list naming the prettiest and the ugliest girl in each grade. . the list this year, because when Lisa finally gets her braces removed, all bets will be off. Love also to Nick and the entire Caruso family, Barbara Vivian, Daddy, Brian Carr, Jenny Han, Lisa Greenwald, Caroline Hickey, Copyright © by Siobhan Vivian. Siobhan Vivian is the author of the young adult novel The List, as well as Not That Kind of Girl, Same Difference, and A Little Friendly Advice, and the Burn for. The List comprises of 8 names – the prettiest girl in each year and the ugliest. Abby is named prettiest freshman and she’s overjoyed. Candace’s naming as ugliest sophomore shocked everyone, most notably because she isn’t ugly.

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The List Siobhan Vivian Pdf

Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for THE LIST: * “Offering a well-differentiated cast of complex characters and a thoughtful focus on femininity, sisterhood. Siobhan Vivian's THE LIST, an utterly absorbing novel about the high The List by Siobhan Vivian is about eight high school girls, two from each harry potter 8 part free pdf, harry potter and the chamber of secrets online. List Siobhan Vivian - [Free] List Siobhan Vivian [PDF] [EPUB] -. LIST SIOBHAN VIVIAN. Author: Phillipp Kaestner. How To Adjust Resolution In Iphoto Golf.

No one knows who composes the list, no one knows how it started or how the tradition continues. But every year, without fail, it does. The List comprises of 8 names — the prettiest girl in each year…and the ugliest. She cares about her appearance and the fact that people cared enough to name her prettiest! The only thing putting a downer on it is the resentful attitude of her older sister. Swimmer Danielle has been named ugliest freshman. Lauren was homeschooled up until last year and everyone is surprised when she is named prettiest sophomore. At all. Bridget is named prettiest junior and knows that her transformation over summer had something to do with it.

I first read about this book a few months ago and I was immediately interested. I bumped it to the top of the TBR and ended up getting through it in pretty much the one sitting.

Siobhan Vivian

The narrative revolves, a chapter at a time for each of the 8 girls listed and although this did sometimes mean it was hard to get to know each girl, I think it was the best way to do things with such a large cast of main characters.

Likewise the differences between the sophomores chosen, Lauren and Candace, were stark. In contrast Lauren, although pretty, wears clothes years out of date, her hair needs a cut and she has no friends — until of course, The List puts her on top of her year.

Likewise the juniors, Bridget and Sarah are incredibly different — Bridget is struggling with the pressure of getting and keeping the look that has seen her picked and Sarah is angry about everything, but particularly about The List.

Siobhan Vivian

The seniors, Margo and Jennifer, used to be friends before high school but Margo distanced herself from Jennifer. Now their inclusion on The List will force them both to confront the reasons their friendship ended years ago.

I just mean that I feel that Vivian really nailed the dynamics of high school students but without disintegrating into stereotype vs stereotype or the overly dramatic. Labels fade, be they good or bad and other things will move to front and centre and take their place.


High school is just one part of your life — and each year in it a smaller part yet again. I think this book does a good job at reminding people of that.

It just seemed a little abrupt to me, like there was something missing. There were eight different girls this story follows.

Leave it to Vivian to purposefully mold her own characters according to her social interpretations and not use the commonly-used stereotypes that other authors lazily fall back on. I applaud her for making the pretty cheerleader sensitive and smart, for depicting the girl-athlete as vulnerable and insecure, the smart nerd as callous and clueless, and the social outcast as deserving of her post.

She made each of these girls feel real, but more importantly she makes them her own.

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There were several reasons I rated this five stars. It was daunting to see the ramifications of The List continue to compound as the story unfolds. So wrong.

It was sad to see how even the girls honored with the title Prettiest had resounding effects to their sense of self. Vivian shows the reader that there are emotional consequences regardless of which side of the coin you fall. Secondly, Vivian takes a very real and current issue and brings it to the forefront — insecurity. I mean look at the magazines at the checkout stand where you see models and superstars.

Any normal girl will see those images and compare themselves in some small way… are my teeth white enough, is my skin flawless, how about the circumference of my arms, are they toned enough, is my hair the right style??? Am I beautiful?

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