The art is beautiful, but the book itself is not very well crafted. It's a very large paperback, and you can tell as soon as you grab it that the pages are going to split. Yoshitaka Amano: The Collected Art of Vampire Hunter D [Hideyuki Kikuchi, Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction. The definitive Vampire Hunter D art book. black and white illustrations and 72 amazing color images! * Coffin: The Art of Vampire Hunter D.

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Vampire Hunter D Art Book

Yoshitaka Amano: The Collected Art of Vampire Hunter D (TPB w/slipcase) Books is pleased to present a new collection of paintings, line-art. Amano book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Since Dark Horse and Digital Manga Publishing started releasing English-langua . Vampire Hunter D Art Book book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. IDW is proud to present the stunning art of Vampire Hunter D - a.

Feb 02, A worthy presentation. First let me say that this book got art from the book series not the upcoming manga series nor the anime. The world of D is a facinating place and the artis who have brought us the distinct shapes and shadows of the stories gets center stage this time. And what great stage this is, a huge book that have lots of room for the diffrent works showing details and nuances that the smaller pictures from the books series lost. The book is 39 cm broad and 30 cm tall giving good room for the pictures. The book has a vareity of pictures in black and white and in colour. At pages this massive book is well worth the money it even includes an bonus short story! My only complaint is that its not in a hard cover but it comes in a hard paper box so its no problem having it in your bookshelf if you got room. I recomend this book to all Vampire hunter D and Yoshitaka Amano fans. Read full review by delet The book came with a hard cover sleeve to protect the ornate paper back cover. I love how I can return to this art book, look through it over and over, and always find something different to enjoy about Amano's art. One doesn't need to know the story to understand many of the amazing color pictures.

I expected actual art - as in concept drawings and more. Not tiny screencaps. Jackie Keenan rated it it was ok Jun 02, Krystal Hickam rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Joe Valerio rated it liked it Jul 18, Cyril Acres rated it it was amazing Jan 23, Karimu rated it it was amazing Aug 04, Skinner rated it it was ok Mar 08, Katy rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Will IV rated it did not like it Jul 29, Jonathon Danner rated it it was amazing Jan 14, John J Questore rated it it was amazing Dec 31, Amanda rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Aoibh rated it really liked it Dec 25, Sam Rawlins rated it really liked it Feb 23, Josilyn Sakura rated it really liked it Jan 05, Darth Vader rated it liked it Oct 31, Mina rated it liked it Sep 22, Megan rated it really liked it May 27, Keats rated it it was ok Jul 23, Elton Alwine rated it liked it Nov 12, Ronnie rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Lady Entropy rated it liked it May 13, Juan rated it it was amazing Dec 29, Alaa El Fadel rated it did not like it Oct 01, Roberto rated it it was ok Aug 30, Ronnie rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Gloria rated it liked it Sep 12, Nicole rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Cat rated it really liked it Apr 13, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Sandy Yamamoto. Sandy Yamamoto. Trivia About Vampire Hunter D A former prisoner who had been kept in the Ultimate Noble's castle for experimentation, something about him moved Braujou to give him some medicine, and the man swore he'd repay that kindness.

Vampire Hunter D Vol. 8 (Vampire Hunter D) - Manga (last volume) - BOOK☆WALKER

The vampires laughed and told the human he should accompany them to the castle then, and gave him no more thought. But after Harness was slain, and both Braujou and Gaskell were ready to fall to Valcua, the man appeared and saved them by knocking the Ultimate Noble back with a cross he fashioned from two swords, which enabled an escape.

The grateful vampires were prepared to grant him any request, but knowing that someday Valcua would return and have his revenge on all those responsible for his defeat, he only asked that his descendants be protected from the horrible wrath that would eventually come. That man's name was Winslow Dyalhis.

Now, years later, Adele Dyalhis lives in the village of Somui with her teenage children Matthew and Sue and her good-for-nothing drunkard husband. Braujou and Duchess Miranda; the widow of Harness, rush to protect the Dyalhis family from certain retribution.

However; seven of Valcua's powerful henchmen have already been sent to settle the long overdue account. Amongst the superhuman fiends there is a female water sprite named Lucienne who can appear wherever there's water , a web-spinning mutant from the lunar colonies by the name of Speeny, the mesmerizing traveling preacher Curio, the ax-wielding Jessup the Beheader, and a young giant named Seurat. D has agreed to postpone his business with Braujou until he's had a chance to honor his agreement.

Additionally; Mrs. Dyalhis is able to enlist D's protection for her children. The story begins when a nun delivers a mysterious orphan named Toto to a futuristic airport, where we meet the rest of the passengers who will accompany him on the flight to the Capital. There's the old married couple of Mr.

And Mrs. Stow who left the center of known civilization to travel around the Frontier visiting their fully grown children. In rather sharp contrast to these normal folks is Jan, a petty gangster with a crescent scar on his face and a machete he'll pull at the drop on a hat, and Maria, a blonde boozer. A pair of cops called Wiseman and Goseau will also be on board, along with the "suckling" they're escorting—a hooded prisoner who has felt the bite of the Nobility, and Bierce, an arrow-hurling warrior who is past his prime.

When the group's aircraft is ravaged by an unknown force and goes down in the middle of a deadly zone strangely nicknamed "the playground," the passengers know that nearly all hope is lost—no search party would ever venture into the area, they are hundreds of miles from anywhere, and strange beasts are beginning to close in on them.

Luckily for them D happens to be riding by, and he agrees to be their guard at Toto's request—but only after he has taken care of business at a strange fortress in the area. Given the choice of waiting there alone or traveling along with the Hunter on his perilous errand, the party chooses the latter.

The fortress in question has a chilling history. Thousands of years earlier, the Sacred Ancestor's army laid siege to it, because the Nobles there had taken to worshipping a tentacled "god" named Kururu. Vampires, it seems, do not have much of a knack for taking their own lives, so they wanted this dark god to destroy the whole world, themselves included.

Three hundred believers in the fortress were able to hold out against 30, attackers for thirteen months due to their great faith and the power their "god" gave them.

That same number of troops was killed in a single day, with only Arch Duke Valcua surviving the incident. Finally, the Sacred Ancestor alone made it through the doors and came out a year later—apparently so exhausted that he slept for the next century.

Coffin : The Art of Vampire Hunter D by Yoshitaka Amano (2006, Hardcover)

But no one has been inside in the last years. Once D arrives, the fortress goes back into operation, and another of the Sacred Ancestor's armies—at least 30, troops who were tucked away in another dimension waiting for such an occurrence—shows up to lay siege again. The army is hell-bent on getting into the fortress and destroying everyone inside, which is bad news for D and the stranded travelers since they have taken shelter in it.

But they have more than the enemy at the walls to worry about, as a voice speaks to many of them and promises tremendous power in exchange for following its secretive instructions.

The action begins on a lazy day in Bossage, one of the Frontier's more prosperous towns. A ruthless quartet robs the local bank, slaughtering everyone present—and the chilling account of their actions is given by the first guard slain! His spirit has been channeled to explain that one of the four bank robbers is possessed by something that the guard fears even beyond the grave.

The mayor of Bosage is trying to hire a pair of skilled warriors—a flamboyantly dressed man named Strider and a woman in dragon-scale armor by the name of Stanza—to go down the "Florence Highway" after the bank robbers, as well as to rescue people from the surrounding area from another threat. It seems that a mysterious army once covered the road to Grand Duke Dolreack's castle, so that the "Florence Highway" is also known as the "Highway of the Enchanted Troops.

The mayor needs someone to go to the now-abandoned castle and rescue any humans who might have taken shelter there, since the castle is a kind of holy ground for the troops and should keep them at bay.

He's just about to pay Strider and Stanza twice as much as he originally bargained for when the Vampire Hunter D rides into town. With D around, the two warriors will be lucky if they can get in on the job now at half the going rate, but the mayor didn't make his town rich by being stupid. He wants the added insurance of having the warriors go with the Vampire Hunter, whether any of the three likes it or not.

When he's not being pestered by either of the warriors, D is visited by a rather rotund and hirsute man with the unlikely appellation of "Beatrice. Although he no longer remembers what happened inside, he does have a notebook full of things he wrote in his delirium shortly after escaping the former lair of the Nobility, and he thinks this may be of interest to D.

While D and his companions are out battling their way through the rapidly growing forces—soldiers dressed in ash-gray military apparel who are roughly human except for their glassy green eyes and lipless slash of a mouth—they rescue a girl named Elene Slocum, then encounter the bank robbers. While all of these humans are essentially baggage to the Vampire Hunter, they end up traveling together anyway. As they make their way to the castle, they try to discover who has brought the enchanted troops back, and for what purpose.

The story begins by describing a pair D has seen several times in his travels: Cut to a village called Genevez on the western edge of the Frontier, where D encounters the pair for a third time. The man, named Rust, is the sheriff there, and the woman, Lira, assists him in his duties.

D is among the warriors and mercenaries summoned to defend the village from a notorious bandit gang known as the Black Death. But now it appears the Black Death won't be descending on the village, and the mayor wants to dismiss the hired help at a fraction of their agreed wages.

The deputy mayor, Odama, wants to pay them even less, or kill the itinerant warriors so they won't join forces with the Black Death. D rewards Odama for his scathing character assessment by lopping off his nose. No sooner does D leave the scene than he's struck by "sunlight syndrome"—the periodic ailment unique to dhampirs last seen in Demon Deathchase.

Strangely enough, the staff of the local hotel have been taught what to do for a dhampir in these dire straits, so D is in good hands. But while D is recovering, and his left hand is running the show, Rust and Lira ask him to hang around a while longer and help them out.

It seems the Black Death is going to pay a call on them after all. D agrees to escort a convoy carrying a Noble to face public trial. A bandit seeks the "Dead Love Flower" that the Noble had successfully cultivated, and the enemies of the Noble's parents target the men and women of the group. Can D bring himself to kill humans in order to protect the Noble!?

A shuttle containing a Noble in a coffin crashes into White Devil Mountain while en route to the Capital. The Noble is none other than Gilzen, who is detested as a demon to the point that even allied Nobles chose to bind his coffin with heavy chains and seal it deep underground. Commissioned by a Noble to recover the coffin, D ventures into the snowstorm which constantly rages around the mountain.

In tow are two men, a female doctor, a guard, a boy looking for his father, and a female bounty hunter who opposes D.

Yoshitaka Amano : The Collected Art of Vampire Hunter D (SLP) [Paperback]

Gathering together, they begin the dangerous hike up the mountain. Within a castle piercing the mountainside, D finds the group of knights who protect the most unlucky Noble, Gilzen, like their king.

However, another soldier is waiting for him—an extraterrestrial who crash landed 10, years ago and was captured and turned into a vampire by Gilzen. Using the advanced technology that Gilzen stole from the extraterrestrial, he separates the castle and those within from the flow of time. His goal: An attractive female warrior named Iriya appears before D. Since childhood, her goal has been to slay her parents and siblings who had been transformed into vampires by the Nobility.

A device which has observed ruins in the southern Frontier Sector for years suddenly deactivates. Nobles who were cruelly slaughtered by the hands of men, the survivors of the Zeno family, are revived. Fearing the fangs of vengeance, the mayor of the village where the murderer's descendants reside hires five vampire hunters. As the mayor returns from the Capital, five enemies target his daughter.

During a thunderstorm, a noble attacks her on the mountain pass. Amid the flashes of lightning, the master's beautiful visage appears The blood-sucking Nobles, the hunters, and D—the chaotic journey of three parties begins as the bloody wind blows.

There was once a laboratory of the Nobility on a lone island, from which white mist poured out, and a nearby fishing village whose citizens would vanish, reduced to servants of the Nobility.

The village, Meg, was struck by this tragedy countless times. The town's security officer hired bounty hunters to cross to the solitary island, to investigate and return to the village with news, but the mysterious troupe was soon seized.

What's more, the beautiful D has been witnessed on the island. Who on Earth could have hired him, and why is he there?

Coffin: The Art of Vampire Hunter D - Wallpaper and Scan Gallery

D displays his serene swordsmanship on the Nobility's island in this eagerly anticipated publication. A female government official is ordered to escort captured servants of the Nobility on a convoy, along with three aides: However, the highway crosses into the territory of the Noble that is their master. In the wake of monster attacks which increase as they approach the danger zone, D appears.

A group of travelers caught in a landslide take refuge in a village, once the testing ground for a nightmarish experiment in which the DNA of outer-space beings, humans, and nobles was used to create a new form of life. When the sleeping village awakens with a thirst for blood and a pair of nobles command a bizarre prototype to attack the travelers, D arrives to put an end to the town's legacy.

At the request of a beautiful woman on the verge of death, D embarks on a journey to meet Duke Van Doren. Villagers, bandits, and an investigation team from the Capital—all rush out in pursuit of the Duke's mysterious new invention. What is this invention that could change the world?

As the setting sun continues its descent and time transitions into an endless winter, a solitary Noble, once renowned as the Royal Tiger for his valor on the battlefield, welcomes D.

Hired to kill a Noble who has been sharing technology with humans in exchange for sacrifices, D travels to the Castle of Bergenji in the Northern Frontier. However, the fortress was once a testing ground for the Sacred Ancestor's mysterious experiments, and its terrible legacy may just be the most horrific enemy that D has ever faced. A thousand years ago, the Nobility taught a physician the key to creating a new breed of human beings, and he kidnapped and killed over a thousand men and women in order to produce such a neo-human.

However, after that, local villagers attacked his home and set it ablaze, killing his successful samples Now the village is being visited by mysterious men and women and, one by one, the villagers are falling victim to fatal vampiric attacks. Just then, who should appear but D!?

Set in the year of the Noble Calendar, during the early stages of the conflict between the Nobility and the Outer Space Beings, which would come to be known as the Three Thousand Years' War. It follows the exploits of Greylancer, a powerful warrior of the Nobility and Lord of the Northern Frontier Sector, as he battles the invading OSB and an anti-Noble faction, and gets caught up in a conspiracy involving the ruling Council and the rebel Mayerling.

Five years after the previous volume, a new enemy of the Nobility has arisen. However a mysterious disease has claimed the lives of several Nobles who have fed on human blood, and the fearful Nobility has ordered Greylancer to infiltrate a free land known as the Twilight Zone in order to discover its source.

Awaiting him are the malevolent OSB and a rebel Noble, along with the assassin's who have joined him.

Meanwhile, a conspiracy to place the entire Frontier under the sole rule of the Capital is revealed, and a noble begins to slaughter humans with toxic blood. The chaos leads Greylancer to the Nobility's Grand Ball, lance in hand. What will become of Sunhawk, and what will come of the incident? A Dhampir Hunter of remarkable beauty—Olivia Cross—is hired by a Noble to eliminate a group of vampiric half breeds who have been kidnapping and murdering young women in his territory.

Will Olivia truly be able to dismantle the dhampir organization!? Vampire Hunter Anthology: D — Dark Nocturne , published between Vampire Hunter 7: D — The Rose Princess , is a supplemental volume that exists outside of the main numbering scheme and collects the following novellas, which were originally serialized in Asahi Sonorama's sci-fi magazine Shishi-oh from October through February The first tale concerns Ry, a young man who goes to Anise village seeking the haunting song he'd heard from his father on his deathbed.

Many vampires had been entertained at a chateau there until about years earlier, and they lured young men and women in their twenties there with a song no one else could duplicate.

That same song had been heard again 20 years before our story begins. Price heard the ghostly tune while in his mother's womb, and can imitate it. But he and his lackeys seem to be up to no good. D appears in time to save the boy.

The female mayor of the village has hired the Vampire Hunter, among others, to find out what's going on at the chateau, and to see if the vampires have returned.

D sees his life complicated by Amne, the headstrong daughter of the innkeeper where D is lodging and just the sort of cat curiosity so often kills. The second story takes place in a village called "Shirley's Door," which is famous for its beauty in fall.

A centenarian known as "Helga of the Red Basket" hires D when she foresees trouble in the swamp near her home—a place where the vampiric Nobility once dwelled. This particular village long made it a practice to offer up one of extraordinary beauty so that everyone else might be spared, and Mayor Murtock is willing to continue the tradition to preserve the peace.

The real problem there is that his son, Lyle, happens to be in love with the intended sacrifice—a girl named Cecile. D has met the pair on his way into town, so you can imagine he's not about to sit back and do nothing while humans turn on humans. The castle has a nuclear generator that produces 50 million megawatts of power per hour, which for the last years has gone into creating Dynus, a foot-tall 3. He is one clan's "last strike," and apparently they weren't the only ones with that foresight.

A girl named Raya who has been sold into the entertainment business in the Capital is the other side's sleeper agent. Her witch-like powers come from genetic encoding done centuries earlier by other vampires to stage this one last battle. D is on the scene to protect Raya until she leaves for her new job, but the strange visitors to the area are apparently there to watch the fireworks and see which of the extinct clans triumphs in the end.

The two ill-fated individuals not only befriend D, but they also grow quite fond of each other, but their fate was decided millennia earlier. The short story offers a brief glimpse into the final showdown between D and his father, the Sacred Ancestor. An English translation by Kevin Leahy was included in the original Japanese edition of the artbook, making it the first piece of Vampire Hunter D literature to be published English.

Originally given as a prize to a fan as a handwritten manuscript at Kikuchi's second annual "Bonenkai" year-end party in Shinjuku, it was later published in Vampire Hunter "D" Reader's Guide.

Currently the only Vampire Hunter D short story that has yet to be published in English. Scheduled to be adapted into a multi-issue comic book series, Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars , beginning in late One of three original manuscripts written by Hideyuki Kikuchi which have been raffled off to fans, along with publication rights, at his semi-annual fan gatherings in Japan.

The recipient of this particular manuscript, Hitomi Yasue, decided to share the story with an English audience, hoping to expose more English readers to the novel series. It was subsequently translated by Kevin Leahy and published in the New York Anime Festival Official Guide Book, and a live reading by professional voice actors was also performed at the convention.

To date, it has only been released in English. Coffin is a retrospective of Yoshitaka Amano's work on the Vampire Hunter D series up to the release of D - Pale Fallen Angel 4 , and includes nearly all of the Vampire Hunter illustrations, prints, and sketches produced in that year period by Amano, as well as an original short story, Portrait of Yzobel , by Kikuchi. Billed as "the essential companion to the world of Vampire Hunter D", this guidebook includes rare artwork and sketches, a behind-the-scenes look at Kikuchi's writing process, a collection of short stories, and an extensive glossary of characters and terminology appearing in the series up to and including D - Dark Road.

Omitted from the English release, the original Japanese edition also includes commentaries and essays, a look at Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and other contemporary vampire media, and a discussion between Kikuchi and Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The English edition's glossary is expanded to nearly pages, however, and more closely resembles an encyclopedia.

This page art book contains Kawajiri's storyboards created for Vampire Hunter D: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Vampire Hunter D novel. Vampire Hunter D: Raiser of Gales. Mysterious Journey to the North Sea. Throng of Heretics. Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi. American Wasteland comic. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories:

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