A Collection of Dark and Daring Adventures. What happens when adventurers become the owners of a brothel? When a roguish associate asks them to attend. Streets of Zobeck Print + PDF (5th Edition), $ and adventure anthology is set in the seedy underbelly of Zobeck, and on its mean streets you will find. Streets of Zobeck builds on the material presented in the Zobeck Gazetteer and Kobold .. Zobeck (3 street thugs, fighter 1/rogue 1 AC 15, 16 hp, CR 1.

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Streets Of Zobeck Pdf

Streets of Zobeck builds on the material presented in the Zobeck Gazetteer and Kobold Quarterly to look into the Clockwork City's seedier sections, to shine a. Streets of Zobeck for 5th Edition - A Collection of Dark and Daring Adventures for 5th Edition What happens when Watermarked PDF. $ Streets of Zobeck (PFRPG) - A Collection of Dark and Daring Adventures FEATURED in the Watermarked PDF + Softcover B&W Book.

Available Now! Login forgot password? Remember Me? What's New? General Tabletop Discussion. Streets of Zobeck by Open Design. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Of course, adventure modules were a boon to GMs short on time, who needed to quickly supply their players with a fun session, or to have some filler between their own adventure plots. By providing expansive detail about a local area in a world setting, as well as background information on NPCs, monsters in the region, and potential plots, adventure settings offer GMs options to create their own adventures based upon a wealth of material in the supplement. Packed with NPCs, monster, adventure locations, plots, and adventure modules, Streets of Zobeck offers tons of details about the famed city on the River Argent for use by Pathfinder GMs. Streets of Zobeck Designers: PDF 95 pages Price: The adventure anthology provides details and statistics on 8 NPCs known in the city of Zobeck, along with potential hooks for how they might interact with player-characters.

Fortunately, a devil is currently trying to extort the painted man, who doesn't take lightly to any such attempts, leaking precious information to Heet's friend - the devil's lackeys are stealing a clockworker body and it's up to the PCs to steal it back from them. Of course, that's only the beginning - they need a specialist to transfer Heet's soul from his failing form to his new body.

Unfortunately the only guy available is in the Silent Scabbard, drunk and uncooperative. Even worse, the parts are not enough and potions, a heart etc. Even better, each and everything they do has to be weighed between doing the prudent thing and the faster thing - Heet's clock is ticking By far my favorite of the scenarios in this anthology!

Mike Franke's "Ripper"is a story that has the PCs press-ganged into a murder-investigation against a serial-killer after they fail to stop a lynching. The investigation is intriguing, but there is one thing I really didn't like about it: It's yet another "possessed-dagger"-story. All right, I can name "Fury in Freeport" and "Hour of the Knife" from the top of my head and could probably find more examples that have done this schtick. Not impressed, in spite of the cool imagery involved.

The final adventure, Christina Stiles' "Flesh Fails" is more interesting - a love-triangle between two archmages and a master alchemist has ended rather unpleasantly with an engineered death and now the PCs stumble into the machinations of one truly powerful antagonist and his diabolical schemes.

In order to find the truth, the PCs will have to do some research in an exclusive BDSM-club devoted to Marena and finally stop one of the most powerful arcanists in all of Zobeck! I really liked this adventure, not only for the mature depiction of BDSM not only being for the evil guys, but also because the adventure has potential galore to be expanded - the masterplan of the villain lends itself to further expansion and all in all, I would have loved for the adventure to be a full-blown mega-adventure instead of a part of an anthology, but oh well.

Zobeck City Map (PDF) | Kobold Press Store

The pdf comes fully bookmarked. Streets of Zobeck is a stellar anthology of locations, characters and adventures that center on the grimy parts of the city - in fact, the overall details of the setting converge into a sense of detail that makes the city as much a character as the people who inhabit it.

Add to that a selection of mature, grimy adventures from the seedy underbelly that mostly feel distinct and completely different from your usual fare and you get another excellent anthology from Open Design.

My final verdict, due to the one adventure that falls flat and the editing and formatting glitches, will be 4. We get an alternate form of lust-domain for Marena and additional encounters for the respective adventures: The Fish and the Rose gets an added encounter with two barghests.

Streets of Zobeck PDF (5th Edition)

The First Lab is expanded by full rules for the creation and modification of clockwork modifications and "Ripper" gets a new template. Then, there are new characters all with their original artworks! We get Goldscale, a kobold paladin, a crazy gutter prophet and a river captain who struck a deal with the unseelie. Of course, we also visit the black market in the eponymous cartways of Zobeck. Before we jump head-first into all the adventures awaiting us, let's check out the traces of Zobeck at the end of the book: 8 new feats center on urban and non-lethal - yes!

We also get 4 excellent new spells including a amoral atonement , 3 stellar new mundane items e.

Excellent tools for those on the problematic side of the law. Still here? All righty!

Everyone lies is a take on the quintessential femme fatale story - a thief has botched a job and wants the PCs to find his lady and warn her. Unfortunately, that's not all - said thief has acquired a black book of confessions of a noble and now the secret police also tries to press-gang the PCs into getting it back for them.

Said thief's guild happens to be the dread cloven nine and this guild also wants the book.

The PCs will have to embark on a investigation that is hindered by all factions, several brawls and finally meet to girl and keep her safe - unfortunately, she doesn't have to book with her.

An excellent and quintessentially noir adventure. Unfortunately, the greedy slaughterman does not rest easy and neither his new body, nor his automatons and newfound gargoyle-artist allies want the twisted merchants or the PCs to succeed, resulting in first a disturbing sandbox investigation and then a showdown in an animated, possessed slaughterhouse. Backstabbing clients included Richard Pett at his finest - grimy, iconic, disturbing - Mnar, indeed!

Of course, only a most lethal entrance to the cartways, guarded by a local legend of a brawler leads to the vault and said vault is guarded as well. A good adventure, but not on par with the first two. Next on the line would be "The First Lab" by Mike Franke, which opens a rather dark chapter in the history of Zobeck: Kovacs, one of the masterminds if not THE mastermind behind the clockwork knights seems to have experimented with soul removal, infernal creatures etc.

Streets of Zobeck for 5th Edition

Worse, someone has stolen a diary leading to his lab and there still are The PCs are hired to reclaim the diary and keep their mouths shut. The designers also introduce the new Fixer Archetype and Expert Scounger Rogue Talent here, which is a bit confusing, as it seemed that it would be more appropriately introduced at the end of the book with the new feats, spells, and gear. The next seven sections of the book are the anthology of adventures, beginning with one called Everybody Lies for 1st to 3rd Level characters and ending with a dark tale called Flesh Fails set for characters of 9th to 11th level.

There is at least one adventure here for almost any level, although parties of level 6 or higher are likely to get the most use from these scenarios.

The adventures are also given maps and area descriptions, so are pretty much ready to run with very little work required by the game master. Overall, the adventures are well-written, and definitely fit with the theme that the designers wanted to follow in this book - mercenary and scoundrel characters are more likely to find these adventures enjoyable than a pack of righteous do-gooding questers would.

In fact, some of these adventures tend to be a bit adult themed, and present some interesting role-play potential for mature gamers. The book ends with a section called Traces of Zobeck, which details eight new feats, sixteen new traits, four new spells, six new magic items, and three new mundane items for use in the setting.

Streets of Zobeck for 5th Edition

The feats, for the most part, center around dirty-fighting, appropriate to an urban setting. So too, the traits fit well with characters with urban backgrounds, or a background in Zobeck itself. As for the magic items, many of items fit well with the theme of the anthology, and would be quite useful to scoundrels of all sorts. Overall Score: 4.

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