(PDF), and you can view it by using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. □. Sample A window appears that shows all the Microsoft Press training kit exam prep suites Select () Windows 7, Configuring practice test. Configuring. Windows 7. MCTS EXAM. Training Kit. SELF-PACED. ® This training kit is designed for IT professionals who operate in enterprise. (PDF), and you can view it by using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. □ Select the () Windows MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam ).

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mcts self paced training kit exam 70 configuring windows . institutions 7th edition pdf mishkin eakins, realidades 2 practice workbook 3a 7 answers, gmat. Mcts Self Paced Training Kit Exam 70 Configuring microsoft press training kit [pdf] [epub] is big ebook you must read. mcts self-paced training kit (exam. PDF Download Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam ) Configuring Windows 7 ( MCTS) (Microsoft Press Training Kit), by. Ian McLean, Orin Thomas. Self-Paced.

Guaranteed Training- Pass Exam. What should you do? From Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, create a new rule. From the local Group Policy, modify the application control policies. The first page, shown in Figure , allows you to specify the type of rule that you are going to create. You can select between a program, port, predefined, or custom rule. The program and predefined rules are similar to what you can create using Windows Firewall. A custom rule allows you to configure a rule based on criteria not covered by any of the other options. You would create a custom rule if you wanted a rule that applied to a particular service rather than a program or port. You can also use a custom rule if you want to create a rule that involves both a specific program and a set of ports. For example, if you wanted to allow communication to a specific program on a certain port but not other ports, you would create a custom rule.

You need to ensure that you can back up the computer to a local disk drive. What should you do before you run the Configure Backup wizard?

Connect a removable disk. Log on as an administrator.

Add your user account to the Backup Operators group. Answer: A Explanation: An external hard drive External hard drives can be removed and stored in a secure location. However, they are typically slower than internal hard drives and tend to be less reliable, mainly because they are by default formatted using FAT rather than NTFS.

Because it is easily removable, it is more likely that an external hard drive will be missing when a scheduled backup is required. Local disk drive was specified, not internal NOT AdministratorYou need administrator credentials to configure scheduled backups or to manually initiate a backup. However, restoring files does not require administrator privileges unless a user attempts to restore another user's file.

MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam ): Configuring Windows 7 - PDF Drive

NOTE: The issue was a lack of location to store the Backup, not being about to run the Configure Backup, thus it was assumed that the user in this scenario had administrator credentials NOT Backup OperatorsMembers of this group are able to override file and folder access restrictions for the purpose of backing up data.

You can allow a user to back up files and directories by assigning them to the Backup Operators group rather than by modifying the Back Up Files and Directories policy.

Its startup type is Manual.

The service starts as needed. If the service does not start when required, shadow copies are unavailable for backup and Windows Backup does not succeed. Nor can you create restore points and previous versions.

In this case, check the service and ensure that it has not been disabled. Renovate windows 7 configuration exam lab answers: Q A user reports that Computer1 has a number of Internet Explorer configuration issues that cause instability when browsing the Internet.

You need to configure Internet Explorer to use all default settings. What should you do from Internet Options? From the Advanced tab, click Reset. From the Programs tab, click Set programs. From the Advanced tab, click Restore advanced settings. From the Security tab, click Reset all zones to default level. Answer: A Explanation: Reset Internet Explorer settings By resetting Internet Explorer settings, you return Internet Explorer to the state it was in when it was first installed on your computer.

MCTS Windows 7 Configuration Study Guide: Exam 70-680

This is useful for troubleshooting problems that might be caused by settings that were changed after installation. When you delete personal settings, some webpages that rely on previously stored cookies, form data, passwords, or previously installed browser add-ons might not work correctly.

Resetting Internet Explorer to its default settings does not delete your favorites, feeds, Web Slices, and a few other personalized settings. See the table below for a complete list of all settings and information about whether they are reset or maintained.

Resetting Internet Explorer's settings is not reversible. After a reset, all previous settings are lost and cannot be recovered.

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Rather than resetting everything, you might want to reset specific settings or delete your webpage history. For more information, see the links at the bottom of this topic. To reset Internet Explorer settings 1. Tell me the private reasons; what are the private reasons, Vce File The magistrate began with fining him ten thousand piastres for his petulance, and then listened very patiently to what he had to say, promised to examine into the Training Kit affair on the skipper's return, and ordered him to pay ten thousand piastres more for the fees of the court.

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She had evidently been a handsome woman, and was well preserved Training Kit still, The idea of an entanglement growing out of the evening was as remote as it would have been repugnant. Well, I think it is very unfair to keep back facts from me, The Training Kit woman bolted through the door and out into the night, Our General bids you answer to what I shall ask you out of a note.

And, I concluded he must be cunning, The greater Training Kit part of it said over again what had been said already in the other communication received by me. You plan to create two collections named Collection1 and Collection2 that have dynamic membership rules. Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate Editions The Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions are identical except for the fact that Windows 7 Enterprise is available only to Microsoft's volume licensing customers, and Windows 7 Ultimate is available from retailers and on new computers installed by manufacturers.

Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions support up to two physical processors. Windows 7 Hardware Requirements Operating systems work properly only when you install them on computers that meet the minimum hardware requirements. You should remember that these requirements are just for the operating system itself, but most people want to do more than just run an operating system: they also want to run applications.

Applications require memory and storage space beyond that of the operating system minimum requirements. As someone who may be responsible for making recommendations about the specifications of computer hardware that your organization will download, you need to take into account the hardware requirements of the operating system and the applications that will run on it, not just the operating system itself.

The bit version of Windows 7 is usually labeled as being x You should install the x86 version of Windows 7 on computers with older processors, such as the Pentium IV, as well as newer small form factor laptop computers, also known as netbooks The main limitation of the x86 version of Windows 7 is that it does not support more than 4 GB of RAM. It is possible to install the x86 version of Windows 7 on computers that have x64 processors, but the operating system will be unable to utilize any RAM that the computer has beyond 4 GB.

You can install the x64 version of Windows 7 only on computers that have xcompatible processors. Quick Check Answer The difference is in the licensing arrangements.

Windows 7 Enterprise can be used only by organizations that have enterprise licensing agreements with Microsoft. Windows 7 Ultimate uses a retail license.

The most appropriate method depends on your individual circumstances. Although installing using a DVD-ROM is fine when you have only a couple of computers, you might want to consider alternate methods when you have to deploy Windows 7 to 20 computers or more.


When considering which installation source to use, consider the following factors: 14 Do you need to install Windows 7 on more than one computer? Do you need to deploy a customized version of Windows 7?

Do you want to automate the installation process? A DVD-ROM installation may suit your organization if you have a small number of computers to install Windows 7 on and you do not need to customize the operating system image. Using a USB Drive as an Installation Source Small form factor laptop computers, often called netbook computers or netbooks, are becoming increasingly popular.

One drawback for the IT professional, however, is that these computers are so small that they often do not have an attached optical media drive. Although it is possible to download DVD drives that use USB connections to attach to netbook computers and perform an installation, more administrators are turning to cheap multigigabyte USB storage devices, sometimes called flash drives, as their preferred installation media of choice.

With a USB storage device, you can modify the operating system image directly using tools such as Dism.

You will learn how to do this in Chapter 3, "Deploying System Images. This is because the x64 installation files are approximately 3. You use one architecture's installation files only when preparing a deployment from a USB storage device.

To prepare a USB storage device as an installation source for Windows 7, perform the following steps: 15 1.

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