. History[ edit ] The earliest known commercial slotcars Lionel Corp. They appeared on the cover of the and Lionel catalogues. Production was discontinued after Sporadically over the next forty years, several other electrically powered commercial products came and went.

Scalextric catalogue Index

For guidance, the cars were clamped to a single center rail, or tethered from the center of a circular track, then they were started and let go for timed runs. There was no driver control of either the speed or steering, so "gas car" racing was largely a mechanic's hobby. In —, several clubs in the U. By , even the pioneer rail-racing clubs had begun to switch to slots. These metal-bodied racers were electrified versions of Scalex clockwork cars, and are among the first commercially offered slot cars of the modern era.

In , Minimodels UK converted its Scalex later, clockwork racers to electricity, creating the famous Scalextric line of slot-guided models, [18] and Victory Industries UK introduced the VIP line, [19] [20] both companies eventually using the new plastic-molding technologies to provide controllable slot racers with authentic bodies in scale for the mass market.

As you can see the rest of the circuit is actually needed to keep it in place and the few times I have used these track sections I put big books behind the corner to support it. It also does not work well with a four lane track. New with no markings in catalogue. Had yellow markings in Scalextric catalogue of One can be used to make a single lane, otherwise a pair are needed.

Current C and C, both are packs of 2. Same as Hazard Chicane except for the markings.

Scalextric Catalogue 2019

Hump Bridge marked 3 but have seen 3 for 5. This one is also broken. I also have a box for one of these. This is made up of C, C, C and C and a piece of straight track. We aim to process and dispatch orders received by 5pm Monday to Friday the next working day. At Pendle Slot Racing we take great care and pride in making sure that each parcel is securely packed. Online orders selected for in-store pick-up can be collected during our office opening hours. My PSR. Product was successfully added to your shopping basket.

Scalextric Catalogue Jan-June Ref: This compact A5 size brochure features 88 pages of all the current Scalextric range of cars, accessories and sets.

Out of stock. Description Additional Tags Payment Delivery. Details Scalextric Catalogue , Edition 59A.

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