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Select Readings 2nd Pre Intermediate - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. college - university. Select Readings books for Kids by Oxford Download for free American English Edition Elementary Tests · Select Readings Second Edition Pre-Intermediate. Select Readings (Level; Elementary_Upper-Intermediate) A teacher-approved МБ.

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Select Readings Pre Intermediate Pdf

Oxford Select Reading for (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate& Upper- Intermediate) 1. 47 MB. Select Readings: Student Book Pre-intermediate level by Linda Lee, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Select Readings: Pre-Intermediate: Student Book by Linda Lee, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

So, as its title suggests, Select Readings, Second Edition features dynamic, carefully-selected readings chosen by experienced teachers to meet the needs of today's global learners. The publisher would like to thank the following teachers who worked closely with us to select and approve the topics and reading passages throughout Select Readings, Second Edition:. Gough, St. National Taiwan University, Taipei. Digital Natives 41 "Generation Z is connected to its music. I replied. He started out washing dishes. Many of these expressions. Randy Gardner. Vanessa-Mae had played with orchestras all over the world as a soloist: In many places it is more common to use a mobile phone. National Geographic magazine asks one of its editors: What are the best places to visit in your area of the world? Chapter 8 Can You Live Forever? I take extra time to look my best.

A: I want to sleep more, but I'm too busy. Preview the reading. Move your eyes quickly over the reading on pages Look at the reading for only minutes. Then complete the Previewing Chart below. Names of people and places in 3. What words appear the reading. List 2 more. What happens if you don't get enough sleep?

Randy Gardner, a high school student in the United States, wanted to find out. He designed an experiment 1 on the effects of sleeplessness2 for a school science project.

With Dr. William C. Dement from Stanford University and two friends s watching him carefully, Gardner stayed awake for hours and 12 minutes. That's eleven days and nights without sleep! What effect did sleeplessness have on Gardner? After 24 hours without sleep, Gardner started having trouble reading and watching television. The words 10 and pictures were too blurry.

By the third day, he was having trouble doing things with his hands. By the fourth day, Gardner was hallucinating. For example, when he saw a street sign, he thought it was a person.

He also imagined he was a famous football player. He also had trouble remembering things. By the eleventh day, Gardner couldn't pass a counting test.

He couldn't 20 remember what he was doing. As they listen to the recording, students lightly underline or circle the groups of words.

After You Read: Understanding the Text 30 to 45 minutes Following each passage, there are two to four post-reading activities that give students the chance to clarify their understanding of the text and discuss the issues raised in the reading.

The comprehension questions test students'understanding ofthe facts, basic concepts, and new vocabulary presented in the passages. Questions in the Consider the Issues section ask students to talk about ideas introduced in the reading.

Getstudentsto discusstheir reactionto the readingsin pairsor questionsandanswersgives groups. Theprocessof discussing students an opportunity to check their comprehension more critically and analyze their reactions to the passages. Show students the value of returning to the reading again and again to answer the comprehension and discussion questions.

Ask them to point out the specific places in the reading where they have found answers to the questions posed. If time permits and you would like students to have additional writing practice, ask them to write an essay or a journal entry on one of the questions in the Consi'der the Issues section.

Reading Skill 20 to 30 minutes At the beginning of each Readi'ng Skill section, students encounter a short explanation of the skill in focus and, when appropriate, an example of how that skill relates to the reading in the chapter. The task following this explanation asks students to return to the reading to think about and apply a new reading skill.

Discuss the general purpose of developing reading skills. The more students understand the rationale behind acquiring these critical skills, the more motivated they wiII be to develop and refine them.

Building Vocabulary 20 to 30 minutes Readingextensively is an excellent way for students to increasetheir vocabulary base. Consideringthis, we pay careful attention to developingstudents'vocabulary building skills in each chapter of Select Readings. Learning words in context, understandingprefixes, using a learner's dictionary and a variety of other vocabulary-building skills are taught throughout the book. Like the reading skill activities, eachBuilding Vocabulary section starts out with a short explanation and, when appropriate, examplesof the skill in focus.

In the activity that follows the explanation, students often scan the reading to gather and analyzevarious types of words. In Chapter 2 andbeyond, the final task in eachBuilding vocabulary actiity invites students to record six new words or phrasesthey have learned in the VocabularyLog f.

This activity encouragesstudentsto record and remember the vocabulary items that are important to them personally. Encouragethem to ask any questionsthey have about the explanations or examples. Language Focus 20 to 30 minutes The final skill-building section in each chapter calls attention to important grammatical structures and functions that occur with some degreeoffrequency in the readingpassage.

The goal ofthis section is to focus students'attention on critical grammarpoints as they occur in context. Review the explanations and sample sentences at the beginning of each Language Focus section before asking students to answer the questions that follow. Encourage students to ask any questions they have about the explanations or examples. Many students lcrow a great deal about grammar and are pleased to demonstrate this knowledge.

Underscore the fact that the Language Focus sections are intended to help students review language they have already learned in the context of a reading passage. Since Mariko Asano talks about her experience as a Habitat volunteer. For me. Tue next year I returned to Negros Island as a Habitat volunteer.

Several years ago. According to Habitat. In my group. Being involved with Habitat for Humanity has changed my life. Habitat sends the very important message that we can all be friends. Word Count Reading Time: Their lifestyle reminded us of the meaning and value of life.

They generously offered their food. We thought we came to the Philippines to help the Filipino people. Habitat brings people together and helps us realize that people all 35 over the world care about each other. These things are sometimes forgotten in an afl: I was assigned to6 a house with young people from around the world.

Some of us are actively involved in Habitat in different countries. Would you 25 give up your bed for a stranger and sleep on the uncomfortable cement floor at your own house? When I took my third trip to the Philippines as a Habitat volunteer.

I've learned that I can make a difference9 in the world. The people also helped us appreciate the more valuable things in life. Scanning for Details Which statement is true? Habitat for Humanity is more than 30 years old. Scanning for Details On her second trip. The writer is an employee of Habitat for Humanity. Scanning for Details How many classmates went with Mariko on her second trip?

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Nishinomiya. List four things below. Why or why not? I 36 Chapter 4 Helping Others. You can help other people.

Add your ideas to the chart below. When we help another person. Based on the information in your chart.

You don't earn any money. In your opinion. In paragraph 3 lines I think it's important to help each other because together we are stronger. I agree. Do you think sleeping on a cement floor would be very comfortable? Building Vocabulary Using Prefixes: Is it im possible to learn a new language in one year? Add the correct prefix un-. Ask a partner the questions from Activity A. What is the reading about? To identify the main idea of a reading. Mika's Homestay in London pages 3.

It's Not Always Black and White. More than one answer may be correct. What is the most important thing the writer says about the topic? Example The topic of the reading on pages is volunteering for Habitat. The writer's main idea is that volunteering to help other people can change your life.

Helping Others pages Compare your answers with a partner. Analyze the Reading Look back at the readings in Chapters 1. Bur the U. Many people what we put in our mouths-not disagree. Here's something to kill insects. Then answer the questions by filling in the correct circle. Farmers on lotions. Forget for yourself: In chis article. Ir is also more expensive. Apply the Reading Skill Read the two introductions below.

Read interview with people on both sides of chis article to find our which foods this issue. Then you will have to decide can make you more beauriful. Spent many hours with my mother Step 3: Write about your experience. Then tell a partner about it. Choose one of the experiences on your list.. List them on a piece of paper.

Why important? My mother taught me to drive while my father was away on business. Collect information about this experience in a chart like the one below. Which of the following volunteer opportunities would you choose to do? Follow the steps below to write about an important experience in your life. Being involved with Habitat was an important experience in Mariko Asano's life.. It was important to me because I had the chance to spend a lot of time with my mother.

Step 1: Think of some important experiences in your life. Group work. Example Learning to drive a car was an important experience in my life.

My mother In Los Angeles taught me. Generation Z: Did you begin using any of the items at the same age as your partner? The first time I used a computer.

List 2 more.. Not me. I was. Hongkong online 4. How old were you the first time you used each of these items? Compare answers. I was 8 years old. I think this reading is probably about 42 Chapter 5 I Generation Z: Digital Natives.

On Sunday afternoon next to his apartment complex 1 in Seoul. Min-ho is never without his phone. Members of Gen-Z are people born between the mids and the early s.

Yesim Yilmaz is getting ready for class. Their parents spent most of their teenage years7 listening to cassette Maps players. At lightning speed. His bus soon arrives. And marketing companies know this. Generation Z. They are sometimes called "digital natives" because they have grown up with the Internet. Min-ho Park is waiting for the bus.

Min-ho gets on. Her mother brings her some breakfast. She has forgotten to read a chapter for her biology class. No problem-she opens up her laptop and downloads a chapter from her s online textbook to read on the train. Recent Culture and surveys show that young people in Asia spend an average of 9. They 20 are also sometimes called Generation C. Most of the other people on the bus who are Min-ho's age are doing exactly the same thing. Min-ho laughs as he checks some funny photos his friend Jae-sung has just posted 3 online.

Digital Natives In Istanbul. They also see ads for 30 products they might want to download. Only time will tell. But her parents' eyes are not enough to make her stop using social media.

Every time they open their page on a social networking site. Many Gen-Z members are more concerned about keeping their private information from their parents. Many people are now finding out that posting funny pictures on the Web can be a problem when they finish school and start looking for a job. Are they worried about losing their privacy? Not many seem to be very worried about companies knowing how to sell things to them.

The companies use this information to show their customers the advertisements they want them to see. Gen-Z members don't see only friends' updates8 and photos. Valerie Chen 40 in Kaohsiung is upset because her parents want to watch everything she does online. Marketing companies work with social media sites to find out where their customers live. Because they grew up using social so media.

Valerie knows how to limit what her parents can see about her on the social networking sites she uses.

I don't want companies knowing everything about me. Scanning for Details Which statement is true about the people in the article? Yesim Y ilmaz is a student.

Scanning for Details According to the article. Neither am I. Spending 9. I couldn't live without a mobile phone D D Discuss your answers with another pair. It's great for children to begin using technology at a very D D young age I'm not worried about my privacy online I am not worried about privacy on line..

They don't use e-mail. Digital Natives.. I' one or more statements and add one of your own. I don't want my parents to see what I'm doing online. Learning how to use a new cell phone isn't hard for me. Reading e-books is better than reading printed books Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Agree Disagree a. D The use. Which statements describe your reaction to the reading? Social networking sites are a great way to stay connected D D with people. I don't post funny photos online because I don't want D D future employers to see them.

D I was surprised to hear that some young people spend I don't want strangers to know much about me I' your.. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the missing word in each collocation. Several answers are possible.

Every night I read a that my friend writes. I didn't know him before the party. She is so funny and always has something interesting to say.

When I arrive at work. I spend the next two hours sending to people before I start my other work. Verbs Nouns 1. Here are just a few of the new collocations that have entered the English language since the Internet became popular. Which of the following nouns can you use with these verbs?

Match each verb with all of the nouns that you think are collocations in English. I don't know what happened. If you need to find some information for next week's homework. Jim is a really nice guy.

I think I have a virus. It has a lot of exercises to help you practice grammar.

Main ldeaji. Posting funny pictures today can be a problem tomorrow. Analyze the Reading Look back at the reading on pages and find at least one detail that supports each of the ideas below. Members of Gen-Z Details are people born between the mids and the early s.

Select Readings First and Second Edtion by Oxford Download for free pdf

Details give more information about what the author wants to explain. Generation Z is online all day. They are also sometimes called Generation C. While wqiting for his bus. Finding these supporting details will help you understand the writer's ideas. Marketing companies use social networking sites to sell to members of Generation Z. Some seniors become famous for their use of the Internet.

Seniors9 Are Going Digital In the age of a new generation of "digital natives. In I wasn't sure if I would like it.

But for the generation born before The number of seniors online is definitely increasing. Ivy Bean. Several cities across the country have started to offer new programs for senior citizens to teach them web skills.

Apply the Reading Skill Read the passage and find one supporting detail that matches each important idea below. The oldest of the American baby boomers the generation born between and learned how to use new media at work. The world's oldest person on Facebook. There are many new classes across the U. Do the answers surprise you? Are you a digital native? How digital are you? Read the questions and check vi' your answers. Listen to the other students' reports.

Collect the information and share it with your class.

[PDF+CD+CDROM] Select Readings Pre-Intermediate Student's Book 2nd Edition with Answer key

Find out about your classmates' digital habits. Choose one of the questions in the chart above. Example Six people spend more than 30 hours a week on the Internet. Two people spend 5 to 10 hours on the Internet.

Do you have the same ideas about success? I think a successful person is someone who has good friends and family. What makes a person successful? D a lot of money D good friends and family D health and happiness 2. Do you know anyone who is D yes. What is most important for D being smart success in business? D being serious D being mean 3. Previewing Chart 1.! I disagree! I think a successful person is someone who has a lot of money.

Compare answers to Activity A. To save money on food. Zubair Kazi was born in Bhatkal. He hoped to get a job in the airplane industry in California. Here's a story about one successful businessperson. His job I Culture and was to clean the kitchen and help the cook. Kazi was working at the car rental company. Language Notes is "but I always did the best I could.

Maps While Mr. He started out 1 washing dishes. Kazi says. At the age of 23 and with just a little money in his pocket. For two months. Kazi moved to the United States. Before long7 these restaurants were making a profit. This really impressed the owners of the restaurant.

Kazi's two co-workers failed to come to work. With the money he earned. Kazi heard about a restaurant that was losing money..

He and his wife cleaned up the restaurant. Kazi did the work of all three people in the kitchen. It includes stock quotes. Today Mr. Kazi worked in the restaurant 25 from 8 a. They gave the job to Mr. One day. A few years later. Kazi owns restaurants. If someone had to wait more than ten minutes for their food. Kazi gave them a free soda. For the first six months.

The restaurant was dirty inside. He's looking for more poorly managed restaurants to download. He 20 worked hard as the manager. That day. Kazi borrowed money from a bank and bought the restaurant. Kazi sold his restaurant for a profit. A few months later. Words per Minute: Before long the restaurant was making a profit. They also tried hard to please the customers. They've made a huge this year. Kazi's life from 1 the first to 9 the last.

Raul's work has really since he took that training class last month. He comes in at least four times a week. I see Bob in the restaurant If my staff members to finish their work today. The managers were very with Lara's work.

I'll have to finish it tonight. Sequencing Number these events in Mr. Sometimes I if I should look for another job. Maybe all of our employees should try it. They are making more money and spending less than before. He moved to the United States.

How would you describe this person? Read your answers to the class and let them guess the person that you are talking about. Kazi and complete the sentence below. Choose one or more reasons from the list below or think of your own.

Think of a successful businessperson and answer the questions below. Example We think Mr. We think he is very smart and very creative. Example This person started Facebook when he was in college.

Now explain why you chose the word. Don't tell the other groups the name of your person. Kazi is a smart person because he made a profit with his restaurants. Choose one adjective that describes Mr. What did this person do?

D because he moved to the U. Many words have more than one form. Kazi is a suc. Kazi made a Kazi Kazi a KFC restaurant. Complete each sentence with one of the words in parentheses. Not every word has four forms. Kazi's work made an on his employers.

Building Vocabulary Learning Word Forms You can build your vocabulary by learning different forms of a word. Kazi was able to download a restaurant as soon as he arrived in the U.

Select Readings 2nd Pre Intermediate

Kazi from the information below? Fill in the correct circle.

From this information. Kazi probably didn't know his co-workers very well. From this information.. Kazi had very little money when he came to the United States..

Kazi didn't need a lot of money to download restaurants. He's probably very busy. Kazi's two co-workers did not come to work. Kazi probably worked very hard that day.. He must have a lot of employees.

Kazi is probably a tall man. Kazi started with very little money. Kazi wanted a job in the Mr. Kazi needed to find a job as soon as he arrived in the U. Examples Fact Inference Mr. Kazi is not good at making money.. Kazi is a good businessman.. Kazi is an honest man. Analyze the Reading What inferences can you make about Mr. Kazi became successful as soon as he arrived in the U.

Kazi has built a very successful business. Kazi probably couldn't find airplane industry. Kazi sold his first three restaurants for more money than he paid for them.

Fact Inference Mr. Kazi became a millionaire when he sold the restaurants. Kazi did the work of three people. D More people around the world wear flip-flops now than before. D Phitsanulok is in Thailand D Kyle Berner is from the United States. D Kyle wants people in Thailand to be able to grow more rubber trees.

When the owners needed a manager for their new restaurant. He loved the shoes.. Kazi didn't have a lot of money.. Apply the Reading Skill Read the passage..

Feelgoodz gives one percent of its profits to groups that help people. D Kyle had traveled overseas before he finished university.

D Kyle was very successful at producing music.. Kyle worked as an English teacher and studied the local culture. Kyle's company has become successful. So he started his own company called Feelgoodz.. He returned to Thailand one year later.

He tried producing music.

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