My Product: My Book Essential Order WDH1UN Model WDH1U Serial [deleted for privacy] The HD inside: WESTERN DIGITAL. I followed all the instructions to update the Drive Firmware found on this page. I have now downloadd a WD My Book Essential 2TB USB & drive for back- up of my laptop. The My Book will only connect to the laptop.

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Wd My Book Essential Firmware

Hello, I'm having troubles updating my firmware. I'm following the steps from here: . My Book Elite USB Go (+ WD SmartWare) (WDBAAHECH); My Book My Book Essential USB 1 To (+ WD SmartWare) (WDBAAFHBK) . WD Universal FW Updater Fixed issue of drive dropping off of the list after system wakes up from standby mode.

Once you finished the operations above, power down your My Book, restart and log in thru Shared Storage Manager Thank you to all the contributors of the web site, I would not have been able to recover My Book without them. Light will not turn on If your My Book World Edition begins turning on when it is plugged in but never finishes booting up ie: light does not come on then you may want to try unplugging it from the ethernet cable and try again. Be sure to be patient with it, as it does take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute to turn on the light sometimes. WD also suggest re-setting using the pin-hole button on the back. If you've disassembled your drive, you might also want to check the SATA cable, a slightly out cable will stop the lights coming on or any booting. Firmware I added the admin password and created an account called bill. I then went to the firmware upgrade page. I get "Applying new firmware The drive is currently busy. Please stop using all shares and try again. WD case number got that error message too Answer: Today I bought one with The first steps necessary can be quite tricky so here's how I did it.. First, find a windows station on your LAN and install the software provided on the CD included with the unit and register your machine. This will change the firmware somehow.

I tried with Ubuntu After that, delete the volume of the hard disk, then create new simple volume as shown in the picture above. Click next after that. Picture show screen shot of unformatted state drive Raw state.

Now, safely remove the hard disk from windows computer and ready for the next step. Drag both into the desktop and extract the mbwe.

There are 4 information require to be fill. Next step will explain how to get this info in graphical order. I finally managed to run the firmware update, only for the system to say the firmware is already up to date!

I tried yet another USB 3. My last effort?

MyBook not working? Smack it!

I am going to try an alternative ExpressCard - from Freedom. See http: As you will see, like several others I can use USB 2.

Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support.

Firmware Update of My book essential? - External Drives for PC - WD Community

External Drives for PC. Help please. Hi again Joe. There are no firmware downloads available for those Caviar Greens. Did you run the utility to hide the virtual CD? Maybe you need to run that to enable it again.

How to remove WD SmartWare Virtual Drive

I disabled mine in the device manager. This is a users forum not a WD support site.

Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support.

External Drives for PC. My Product: Any Help will be appreciated. RoofingGuy October 15, , 2:

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