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via col vento wikipedia via col vento wikipedia pdf. Via col vento (Gone with the Wind) è un film del diretto da Victor Fleming e prodotto da David. You can Read Via Col Vento or Read Online Via Col Vento, Book Via Col Vento, And Via Col Vento PDF. In electronic format take uphardly any space. via col vento wikipedia pdf. Via col vento (Gone with the Wind) è un romanzo del scritto da Margaret Mitchell. È l'unico romanzo della scrittrice.

The book appeared under the pseudonym of I Millenari the millenarians. Recently, Msgr. Luigi Marinelli, a year-old retired ecclesiastical, admitted that he was one of its principal authors. It was issued in Milan last February by a small publisher and received little publicity until the Sacred Rota, a specialized Vatican court, demanded the destruction of all copies. I was following this new focus of the scandal at a distance when I received a copy of the Italian edition from John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News, and a request for a review. Thus I find myself within this polemic, offering the reader my opinion on this controversial topic. As for its contents, the book is extremely violent. He says that Vatican diplomacy began with the betrayal of St. Peter p. The book further accuses John Paul II of being a plaything in the hands of the Curia, which sends him off traveling so that it can direct the internal politics as it so desires p.

Venne immediatamente trasportata in ospedale ma i medici non riuscirono a salvarla. Non potendo spegnere il fuoco, le fiamme si espansero per la casa. Il suo corpo venne donato alla scienza. Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons.

Portale Biografie. He compares the control that the Prefecture of the Pontifical House exercises over the Pope to a Masonic stratagem pp.

Backstabbing and denunciations are also the common orders of the day p. Homosexuality is viewed with complaisance in the Vatican, he accuses, and then names Paul VI as one implicated pp.

He tries to describe with details the career struggle of the ambitious and points to those linked to Masonry as those who are most successful p. He also declares that Masonry has infiltrated the whole Vatican pp.

These and many other accusations are launched against the Holy See like a mudslide. Undoubtedly it is an extremely disagreeable offensive for the Vatican progressivist since many of the accusations, despite the lack of proof, have in their favor the appearance of truth, given what is known about the process of self-demolition of the Church in this sad post-conciliar phase. What would make it even worse would be if it were indeed proved that the author had, as a hidden card up his sleeve, evidence of what he has affirmed.

On the other hand, it must be considered that works of detraction that have authors who have left movements are generally written with a rancorous and vengeful tone marked by a self-love wounded by not having their real or imagined qualities acknowledged.

The same could apply here to a possible Monsignor who would have been disgusted with the direction of the Church. These are facts that should be taken into consideration in following with a non-sensationalist interest the pathway of the discussion of this book.

Having briefly described the subject of the book, I will go on to examine the form in which this material is presented. Regarding the actual credibility of the work, the first thing that attracts attention is the fact that the author was anonymous.

At the first moment of its launching, no one had the courage to assume the responsibility for what is being affirmed here. Even though now Msgr. Marinelli has admitted reluctantly to have been one of the principal authors, my observation remains valid. It seems to me somewhat contradictory that someone who would make such serious accusations of the Vatican based on things that supposedly occurred there would refuse to give the name of the witnesses who can support these accusations.

Follow the Author

This is especially the case since the book offers almost no other proof for such allegations except for the value of these witnesses. The anonymity of the author immediately removes the book from the ambit of serious literature and launches it into the world of intrigues and gossip.

In this world and from this perspective I can understand why the author does not want to appear. Because the accusations are so numerous and so grave that if his name would be known and if he could not present real proofs for what he says in the book, most probably he would spend the rest of this days responding to legal processes of defamation and slander.

In fact, judicial processes have already been brought against Msgr. Marinelli 1.

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For example, he imagines a conversation, putting the words in quotes, of a personal talk between Paul VI and only one interlocutor, an Archbishop p. One could say that, to be honest in his citation, the author would have to have had direct knowledge of these words from either the Pope or the Archbishop - which seems highly unlikely - or at least he would have heard the talk on a tape recorded without the knowledge of either party.

However, it seems unlikely that he would now attack the party who would have verbally confided to him the conversation. It is likewise improbable that he would have taped the conversation. Therefore, the most probable thing is that he invented the dialogue, imagining what was said.

Thus the book leaves the ambit of apparently true intrigues and gossip and moves to the sphere of a mere novel.

Rhett Butler

I cite other example: The author has also imagined a conversation that would have taken place in a confessional between a repentant Satanist and a priest pp. Now, if the author was the priest and is revealing what took place under the seal of confession, he is committing a sacrilege. This violation would tend to discredit the rest of his work. If he is the penitent, he is confessing publicly matters that would be morally harmful to him.

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