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Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris/S Judul Skripsi.:“IMPROVING The written of this skripsi entitled “Improving Students' Speaking Skill in. English Lesson by Using. NIM.: Program Studi.: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris. Fakultas.: Bahasa dan Seni. Judul Skripsi.: IMPROVING. STUDENTS'. SPEAKING. ABILITY . Program Studi: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris. Fakultas.: Bahasa dan Seni Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. Judul Skripsi: Improving the Speaking.

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Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Tentang Speaking Pdf

menyatakan dengan sesungguhnya bahwa skripsi / tugas akhir / final project yang berjudul sarjana pendidikan bahasa inggris ini benar-benar merupakan karya saya. Three Steps Interview Technique improve the students' speaking skill. Skripsi yang segera diujikan ini adalah benar-benar hasil penelitian sendiri role play, mereka dapat lebih mudah belajar berbicara bahasa inggris dengan. mahasiswa Jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris pada Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Skripsi yang berjudul “Improving Speaking Ability Of The Third Year Students at:http:// developing=speaking=skills=through=in

English is the important one, as international language, means that people around the world use it for communication each other in the daily life for relationship of business, trade, education and etc. Talk about Language, it can not remove with teaching and learning. Teach language, especially English. It magnifies on the development of four areas influencing the ability in mastering English as well. They are: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. In this research, the writer further more analyzed on speaking ability. As the alternative, fun and interesting media to teach speaking here the writer used song. This thesis defined as Experimental Research, the aim is to investigate causality relationship effect and cause. Here, the writer used quantitative or statistic test to processing all of the data, starting for; collecting the data, identifying the data until analyze the data. It means, in the processing the data, the writer used numbers and tables. The writer gave three treatments by song to the experimental class, while gave the lesson as usual to the control class.

Another expert says that speaking is talk or speaks Haryanto in Sunardi, , p. If both speaking and ability are combined, so it means a capability to utter the articulation of sound to express or to deliver thought, opinion and wish to the other person. These are the transactional function, which is primarily concerned with the transfer of information, and the interactional function, in which the primary purpose of speech is the maintenance of social relationship. Another basic distinction when considering the development of speaking ability is between monologue and dialogue.

They ability to give an uninterrupted oral presentation is very clear from interacting one people and another speakers for transactional and intersectional purpose, while, all native speakers can and do use language interaction, not all native speaker have the ability to be extempore on a given subject to group of listeners.

Furthermore, Brown and Yule in Fauzi , p. Based on the above statement, Bygate in Fauzi , p. On the other hand, Valetto in Fauzi , p. The solve probably be added, e comprehension for oral communication certainly requires a subject the response to speak as well as imitation.

Based on the statement above, it can be concluded that the aspects of the speaking ability in this research are: Here are the skills that should be implemented in speaking activities: Appropriately accomplish communicative functions according to situations, participants, and goals.

Use appropriate styles, registers, implicative, redundancies, pragmatic conventions, conversion rules, floor keeping and yielding, interrupting, and other sociolinguistic features in face-to-face conversations.

Convey links and connections between events and communicate such relations as focal and peripheral ideas, events and feeling, new information and given information, generalisation and exemplification. Convey facial features, kinesics, body language, and other nonverbal cues along with verbal language. Develop and use a battery of speaking strategies, such as emphasizing key words, rephrasing, providing a context for interpreting the meaning of words, appealing for help, and accurately assessing how well your interlocutor is understanding you.

The speaker has to: This includes making tonal distinctions. This may mean, for example, changes in the tense, case, or gender. Carol J. Orwig , P. Board Game This chapter discuses about the meaning of board game, the concept of board game, the advantages of board game, the disadvantages of board game, and teaching speaking by using board game.

The Meaning of Board Game. To increase the speaking skill we need method to be used.

IMPROVING the STUDENTS Speaking Ablility ( Ari Proposal)

One of them is game. The definition of game is an activity that you do to have some fun Hornby, , p. They also enable learners to acquire new experiences within a foreign language which are not always possible during a typical lesson. Buckby , P. For many children between four and twelve years old, especially the youngest, language learning will not be the key motivation factor.

Board game can provide this stimulus.

It brings the target language to life. It means learning by playing. Teacher arranges good atmosphere in classroom and make the students interested. For example by encouraging out-of —school class activities, e. Lower as affective filter. It means teacher has to try in order to students are having fun in learning learning by playing. Remember teacher is influencing their attitude to language learning j Do not worry about mistakes.

Be encouraging — make sure children feel comfortable, and not afraid to take part. It means teacher does not blame directly to students, teacher must give support to students while repair their mistakes. It means teacher has to try to accompany her explanation with method in order to students understand easily.

Teacher must teach them by using English, especially about anything in their surroundings. It means teacher has skills in playing board game, singsong etc to make them enjoy and interest in learning. You can answer a mother tongue question in English, and sometimes recast in English what they say in their mother tongue. It means if the students use their mother tongue, the teacher translate to English and repeat again, again and again to make them always remember what teacher means.

Teacher gives new language while remember the last topic. While the concept of a board game is not new, the playing of board games is timeless.

Many of us enjoy playing a good board game now and then. Perhaps some of us have a regular "game night. A lot of companies are making educational board games that teach things such as adding or phonics. While these are obviously educational, any type of board game can teach kids many important concepts. This article will address 5 important concepts that playing board games can teach children. Taking Turns and Having Patience, 2. Playing Fair, 3. Reasoning and Strategy Skills, 4.

Good Sportsmanship, 5. Friendships and Working Together. Taking Turns and Having Patience: In board games, kids are taught to wait for their turn. Sometimes this can be hard as kids tend to get anxious. However, as this skill is practiced, it will get easier for them in board games and in playing with friends and siblings in general.

Playing Fair: It is so easy for kids to get upset when they lose a turn or things don't go the way they planned, but it is important for them to learn that cheating is not fair.

In a way it follows the golden rule because they wouldn't want someone else to cheat so they need to not cheat. Learning this concept will help kids as they grow older and have different disappointments when things don't turn out as planned. It will also teach them to be honest in school and, later on, the workplace. Reasoning and Strategy Skills: Playing board games will help kids reason and strategize about the best way to "play their cards" to their best advantage.

This is an important concept in making everyday life decisions throughout. Good Sportsmanship: Many kids get so worked up about having to win the game and boast if they do.

Then if they don't win they may be bitter or say hurtful things. Learning this concept can help them in any friendships they have as well as to be happy about others achievements. There are many advantages of using board game in the classroom they are: They are motivating and challenging. Learning a language requires a great deal of effort. Board game helps students to make and sustain the effort of learning. Board game provides language practice in the various skills- speaking, writing, listening and reading.

They encourage students to interact and communicate. They create a meaningful context for language use. Board games usually involve friendly competition and they keep students interested in learning the language.

Board game can help them children learn and hang on to new words more easily. The reasons of the writer in choosing board game as educational method for teaching speaking to the children are: Board game makes learning fun so your class and children are willing participants and not just there because they have to be.

Playing a game has a purpose to it, an outcome, and in order to play students have to say things — they have a reason to communicate rather than just repeat things back mindlessly.

Therefore, they want to know and learn more. Students get to use the language all the time during the board game 4. They involve a lot of repetition, and repetition is the mother of skill, it can be boring, but thanks to this board game, it is fun.

How do you expect your class or children to apply speaking skill if they never use it? Repetition is the mother of skill. The board game lends themselves perfectly to quick bursts of revision. Using some of the board game, you can revise a massive amount of speaking skill and grammar in a few minutes. The writer finds out many students of senior high school still have difficulty in speaking English although they are supposed to master it after graduating from their schools in order to be able to communicate.

Method is the level at which theory is put into practice and at which choices are made about the particular skill to be taught. An approach is axiomatic. But on the other hand. They use teaching method that makes their students fell unsecure. This fear and uncomfortable feeling can be caused by the inappropriate method that used by the teacher.

They should use an appropriate method that makes their students fell comfortable. English teacher should be able to encourage and motivate the students to learn the target language by using the appropriate method. In order to be able to speak English well. Anthony said that method is an overall plan for the orderly presentation of language material.

By feeling comfortable and confident. In fact. These may be caused by the limitation of opportunity to practice. Although students have learned English for years. Mackey He choose that method because he assumes that silent way method is a method that can encourage. Research Question Based on the backgrounds discussed above.

In this research. Method can be one reason for the failure of teaching-learning process. According to Setiadi In this method. Silent Way Method. Audio Lingual Method. The students can produce any sound and the teacher will never ask anybody else to do it for them. Total Physical Response. Direct Method. In Silent Way method. The uses of this research are: Since the research is a class room action research. Webster Dictionary If it related to particular language. The speaking component in a language class should encourage acquisition of communication in and out the classroom.

Based on definition above. Horn It is not only matter of transferring some messages to other person but is also communication. It also relates to skill. Above theories emphasize that speaking is an effort to use language freely. The writer conclude that speaking is the ability to use the language in ordinary way by speech. Those components will be used as measurements description in order to check the correctness in terms of non-using the score.

The success of learning English can be seen and measured from their performance in speaking and how well they present their English in communication.

Because it is impossible to be able speak English without practice it. If the learner does not have speaking skill. In that condition. Speaking skill believed as important aspect to be success in English speaking. Linguistic aspect is the main requirement that the English learner should possess in order to speak it well. Based on the definition above the writer define English speaking ability as an ability or skill that the learners have to communicate.

Speaking skill requires two aspects. In acquiring second language. It involves comprehension. English as the target language should be mastered well. In learning English.

Learners learn to speak and concerned to the message that they are conveying and understanding. Ratih in Syakir explained that when people speak. Hornby Pronunciation The way of speaking the language is called pronunciation. Vocabulary in this study covers the selection and the use of varied words that used 9.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English They both correlate each other. The writer concluded that pronunciation refers to the way of person in speaking a word that is pronounced.

Non-linguistic aspect is an aspect to support learners to achieve a success in acquiring speaking skill. English speaking ability here not only focuses on the knowledge of language that the learners have. This aspect involves personality dimensions. To be success in English speaking. In short. Speaker with. According to Pooley in Olfah Structure in this study covers the appropriateness of using words correctly in sentences orally.

Sentences are made by grouping and arranging words. English grammar tells how English works in communicating ideas. Fluency Longman Dictionary Perfect fluency will be identified by limited pause of utterance.

The writer concluded that grammar is the way of language works through words in speaking or writing so a language will be understood clearly. Fluency in speaking is the quality of being fluent and it needs the intensity or practices. Fluency as a part of speaking indicates how well or how smooth a speaker expresses ideas in terms of sentences.

Ideas are generally expressed in sentences. There are pronunciation.

(PDF) Skripsi-using-role-play-in-teaching-speaking | Ami Cioo -

The writer concluded that fluency in speaking is the ability of speaker in expressing or uttering ideas in terms of sentences with limited pause of utterance. Comprehension is how the students respond correctly and appropriately toward the task given.

Refers to the typical speaking. Comprehension Comprehension is the power of understanding an exercised aimed at improving or testing ones understanding of a language in written or spoken Hornby.

From the explanation above. In this regard. This way aims to get the students to speak in order to improve his or her comprehension. This t-observation greater than t-critical 1. The samples would be the fifth grade students.

The study is oriented towards: There was one classes and the writer took twenty students randomly from them as the sample by lottere. In this study.


The writer calculating the mark of t-value and at least gives the interpretation of the calculation. On the other hand as an international language. Through communication by using language.

English is used to communicate information. In line with the more sophisticated world. English becomes a compulsory subject. The process occurs naturally and properly with a view to communicate in society environment. In that way. English has been the first foreign language taught formally in Indonesia for years.

With regard to the new curriculum. English is also very important for us. The main material for descriptive text is Giving Order.

Culture plays a very significant role in determining how a language is spoken. English teaching learning process at school must be able to give experience for students to have a chance to win a competitive competition. As we all know that mostly Indonesian students have some difficulties to improve their skills in English nevertheles as the demand of this competitive era.

In School Base Curriculum Of course. In the competention standards of the fifth grade of elementary school. School as formal institution not only has a role to expand academic ability.

In learning English sometimes the students are bored with certain teaching atmosphere. The communicative approach is a flexible method rather than a rigorously defined set of teaching practices. There are various approaches and methods used for teaching language skills: It can best be defined with a list of general principles.

This approach aims to enable student to read and appreciate foreign language. Learning a new language is easier and more enjoyable when it is truly meaningful. Communicative Approach assumes that students are able to acquire written or oral language when they are motivated and are not nervous. In this case the writer hopes. The students will not have a courage to speak without enough knowledge and bravery.

So that. The appropriate method in teaching speaking to the students is really important especially for the fifth grade students in SDN 2 Pamoyanan whose speaking skill still belong to the pre elementary level.

The students have some problems in speaking English 2. Finding and discussing the result of the research. It will guide us in the investigation. Chapter I is introduction. The writer conducted an observation at SDN 2 Pamoyanan and he chooses descriptive method as it is commonly used to investigate problems that occur at present time. Making the conclusion of the research. The procedure of the research are: In this chapter the writer gives the conclusion and sugestion of the research.

To show somebody how to do something how so that they will be able to do it themselves A S Hornby. It consists of: Background of the problem. Population and samples of research. Subject of research. This chapter deals with data analysis and interpretation.

Those are: Data collecting instrument. Aim of the study. Method and procedure of the research. Organization of the paper. Limitation of the study.

Chapter III is research methodology. This chapter deals with Kind of research. Reason for choosing topic. Chapter II is theoretical foundation. In this part the writer has tried to review some related literatures and theories proposed by some experts to support the research.

Research problem. Chapter IV is data analysis. Chapter V is conclusion and sugestion. The language or Jargon or a particular group. Read and willing to talk and give information A S Hornby. Teaching is telling. A teacher is defined as a person whose proffesional activity involves the transmission of knowledges. Teaching is one of the means by which education is often achieved if it is and education is a common purpose of teaching. Teaching is supporting adults with little English and little formal education in their efforts to understand and use English in its many forms.

The speaker nevertheless can see the audience and judge from the expressions on their faces and body language whether or not he or she is being understood. Partially interactive. It is thinking of what one wishes to say.

It aims to enable student to read and appreciate foreign language. This includes making tonal distinctions. The speaker has to: The provision of opportunities for learners to focus.

In Communicative Language Teaching expert Nunan New syllabuses based on communicative method offered some communicative ability from early stage. Focuses on language as a medium of communication. Communicative Language Teaching CLT is an approach to the teaching of second and foreign languages that emphasizes interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal of learning a language.

There are some important cases in using Communicative Method: The introduction of authentic texts into the learning situation. An attempt to link classroom language learning with language activities outside the classroom. An emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language. Communication embraces a whole spectrum of functions. Avoid age-old texts.


Classroom activities maximise opportunities for learners to use target language in a communicative way for meaningful activities. Primacy of oral work.

Communicative approach is much more pupil-orientated. Communicative approach seeks to personalise and localise language and adapt it to interests of pupils.

Make use of topical items with which pupils are already familiar in their own language. Language analysis and grammar explanation may help some learners. Use of target language as normal medium for classroom management and instruction. More emphasis on active modes of learning. Classroom should provide opportunities for rehearsal of real-life situations and provide opportunity for real communication. Grammar can still be taught. Communicative approach is not just limited to oral skills.

Errors are a natural part of learning language. Some courses will have the students take occasional grammar quizzes. Surveys 7. Most students like games in their class. Language Exchanges 6. Games 5. Interviews 3. Language need not be laboriously monotonous and 'medium' orientated. Pair Work 8. Communicative approach seeks to use authentic resources. The writer also may choose to try some of the techniques of the Communicative Method from the review that follows: Role Play 2.

Use of visual stimuli. Information Gap 4.

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