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The Red Sari Book In Hindi

The red Sari: Sonia Gandhi Preview. BOOKS द रेड साड़ी: सोनिया गांधी की नाटकीय जीवनी: THE RED SARI: SONIA GANDHI KI NATAKIYA JIVANI Language - Hindi. This is an e-magazine. Download App. The Red Sari (HINDI) by Javier Moro from This book examines the lives of the famous Nehru-Gandhi family set against the backdrop of the. The Red Sari - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. A book on The paper used for the impression of this book is one hundred common language after the imposition of hindi was rejected by the states of.

After being stranded for almost 45 mins, we finally got a glimpse of the most revered family of Indian politics. Sonia Gandhi was like a British Queen, but despite putting up a happy face, her discomfort due to the sunny weather was clearly evident. I overheard a conversation in which an auto driver asked another driver if she was a descendent of a royal family. The reply was mysterious because he just replied that she was an Italian, but could not produce more details beyond it. It has been a mystery since then, and later as Sonia Gandhi entered active politics to emerge with flying colors, the mystery further deepened. A few weeks ago when Indian media was making noises over a controversial book about Sonia Gandhi, curiosity got the better of me. Thanks to Kindle, the book eBook was just a click away. Within the first few pages of the book, I realized why Congress was adamant on banning the book. For example, there has been lots of news these days about crackdown on foreign NGOs , most of which are basically Christian missionaries who have been actively converting millions especially in the last 10 years. One reason might be that Sonia Gandhi has always had some soft corner towards missionaries and their activities. This can be traced back to her childhood days, as narrated in the book in its initial chapters. A significant part of the book deals with the hostile relationship Sonia had developed with people around her, including Maneka Gandhi, who was eventually driven out of the house by Indira Gandhi. Also, another startling revelation from this book is that contrary to the popular belief, Sonia had not isolated herself from politics after Rajiv death and had in fact taken up much more active role in politics than ever before.

Now she was certain that it would be very bad news. She knew they would try to persuade Rajiv to fill the vacuum his brother had left. Sonia knew this would mean the end of their happiness.

She was prepared to fight tooth and nail to prevent that from happening. He remained still, not speaking and not shedding any tears. The Nehrus, as he had learned, did not cry in public.

The Red Sari : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

It seemed as if the news had not surprised him, perhaps because he was overcome by a certain feeling of fatalism, similar to what his mother had once felt. Her sobbing drowned out her words. But were any words necessary? Rahul hugged his mother tight, and Priyanka ran into the house and came back with the inhaler. Sonia did not need it, and gradually, she calmed down.

Rajiv immediately knew what they had come to ask him. They had come to demand that, whether he liked it or not, he should be the next prime minister of India.

Sonia shut her eyes. It was the worst thing she could have heard. It was like the announcement of a death sentence.

Rajiv took her hands in his as he continued whispering the reasons that were forcing him to accept the post. Oh my God, no! The wheel of succession could not wait. It was urgent to set it in motion.

Second, he is the author of The Red Sari the original, El Sari Rojo, was in Spanish —the book that the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance banned in its wisdom; the party perceived parts of it to be offensive to its president, Sonia Gandhi.

Most of us came to know about Moro after the ban. Funny how notoriety gives you instant fame, while building reputations on a considered work like the book on Bhopal is the luck of the draw.

Naturally, then, I was curious to know what had led to the ban.

Book Review: ‘The Red Sari’ by Javier Moro

The logic remains as inexplicable as the implosion of the Congress party in the 16th general election under Rahul Gandhi. For The Red Sari is essentially a B-grade novel. A book that the Congress may have done well to ignore—it would have sunk without a trace. My guess is that Moro meant it to be exactly this: The English translation is poor, with many typos. I suspect the original in Spanish is gripping, like a novel. If you are a reader looking for a factual biography of Gandhi, this is certainly not the book.

But if you like pulp novels, pick it up. A sampling of pulp fiction moments: When Rajiv took her hand as they were walking in the shade of the ancient walls of the cathedral, Sonia had no strength to pull it back.

The Red Sari: 'banned' biography on Sonia Gandhi finally released in India

That warm, soft hand transmitted a feeling of immense, profound safety and pleasure. A fictional conversation of what likely went on at significant moments in the Gandhi family saga only whets the appetite.

To foreigners, all this would be new—and I suspect that this was the original target audience.

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For a public figure, there is never a private moment, and gossip about them is rarely verified.

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