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Spartan Warrior Workout Ebook

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Hi I'm Dave Randolph and I own IronBody Fitness in Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Health, Fitness & Dieting. download a discounted ePUB of Spartan Warrior Workout online from Australia's Sorry, the eBook that you are looking for is not available right now. Spartan Warrior Workout book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. DO YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH – TO STOP AN ENTIRE ARMY?.

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It was similarly chaotic and rushed, but once again the result is joyous and inclusive. I enjoyed all of the stories, so Ill add one of my own. Not too long ago on a cross-county flight, I was seated next to a woman in her mid-thirties.

We talked about a few superficial things, and then she mentioned that she was headed to a race: The Spartan Race. I said that I knew one of the founders, and she asked me to tell him that the race changed her life. She explained that her life had been mostly sedentary and that she was a non-athlete but yearning for a new challengeone that would start her off in a new direction.

She had no real expectations and was full of trepidation and fear. What will it be like? How will I fare? Yet she took a leap of faith, accepted the challenge, and got to the finish line well behind all but a few. It didnt matter, she said, where I stood on the clock, but only that I got to the finish line at all.

She talked about her new race friends and the excitement and nervous anticipation before each new competition. And then, beaming, she said, Im a different, more confident person nowand happier, too. When we were young, we loved to climb, run, jump and swing: to play. Its part of who we are, yet its often absent from our adult lives. We have evolved to expect, and to endure, a little physical hardship every now and then, but its often absent from our lives. But the fact is that we feel and act much better when we push ourselvesand play a little too.

So yes, lets get off the couch and race. The rewards are tremendous and the confidence gained priceless. You will find new friends and let loose the innate skills, stamina and abilities that we are born with, but rarely exploit to their fullest potential. For me, the Ancient Spartans used physical training and competition not only to win wars, but also to build strong bonds among citizens in a healthy, prosperous and productive society.

Get off the couch and run a Spartan Race. Enjoy the challenges, the fun, and the fruits of your labors. But most importantly, treasure the camaraderie and mutual respect brought forth by friendly competition, whether you finish first or last. Answer: the two of us, and nearly two million other people and counting. But more importantly, you. Headquartered in Pittsfield, Vermont, we created Spartan Race obstacle course events to bring the Spartan ideal and the thrill of adventure racing to millions of peopleyourself included.

If you have already caught the obstacle racing bug, you will find that this book offers some great reinforcement from your fellow competitors, as well as tips to improve your performance in obstacle racing as well as in any other endeavor you undertake.

If you are new to obstacle racing, you will find this book has a transparent and straightforward agenda: to convince you that obstacle racing is the sport for you. All people share these innate skills, and every human animal is capable of experiencing the thrill of unleashing long-dormant instincts. Kids who arent yet brainwashed by electronic media go outside to play, explore, and get dirty. They squat down to dig in the sand with impeccable flexibility and balance. They climb and swing and tumble for the sheer joy of their own movement.

When was the last time you went through the mud instead of around it, were overcome with exhilaration at your own power, or felt giddy just by being alive?

Obstacle racing will provide that thrill. If you have never entered a race, you will catch the competitive desire to excel as soon as you pin on your bib number and take your place at the start. If you are an experienced athlete, you will encounter new challenges that stretch your body and mind. No matter who you are, every step will bring you a completely new sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride.

More than , people will complete obstacle races in , and many who complete their first race will immediately sign up for a second. What are you waiting for? Every race at every distance will have you climbing, lifting, crawling, rolling, carrying, running, swimming, balancing, throwing, and jumping, and all Spartan Race courses are deliberately designed to leave you exhausted and exhilarated.

Short-distance obstacle courses present challenges that anyone can overcome with sufficient determination. You are guaranteed to cross the finish line with a little bit of mud, a lot of sweat, and a keen sense of selfa renewed awareness of what you can accomplish.

For those who prefer longer competitions, we have your distance at anywhere from eight miles to a full marathon. At every distance, obstacle races offer the perfect opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses, build your resilience, and remind you of that euphoric mind-body synergy that made you never want to quit playing when you were a kid. At every distance and in every category, the majority of those who trudge through and cross the finish line describe their experience as the toughest thing they have ever done, but they cant wait to come back for more.

Spartan Warrior Workout: Get Action Movie Ripped in 30 Days

Thank you, may I have another. And for many competitors, Spartan Races are lifechanging. Spartan-sanctioned obstacle racing is rapidly becoming the most demanding, accessible, and addictive individual and team sport in the world.

Its for everyone. Its for you.

Come on out and find your inner Spartan. If you are wondering whether you can wear the medal of a Spartan Race finisher, the answer is an emphatic Yes!

This book can guide you to satisfy your personal goals, whether to get to the finish line or take your performance to the next level.

A single question remains: do you have it in you to be a Spartan Race winner? Thats a question only you can answer, and theres only one way to find out. All rights reserved. Now back to the action. Chapter 1. But he wasnt satisfied. Nearly all of the events he had entered required expensive, specialized equipment not to mention hefty outlays for training, travel, entry, and support.

Joe wanted to recreate the physical and mental crisis he experienced in those races, but in a smaller, more accessible format that only required the entrants to show up. The event would be designed to bring athletes to a breaking point within a few hours.

Joe Desena: Actually, it was a specific race that convinced me that more people should have the opportunity to benefit from the adventure race experience. The idea struck me when I was on the return flight from the 9th Eco Challenge in Fiji, 32 pounds lighter than I had been when I left, recovering from Giardia, and craving nothing except my fiance and a Guinness. After 10 days of mind-fraying exertion, sleep deprivation, cold, wet, and bodily danger, our team had crossed the finish line exhausted but elated.

Only 21 out of the 81 teams finished, so even completing the Challenge felt like victory. In all the triumphs and mistakes and physical hardships and camaraderie of those 10 days, what I remember most clearly is the realization that the human body and mind can endure so much more than we ever thought possible. The second insight was that during the race I didnt really miss any of the comforts back homeI really only wanted food, water, and shelter.

Getting back to basics was refreshing, liberating, and empowering. These object lessons changed my life. I thought I would write or speak about my adventure racing experience to share it with other people, but my friend and fellow adventure racer Andy Weinberg relentlessly pushed me to start a new event that would give them their own direct experience instead.

So it happened that in , at Andys instigation, we co-founded Death Race. The challenges included rugged natural terrain and exposure to the elements, as well as artificial obstacles and mental puzzles. It was grueling in the extreme, but a far cry from a sport.

Andy: Death Race is definitely the extreme. I guess you could call it a lot of things. Some people call it adventure racing, but its really something more primal than that. We wanted to push people mentally, physically, emotionally.

Its incredible to see the people who show up for the event, willing to step out of their comfort zone, willing to suffer. The shortest Death Race has been 24 hours, and it has gone to 70 hours in some years. The Death Race is completely unique because it is totally different each year and even changes during the event. We try to make it as unpredictable as possible so that the competitors have no idea what to expect.

Its really not for everybody. Inspired by the overwhelming response to the Death Race, Joe set out to create a race that used some of the same elements but could be standardized and developed into an accessible sport.

Joe: The Founding Few designed the new event to be an organized, regulated, and timed obstacle race that would draw both first-time athletes as well as serious competitors. It was compressed into a short coursethe first race was 5 km 3 miles longthat incorporated dry land, water features, mud, and even fire. No special equipment was required, only a determination to cross the finish line.

We held the first Spartan Race event in in Burlington, Vermont. By the end of , Spartan Races had drawn more than a quarter-million entrants, including elite, professional, and amateur athletes, and the sport of obstacle racing had found a devoted and growing community. We are a competitive species. I firmly believe that humans have participated in contests of various kinds, and celebrated feats of prowess, for as long as we have existed, but the record of competition seems to go at least as far back as we have had languagemaybe further than that, if you believe cave drawings are accounts of great achievements of skill and stamina.

At a bare minimum, obstacle racings roots span back through Western history. Andy: Egyptian hieroglyphs depict athletes engaging in all kids of sports,2 but the first truly interdisciplinary sporting event originated in ancient Greece. In the Olympic Games, the pentathlon combined wrestling, javelinthrowing, discus-throwing, a long jump, and a short footrace called a stadion. Like obstacle races, these ancient precursors were designed to test the competitors martial capacitytheir strength, speed, endurance, and skillalthough they didnt incorporate physical obstacles.

The length of the race was probably similar to a race held in in the same place: a 4-kilometer run, a kilometer bike ride, and a quick few-meter swim across the Marne Riverthe first instance of a modern triathlon! Another competition with the same activities occurred one year later in Bouches-Du-Rhone,4 but these and other multi-sport events were relatively uncommon until the fitness revolution of the s. In , a group of Californian runners organized an informal, local event called the Mission Bay Triathlon.

The new challenge combined a 2. Fifteen athletes competed, but only twelve finished. In , after the second triathlon, Sports Illustrated published an article that brought national attention to the event. In , the Ironman triathlon exploded in popularity after competitor Julie Moss collapsed and crawled to the finish line.

Her dramatic finish captured the imagination of athletes worldwide, doubled the number of competitors for the next year, and drew twelve million television viewers the next year.

Sports Illustrated featured a second article in praising the gall of triathletes; One must be bold indeed, the article read, to even try the triathlons killer mix of swimming, cycling, and running. Within five years of its founding, the Ironman triathlon was unequivocally an international event. One article drily noted, The Ironman slowly became a sport for the rich, a status symbol for business executives and athletes in other disciplines.

Even with the triathlons steep rise in international participation, it took more than two decades for it to become an official Olympic sport.

The coaching work of Cyle Sage finally brought the competition to the attention of the US Olympic Committee in ,10 and the triathlon became a full-medal event in the Summer Olympics of in Sydney, Australia.

The Ancient Greeks used obstacle courses in the eighth century BCE to train soldiers for combat, and more recent military training and paramilitary training programs have also used obstacle courses to prepare and qualify personnel for active duty.

Participants raced from the steeple of a church building of one town to the steeple of the next town, covering whatever distance separated the two and clearing whatever natural obstacles lay in their path. Oxford University adapted this informal race to a more structured competition in , and a flat field and artificial barriers replaced the original cross-country terrain five years later. This became the modern Olympic steeplechase.

These competitions range from serious tests of professional mastery like lumberjack16 and firefighter competitions17 or heritage celebrations such as the Highland Games18 to quirkier events such as cheese rolling19 and wife-carrying races All of these competitions demonstrate our innate human desire to compete, to prove ourselves, and to excel in feats of strength and skill. In , the first Karrimor International Mountain Marathon required participants to run through mountains for two days while carrying their own food and supplies.

Beginning in the s, New Zealands Coast-to-Coast22 featured cross-county running, cycling, and kayaking, and Australias WildTrek later Winter Classic 23 incorporated skiing, mountaineering, and whitewater paddling.

Similar events like the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic 24 and the Raid World Championship 25 involve long stretches of wilderness and mountain running, caving, and snowshoeing. And of course theres the EcoChallenge Adventure Race,26 27 which became an award-winning televised event, airing in theUnited States between and These and other adventure races tend to be multiple-day events, covering tens or hundreds of miles, held in far-flung locales, and requiring highly specialized gear and technical equipment.

Until very recently, people ran through mud only out of necessity; even the original Olympic Games took place on clean tracks in specially constructed stadia. They feature predominantly artificial obstacles32 to instill in participants a sense of rough-and-tumble pride and camaraderie, with or without an actual competition.

Dymocks - Spartan Warrior Workout by Dave Randolph, , PaperBack book.

Some people think that this newfound love of mud may be a symptom of our rebellion against the sanitization of contemporary Western life. Each has its place. Wherever theyre held, we believe the best obstacle races feature four key attributes: 1.

We believe these are the minimum requirements for obstacle racing to become a legitimate sport, and we wrote the Spartan Race International Obstacle Racing Rulebook Spartan Race IOR Rules 33 to codify them for Spartan-sanctioned races.

Each of the Founding Few has his or her own narrative of the origin, but the basic history goes like this. After he succeeded in the extreme challenge of convincing me to launch the Death Race, Andy Weinberg biked the miles from Peoria, Illinois to Pittsfield, Vermont in seven days to teach and direct races here full time. The insanely competitive swimmer, triathlete, ultramarathoner, and triple-Ironman finisher has a consuming passion for keeping serious athletes from getting soft and for inspiring non-athletes to get fit and challenge themselves in ways they never even thought possible.

After Andy forced me to start Spartan Race, we looked around for people to help us execute the idea. Andy: The Founding Few are eight people who came together over the course of the late s and early s and bonded over their love of adventure and competition.

Each has made a unique contribution to shaping Spartan Races and the future of obstacle racing. By , Joe Desena had built and sold two businesses and was well into his third. He had also earned a reputation as a hardcore competitor among the most elite adventure and extreme endurance athletes. Dec 05, Pages. From a Navy SEAL comes the absolute best in result-driven fitness regimens, drawn from the same essential training and workout plans used for police officers, military, and firefighters to keep them fit and in optimum physical condition.

Developed and tested by best-selling fitness author and expert Stewart Smith, these workouts will challenge you like no other exercise program available. Whether you are an everyday athlete or aspire to greatness, Warrior Workouts will leave no man—or woman—standing! Warrior Workouts features challenging workouts, including: A brutal run to push your limits!

Spec Ops Leg Day: Leg day will never be the same!


Take on the devil with this crazy workout! Blue Falcon Workout: Go head-to-head with a friend and see who wins! The Upper Body Round Robin: Your favorite workouts—remixed!

Spartan Race eBook

Hellacious s: Sandbaby with Kettlebell and TRX: Put your whole body to the test with this unforgettably tough workout! Comprehensive online support via social media, community forums, and website featuring additional content such as exclusive exercise videos, nutritional tips, live updates from authors, and more.

Designed to push the human body to the brink, Warrior Workouts challenges you to dig deep and find strength you never knew you had. Warrior Workouts contains a comprehensive workout schedule designed to drive you beyond the limits of your strength, speed and endurance to achieve never-before-seen results.

Stew has trained thousands… More about Stewart Smith.

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