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Aquí podrás descargar los cómics de The Walking Dead en español con la máxima calidadd en HD. Formato: CBR, PDF, Kindle. Fuente: The Walking Dead. COMIC THE WALKING DEAD # EN ESPAÑOL COMPLETO, PARA LEER ONLINE Ó DESCARGAR EN PDF LINK DE DESCARGA. The Walking Dead Comic completo: 1 - | PDF en Español [Actualizable] ZippyShare Descargar Gratis (In Spanish).

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The Walking Dead Comic Espanol Pdf

Quieres estar al día con el cómic de The Walking Dead en Español? este es el sitio, Sígueme por Twitter, comparte con tus amigos. Todavía no has comenzado . Sitio Web Dedicado a los Cómics: Traducido por mi. -Únete:D - Nuevo cómic especial "The Walking Dead: The Alien".

Romero 's Night of the Living Dead , with the series taking place in the s. The Walking Dead debuted in , published by Image Comics , with art by Tony Moore for the first six issues and Cliff Rathburn shading the art after issue five. Charlie Adlard took over as artist on issue 7, after he was approached by Kirkman. The remainder were done by Adlard. The first 52 issues of the series began to be reprinted on January 5, , with one issue per week for a year. The fan-oriented event has a scheduled date of October 13, and will coincide with the release of a Walking Dead 1 15th Anniversary Variant Edition, with cover art by current series artist Charlie Adlard. The company also noted that additional limited edition collectibles and festivities would be announced at a future date, prior to the October event. He returns home to find his house ransacked and his wife and son gone. Rick travels to a military evacuation zone in Atlanta to find his family, but finds Atlanta has also been overrun. He is rescued by Glenn Rhee, who takes him to his small camp of survivors. Among them are Rick's wife Lori and his son Carl.

At Alexandria , Yumiko finds Magna on watch and wonders what's got her so worried. Magna thinks that Rick isn't going to be happy with how things are at the Commonwealth, and that a conflict is inevitable. Yumiko says they can always leave, but Magna would rather fight in a war than live on the road again. Yumiko points out that it might not come to war, but Magna doubts this. Back at the Commonwealth, Rick is having lunch with Michonne and Elodie , exited at the strangeness of having lunch in a restaurant in the apocalypse.

Michonne jokes about becoming waitress in the apocalypse when she notices their waitress standing right behind her. Michonne apologizes, but the waitress tells her to think nothing of it. When the waitress leaves, Rick jokes about not ordering desert, because he doesn't want spit in his food. He reminds himself about launches he had with his family before the apocalypse, and acknowledges the Commonwealth is a special place. As Michonne and Elodie continue talking, they notice Rick tearing up.

Rick apologizes, explaining that he wishes Andrea could have seen the Commonwealth.

Meanwhile, Eugene and Stephanie are inspecting the engine of the train, with Eugene expressing excitement that it's in much better condition than previously thought. Suddenly, Stephanie kisses him, explaining that she got excited.

After briefly being stunned, Eugene kisses her back. Pamela continues reprimanding Lance and orders him to double the patrols, to remind the people they are the ones protecting them, but more importantly to prevent them from rebelling again.

He and the remaining survivors leave Atlanta and travel across hostile territory in search of a safer refuge.

The group meets a man, Tyreese , who is accompanied by his daughter and girlfriend. Everyone takes shelter at Wiltshire Estates, a gated community, but are forced to leave when they stumble upon its zombie infestation. The group eventually finds shelter at a small farm after Carl is shot. The farm's owner, Hershel Greene and his family, are in denial about the walkers' nature and have been storing deceased loved ones and neighbors in their barn.

Rick's group is asked to leave the farm and stumbles upon an abandoned prison, which they decide to make their home. Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars Issues 13—18 The group begins to clear the prison yard and one cell block for living quarters.

They meet some surviving inmates when they break into the prison's cafeteria. Rick invites Hershel and his family to come live in the prison and they accept.

Two of the group members commit suicide and someone begins to murder other group members. This inmate, a convicted serial killer, is eventually captured and killed. Other inmates stage a rebellion.

The Walking Dead # () – GetComics

Volume 4: The Heart's Desire Issues 19—24 The group manages to quell the inmates' rebellion and secure the prison. A katana-wielding woman named Michonne arrives at the prison seeking refuge and causes tension among some of Rick's survivors. When another member is bitten on the leg, Rick attempts to save him by amputating his bitten leg; however, despite receiving medical treatment from Hershel, the man dies.

Rick and Tyreese get into a fight and the community decides to have a council with four co-leaders instead of Rick as sole leader. Volume 5: The Best Defense Issues 25—30 Rick, Michonne and Glenn observe a helicopter crash in the distance and leave the prison to search for it.

They find a small town called Woodbury, where a large, well-armed and organized group of survivors has taken refuge. Woodbury's leader is a man called the Governor. The Governor captures Rick's group and interrogates them. He mutilates Rick by cutting off his right hand and rapes and tortures Michonne. Michonne tortures the Governor before she leaves. They arrive back at the prison safely, but find that hordes of zombies have broken in.

Rick's survivors fight them off. Rick informs the prison's residents of what took place in Woodbury and tells them to prepare for battle. Volume 7: The Calm Before Issues 37—42 Life at the prison continues in what passes for normal in this apocalyptic world. Glenn and Maggie marry. Several residents search for supplies and engage in a shootout with men from Woodbury. Lori goes into labor and Judith is born.

Dale is out on a mission siphoning gas when he is bitten in the leg. Dale's friends amputate the leg and he survives. Carol commits suicide by allowing a zombie to bite her. The volume ends with the Governor's arrival with his army and a tank.

Volume 8: Made to Suffer Issues 43—48 The arc begins with a flashback which reveals how the Governor recovered and readied Woodbury for battle. The Governor's army attacks the prison but is driven away. Several of Rick's survivors decide to flee the prison in the RV to avoid the Governor's expected retaliation. The prison recovers from his initial assault but the Governor attacks again. The RV members arrive to reinforce the prison's residents.

The guilt ridden soldier who killed Lori and Judith on the Governor's orders betrays and kills him. With the prison burning and in shambles, Rick's band scatters and flees.

The Walking Dead comic Español PDF

Volume 9: Here We Remain Issues 49—54 After the prison's destruction and his band is separated, Rick and Carl search for shelter in a nearby town and reunite with surviving friends. Rick's physical and mental state begin to unravel, while Carl grows increasingly independent and apathetic. They eventually manage to reunite with their other survivors and end up at Hershel's farm. Three new people, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, arrive and inform the group that they are on a mission to Washington D.

Rick's band decides to join their journey.

Rick holds Abraham, who thinks she's dead, at gunpoint and prevents him from shooting her in the head. Rick, Abraham, and Carl head to Rick's hometown to find weapons.

They discover Morgan, whom Rick met when he woke up from his coma, and he joins Rick's survivors. Volume Fear the Hunters Issues 61—66 Rick and company continue their journey to Washington and begin to suspect they are being stalked by someone in the woods. They meet a pastor and join him at his church. Dale is kidnapped from the church during the night by a band of cannibals.

Dale is reunited with his friends before he dies. What a meany! Prisoners and Serial Killers -- It's not enough that our band of merry wanderers finds a prison and have to clear it out, but they also find a small cache of prisoners, still alive and eating meatloaf in the prison mess hall: a murderer he killed his wife and her lover , a druggy drug dealer, an aging biker in prison for theft, and a white collar tax evader.

Next thing you know, heads -- and not zombie heads -- are literally rolling, and one of our prisoners is a serial killer. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Love Connections Galore -- Andrea hooks up with Dale.

The Walking Dead Comics #1 – 159 + Specials (2003-2016)

Chris and Julie hook up pre-mortem. Tyreese and Carol keep their relationship going between mop up jobs. Glenn and Maggie get all romantic over a barber chair.

Dexter and Andrew, former inmates, start to see their man love cool. And even little Carl hooks up with little Sophia.