Wherever Nina Lies Wherever Grace Is Needed. Read more Digging Up Trouble: A Nina Quinn Mystery (Nina Quinn Mysteries). Read more. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 8 Up—Ellie's beloved, artistic, and wild older sister disappeared two years ago. By chance, Ellie finds one. terney.info: Wherever Nina Lies (): Lynn Weingarten: Books.

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terney.info terney.info /05/terney.info Two years after the disappearance of her older sister, sixteen-year-old Ellie goes on a quest to find her, with help from her attractive and adventurous new fri. Wherever Nina Lies (Point Paperbacks) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. From New York Times bestselling author Lynn.

The novel begins with Ellie revealing the circumstances surrounding Nina's disappearance, that one day, she simply didn't come home. Ellie admits to feeling lost and listless, searching for a purpose. One day, while visiting her best friend Amanda at work, Ellie comes across one of her sister's drawings in a box of junk with a phone number on it. Ellie calls the number, and the person on the other end denies knowing Nina. Ellie and Amanda track down the person who dropped the junk off, and go to a house-wrecking party he is throwing. Ellie meets a boy there named Sean, who says he will be happy to help Ellie find Nina. Ellie and Sean head to Nebraska.

And she has the same eyes. And a similarly shaped face and. Instantly I know everything about them. And I feel a little sick.

Growing up, they fought a lot. Older had always thought Younger was a pain who would never leave her alone. But years have passed since then, and all that petty stuff that once seemed so important stopped mattering, the way it always does. They realized they can be friends now, real friends. And it means so much to both of them because they know how much they went through to get here.

I take a deep breath and try to keep my face expressionless. And then lightly smacks herself in the forehead.

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So yeah, a banana bread, and a brownie of course, and a croissant. An almond one!

I make their drinks and try to avoid eye contact. Most of every- thing and everyone in the world! Older grabs Younger around the shoulder and kisses her on the cheek and Younger pre- tends to wipe it off. They both laugh. I finish lining their food up on the counter.

She pays for everything with crisp new bills. Thank you!

It takes them three trips to carry all their food over to the table. Normally, I would have offered to help. Older puts money in the tip jar — three dollars. No one ever puts in more than one.

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He watches me watching them, and puts one arm around my shoulder. Inside are a dozen broken cookies iced in pink and green and white. The tightness in my chest begins to loosen.

I am, I decide, very lucky to have Brad in my life who, for all his ridiculousness, knows exactly when I might need a big bag of cookie pieces.

The air is cooler now and the sun is going down. My eyes adjust to the dimming light as I walk. I pass a Pilates studio, a design store, a gourmet shop. Mon Coeur, where I work, and Attic, where my best friend Amanda works, are in the middle of Edgebridge, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago.

There are beautiful new streetlights lighting up every corner, and pink and orange flowers blooming in the tall wooden boxes that dot the sidewalk. The book is written from Ellie's perspective, so it's a good thing that I really liked he This is a book that can be divided into two very different parts. The book is written from Ellie's perspective, so it's a good thing that I really liked her.

I liked her for her sense of loyalty towards her sister, which made her running off with a guy she's just met to try and find her make perfect sense for the character. Rash, sure, but I totally got it. Especially because that guy, Sean, was sweet and seemed to understand her need to find her sister. His brother died, and so he totally gets the void that the loss of a sibling leaves. The romance between them was cute and felt very natural.

And though I was in some suspense wanting to know what had happened to Nina, I never felt like Ellie was chasing a dead girl, or that there wouldn't be an explanation that I could download for her absence. Maybe even a reasonable one! And then, less than pages from the end of the book, the narrative took a hard left turn into something very, very different. Little Brother murdered Big Brother to get close to her, and she panicked.

Here are all the things that I loved about it in addition to the drawings, which I thought were really cool. First, the friendship between Amanda and Ellie was so real; it really spoke to me--and a lot of times I feel like books about teenage girls. The friendships don't seem real at all. Your friends are just everything when you're a teenager and it's nice to see someone really those friendships for once. Okay I can't say more because it's supposed to be a mystery but really, good job.

The whole thing is just really evocative So many neat observations and sharp and bitter insights And just moods and moments of realization are captured so well.

It just feels like being that age , when everything is crazy and new and you know that it's new and that you're excited but you don't realize quite how much the newness of it is coloring your experiences of and your responses to everything.

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And you also don't realize how much and how permanently you're being formed. You just realize it afterwards. Reading the book it was like I knew exactly what summer the author was talking about you know? Even though my sister never disappeared fortunately so I never went looking for her Or on a road trip If that makes sense.

In addition, it was really very suspenseful. I could tell from the first awesome sentence that I was going to like the book, but I wasn't really expecting it to be genuinely suspenseful I was impressed. I even had to do that thing that other people always yell at me for doing, where I got so anxious to know whether they would find Nina that I actually cheated and skipped a few pages at some point because I just had to know how the trip was going to end In response to "A Road Trip Full of Twists and Turns" which I mostly agree with, but which said that things seemed to come together a little too neatly Maybe it's just a subjective thing but I didn't feel that way as I read it.

Actually it seemed to me like there were a lot of times when the clues really did run out