Installer: Portable version: SumatraPDFzip ( a single executable that can be run e.g. from USB drive and doesn't write to. Sumatra PDF. A PDF reader for Windows. Thank you for trying Sumatra PDF. Download didn't start? bit: installer or portable (zip) version. bit: installer or . Download older versions of Sumatra: Installer: Zip file: SumatraPDFzip. Installer bit:

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Uninstalling portable version. If you're using zipped executable, the only thing you need to do is to delete Sumatra PDF is a free PDF, eBook (ePub, Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book ( CBZ Contents of SumatraPDFzip (14 Aug , Bytes). Sumatra PDF is a free PDF, eBook (ePub, Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book ( CBZ and Contents of SumatraPDFzip (14 Aug , Bytes).

Today it took 5 minutes and 43 seconds to download SumatraPDF; would it be possible to compress the program so users can download future releases faster? Does compressing the file give unwanted results? Thanks again, Ian Ian on December 1, Such a compression does not seem to reduce the size of much programs. Maybe, that is because they already are compressed? Technically, I think there is some sort of UPX packer near the header of the file, which is referred to when the program is ran. Thus, the main executable per se gets uncompressed. Stored archiving gives a little bit faster extracting than compressed archiving, which needs decompressing in addition. For the reason as to why the file is being distributed as a zip file as an option, I really have no idea, and am interested to know. As for why Sumatra PDF is been distributed as a zip in the first place. I think it's just a good practice even if the zip is not compressed. Try it. I provide both an installer and a zip file because people asked for both versions. Also, zip version is the "portable" version, in the sense that it doesn't need to be installed on the system: just download, unzip and run the executable is the same as in the installer, though.

And, the Adobe Reader has a third strike against it: a long history of security vulnerabilities. Take this online course and learn how to install and configure Windows 10 with the options you need. The author, a security researcher, offered a step by step dissection of a malicious PDF file.

As Bitton puts it: PDFs are widely used business file format, which makes them a common target for malware attacks. Because PDFs have so many "features," hackers have learned how to hide attacks deep under the surface. By using a number of utilities, we are able to reverse engineer the techniques in malicious PDFs, providing insight that we can ultimately use to better protect our systems.

But the problem is bigger than JavaScript.

Download SumatraPDF Portable

What to use instead? Windows users have an excellent option, the SumatraPDF viewer. Why SumatraPDF? No bells and whistles. Less code makes for a smaller attack surface. It's not popular so there is little reason for bad guys to find and target bugs in the software.

Lecteur de PDF (sumatraPDF)

It's free 5. It is available in two portable editions and a normally installed edition 6. It is actively developed 7. Unlike the Adobe Reader, it does not install software that runs when Windows boots 8.

Updates do not require a re-boot of the operating system 9. It's fast To illustrate how feature-free Sumatra is, the screen shot below shows the available configuration options, all six of them. In contrast, version 4 of the Foxit PDF reader has 15 different categories of preferences, most with more than one option.

How many options does the Adobe Reader offer? Frankly, I don't want to count them all. Given a choice, I always prefer portable applications.

The portable version from the author is downloaded as a zip file containing a single SumatraPDF. Unzipped, the EXE is just over 4 megabytes. If not, click the Browse button and navigate to it. I did not try the normally installed version.

It is developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows , but it can run under Linux using Wine. Sumatra has a minimalist design, with its simplicity attained at the cost of extensive features. Sumatra was designed for portable use, as it consists of one file with no external dependencies, making it usable from an external USB drive, needing no installation.

As is characteristic of many portable applications, Sumatra uses little disk space. The PDF format's use restrictions were implemented in Sumatra 0. Through version 1. This resulted in very large spool files and slow printing. Since version 0. Sumatra is multilingual , with 69 community-contributed translations. Sumatra PDF is written mainly by two contributors: The source code is provided with support for Microsoft Visual Studio.

As it was first designed when Windows XP was the current version of Windows, Sumatra initially had some incompatibilities with earlier versions of Windows. Support for Windows 95 , 98 and ME has since been removed.

Initially, Kowalczyk did not release a bit version of Sumatra, indicating that while it might offer slightly more speed and available memory, he believed at that time that it would greatly add to user confusion and that the benefits would not outweigh the potential costs.

However, the official builds' developer had requested that unofficial builds not bear the 'Sumatra' name. The Sumatra source code was originally hosted on Google Code. The first version of Sumatra PDF, designated version 0.

It switched to Poppler from version 0. In version 0. Poppler remained as alternative engine for a time, and from version 0.

Poppler was removed in version 0.

Sumatra PDF reader

Version 1. Version 2. In , the first unofficial translations were released by Lars Wohlfahrt [26] before Sumatra PDF got official multi-language support. In October , version 3.

The author has indicated that the choice of the name "Sumatra" is not a tribute to the Sumatra island or coffee , stating that there is no particular reasoning behind the name. The graphics design of Sumatra is a tribute to the cover of the Watchmen graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Sumatra has attracted acclaim for its speed and simplicity, [30] for being portable , [31] its keyboard shortcuts , and its open-source development.

At one time the Free Software Foundation Europe recommended Sumatra PDF, but then removed its recommendation in February , due to the presence of the non-freely licensed unrar code in Sumatra.

Foundation representative Heiki Ojasild explained, " while they continue to make use of the non-free library, SumatraPDF cannot be recognised as Free Software ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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