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Ciclo Estral Bovino Ebook

Please, help me to find this ciclo estral bovina pdf. Thanks! . Advise me, please, the place (site / ftp / torrent) where I could find ciclo estral bovina pdf? Top. AZ Ebook and Manual Reference. CICLO ESTRAL DEL BOVINO. FREE Download Ciclo Estral Del Bovino. You can Free download it to your computer through. Generalmente, luego de la primera ovulación, se presenta un ciclo estral de corta duración que corresponde a una luteolisis temprana en respuesta a la.

I'll be really very grateful. Cuernos uterinos. Examen del Aparato Reproductor de la Vaca. Describir la estructura del aparato reproductor de la hembra y macho de las Clase 2. Forma del ovario. Almendra Almendra Racimo de uvas.

The ovarian follicular system in sexually mature heifers with special reference to seasonal, cyclical, and left—rightvariations. Acta Endocrinology.

Rev Col Cienc Pec. Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Henao G, Trujillo L. Establecimiento y desarrollo de la dominancia folicular bovina. Differentiation of dominant versus subordinate follicles in cattle. Biol Reprod. Braw-Tal R, Roth Z. Gene expression for LH receptor, 17 alpha-hydroxylase and StAR in the theca interna of preantral and early antral follicles in the bovine ovary.

Vascular endothelial growth factor isoforms in ovarian follicles of sheep. Animal Reproduction Science. Buratini Jr.

Effects of dominant follicle aspiration and treatment with recombinant bovine somatotropin BST on ovarian follicular development in Nelore Bos indicus heifers. Peres LC. Estrous cycle characteristics and blood progesterone levels in Holstein heifers under altitude and tropical conditions in Colombia. Palma, G. Argentina: INTA; Ultrasonographic image attributes of non-ovulatory follicles and follicles with different luteal outcomes in gonadotropin-releasing hormone GnRH -treated anestrous ewes.

Factores relacionados con la dinámica folicular en la hembra bovina | Spei Domus

Alterations in intrafollicular regulatory factors and apoptosis during selection of follicles in the first follicular wave of the bovine estrous cycle. Reproductive performance of Karakul ewes following different oestrous synchronization treatment outside the natural breeding season. South Afric J Anim Sci. Morphometric and ultrastructural characterization of Bos indicus preantral follicles.

Rubianes E. Axel P. Mathieu, Lavigne P, Lehoux J.

Molecular modeling and structure-based thermodynamic analysis of the star protein. Endocrine Research. Zoot Trop. Pregnancy-associated plasma rotein-A PAPP-A in ovine, bovine, porcine and equine ovarian follicles: involvement in IGF binding protein-4 proteolytic degradation and mrna expression during follicular development.

ciclo estral del bovino pdf

Alterations in follicular estradiol and gonadotropin receptors during development of bovine antral follicle. Growth hormone as an amplifier of insulin-like growth factor-1 action: Potenciated estradiol accumulation.

Journal of Endocrinology. Identification of potential intrafollicular factors involved in selection of dominant follicles in heifers. Knight PG, Glister C. Potential local regulatory functions of inhibins, activins and follistatin in the ovary.

Manikkam M, Rajamahendran R. Progesterone induced atresia of the proestrusdominant follicle in the bovine ovary: changes in diameter, insulin-like growth factor system, aromatase activity, steroid hormones and apoptotic index.

Factores relacionados con la dinámica folicular en la hembra bovina

Huanca W. Rev Invest Vet. Sharma RK. Follicular atresia in goat: A review.

Indian J Anim Sci. Olhagaray R. Warnes, Dpto. Santa Cruz. Peso del Uploaded by Jasiel Barrios Flag for El aparato reproductivo de la vaca es muy complejo; no solo produce el.

Inchausti, D. Los ovarios de la vaca miden normalmente de 3. Figura 1.

Ovario de la vaca Olguin y Bernal Bd Aparato reproductor de la hembra. El tracto genital de la vaca se encuentra en la El macho Esquema del aparato genital del macho Aparato digestivo. Aparato urogenital. Sistema nervioso.

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