The Secret Circle is a supernatural, young-adult series of books created by L. J. Smith. The narrative follows the character of Cassie Blake as she is initiated into . The Secret Circle: The Complete Collection: The Initiation / The Captive Part 1 / The Captive Part 2 / The Power / The Divide / The Hunt / The Temptation. The Secret Circle is a novel series created by the author L. J. Smith. was assigned to write three more books for the series, with the final book - The Temptation.

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Secret Circle Book Series

The Secret Circle: The Complete Collection. The Initiation and The Captive Part I, The Captive Part II and The Power, The Divide, The Hunt, The Temptation. Find the complete The Secret Circle book series by L.J. Smith & Aubrey Clark. by L.J. Smith & Aubrey Clark includes books The Initiation, The Captive, The Power, and several The Hunt - Book #5 of the Secret Circle. The Hunt. L.J. Smith. From $ #6. The Secret Circle: The Temptation - Book #6 of the Secret Circle. LJ Smith – The Secret Circle Series Reading Order Circle: The Divide · The Secret Circle: The Hunt · The Secret Circle: The Temptation.

But as it turns out, Adam is there, too, at a high school where a strange elite rule. Beautiful fair-haired Diana, whom Cassie learns to love as a sister; voluptuous dark Faye, who wants to turn Cassie into her puppet. The greatest surprise: Cassie, like the other elite boys and girls, is a witch! And then Cassie discovers that Adam is actually the boyfriend of gentle Diana, now her best friend and the leader of the coven! But Faye has caught them in their one embrace. Now she uses it to blackmail Cassie, forcing Cassie to lie to Diana and to dig up the strange crystal skull that gives them all such dangerous visions. Meanwhile, students are being murdered, and the witches are under suspicion. And Faye wants from Cassie the ultimate betrayal: her vote for Faye as coven.

The Secret Circle Book Series.


The Initiation. The Captive.

The Power. The Divide.

LJ Smith – The Secret Circle Series Reading Order

Aubrey Clark, L. The Hunt.

Smith, Aubrey Clark. The Temptation. The Secret Circle. I do have a book of shadows but.

The Secret Circle by L. Smith not having anything to do with any future TSC sequels.

the secret circle in books |

At this rate, you seriously have to wonder if there is any bad blood between Ms. This revelation of L.

It seems to have been known by die-hard L. It is this fact where confusion can set in and quickly turn into frustration for some fans. Yes, I know that the 1 answer to that question comes down to the all mighty dollar needing to be made.

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But there are other less confusing ways to achieve that goal. For starters, the series could be called L. One last thing to note, Ms. Smith her walking papers this time around.

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